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USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 595 crew members registered for the USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75).

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Hayes, ShanaBM32000 – 2004deck allwell it was fun but ha ha im not there any more im sitting in my home chilling instead of being yelled at for things i did not do and for thing i had no control of to those who i knew i wish you luck and miss you and to all the new people sorry
Blair, StevenE8/MMCSJan 3, 2000 – Jun 15, 2003TrainingGreat ship. Great crew. This was my first time serving aboard an aircraft carrier.
Parker, NinaEM3Jan 5, 2000 – Jun 22, 2003electrical
Christian, CharlesAN/E-3Jan 10, 2000 – Sep 21, 2004v-1Hey whats up this is chuck I like to give a few shoutouts to the guys in v-1 what up fellas and gals hows cow? hey who got my rack when I left?! tac2 what up! hey bearthing crew wax that deck!
Romero, Anthony (Le Bear)ABH3 (AW)Jan 19, 2000 – Sep 5, 2003V-3Enjoyed my time onboard and will remember my friends. Going to admit miss the Navy miss the travel....but do not miss all the drills! Hopefully to hear from all you guys in V3! GO SPURS GO
Backman, JamesE-5/GM2Feb 2000 – May 14, 2004Weapons/G-2I love guns, and like to say hi to all my buddies on board. What's up Billington and Bissett
Salinas, MarioAT1Feb 1, 2000 – May 28, 2001IM3best cruise I was on! Good friends made on board.
Leblanc, JamesABE2Feb 5, 2000 – Dec 5, 2004
Williams, James profile iconMM3 (SW)Feb 5, 2000 – Jul 20, 2003A DIVBest experience ever in my life with amazing shipmates all around the ship. Worked in Aux Div and steam and heat shop. Looking to find old friends!!!
Bedard, RaymondMM3Feb 10, 2000 – Jan 15, 2005ReactorIt was a fun time
Miller, CarlET3 (SW)Feb 14, 2000 – Oct 25, 2004CS9
Speedling, KimberlyE-3/SNMar 2000 – May 2002Deck Dept.Left and went to HM "A" School.
Donner, S profile iconYN3Mar 1, 2000 – Sep 13, 2003Admin/EngineeringI can't believe I miss the ship and navy life.
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Hicks, Ronald ScottabeanMar 1, 2000 – Sep 15, 2003V-2the worst job i ever loved, thank god for reduction in force. who was in the yard when the towers got hit?
Chambers, JoshuaABF2Mar 10, 2000 – May 23, 2004V-4
Bryner, AndrewAE2(AW)Mar 15, 2000 – Jul 26, 2003AIMD/IM3Hey if you knew me say hello
Bosch, LucasITSMar 20, 2000 – Aug 15, 2003CS-3What's up all my fellow shipmates, It's the man who made your day either good or bad, I ran the ships LAN providing you all with Internet and Email. Too all my fellow ADP peeps, WHats uP! shout me out sometime I'll give ya job if need one.
Bosch, LucasIT2Mar 20, 2000 – Aug 15, 2003CS 3 - ADPThe Champ is here!!! Shout outs to all my friends who was there with me for the 1st and 2nd deployments of HST you know who you are as we keep in contact to this day. Much Love to the ADP crew, we held it down from '00-'03. RIP PN3 Tippens
Wadley, Gregg "Jojo"ANMar 22, 2000 – Sep 15, 2003V-3 In School working and raising my daughter. Can't really say that i liked the Navy but I can say that I enjoyed my time. Much love to everybody i knew and to whom i have had the pleasure to serve with
Cissel, GrangerE-4/ AO3Mar 24, 2000 – May 20, 2004G-4 and G-5Good times
Mayson, BertE3Apr 2000 – Feb 2002V1Had a blast on the maiden voyage. Got to meet some important people also was part of NFL gameday
Nesbitt, Justin Aka ChewyPH2(AW/SW)Apr 10, 2000 – Dec 18, 2004OPGood Luck, and tke the fight to them!!!
Louis, BakerE-$Apr 11, 2000 – Jun 4, 2004G-2Its good to be on this side
Buswell, Jasonht2Apr 19, 2000 – Apr 18, 2003repairhi dudes im still around
Schubert, JoeMS3May 2000 – Dec 2003S-2,S-5,SS40I enjoyed my 3 1/2 years on the Truman. I met alot of people and made some friends. I do miss alot of people I served with though.
Montgomery, GwenANMay 2000 – Oct 2001AIR/V2I miss my Navy days and the people I met. I have stayed in touch or reconnected with many people but I still miss it. I would like to go back and visit the Truman one day.
Gray, HyacinthE5/EW2May 1, 2000 – Sep 20, 2003OW
Blum/mcconnell, EllieAG2May 1, 2000 – Jan 30, 2002OPSI loved this ship, and I still do. It was an amazing adventure. I miss it everyday. I miss the people I had the pleasure to meet there. I love the countries I visited and the memories I made.
Rink, DavidBM2May 1, 2000 – Sep 22, 2002HazmatLooking for friends and shipmates in Hazmat, Mefical and Deck Department....Years 2000 -2002
Baron, LauraEM2May 18, 2000 – Feb 12, 2002Reactor Electrical
Smith, JoshuaABH3May 19, 2000 – Oct 12, 2004V1ABH for life. Did the first two cruises. Nothing better than working on a flight deck
Bagay, AnthonyEM1May 19, 2000 – Feb 4, 2005Reactor Electricalserved on the mighty 75 for 4 years and 8 months with 2 and a half deployments. now serving as the surface nuclear E1-E6 electrican's mate detailer.
Abbott, VincentHT3Jun 2000 – Jun 2003RPipe Shop 4 Life
Parks, AlikaAO2Jun 7, 2000 – Oct 10, 2002G-2My first command! There was no better way to start the "journey" then in G2. to all of u guys hope things r good, if ur ever on kauai let me know,
Johnson, Steven profile iconABH2Jun 8, 2000 – Jul 13, 2005V-1Man, these where some of the best days of my life. I grew alot in the Navy on board this great vessel. Give em hell.. Go V-1
Ausman, GunnerCWO3Jun 10, 2000 – Jun 9, 2004G-1/G-4
Hebbard, RickMR2Jun 11, 2000 – Aug 28, 2003RepairLots of good times with you all...........
Collins, CaseyAO3Jun 14, 2000 – Sep 1, 2002WEPS G-3
Pereira(Brannon), JamiSM3Jun 14, 2000 – Apr 10, 2002V-2 and Nav
Gooding, AnnANJul 2000 – Oct 2003V-1
Mobley, RebeccaBM2(SW)Jul 2000 – Jan 17, 2004Deck 1st, 2nd and DC40
Gallamore, JaredLI2Jul 3, 2000 – Sep 10, 2002OPS/OPLooking back, things were not as bad as they seemed. I wish that I would have enjoyed the time more. Civilian life is good, but alot of memories were made on the Truman. Give 'em Hell!
Trask, DavidABE/ANJul 9, 2000 – Apr 14, 2002V-2 Arresting GearGo Gear Dawgs love my time on the ship met a lot of friends hope all is well
Alhamed, KatoddE-4/ABHJul 12, 2000 – Sep 15, 2004V-3I hated that place but I do miss the places and friends. I guess Im only doing this to try and keep connections with some people.
Jackson, MarcellaMR2SWAug 2000 – Jan 2002repairRetired 12/2002
McCann, KristinePN3Aug 30, 2000 – May 7, 2002PersonnelWhere's the Breakfast Club? Fannie Mae here...
Ware, DouglasLance CorporalSep 2000 – Jun 2001VMFA-312 F-18 Avionics TechI had a lot of personal tragedies during my time aboard the maiden deployment of the Truman(death of an uncle and best friend, and breakup from fiance)but there were a lot of great moments. I miss the flight deck.ooh rah
Van Slyck (Thats A Long Y), Nick (Slick)AE3Sep 1, 2000 – Mar 1, 2001VS-22Im not ships company, I was squadron. But, There are so many great memories from the HST, you guys run a tight ship. I wish I could say the same for the civialian world. I have the greatest respect for all who WORKED on board.
Moore, Chad "snacks"IS2Sep 1, 2000 – Aug 15, 2003OZI hated that floating prison! Intel Division was run by a bunch of a-holes who must have been picked on in school. They cared more about cleaning the "p-ways" than doing our job. I hated the Navy and I still have nightmares about it.
Seifert, WilliamCTT3/CTT2Sep 19, 2000 – Sep 20, 2003OZWhere do I start?
Finstad, AllenSRSep 21, 2000 – 2002Deck DepartmentI miss the ship and the travel I miss the friends I made onboard I am stuck in the midwest now and cant stand it its to cold here.
Montoya, BrianHT3Oct 1, 2000 – Jan 10, 2004RI had an awesome time on those 2 cruises; although the Med was the Best!
Thomas, StevenET1(SW/AW)Oct 7, 2000 – Oct 12, 2004Engineering/MSC-3MShip's Configuration Manager/MSC LPO. Some good times, best ship I have served on. If you were on the ship during the same period, feel free to contact me.
Ferguson, TerranceANOct 16, 2000 – Mar 11, 2004V-4Ferg is now a civilian and driving a big rig. Making more money and being at home more than I ever was. Peace brothers, keep sailing.
Waldo, WalterOS 3Nov 2000 – Dec 2003v - 4
Farnsworth, JustinEM1(SW)Nov 1, 2000 – Apr 6, 2004RE
Ryder, DavidABF3Nov 23, 2000 – Jul 4, 2004V-4
Larocque, Darrell "rock"ET3(SW)(THEN), ET1(NOW)Nov 28, 2000 – May 23, 2001COMCARGRU STAFF/TU TRUMAN, NSWG-2 MCTDeployed as a part of Task Unit Truman on the maiden voyage of this fine ship. Still the very best food I have had on any ship, and the best Combat Systems department I have worked for.
Coombe, ScottEN2Dec 2000 – Jun 13, 2005ENG\A
Russell, ChadSHSADec 13, 2000 – Dec 13, 2002SALESI AM STILL THE BEST BARBER EVER!!!!
Flores, ChristopherBM2Dec 16, 2000 – Sep 1, 2003SecondAlot of memories I still charish, too many people I lost contact with. To those who see this I'm now working in Iraq, back active again. What Barcus said, SN make that ship not E4's & above! Everybody on there stay safe & everyone else b
Soboski, EdmundENC(SW)Dec 17, 2000 – Sep 7, 2004RA01One of the best ships I've served on made ENC while I was there, my diesels always started thanks to people like EN2 Alvarez, Bodie , and Scheller. Miss you guys and the ship.
Louis, BakerGM3Dec 20, 2000 – Jun 4, 2004G-2"PHEWWW" GLAD THATS OVER WITH!

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1996 | 1997 | 1998 | 1999 | 2000 – 2000 | 2001 | 2002 | 2003 | 2004 – 2005 | 2006 – now

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