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USS Sunbird (ASR 15) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Sunbird (ASR 15). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 214 crew members registered for the USS Sunbird (ASR 15).

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Beck, Donald LeeSNJan 1, 1950 – Oct 30, 1952UnknownUnsure of the dates above. Posting in memory of my Dad. USN Submarine School 12/1/1949-2/10/1950 Enlisted 11/2/1948 Most significant duty assignment: USS Sunbird ASR15
Rosman, Lloyd Roseyseaman first classJan 5, 1952 – Dec 10, 1965Seaman
Heg, James (Jim)LT/LCDRMar 1952 – Mar 1954Commanding OfficerGreat tour. My first command. We receive a letter of special coomendation from the INSRV Board. Graded Outstanding in my final ORI. The MOST outstanding sailor on board - BM1/c Tommy Thompson
Keer, StaffordET1cOct 1952 – Jul 1954ElectronicThe trip to station in North Atlantic for SOFAR tests. via the Cape Cod Canal. North Atlantic storm - no one allowed on outside decks. Mess standing up and coffee pots hung from overhead. Exec was Lt. Porter.
Breyer, JoeRM1Nov 1952 – Apr 24, 1956Had the opportunity of a lifetime April 2004 to get parts off the 3 cylinder GM aux on the old bird - 50 years after I last set foot on her. She was at the James River Reserve Fleet. I read in the Wall Street Journal that she is now scrapped.
Saari, CharlesEN3Feb 15, 1953 – Nov 30, 1954EngineeringServed mainley aft working with the auxiliary diesel generators etc.. Served some in the main engine room.
Humphries, MercerSeamanJun 1, 1956 – Jan 15, 1960EngineeringI served under 3 different commanding officers. We had a great ship. We were consistent E winners. The best of times and the worst of times. I went in a boy at 17 years old, came out a man at age 21.
Melquist, MelDC-2Jun 15, 1956 – Apr 20, 1960
Golden, ThomasFP3Sep 3, 1956 – Jan 12, 1959SHIPFITTER
Palmer, James (Jim)CS3, COMMISSSARYMANNov 1956 –
Palmer, James (Jim)CS3Nov 1956 – May 1959Supply
Ring, Kenny2nd Class Seaman1957 – 1959DeckhandLooking for Frank Delaoliver
Shelby, Melvin (Mel)SH/SNJan 1957 – Nov 1960DECKServed under two skippers, the last one was Alan Barry Crabtree. Would like to contact any crew member who also served in that time. I have been back to New London several times, everthing has changed and NOT for the better.
Bauchat, JimRM2Nov 1, 1957 – Feb 22, 1961RadioLooking back, loved the duty. While I was on board, however, hated that round bottom.
Brown, LawrenceSN, ETR3, ETRSNJan 17, 1958 – Jul 21, 1960Deck, OperationsRetired 1July 1974 as ETC
Miller, Oscar (Sam)seamanNov 1959 – Nov 1963hard hat divingI have contacted lymphoma cancer, hodkins disease and type 2 diabetes and want to know if any other men who served on the USS SUNBIRD have suffered from these conditions or may be collecting disabilities affiliated with them.
Miller, Oscar S. (Sam)seaman/diverNov 29, 1959 – Nov 29, 1963QuratermasterI am looking for anyone who may have developed cancer as a result of contact with nuclear material during recovery of debris from nuclear Submarine Thresher.
Schiffer, Vincent (Shifty)EM31960 – 1963ENGHated every minute of it. Forty Five years later it is a fond memory. Serving on the Sundbird became the foundation of who I am as a person today. In 1960 Lynn Carpenter was our Captain.
Case, TedIC2Jan 29, 1960 – Jul 10, 1962eng.
Helms, James A.ET3Mar 1960 – Jun 1962OperationsReally enjoyed my 2 years, 2 months and 29 days on the Sunbird. Alan Barry Crabtree was captain. Would enjoy hearing from anyone who served with me.
Compton, Woodie,rHTC.DV.1961 – 1964Salvage lockerReported aboard.SF1cmade chief 1962,realy enjoyed my three years aboard the Bird,Reyired in 1964 having made the med cruse.Stood most of the under way watches,Inc.JOOD.Learned quite a lot under the command of Capt.Graham,LT.Would like to he
Gammon, Ellery/loeE-4Mar 1961 – Oct 1963
Ralston, GaryE-2 to E-5Apr 1961 – Oct 1963ElecticalA great experience for me. I loved it. Was a young fireman apprentice when I came aboard and left as a PO2. I went on to be selected for the NESEP program and retired in 1985 as a LCDR.
Miller, Oscar Samseaman/diverAug 17, 1961 – Nov 27, 1963SUBMARINE RESCUEWHO WAS WITH ME ON THE WHALE BOAT WHEN WE PICKED UP DEBRE FROM NUCLEAR SUBMARINE THRESHER AFTER SHE SANK ON APRIL 10, 1963? 1-904-677-2826 please call me. Looking for Howard Maits, Cato, Thomas (diver), Mr Smith diving officer.
Perrine, RobertE3 LEAD/SEAMANNov 6, 1962 – Oct 15, 1964DeckIm looking for anyone on The Sunbird in 1964 Deck Crew. Enginman, corman, CPO's. Officers. If you were abord the bird please contact me.
Hartman, JeffreyETR31963 – 1966ElectronicsService aboard Sunbird was exciting every day. Great crew with a lot of commadary among all divisions. Med cruise was terrific with quite a few ports of call. Liberty with crew mates was great. My best to all of them.
Odell, PaulSNNov 21, 1963 – May 31, 1964Deck Crew
Hutto, GeorgeBm1964 –DeckServed under Bmc. Bankey 'Bmr3 Gibson, Bm 1 Rickerson and many more.
Millsap, BillyPN31964 – 1966ships officeLots of good times and friends that I will never forget. Can anyone put me in touch with BM Gibson.
Garretson, RobertRM21964 – 1966Operations- CommunicationsOf all my assignments, the Sunbird was by far the best. The Dive locker guys were awsome. The whole crew were a tight net bunch of sailors. Med cruise great. Cuban Blockade memorable. Dublin, Ireland, St Nazaire, France.
Ross, EdwardYN3Apr 6, 1964 – Jan 10, 1966PersonellLast duty station before discharge. Loved it.
Pearson, DonaldCS3Sep 10, 1964 – Nov 10, 1964CookI was sent to the USS Sunbird TDY, Because the Gold crew of the USS Sam Houston was at sea.
Brown, Charles (Charlie)RM3Jan 1965 – Jan 1967OPS (Radio)Learned a lot , had a great time, got seasick a lot. Loved the Med run.
Parish, MarvinE-4Nov 16, 1965 – Oct 17, 19671ST BN 44TH ARTY - VIETNAM I worked on the Sunbird in Chelsey Mass during the overhaul of the Divers Life Support System. I also performed follow-up repairs in Grotton CT. I was wondering what the name of the CO was also the Divers Master Chief
Cusson, RichardEMCJan 4, 1966 – Mar 21, 1967Eng.
Williams, Allen (Duff)INTERIOR COMMUICATIONS (DV)Jun 15, 1966 – Aug 16, 1968engineeringwill always remember the search for the scorpian & we found a ww2 sub instead. roger seeley drop me an e-mail.
Lyons, JerryE-5 BOATSWAIN MATEOct 1966 – Jun 1969Served with a lot of great people that I would like to hear from again
Danchik, StuDeck1967 – 1969DeckThe best time in my life was on the Sunbird..Remembring the search for the Scorpion and finding a U Boat. Ray Shoaf taught me alot..and losing our main steering going thru the Cape Cod canal. Where is Billy Briggs?
Klinman, MichaelCS31967 – 1969Supplymany remarkable times and experiences
Seeley, RogerSFP 3/DVJan 20, 1967 – Mar 16, 1968Shipfitter ShopHTCM/MDV retired in Indiana with an antique clock and watch business.
Wright, MyronE-5 ELECTRICIAN\'S MATEApr 1967 – May 1970EngineeringIt's been a while, but recall mates like "Gunner" Chavalier, Tom Oster, Ray Shoaf, the Currier brothers, Sal Gallo. The ORI in Guantanamo Bay (Cuba) in 1967 was an amazing experience, as was the search for Scorpion.
Haymaker, LincET2Apr 1967 – Dec 1970Like others I remember the storm coming out of Lisbon and never forget the day we sunk the lobster boat or having to be towed back to port. Had a great time with a great crew.
Costello, HarrySN -- YN3Nov 15, 1967 – Jun 15, 1969Deck/AdminArrived aboard as a SN and left as a YN3. Known for always being seasick. Got out in 1971. Stayed in Navy Reserves. Converted to officer in 1984. Recalled during Desert Storm for a year. Retired as CDR in 1997. Fond memories.
Tarantino, Pat (Tino)BM3Nov 28, 1967 – May 6, 1971Had some good times serving on the Bird. Served with Foley, Miles, Galo, Boucher, Rosie, to mention a few. If I'm not mistaken the XO LCMDR Esau broke his ankle on the bridge by falling on the chart desk coming out of Lisbon. Some storm

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