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USS Canisteo (AO 99) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Canisteo (AO 99). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 234 crew members registered for the USS Canisteo (AO 99).

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Staniszewski, TomSFNov 1945 – Mar 1946My father Stanley Staniszewski was aboard the USS Canisteo on its first voyage from the east coast to Germany. I would love to hear from his shipmates at
Messer, HenrySEAMAN 1ST CLASSNov 10, 1945 – Oct 15, 19461stI was a member of the first crew serving on the Canisteo (not the shakedown cruise). I have pictures and memories to share if anyone is interested.
McManus, Robert /bobS 1/cDec 3, 1945 – May 27, 1946deck ,gunnery, fire control.The Canisteo was commisioned on Dec 3 1945 in Sparrows Point, Baltimore, Maryland. I was one of the commisioning crew. On May 26,1946 the Canisteo went to New York and dropped anchor at berth #1 in the Hudson River.
Schultes, LouS 1c RMDec 3, 1945 – Jun 1946C RadioPlank owner of AO99. served with Bob McManus. Would like to hear from any of Radio Gang. Are you still with us? I'm 88 and play golf twice a week and still copy code. (a lost art)
Thomas, DonSEAMAN 1ST CLASSMar 1, 1946 – Jan 27, 1948YeomanWent to Anartica, Suez Canal, Greenland, logged 450,000 miles
Gabara, MoBM3Jul 1, 1949 – Jan 1, 1953FirstI'd like to know if there is a reunion this year? I have never been able to go before, and would very much like to attend. I know I'm an oldie.....but it would be great for me to be a part.
Turnage, Rufus (Les)SH2Nov 10, 1950 – Jan 3, 1952SupplyI served as laundryman on or about the dates listed above. Due to the ship deploying to the Med. for six months and my enlistment running out in 6 months or less , I was transferred to the Cadmus, AR14 to await my discharge.
Bruner, GeorgeF II, later IC 3rd ClassJan 1953 – Apr 1954HullI served as the only Intercommunications Electrician during my assignment. I was assigned to the Electrician team. Great job, great people! I last saw the Can-Do in Hampton Roads when she was being towed for scrap.
Martich, GeorgeFP1Jun 1953 – Mar 1955EngineeringAnother great experience.
Altizer, CharlesQM3Jul 15, 1953 – Oct 7, 1954operationsGreat ship with a great capt.
Burke, MiltonSKSNJun 1954 – Jul 1955SupplyLots of good memories from the old Cando. Worked in the GSK Storeroom....
Winters, Thomas Emmett "Rebel"SH 1Dec 1954 – May 4, 1958FirstWas aboard when Canisteo was hit twice by two different minesweepers as we were fueling. Had to go into Gibralter for repairs. First to refuel a blimp flying overhead. I was the senior boat coxswain for four years. Taught by Claude Tourville.
Jpresley, Jerry (Skivvie Waver)QM2Nov 5, 1955 – Jul 21, 1956OperationsWas brought on board to make a Med cruise in the winter of '55-'56. Great tanker and a Great crew. Damn near froze to death, but had a good trip ending in Bermuda to warm up a bit.
Daily, Harold BootsEM51957 – 1960Elec.2 trips to the Med. North Atlantic . Nose cone test in 1957. Cuban crisis. Picked up 160 kiddie cruises by hi-line. Early discharge. Can do - did it all. Great ship and good times.
Pierce, DonaldRM 3Mar 1958 – Jul 1959OC DivisionGood Times, except for the run in with the USS Enterprise and the tests at GITMO
Lewis, MauriceBMSNApr 1960 – Apr 1961DECK
Kennedy, MichaelYN3Sep 1961 – Jan 1963operationsGreat Med cruise and Cuban Blockcade
Daley, HughETN3Sep 8, 1961 – Sep 27, 1964OI served on the CanDo during the Cuban Missle Crisis. I am very proud to have been a member of this crew.
Hicks, WayneSNSep 1, 1962 – Sep 10, 1965DeckLooking for Larry McGill, we served together on the Can-do
Davis, George (Dave)BMSNNov 1962 – Aug 1964deckhad a great time aboard the old cando lost tough with a lot of good buddies. would love to hear from any body from back then
Rampe, HarryEM-3May 23, 1963 – Oct 22, 1966ETwo Med cruises,One North Altantic,a trip out with cable layers in the North Atlantic,trip to Capetown South Africa and a couple times to the carabbean.Always on the move.
Haggard, ThomasBT3Jun 1963 – Jun 1966BI enjoyed my time on the can-do. Would like to hear from anyone.
Standish, Charles (Cookie/betty Crocker)E-31964 – 1966Ship's CompanyCook-striker for one and a half years..BEFORE the Canisteo was be 'jumbolized' as a SUPERTANKER.
Martin, Lloyd (Skip)SEAMAN 3RD CLASS1964 – 19662nd
Bonnett, GarySNMay 1964 – Sep 19651 ST DECKLoved the fleet oilers spanner wire operator fueling station stbd side - liberty boat coxain
Martin, LloydSeamanSep 8, 1964 – Oct 8, 19662nd divison
Standish, Charles (Cookie/betty Crocker)E-3Dec 1964 – Jan 19662nd STRIKERUntil the 'Can-Do' got decommissioned in early part of 1966, I was a cook striker (2nd Div). In 1966 I was assigned to the USS Aldebaran AF-10..and washed dishes (I was a short timer) and took one short cruise on board old WW1 ship.
Lacoursiere, PaulBTCMJan 10, 1965 – 1967B DivisionMade chief on board, transferred to USS Waccamaw AO-109 off active duty 1970, reserve 1973 until 1993, made Master Chief 1997
Alexander, DanSeaman/YN3Jan 1966 – Oct 19682ND & Admin
Greenberg, RichSN 1/c1967 – 1968OperationsOut of boot camp was assigned to pre-com detail in Baltimore. Served on 3 shake-down cruises to sunny Guantanimo, Cuba.
Baumann, JohnSN1967 – 1968SupplyRemember the shake downs to GTMO
Foley, Richardgmg 3Jan 1968 – Jul 1971third divisionServed with some great guys during Gitmo shake-down cruise, two med cruises and equator crossing.
Greenberg, Rich3rd class RDJan 1968 – Jun 1969operations
Thomas, Bersley (Tom)SM1Mar 1968 – Mar 1971OPS/CommHave been trying to find cruise books or CD copies, from either or both the 69-70 or 70-71 Med cruises.
Walter, DavisHMAug 5, 1968 – Aug 4, 1972Medical
Dixon, BobBM2Dec 20, 1968 – Aug 14, 19722ndRemembering the Forrestal collision, standing amid ship watching as she kept getting closer, collision alarms going off and then seeing the outrigger on king posts tearing into the tails of Phantom jets & drop to our dec
Edwards, LouieSEAMANFeb 1, 1969 – May 19, 1971Deck
Fox, GeorgeMM3Feb 1, 1969 – Nov 19, 1970MHad some great times,with a bunch of great guys.
Chapin, PaulBMApr 26, 1969 – Nov 19, 19721st DivisionWorked in office of the 1St Lt. for BMCM Jack Clyde Hall. We called him Super Star. Kept all records for First , Second and Stream Divisions. Kept all maintenance records for the deck and lauches.
Bruce, CliffSAMay 1969 – Aug 19697TH FleetWhen I arrive ship was in dry dock. Under jumbo conversion . What a mess with so much dust in the air, Smell was horrible. Very loud ventilation machine ran 24 hours a day. Got no sleep. Horrible conditions. Going nuts !
Eberhardt, JohnEM3Jun 22, 1969 – Jul 23, 1971Ship's CompanyAproximate dates of ships dockings at Gitmo and our 1971 Med cruise. Date of collision with U.S.S. Forrestal.
Kelley, Georgegmg3Aug 7, 1969 – Feb 5, 1971third divisionGreat friends, med cruise 69-70, shellback cruise through Panama Canal. Lots of good times in Med especially Malta and lots of booze!
Wortz, LarryBM 3Oct 6, 1969 – Aug 4, 19732 ndGreat ship and a lot of great guys. We worked hard and we played hard ! Would do it all over again if I could. The day the USS Forrestal hit us was wild. The gang in the bos'n locker I will never foget.
Dykes, AmosMMNov 26, 1969 – Aug 14, 1973ENGINE ROOMLots of cruses (3 Meds) Lots to remember..good & bad . 6/20/70 268 of us became Shellbacks . I was a winch man on deck during our hit by the Forrestal

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