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USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 594 crew members registered for the USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75).

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Flournoy, RobertAOAR2004 – 2004
Barber, Nathan/nateE4/ MM32004 – 2006agreat memories.
Mullins, ChrisABEAN2004 – 2005V-2Hey whats up Bow Cats hope your still givin' em hell!! anyone who is still on board you can look me up on myspace or facebook!!
Shabarekh, NellaCSSNJan 1, 2004 – Sep 11, 2007s-2
Marsh, TonyaIT3 (SW/AW)Jan 4, 2004 – Mar 11, 2005G-2Let me REP for my G2 crew! It was good being onboard. But I got outta there and went to the IT side of things. Great ship. If it was on the west coast, I would have went back, but I had to get out of VA!! Hope to see some old friends soon! Get at me!
Jeselink, StephenABEAAJan 12, 2004 – Jul 7, 2005V-3 Air/ V-2 Arresting GearI miss the air dept and the crew, everyone did an outstanding job while on OIF/OEF deployment. Miss you all, hope everyone is doing well. Go Gear Dogs!!
Evans, Joshua NeilMMFNJan 22, 2004 –A
Murphy, JoshuaHTFNJan 31, 2004 –R
Castillo, CesarAD3Mar 2004 – Sep 2005AIMDAIMD!!!! Mech shop!!!! Some of the best memories of my life! If I could go back in time I would definitely make a stop back in the shop. Miss the whole crew!
Calvert, DavidEN3Apr 2004 – Jul 2006RA01There is life after the truman ! Reactor was the worst department on the ship ! LCDR Sallas is a closet homosexual . Dont ask and dont tell but little secret is that ENC Orris and LCDR Sallas was having relations !!!! BUSTED
Shudy, KazLTApr 5, 2004 – May 22, 2007AIMDCurrently in Iraq- I am also on TWS.
Kopelman, JesseMM3Apr 23, 2004 –ENG/A -> RX/M
Saxman, MattAS3May 3, 2004 – May 1, 2007OPS/SEC and AIMD/IM4Full bore...
Garcia, GabrielaGM3May 13, 2004 – Oct 1, 2004G2
Durette, Charles "old Man"MR1Jul 3, 2004 – Dec 4, 2008Repair
Bullard, JocelynANAug 5, 2004 –V-0Formerly known as Perez, but met the love of my life on this boat. The greatest memory of my life!!
Miller, ScottAO2Sep 1, 2004 – 2009G-1My first 2 years were enjoyable on this ship. Great crew. Now it has terrible leadership. With a growing amount of booters who just come on the ship and already count the days before they get out of the Navy. Retention and Morale is low.
Gilliland, JasonATD E-3Sep 11, 2004 – Apr 11, 2005classified
Gayton, DavidMM2(SW/AW)Sep 24, 2004 – Feb 1, 2007A gang/SafetyNothing like the Reagan! Did not enjoy my tour here. Couldnt wait to transfer!
Bunch, JackHM1Oct 10, 2004 – Sep 9, 2007MedicalWhat a great time and experience onboard the HST. "The Buck Stops Here"
Roberson, StonyAN/ATOct 13, 2004 – Apr 13, 2005AIMD Shop 8
Duguid, YunHNOct 14, 2004 – Feb 24, 2006Deck
Shultz, DNov 2004 – Sep 21, 2005Am proud to be serving on the mighty warship though my sister gives me a hard time about the mighty warship part
Manning, DeanPRAN/E-3Nov 2004 – Sep 2006AIMDI just want to say that I enjoyed my time on the ship. I wish that I could have stayed longer but things happen. Love all my Shipmates and I hope that you all have had success in all that you have accomplished in life.
Williams, ChristineYN2Nov 4, 2004 – May 25, 2006I loved the TRUMAN crew and would love to go back as a CHIEF. I'm going to miss you all.
Teeran, GuadalupeABE3Nov 10, 2004 – Jul 7, 2007V-2
Hernandez, JoelsnNov 23, 2004 – Aug 30, 2006deck departmentbeing aboard the harry s truman,was a awesome time for me
Harrison, EricJOCDec 5, 2004 – May 23, 2006Public AffairsPublic Affairs LCPO
Jackson, SylvesterEN3Dec 26, 2004 – Jul 30, 2008SEC
Dearing, Frank profile iconMMC2005 – 2008M/RPHELLO 1MMR! Good people. Good Shipmates. Good supervisors. Very tough schedule. First on, last off......Reactor Dept need NOT apply!
Hilton, MikeMM2Feb 25, 2005 – Feb 12, 2007RP05Big ship compared to my first one (USS Seattle). Easy to get lost in such a big crew, but made some good friends. I'll always remember the time I served aboard the Truman. My wife hated the short notices given, but that's the Navy.
Smith, ShawnSHSNApr 8, 2005 – Oct 27, 2009Supply, S-3
McConnell, JacobMA2Apr 18, 2005 – Jan 18, 2006Security
Wortman, MichelleCVN 75Apr 18, 2005 – Oct 4, 2008rpo5 reactorfirst ship, reactor dept personel i enjoyed my time on board this ship and well im going to miss the people that i have come to know
Foster-tidwell, HeatherSNJun 13, 2005 – Aug 12, 2008DeckI just recently got on the Truman but so far I am having a blast!! I hope to have much more fun in the years to come!!!
Milton, ShaquintaYNSNJun 16, 2005 – Nov 23, 2005XO AdminWhat can I say? I learned alot and I am greatful for the mentors that I had on the ship. I met great people and I am happy that I was able to be able to participate in the Hurrican Katrina effect on the ship.
Tomkin, Brian "Blood"ARJun 25, 2005 – Oct 5, 2006v-1it was real but my department heads did what they felt they had to do to get rid of the kid through all the conspiracy and corruption.despite the times i maintain in this cold world.Brooklyn go hard "B"(917)295-4248
Canady, ChristopherABF3Sep 25, 2005 – May 12, 2009V-4
Laflanme, BrandyAO3Sep 30, 2005 – Sep 25, 2008Weapons (G-3)IYAOYAS
Standlee, Brandone-4Oct 2005 – Feb 2009v-4
Smith, ShaneANABFOct 21, 2005 –V-4Below Decks...
Gramento, JeremyMM3Oct 25, 2005 – Jan 2008RP
McDowell, RichardOS2 SWOct 27, 2005 – Sep 26, 2006ops/strike opsgreat ship great crew i now am living in ny and have a daughter now
Pintore, John (Pintobeans)abe2(aw/sw)Nov 2005 – Jan 2011v-2
Hagan, AudreyOS2Nov 15, 2005 – Dec 23, 2008HST WAS GOOD
Kent, RusselIC1(SW/AW)Dec 2005 – Mar 2007E
Balhoff, JharidDec 22, 2005 –ENG A-gangTO THOSE WHO SAIL BELOW!!!!!!
Coe, Robert ( Bobby)MM1(SS)Dec 27, 2005 – Jun 30, 2009A-DIV; Catapult shopLike Jones said " Its Great to be Retired" and in school.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1996 | 1997 | 1998 | 1999 | 2000 | 2001 | 2002 | 2003 | 2004 – 2005 | 2006 – now

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