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USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 396 crew members registered for the USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76).

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Efinger, KurtEM32004 – 2008E-DIV
James, McLeanAO2/AO12004 – 2008IM-3/IM-1First and only ships company tour. Fun up until it was not. First 3 months on Westpac 06 was absolutely horrible under AOC Thaxtons leadership. Only thing that turned it around was the arrival of AO1 Shea.
Pratt, LeonardFCCJan 2004 – May 2008CS7
Hodip, Reverend CalebJan 1, 2004 – Dec 31, 2004Ahoy, squirts. OK Tony and Frank, John and you devil Carlos... Thanks for all the fun, cupcakes, late nights playing canasta on the poopdeck. Will never forget the midnight fridge raids. You guys are GREAT!
Kemp, DougFC2Jan 24, 2004 – Sep 10, 2006CS7Had a great time while I was there, even if I did have some unexpected turns in the road. Take care CS7, and keep those clean sweeps going!
Galletti, GinamarieABEANFeb 8, 2004 – Jan 18, 2006V-1
Steczo, AndyLTFeb 13, 2004 – Feb 1, 2005MedicalShip's frist anesthesia provider
Mendonca, EstellaSK2Feb 16, 2004 – Aug 18, 2006S-6
Kearns, WilliamHM3Mar 2004 – Aug 2006Medical/H
Smith, Gayon StaceyE5Mar 2, 2004 – Oct 9, 2008CS-1 RadioLove it...most of the time...
Kelly, DontaeEM3Mar 10, 2004 – Aug 17, 2007V-2Blessed to have served with this amazing crew!
Moreno, ElizabethABE3/AWMar 30, 2004 – Oct 23, 2007V-2 (Bow Cats)Proud ABE!!!
Donavant, TravisE-3 DCFNApr 27, 2004 – Apr 27, 2008DCLol never thought id say it but I miss the navy
Miller, BrandonAW ABH3...and a halfMay 2004 – May 16, 2008V-1 Crash and Salvageshould have never got out.....economy!
Bowen, Vince “vinny”EM1(SW)May 2004 – Sep 8, 2008RE/EE03/CCC/RE/RTI moved around quite bit. This place embodied “beatings will continue, indefinitely” Had some awesome officers and chiefs, great 1st CO/XO/CMC. You guys left me and 107 sailors in Hong Kong!
Rivers, PatOSCS - OSCMMay 1, 2004 – Oct 1, 2006OPSGreat ship. Made a lot of great friends. Left San Diego and retired in 2008.
Poe, TimothyAT1 (AW/SW)Jun 2004 – May 31, 2007IM-03Last command, BEST Command. Very proffessional crew.
Noriega, RayIT3Jun 1, 2004 – May 31, 2008CS-1
Smith, MarkABF3Jun 16, 2004 – Nov 19, 2009V-4Had a great time with some great people
Padua, PaulinoSKCSJun 22, 2004 – Feb 27, 2007S-10 and S-1Arguably my most rewarding tour of duty and one of the most memorable ship. Superb crew and just fascinating experience.
Gomez, SandyHM2Jun 24, 2004 – Sep 19, 2006Medical
Phillips, RaymABHANJun 27, 2004 – Jun 27, 20083rdI'm not a Boatswain's mate
Michelle, ColeAC2Jul 2004 – Aug 2006OC
Padua Jr., Paulino (Paul)SKCSJul 1, 2004 – Feb 28, 2007S-1 Stock ControlOne of the best command I ever served. Great people and great ship.
Brock, JustinHM3 (SW/AW)Jul 23, 2004 – Apr 21, 2007Medical
Hahs, MirahAA/E2Jul 28, 2004 – May 13, 2005Air / V-1
Deromedi, KennethE2/UAAug 8, 2004 – May 2005V2 Air DivisionI really miss it. I was onboard when I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. I miss my ship mates.
Conrad, ChristopherCDFNAug 23, 2004 – Sep 1, 2008DC/ENGINEERING
Obney, MichaelDM1(Sw/AW)Sep 2004 – Oct 2007Graphics Media
Navarro, VincentABE3(AW)Sep 2, 2004 – May 25, 2008V-2/V-5Had a great time on the ship, and now can say I do miss it. My time there made me the First Class I am today.
Hill, Jarodmm1Sep 13, 2004 –o2n2
Voge, KatieOS3Sep 15, 2004 – Oct 9, 2007OI/OperationsHad so much fun on the ship. Went on maiden deployment in 06'. Great crew, great friends.
McCullough, JoeAC1Oct 18, 2004 – Sep 4, 2007oc v
Wyrick, Zachariah profile iconMM3Nov 1, 2004 – Sep 29, 2008EngineeringJust wanted to see how everyone from the old ship was doing.
Beasley, MichaelABFANNov 10, 2004 – Aug 5, 2008AIR/FUELS V-4
Goode, Tim profile iconABHCS/ABCMDec 2004 – Feb 2009V-1
Gaud, JesusMMFN2005 –engwill be at the reagan soon.... cant wait!!!!
Vargas, MauricioAR2005 –
Brittingham, JustinMM1 (SW/AW) 2005 – 2007O2N2My last ship before leaving the Navy for good. It was fun and far better then being in the boiler rooms!!
Reineck, JasonMM3Jan 20, 2005 – Aug 4, 2006RP05It was fun while it lasted, but I'm glad it's over.
Medina Rodriguez, Loraine (Puchi)ABH3(AW/SW)Feb 14, 2005 – Jan 14, 2010V-3it was one of the best experiences i ever had plus i met a group of great people in V-3 that made it all even more worthwhile
Warner, TiffanyIC3Apr 11, 2005 – Jan 24, 2006V-2I miss my Friends!!! I miss the job that I had But I dont Miss the Navy. I really Miss VLA!!!!
Necheles, CarolineOS2 (SW)Apr 26, 2005 –OI
Hedger, Christopher "Proxy Nazi"IT1 / E6May 5, 2005 – Aug 31, 2007CS2I started web proxy log investigation and locked alot of accounts for inappropriate web surfing.
Birchill, Joe (Birch)SKSNMay 5, 2005 – Jan 2, 2007S-8Don't know where my picture is in the cruise book. Must have been hiding somewhere. :-)
Correa, ThomasMM1(SW/AW)May 13, 2005 – Aug 13, 2008A / O2N2
Edwards, JarredJul 25, 2005 – Jun 7, 2007supply S8good ship, good department, almost went insane during my time, and i miss my good friends i had there. visit my page at email me at
Deneault, NathanICAug 2005 – Jan 2007V-2
Rabideau, EdwardE3 abhanAug 1, 2005 – 2008V12 deployments were fun and rough but couldn't ask for too much better fresh out of high school.
Carder, Gregmm3Sep 2005 – Jun 13, 2006engineering
Dickinson, DaleMR1(SW/AW)Sep 1, 2005 – Aug 31, 2008ENG
Fowler, JarrodIS2Oct 2005 – Apr 2007OPS/OZThe dude on American Idol.
Keller, DarrellLCDROct 1, 2005 – Oct 5, 2007TAO/OI DIVOFantastic ship with an outstanding, proud crew. The OI Division was one of the best experiences of my career with some of the best personnel I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.
Buschman, WallyanOct 6, 2005 – Aug 10, 2007G-1
Griffith, ErikaAZ/E5Nov 2005 – May 2007AIMD
Olivares, ArianaE-5Nov 2005 – Nov 2007OPS/OI STRIKE OPS BABY!The girl everyone thought was new every time the air wing checked on board JAJA! That just goes to show how hard working I was ;)
Hanning, BuxtorABEC(AW/SW)Nov 5, 2005 – Mar 3, 2009V2, BowCATS!Bow cats to QA, then Maint Chief, then all hell (idiocy) broke loose and I was cock blocked from anything and everything by a former crime partner. NEVER GOT A PLAQUE, GOODBYE, NOTHING!!! Only one who helped, ABHC Gulley
Concepcion, RobET2Nov 14, 2005 – Feb 13, 2008AIMD/IM-3
Martinez, BethsabeltANNov 17, 2005 – Aug 15, 2006V-3The best war ship i've been on. I had some of the best experiences of my life.
Pollack, BradenE-6Dec 5, 2005 –SUPPLY S-2 AND S-5
Roller, Bree "Rolo"SHSNDec 14, 2005 – Feb 19, 2007S-3/ DECK DEPT. 2nd divisionI loved working with everyone in deck dept. if I could do it again I would. No department worked harder or had as much fun as us. I will forever miss being out in the ocean.

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