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USS Vesuvius (AE 15) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Vesuvius (AE 15). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 46 crew members registered for the USS Vesuvius (AE 15).

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Moore, Alan C. "dinty"QM3/CNov 22, 1944 – Jun 3, 1946Communication & NavigationGreat work for a 135 pound guy trying to survive the work gang handling 250 lb bombs while 280 lb YN manned the clipboard!! A real exciting part of my life & made good friends.All hail "The Greatest Generation!!" & We owe a toast 2 CP
Sanphilipo, Joseph ( Sandy)BMSN/ BMC RetiredAug 1, 1951 – Sep 1, 19542nd Div. DeckCox #2 Boat ,Gunner 20 mm #24 Pointer MT 34 3"/50 BMW underway and Rearming, Helm for lst ship alongside USS Evansville PF70 Wonsan ,Korea
Durham, Alvin (Al And Bull)2nd because 3rd was frozenAug 1954 – 1957150Deceased 2007. Loved the Navy and serving on the "V" Was proud to be coxswain, in charge of operation of Captain Klinker's gig. Had two great helpers, too! And appreciate Lt. (Mr.) Nickerson teaching us for G.E.D.
Burns, BobbyMM2Sep 2, 1962 – Feb 1, 1964M-DIV
Davis, Garland / Dave Or DavyCS3Oct 1962 – Feb 1964S-2I was the ship's baker for most of my tour aboard.
Wilson, DavidBM3Apr 19, 1963 – Oct 18, 19661st
Hill, CarlQM3Jun 11, 1963 – May 10, 1965Navigation
Budz, StanGMTSNAug 1963 – Apr 1964GUNNERY
Stoker, Ira A.MM2Aug 7, 1963 – Apr 16, 1966AGood times with good shipmates
Duvall, NormanSF31964 – Sep 1967RepairWant to meet up with fellow shipmates at reunions. Anyone near Tampa, FL or Louisville, KY?
Finken, DaleEM3Apr 1964 – Feb 9, 1966EI was the electrician who took care of the electrical systems on the ship, Generators, Winches, and Liberty Boats. I fell from the Captain's Gig down 2 decks and cracked a few bones. Returned to duty 10 days later.
Swader, Stevesm3Aug 21, 1964 – Mar 25, 1969signal bridgeI dont know how many rember but Im the guy that was sent down the rope ladder to tighten up the morring lines and the barge pulled away and I went down between the ship and barge ,they sent a boat around for me .
Philpott, EdwardMar 1965 – Oct 1966
Korth, RogerSK3Aug 12, 1965 – May 23, 1967SupplyLast place I would have chosen to serve, but have the greatest memories of the best crew and greatest ship. I read your names Shipmates and I return in spirit.
Buss, Wesleymm2Sep 9, 1965 – May 18, 1967engineering
Johnson, Wayne Aka SkatesGMG2Oct 1, 1965 – Jul 9, 19683rdI was in charge of #1 hole and the aft 3/50 gun captain. Has on board when the gun boats made a run at us . And when we went died in the water and drifted for days until we got a tow.
Fooster, Harold "Foo""SK2Dec 15, 1965 – Sep 17, 1967SUPPLY (S-1)Reported aboard as SK3/worked in GSK and Jack of Dust(chummy with the ships cooks Reported aboard when SK3/worked in GSK, jack of dust(chummy with the ships cooks!!)
Grensing, Gale [cupcake]DC-2Jan 1966 – Mar 27, 1968Rserved uss grasp ars24 oct64-jan66
Breuer, James (Jim)YNSNJan 23, 1966 – Sep 9, 19671stWas a 1st. Div. deck ape, Captain's Gig crewman and Deck Dept. Yeoman.
Wisner, Ronald profile iconSFP3Feb 8, 1966 – Jan 25, 1968engineering, shipfitterI need some information from the day, got some memories but cannot remember the names, or places, or dates, what and where. seems i didn't existe and the ship was never in nam. Doing this for my dad, take it easy on me.
Kennison, Lauren (Harm)SN2Jul 1966 – Dec 1970.Too many stories to tell in a short space. Served 3 1/2 years on Vesuvius. Loved to sleep out on the metal deck (against regs.) because it was so much cooler than the forward berthing comp.
Cuellar, FredseamanNov 3, 1966 – Jan 7, 1968deckworked on deck reloading and rearming ships on yankee station south china seas home ported out of subic bay phillipines
Foster, Mikemm21967 – 1970april 1970have just talk to schnee an penn and miss the fellows aboard ship hope to hear from some of you
George, OllieYN1Mar 15, 1967 – Jul 15, 1968X
Lee, Gale3rd Class Petty Officer Damage Control DC3Sep 1967 – Apr 1969Pipe fitters
Harper, Jr., Ivey G.MM31968 – 1970Machinery"Hole Snipe"
Hart, HaroldE 3 Fireman MM1968 – 1970M
Kious, JimE3Jan 1968 – Sep 19691ST
Traill, MichaelSMMay 15, 1968 – May 11, 19702ND
Haulenbeck, SteveE3 PERSONNELMANJun 15, 1968 – Apr 23, 1970personnel
Joyce, Dennis/dendenE4/-BoatswainsmateJun 22, 1968 – Jun 17, 1970First DivisionHad some of the Best friends in my life,Richardson,Pfrang,Stern,Morinie,Berg,Good,just to name a few.We work are ass's off but laughed them off also.
Carroll, RickE3Jun 1, 1969 – Jan 4, 1971
Drogalis, Pat (Drogs)EM-21970 – 1971E-DivGood memories,good shipmates,Olongapo,PI,Singapore,Hong Kong,San Francisco,Those were the days my friends!
Saavedra, Reynaldo profile iconIC11970 – 1974EI made sure we always have the latest MOVIES on board.
Gonnerman, DavidSeaman3Jan 1, 1970 – Aug 1971GMGLooking for Steve Bruins.
Stringfellow, JamesbmcJan 1, 1971 – Oct 30, 1974fristwas lpo of frist div worked i-2-3-holes we worked our tails off
Mollenhauer, Robert (Bob)ET3Jul 1971 – Aug 1973OE2nd ship - made one cruise to Westpac - at the time it was the longest of any ship since WW2 - Feb 72 - Mar 73. We knew Olongopo like the back of our hands. THOSE were the days.
Jurich, GregMM3Oct 28, 1971 – Sep 21, 1973A lot of work-not much free time, but friendships that have lasted through the years,and deep appreciation for all that served during very trying times
Newby, MarkIC3Nov 10, 1971 – Feb 1, 1973ETransferred to USS White Plains, Vesuvius went home, I stayed in Vietnam/Philippines.

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