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USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 595 crew members registered for the USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75).

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Guerra, Rafael (Ghetto)AE3(AW)1999 – 2003V-3/ AIMD/IM-3If you know the "ghetto" then you know who I am. Take care and hope to here from you all.
Gohl(Sanford), ChantelE5/YN1999 – 2003ADMIN
Arnholt (Reiter), Etta CE-3/PH1999 –OPThank you to our fellow shipmates that are continuing the traditions and risking your life to defend our freedom, protect our families, and support our fallen heroes efforts.
Atherton, John/jayMMCSJan 1999 – Sep 2002RL/QA
Benson, MattSM 3Jan 1999 – Oct 2002Navigation
Ulrich, BillEM1(SW)Jan 1999 – Apr 2003RE12/31...and some too.The pride of Rx dept. and EMCS Boyd. Not. I survived my de-nukification, got out after our second deployment, and currently live in Honolulu. Still an EM1, just part-time now. Thanks for the money, Reserves!
Stearns, DickLCDRJan 1999 – Oct 2001SupplyGreat maiden deployment! Retired from USN in 2006, Working for DLA in Richmond, VA.
Kimerle, PatrickLT - LCDRJan 1999 – Nov 2002Engineering DeptMaintenance Officer
Troup, DwayneDCJan 10, 1999 – Sep 18, 1999DC
Alvarez, DavidEN2(SW)Feb 13, 1999 – Oct 26, 2003RA01
Ingram, QuentonE5Feb 25, 1999 – Aug 4, 2004CS-1I have to give a BIG ups to the CS-1 Division for the hard work and lack of credit we got for keeping the morale up with phones, emails, and comms with the outside work...great job and keep pushin. Hoooorah!
Buehl, MichaelDMCMar 1999 – Jun 2002OPS/OPTruman is the finest ship in the fleet. I can honestly say that this ship and her crew serve America's Navy with pride. They do her namesake justice everyday, they "Give 'em Hell".
Hunter, Bryanwas a E1-E3 on board Now BM1 E6Mar 12, 1999 – Oct 12, 2003V3Great Starting point of my NAVY Career. From shinning fire nozzles to using a sponge to get oil or water out of pie dyes. Using a water hose size air hose to blow out the hanger bays these are my memories on board her.
Sitone, DavidCS2 NOW CM2Apr 3, 1999 – Apr 28, 2004S-2I checked in as an E-1 left an E-5, received 3 NAM's, & got to cross rate. Not bad for my first command!
Reynolds, FrankABH3Apr 12, 1999 – Oct 15, 2002V-3All I can say is it was an experience. I don't miss it but I am glad I did it.
Jones, Wilden/ BoEM3Apr 14, 1999 – Jul 27, 2002E
Johnson, RebeccaIT3Apr 17, 1999 – Sep 17, 2002CS1
Morales, William / Mo MoE5 / IT2Apr 27, 1999 – Feb 22, 2003CS2/ CS3/ PC Repair- ADPFinally the Great 2 has come back to make a comment to the Truman, glad to see that its running good. remember someone had to create all the procedures that you run now in those shops. RMSR represent. ITC Clemente was an RMSR. he never was real peeps
Deligiannis, Anastasios (Deli)AO2May 4, 1999 – Apr 20, 2001G-3 (WEPS)
Keith, JonathanAC2Jun 3, 1999 – Mar 3, 2001Division 1
Hall, EricJun 17, 1999 – Dec 15, 2002Admin
Cooper, Naytasha / CoopTM1Jun 23, 1999 – May 23, 2001g-2between hanging tm2 boneparte and freddy cross and my girl ao2 woodruff with my two brothers tc and jay onboard who could not have fun on the harry A#@%
Steave(hill-maiden), ChilandaOS2Jul 1999 – Jul 2001OPS/OII had the opportunity of serving onboard the finest CVN in the fleet and taking her on her maiden deployment. I wouldn't mind serving on her one last time.
Ottey, SeymourE7/DTCJul 5, 1999 – Oct 31, 2002DentalHad the opportunity to take her on her first MED deployment. Loved every minute of it. Wish I could have served the rest of my Naval career on this great ship. Hopefully, I will have the opportunity to serve onboard the mighty TRUMAN again.
Bullock, RobertOS3Jul 8, 1999 – Jul 31, 2005ops
Velsko, GloriaHT2 (SW/AW)Jul 20, 1999 – Jul 20, 2002RepairHT Weld Shop/Shipfitter Shop LPO
Houston, DerrickAT2(AW)Aug 1999 – Jul 2000IM3
Wilfong, MarkMM1Aug 1999 – Aug 2002A
Smith, L. ChanceMM(N)1Aug 6, 1999 – Sep 23, 2003Reactor Laboratories
Heidi Sebena, HeidiE3/SNAug 15, 1999 – Aug 15, 2002Deck Department
Flowers, KerryE-4 CSAug 17, 1999 – Nov 30, 2004S-2I wanna say what's up to all my old homey's on the ship I wanna let ya'll know that I am still here so holla at me.
Huether, BenjaminMM3(SW)Sep 1, 1999 – Jun 24, 2003Reactor PropulsionHad a great time with all of you. Those port visits where we partied and even the times in port were great. I served in RP02 and RXDC.
Johnson, RandallE5/AS2Oct 1, 1999 – Jul 3, 2001IM-4Just wanting to hook up and see how some old pals are making out. Just to help remember me, I was on the 1st cruise and played guitar in the ships band Phathead Bubba
Guerra, Rafael (Ghetto)AE3(AW)Oct 6, 1999 – Jun 21, 2003V-3/AIMD-IM3Hope to here from some of you V-3 cats. If you know the name Ghetto, Then you know who I am. I never forgot you all.
Lemarie, ChristopherABE1(AW)Oct 15, 1999 – Aug 12, 2003V-2I had the time of my life aboard HST. Seeing new places and meet some friends for life. Can't wait to return to sea and do it again.
Norris, AjABE2 (AW)Oct 15, 1999 – Jan 21, 2004V2Would not wish the job on my worst enemy! But proud to have done it. Miss the sun rises and sunsets at sea. I long for the smell of JP5 and the sound of the water brakes. Glad to have seen the Tom Cats fly.
Hall, JamesDC2 (SW/AW)Oct 16, 1999 – Apr 28, 2004Damage Control
Martinez, DavidMM3Oct 18, 1999 – Jul 8, 2002Whats up old ship mates? Ea10 and 14 Tkae it easy out there and be safe. Steam Snipes I got toserve with the orginal plankowners of the Cat Shop.Now an owner operator truck drvr.One of the 1st vetranos to make the maiden voyage. Pocos Per locos!
Garcia, NickMM2Nov 1999 – Feb 2004RP01
Denk, PaulEWC(SW/AW)Nov 1999 – Dec 2002Flag StaffCommander, Harry S. Truman Battle Group. Made CVN 75's maiden deployment to the Arabian Gulf for operation Northern Watch. Great Liberty in the sand box.
Gartner, KyleABFNov 2, 1999 – Nov 2, 2004V-4What didn't kill me..made me stronger!!! Good times / bad times Missing all my TRUE friends(D.Ryder, J.Harden, Bonifay, W.Boyne, Corado)...and more Living my life back in California.. GIVE EM HELL..I know I did.
Robinson, TracieE3Nov 13, 1999 – Apr 15, 2001Deck department Good crew got to work in the mail room
Lewis, CharlesDC3Nov 15, 1999 – Jul 30, 2003DAMAGE CONTROLI MADE IT. 4 AND OUT.
Rodriguez, JeffreyE-4/ET3Nov 18, 1999 – Nov 17, 2004CS3,CS5,CS2Hello all and to those I knew from my time on Truman. After 2 great cruises and 2 years removed from the Navy, I can't believe how much I miss the ship life. Keep the LAN's running DBS and ADP.
Hedges, BradFC3-FC1(SW/AW)Nov 20, 1999 – Jun 1, 2003CS-5Awesome ship, better crew!!! Many good friends that I miss alot. Anyone that wants to get ahold of me hit my email up.
Watts, MaycelSK2Nov 26, 1999 – Apr 14, 2003S-8/S-1
Little, JoshuaGM2Dec 1, 1999 – Aug 23, 2003G-2to the new sailors of the truman you may hate it now but you will miss it later. enjoy it while it last. to the members of G-2, i'll never forget yall.
Gutierrez, Martin/ GAO2/E-5Dec 14, 1999 – Sep 26, 2003G-3 (84 TRUNK) G-5 (G-5)IYAOYAS......................RESULTS NOT EXCUSES
Jackson, JeredAO2(AW)Dec 25, 1999 – May 27, 2003G-3 MagratsI was in G-3 for my whole tour on the Truman. I started as an E-1 and left as an E-5.
Iverson, KatieAD3Dec 29, 1999 – Sep 21, 2003AIMDSo glad im out......Life is good
Mitchell, DouglasMM2 (sw/aw/ss)Dec 30, 1999 – Jul 1, 2002A-DivGood times! retired in Jacksonville Florida I ride for the Viet nam / Legacy Vet MC ...Praying everyday for our service members to return home safe and never forget our POW/MIA!

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