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USS Sunbird (ASR 15) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Sunbird (ASR 15). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 214 crew members registered for the USS Sunbird (ASR 15).

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Richmond, James (Jim)RD31968 – 1969OperationsI remember being on station off the Azores searching for the Scorpion. Two trips across the Atlantic, pulling a sub back to New London from Mijorcia, Spain. Many good memories...many rough rides.
Kulczycki, JohnBM3(DV)Aug 15, 1968 – Jul 20, 1969Locker
Chevalier, Jon (Gunner)GMG2Oct 1968 – Feb 1970gunneryHad some good times aboard the Sunbied. Getting in trouble when Rosie and I fell through the window and they got all of us including Ed Allen(wrench) Dave hubbard(herbie) would like to hear from anyone especially Hubbard or wrench
Kulczycki, JohnBM3(DV)Oct 1968 – Nov 1969DivingHad a great time with a great crew and fond memories during my tour...except my short career as a helmsman during torpedo recovery…never thought you could do a racetrack, figure eight & clover leaf in one maneuver???
Huff, PeteBM2 DVDec 31, 1968 – Dec 11, 1972 I was proud be a Sailor and a Diver on the Sunbird and work with such a great group of guys, like Phil, Mike, Rosey, Mccabe, Miles or any of the great guys that served during the 5 years I was attached to the sunbird. I would love to hear from you
Quintana (Now Crazyhorse), CippyRM31969 – 1971RadiomanGreetings to my old shipmates! I often think about the 'good times' we had aboard the Sunbird. Best wishes to all; I'd be happy to hear from any of you.
Costa, TonyGMGSNMar 1969 – Jul 1971DeckOnboard for the departure from Lisbon, now that was exciting. Almost went over the side. Worked with Miles, Rosie, Tatantino, Freind, Nauman, Foley, Connelly, Summers, Thompson Esau. Remember the cooks good and bad chow
Gilpin, DanQM2Mar 1969 – Mar 1973Deck Force then NavigationLoved the Med cruises and the trips down south in the winter. Will never forget the fire that got out of control and had the crew abandon ship. I stayed on the bridge with the capitan. A brave fire crew got fire out.
Voorhies, Robert/bobSEAMAN/PO3 SONARMAN1970 –May of 1970 I'll NEVER forget when we hit the Atlantic coming out of Lisbon. You have to respect MotherNature and a GREAT CREW !!!!
Stuart, RichardETN21970 – 1972ops
Pupka, TomRM21970 – Sep 22, 1971Radio Operations
Altamura, VitoYN 3Jan 2, 1970 – Feb 10, 1971COMMI remember the MED tour and coming into Lisbon. Great memories of playing soccer in the streets of Athens with the local boys, Lghtening and introduced to Ouzo. Anyone hear from Mau, Crow or Spike?
Kleinbrahm, BobRM2Jan 9, 1970 – Apr 6, 1972RadioDoes anyone remember the North Atlantic in winter and the Orange Worm? NR1
Eckhart, BobPN3Feb 12, 1970 – Oct 12, 1972OPSI sure remember that "Big Blow" out of Lisboni, as I recall blew some spring-packs out of both engines. I am looking for SK1 Winfrey/YN2 Kreft/LCDR Esau - any infor please email me. Thanks !
Williams, ChrisLTJGMar 1970 – Jan 1971WardroomDoes anyone else remember that nasty blow coming out of Lisbon? How about setting the Sound Lab barge on the bottom off Block Island, or the Austin stern gate job? We did some good work I'm still proud of.
Wandell, MikeSK3Mar 10, 1970 – Apr 12, 1972SupplyI met a lot of good people on the Sunbird, would like to see or hear from them.
Disch, Bob/ BigmanE3Jun 1, 1970 – Dec 7, 1973EngA shout out to Mike Wandell my best man at my wedding. Steve Reed, Ed Harper, Jerry Friend, Mike Drowne, Paul Gobiel, Peter Huff, Joe Laboda, Gilpin, Hollis, Jack Mclure, Randy Bullis, John Arnold, Neal Gold, Tim Rose
Rose, TimothyE-31971 – 1973electrician mateWouldn't trade my experience for anything.
Stussie, GaryET1Jan 1971 – May 1972OPSGreat memories of my time on Sunbird. Went from there to NESEP Program. BS-EE from KU. SWO on Cruisers. Destroyers and LPD. ROTC shore duty allowed me to pick up MS-IE and MBA. Retired as Lcdr. after 23 years.
Wiseman, C.w.RM2Jan 29, 1971 – Feb 16, 1974OpsSaw a lot of the world and made some good friends. We had some good times and some bad times but all in the 'Bird wasn't so bad.
Friend, Jerome (Jerry)sts4Feb 1971 – Feb 20, 1973electronicsCame on board when ship was in the yards for repair in Phil. served with some great guys. Ed Harper, (Big Man) Bob Disch, Clarence Wiseman, Gary Stussie, Dan Elliot,. Many more.
Murphree, JamesCWO-2Mar 1971 – Jul 1973Wonderful 2 years w/great shipmates.
Williams, Z LightningSK-3Jun 1, 1971 – Jul 10, 1973supply A lot of good times and many interesting experances I have often thought about. Many nice people who servised on this ship. Would like to hear from some of them.
Hubbard, MikeEM3Nov 1971 – Nov 28, 1972
Johnson, Reubene3Nov 15, 1971 – Jan 23, 1973radiomanhad some great times/bad time on the Bird(esau-capt).the med cruise in1972,haskins,luther,smittey,wilson,hollins,heron ,jack mcclure. lisboa,rota,athens,augusta bay,izmir,palma,malaga and halifax.
Rhatigan, Bill profile iconEN 2Dec 1971 – Mar 1973EngineeringGreat crew, good friends, memorable times. Always trying to find crew members. Colorful Engines :-).
Kaat, KennethRM11972 – 1975Ops
Fisi, JeffETR2Jun 10, 1972 – Sep 29, 1973OPSReported on board just after the Med cruise. Worked with Frank Carpenter ETR2, Radioman Wiseman, Kaat, and a great group of shipmates. Suprised when transferred to the USS Tringa (ASR-16)
Mebust, Ronald (Ron)Nov 1972 – 1975Retired after 30 MCPO in Charlston in 1993. Moved to Tennessee and became a Truck Driver, Me and Ron Doggett (Doc) Family, We live near Dolly woody just off I-40. We been lookinfg for some old freinds!! Like MM1 Richard Jackson, Ron (MEB)
Morse, GaryPN2Dec 27, 1972 – Jul 15, 1975AdminIt was a great tour and I learned a lot. Brought away some excellent sea stories. I retired in Dec 2000 as an NCC. LCDR Edward Craig was my CO. If it wasn't for him I never would have been able to finish my career.
Lefebvre, Mike1973 – 1973
McMahon, Phillip (Mac)EN2DV!Jun 1, 1973 – May 1, 1978A-GANGDivers are a funny bunch what some call XXXXXX we call lunch
Pastore, JimBM3Feb 1974 – Nov 1975DeckHad some good times. Would love to see or talk to some of the guys again.
Cooney, William (Bill)em2 e5Feb 1974 – Aug 18, 1976engineeringI rode the bird for 3yrs. Worked with the Nautilus & Nr 1 the. North Atlantic (in winter) always had something for us. Served with some great guys. I'm semi retired now Worked as an engineer in the aerospace industry.
Enos, DaveEM2Feb 15, 1974 – May 27, 1977E-Division
Fields, James (Cb)SH3Aug 1975 – Oct 1979SupplyWas on the Bird for 3 yrs steamed with the best of them. Was on board for "Open Sky" F-14 Tomcat recovery in the North Atlantic. Live in Denver now .ship mates IC3 Harris and HT2 Henderson are here too. would love to hear from other shipmates
Boyles, James (Jim)HTCOct 16, 1975 – Dec 10, 1979Shipfitter Shop (R1)Retired in 1983. Live in Nashville Tn. and still working.LtCDR.Ed Craig. Good CO. Have daughter in Groton area still go up there twice a year. Had a lot of fun on the bird and had even better shipmates.would love to hear from anyone.
Clarke, Danny profile iconMR1(DV1)Oct 19, 1975 – Apr 10, 1977Enginering / Diving LockerWas on board for operation Open Sky, Tomcat recovery. I was in just about all the Eng. departments. A-gang, auxillary engine room, was even Chief Master at Arms for awhile.Would love to hear from anyone I served with.
Mares, CarlosSK3Nov 27, 1975 – Aug 26, 1979OperationsGreat time in my life. Great shipmates and good times. Want to contact many of you! 770.310.0044 (cell)

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