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USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 594 crew members registered for the USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75).

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Evans, JjET2Aug 3, 1994 – Aug 2, 2000Reactor ControlsLoved the Job, hated the NAVY. Worked hard 6 years and learned a great career as far as nuclear power goes.
Kuehnel, RobMM11996 – 2000M
Ryals, ChrisEM11996 – 2000RE
Carpenter, StevenSK31996 – 2000DC/S-8Plankowner. Had great time and made good friends.
Gamel, JeffMMC(SW/AW)1996 – 1999AuxiliaryGreat ship, awesome crew.
Wisler, JeffreyCWO41996 – 1999Air V2"Plank Owner" First Officer in Air Department Pre-Comm Unit, Enjoyed my time onboard with all the people in Air they made my job really easy... Retired following this tour... Miss it.... Go Air Department!
Peck, KimberleeE31996 –Compartment Acceptance Team
Graham, JamesMM1Feb 1996 – Oct 1999RM02After serving on the Abraham Lincoln, I have no complaints about this ship. We got to spend a lot of time in port, we all got along pretty well, and we had a good CO. But, I'm glad I'm out now.
Bowen, Vince “vinny”EM2Mar 1996 – Aug 1997RX/RE Crew CCrew member #37, Bus driver, own 7 of 8 first ship’s force TG startups as SG/CG watch.
Hummel, James (Hound Dog)LCDRMar 1, 1996 – Jul 25, 1998Administration HeadI was the first person to check about TRUMAN on 1 March 1996 with 17 other crew members. We had nothing but the pens in our pockets to supplies. It was a great opportunity to build an aircraft carrier and I have many wonderful memories.
Shoemake, JimSK1Mar 10, 1996 – Feb 13, 2000S-82nd Storekeeper assigned...started Transportation, Training, and ATO. Worked the Elevator (Crane Ops) Best Ship in the United States Navy...miss it very much!!!
Hoffman, MichaelMM1 (SW)Mar 28, 1996 – Oct 8, 2000RP02/RTThe greatest people in the navy were on this great ship. I made MM1 on this ship and went on to the CVN-76 and made MM2 again...and de-nuked...Some people there know what REALLY happened...look me up on myspace in South Carolina
Shaw, T. J.EM2(SW/AW)Mar 30, 1996 – Oct 11, 2001RX/RE
Weimer, JerryEM2Apr 1996 – Apr 2000RE
Neu, PowderMM2Apr 1996 – Jul 2000RM01/RxDCCivilian Nuclear Power pays so much more and there's no drills or duty days. However, there is also no blazing logs, sleeping on watch or port visits. The micro managing chiefs are still here, we just call them Supervisors now. SW MI Later!
Bair, RobertMMN2Apr 1996 – Sep 12, 2000RM01Fun while it lasted, glad to be out.
Taylor, TracyET1Apr 1996 – Oct 1999RCReally enjoyed my time.
Simmons, Andrew "Drew"MM1Apr 1, 1996 – Nov 15, 1999M -div
Williams, PatrickET2Apr 10, 1996 – Apr 4, 2000RCDid my 6 and got on with life. I live in TN with my wife and 2 kids. Finishing my Public Administration degree in Dec. from University of Tennessee.
Japser, DanielE-2/FAApr 27, 1996 – Jan 11, 1997TRANSPORTATIONI was the first FA assigned to the ship, then I was a duty bus driver, and then I was a duty Dispatcher I loved the HARRY S. TRUMAN CVN-75 , and miss you all and Hats of to you all and a JOB WELL DONE, I SALUTE YOU ALL.
Benavides, JudeLTMay 1996 – Aug 1998RE / Shift Officer Crew "C"
Dones, CliffMMCS RETIREDMay 1, 1996 – May 1, 2000A GANGLoved the Crazy Cat Snipes and ALL ENGINEERING Personnel. Log Room too.
Eaton, RaymondMM3May 9, 1996 – Oct 25, 1999ReactorHad a great time and learned a lot. Would not be where I am today without the Navy and the Truman.
Calvert, TracyIT1Jun 1996 – Jan 2000Combat SystemsI was the first DP to report to the ship in 1996. We were still in a building in Newport News.
Estep, JohnHMCJun 1996 – Feb 2000MedicalOne month I was a Weapons Technician and the next I was a Hospital Corpsman, and the first one onboard. Man was I apprehensive. But the great people in Medical helped me pull it off. Truly best command I was ever at.
Obrien, BillET1Jun 1, 1996 – Jun 6, 1999CEGreat time on the ship. Met alot of nice people. Plankowner
Haynes, QuentonAO1Jun 6, 1996 – Jan 19, 2000G-5Proud to be the Very First AO on the ship, and the one who worked with MWR to set the ships band's up. IYAOYAS for life. Retired and still working with ammunition, and music.
McCulloch, GrahamMM(N)2Jul 1996 – Oct 2001RP02I've been in every space on the whole on a construction scaffold at the top of the mast...try not to throw water on my turbine generators...there are 2 time capsules in 2MMR UL (I hid them there during maiden deployment)
Campbell, JasonMM2Jul 9, 1996 – May 23, 2000RL
Elliott, JosephCHIEF LEGALMANAug 8, 1996 – Dec 21, 1999LegalIt is my understanding that I was the second person to receive orders to the ship. I love the TRUMAN and the original crew, led by Captain Tom Otterbein will always hold a special place in my heart.
Taylor, ChristineYN2Aug 15, 1996 – Dec 6, 1996ADMIN DEPTVery much enjoyed my brief time assigned to Admin before ship was commissioned.
Curtis, MarcET2 (N)Aug 20, 1996 – Nov 21, 2001
Carbo, ButchMMCMAug 21, 1996 – Jan 31, 2000XFrom the Captain's Cabin to the bilges, the best crew ever! The Otterbein-Green CO-XO team couldn't be beat. Every crewmember with whom I interacted was proud to be a TRUMAN Sailor.
Stormont, Alan W.YNC(SW)Aug 30, 1996 – Jun 18, 2000Reactor AdminReactor Department Admin LCPO (plankowner), retired in 2003. Currently with the National Park Service, Denver, CO. TRUMAN was my last ship. Note to all: "Fair winds and following seas!"
Burnworth, ToddEM2 (N)Sep 1, 1996 – Sep 6, 2000RE6 and out. Just finished Industrial Engineering degree at Ohio State, and took operations research analyst job with Air Force in Dayton (Civilian). NEVER AGAIN VOLUNTEER YOURSELF!
Latvala, AlysiaAK 3Sep 2, 1996 – Sep 3, 2000Supply S-6
Longley, Keith LongleyDS1Sep 5, 1996 – Jun 29, 2000CS5/QAReported aboard as the first Data Systems technician assigned to CS5
Webb, ToddE-7 / BMCSep 6, 1996 – Mar 31, 19991st Division1st Boatswain's Mate assigned to the Truman, worked up on the 3rd floor of the office bldg. for 3 months before the next BM showed up. Superb command with a great many superb sailors. Retired now In Raleigh N.C. Fair Winds People!!
Longley, KeithDS1/ET1Sep 15, 1996 – Jun 26, 2000CS5/QAReported aboard and commissioned the ship. Started out in Combat Systems/CS5 and later went TAD to QA division in Engineering. Where I worked for the best HTCS ever.
Ledford, Russell J.MAC(SW)Sep 16, 1996 – Jun 8, 1997SecurityI was the first CMAA on the Truman
Robare, ChrisEN 3Oct 1, 1996 – Jul 1, 1999RA
Deunk, NathanMM(N)2Oct 15, 1996 – Dec 21, 2000RP/RP01/RP05Man, I hated that place, but I tell you what, I'm still glad to be a Plankowner, and I met the best people in the world while serving on the Harry S. Truman.
Currie, Cynthia A.YN1(SW)Nov 1996 – Jun 2000Combat Systems and XO Admin
Keeling, KevinEM(N)1(SW)Nov 30, 1996 – Aug 30, 2000RE01/RE12
Rakowski, Dave (Big Wave Dave)EM1Dec 3, 1996 – Jun 23, 2001RX-RE02Gettin' ready to transfer back out to the fleet after 4 years at float-o-type. Yay me.

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