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USS Canisteo (AO 99) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Canisteo (AO 99). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 234 crew members registered for the USS Canisteo (AO 99).

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Greer, Dana (Jim)GMG21974 – 1977GunneryFunny how time erases the bad memories and leaves the good. I remember hating my time of service but those were some of the most interesting and exciting times of my life. I miss the travel, my mates and the sea.
Dugan, James profile iconMM31974 – 1977M the engine rmThe beginning of the enjoyable time of service in the NAVY
Dwyer, DennisDP2Jan 1974 – Aug 1977Supply (S-2)My first ship. Picked it up in Naples Italy during the Med Cruise in 1974. Retired in 2003 as an ITCM(SW) after 30-years of service.
Whited, GregEN-2Jan 1974 – Jul 16, 1977A-Divison
Young, Daryl "youngblood"SK3Jan 3, 1974 – Sep 25, 1975SupplyAthens (Greece), Barcelona (Spain), Naples (Italy), Montego Bay (Jamaica) - great ports of call (and beautiful women, too).
Whited, GregEN-2Jan 4, 1974 – Jul 16, 1977
Young, Ronniee3Oct 1974 – Mar 1975supplymy first ship, it was great.
Rodgers, Kenneth L'il DocHM21975 – Feb 1978A
Wiedmann, Eugen S.BT2Jan 1, 1975 – Jun 28, 1978B Under way top watch.I reported onbroad in Jan 75, made 4 trips to GITMO and Saint Thomas V.I. April-Oct 1976 in the Med. BT3 Shepard won the anchor pool. Gaunt sold me his 1967 Mustang. Decker was the old man. BT1 Huff LPO. BT3 Davenport locker was by BT3 Hill
Jimmie Jackson, Lil JackYNSNFeb 14, 1975 – Apr 21, 1978Admin/DeckDidn't take full advantage of this great opportunity Met some great guys The structure formed on that ship carries over to the person I am today Everything turned out pretty damned good
Jacobs, AaronYNSNMar 1975 – Mar 1977AdminWow, just found this site. What a bunch of great memories. This was my first command out of "A" school. I have lost all my pictures from those days, during one of my many moves. I worked for Joe L. Smith back then.
Cutler, James (Cuddles)MM2Aug 29, 1975 – Aug 29, 1979M DivisionHello to my fellow shipmates. Had great times and great adventures while aboard.
Hummel, JamesRM1/RMCOct 1975 – Sep 1977OC
Gutierrez, HermanSK1Nov 27, 1975 – Feb 17, 1979SupplyI learned a lot in this ship. The experience I had helped me in later jobs qualifying me as a commissary manager. I was able to retire at 49 by combining my navy time and my fed civil service. Now I work as a nurse.
Druzynski, ArthurRM/21976 – 1978
Cortez, Luis1976 –
Fornasar, BobFTG31976 – 19773rd divisionFTG
Tabolt, Tedgmg1976 –wepsmet a bunch a cool dudes... what happened to emmitt from m div. collins from deck i left after we went to drydock in brooklyn 1979
Ealey, BobbyMM31976 – 1980StreamEnjoyed my time in. Would like to hear from some of my former shipmates
Robbins, William (Bill)FtgsnJul 6, 1976 – Jul 8, 1977Ft
Yana, LarryFTGSNAug 1976 – Mar 19773rd division
Anthony, Russell/ Tony Hollywood3rd Class Petty officerOct 20, 1976 – Oct 22, 19802nd dividsion Boatswain Mate
Roop, LarryGMG21977 – 1982GMGI originally started in the Deck Division, when I joined the ship in 1977 but soon went on to become a Gunnersmate, When I left the ship in 1982 I was a GMG 2
Stephenson, Jeff profile iconMMJul 1, 1977 – Oct 17, 1980M
Parker, WoodyGMG- 2Jul 13, 1977 – Sep 15, 19803rd Div.Great ship, had some great times . Chief mcgee, GMG1 Wheat, tim ellison, bobby "mohawk" Inman, dusty anderson, George ellipthereo(sp) , Alex Dyer and all the rest of the "crazy 3rd "
Stewart, TerrelYN2Sep 1977 – Jun 1980ADMINEnjoyed great friends and saw many great places.
Seeds, ArthursnSep 8, 1977 – Apr 13, 19791stthink I set some kind of record for getting trouble. I was young and dumb back then and people do change. I did enjoy my time aboard the cando, even though most of it was on restriction. now i own an electric co. A.J.E.
Nihan, PaulEMFNNov 1, 1977 – Mar 24, 1979E
Cooper, Donyn31978 – 1982adminI was onboard for about 3 years. I had a drinking problem ans was cort martialed and sentenced to the grig for 2 months. I regret my actions and would love to hear from anyone who remembers me both positively or negatively.
Henry, AllanE21978 – 1978BMHad a great time. Did a solid shield cruise. Looking for Fred White and Disco Duck from OK.
Riffe, BrianOS21978 – 1982OIGreat ship, Great crew, Great memories
Massey, DadeMM2Mar 1978 –A
Shepard, MarkE-4Mar 8, 1978 – Nov 8, 1981
Vinson, Stan "vinnie"EM2Apr 2, 1978 – Jun 2, 1982StreamIt is hard to believe that the old girl is gone. I was hoping to see her anchored in the James, but I never got back to the area. I was on the Canisteo for four years and two months. It has always been a defining period in my life.
Robichaux, David/roboE-4Aug 23, 1978 – May 31, 1981A LIVING HELL HOLE , AND 80% OF WATER WHAT A GREAT ADVENTURE
Wooten, JohnE-4Sep 7, 1978 – Jul 6, 1983supplynone
Ragusa, JosephE5Oct 26, 1978 – Jun 26, 1982E-DivisionFirst started out in the deck department and then went into the fireman rating. Made it to second class petty officer without any A schools. Looking for Jeff Dinicola, John Santulli, Kenny Deni, Thomas Spratley
Sevison, John SevenMS2Nov 1, 1978 – Apr 6, 1982S2I trying to find shipmates when I was onboard
Cotton, TimothySNDec 7, 1978 – Jan 10, 19801stStriker for HM. I was in deck under CWO2 Ewashko (sp). It was a fun time for me to learn about the Navy. Best friend was John McDaniel.
O'Keefe, Michael profile iconem2Dec 12, 1978 – Jun 29, 1980E-division
Santulli, JohnEm3Dec 23, 1978 – Aug 22, 1981Us canister Ao99Started as a boatswains mate then became an Em , I wish that as a young guy from Brooklyn I would have appreciated my time a little more in the navy ,and realized just how lucky I was to serve with men of the canisteo

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1969 | 1970 – 1973 | 1974 – 1978 | 1979 – 1981 | 1982 – 1986 | 1987 – now

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