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USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 599 crew members registered for the USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74).

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Cordova, Chris2002 – 2003ac shophellin the water. except for a fewpeople that made it barrible.
Jolly, Joshat32002 – 2006aimd im3
Luke (Dunn), Sara profile iconET32002 – 2003CS6
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Bullock, Matthew profile iconE-3 parachute riggerJan 6, 2002 – Jul 25, 2005AviationI had fun on west pac 2004 but i dodnt have fun my whole time here i wish i did better and continued my naval service
Hudak, AndrewABH3Jan 7, 2002 – Oct 28, 2005V1Looking back I had great time. There were some rough times, but I made some great friends. Best Crash & Salvage crew in the fleet.
Case, RyanMM2Jan 27, 2002 – Nov 1, 2005Rx--M2Good people. Alot of politics with this command. But overall enjoyed it. Wont be goin back though. 807
Wrigley, RonATCSFeb 2002 – Sep 2006IM-3 / IM-1 / S-11 / IM-2
Rodarte, BobbyPN3(SW/AW)Mar 2002 – Jan 5, 2004ADMIN / X-2/4To my fellow shipmates of JCS, from G-1/weapons to Admin, we had some good times. I sure will miss you all and that God Bless you all where ever life takes you. Have a fine Navy Day.
Parmley, KristoforABH2Mar 15, 2002 – Sep 12, 2006V-1This was a great command. From the top of the top all the way down to the newest sailor. Moral was superb and I enjoyed each and every day at this command. Keep it up Might Stennis
Pena, FranciscoCS2Mar 19, 2002 – Jan 12, 2007S/2 S/5Hey Keep Up the good work. I miss working with all of you it sucks out here
Totzke, KeithMMC(SW)Mar 29, 2002 – Dec 7, 2004Engineering A Steam CatapultsThe best steam catapults in the US NAVY even if I do say so myself. Best CPO Mess in the NAVY. Best crew in the NAVY. Damn good ship.
Merrick, JasonE-3Apr 2, 2002 – Apr 3, 2006Training Dept
Avila, "fatt" TonyAO3Apr 28, 2002 – Nov 18, 2006G-1 Weps
Gelacio, RomelMMC(SW/AW)May 1, 2002 – Jan 1, 2005Main Propulsion #1 - Reactor DepatmentGreat Division that i worked with.....GO...M-1 batch 2004.....
Simek, EdwardANJun 2002 – Jan 2003V-2First division to arrive , Last division to leave....
Diaz, RoxE-5Jun 2, 2002 – Dec 20, 2002AIR WING
Demag, FredPNCM(SS/SW)Jun 10, 2002 – Apr 5, 2004Admin Dept LCPO
Adams, StevenFC2Jun 16, 2002 – Jul 28, 2006Combat Systems CS-7
Manzanarez, ElvinE-5Jul 8, 2002 – Jan 19, 2007S-5
Hackett, SaraOS2Sep 2, 2002 – Dec 11, 2004OPS/OIOh, how i hated this ship. People were good,. but F@#$ those low vis. watches. Anyone that knew me please send an email. Always good to hear from old friends/shipmates. And whats up with no one adding a photo. names fade.
Savoy, Marshall/ SavvyETSNSep 5, 2002 –CS6
Salavea, Montana "moe"AOAN - AO2Sep 23, 2002 – Dec 16, 2006G3put warheads to foreheads
Dietrich, Staci FunbossFunbossOct 2002 – Aug 2005MWR
Buford, JoelE-4/IC3Oct 9, 2002 – Sep 15, 2003V-2Came here from SIMA Point Loma recovering from eye injury on board the USS Constellation
Flowers, Loose CannonMM2(SW)Oct 15, 2002 – Oct 15, 2004Reactor
Ozment, WesYN3Oct 25, 2002 – Jun 6, 2006AIR/V-5
Mills, JohnnyE-6 / HM1 ( SW / AW )Nov 2002 – Sep 2005MedicalI really enjoyed my tour on the carrier, it has to be one of my best and one of my most rewarding. I had the chance to really grow and excel in my career this was my 7th ship in my 20+ yr career and it gave me the most memories.
Watkins, PhilipABHANNov 1, 2002 – May 29, 2006V-1 Air AND G-5 WeaponsThis boat is hella gay! I made alot of friend's while on this P.O.S. I had my up times and my down times, but all in all in was ok. I am REALLY looking forward to getting out, but I had a good time! I will never 4 get how gay this boat really was!
Steed, SabrinaAZ3Nov 21, 2002 – Aug 2, 2003Air/ V-1I love this ship, it is where I meet my husband!
Reynolds, MichaelENS2003 –G-4
Powell, DanielDamage controlman 3rd class petty officer2003 – 2007Damage Control
Herrera, AlbertoABH3 aw2003 – 2006Air v3García Hernández Dominguez Twiggy trybomb stowers Starnes no shave Dave and big CHOI marino
Riley, MikeLCDR / O4 LDOFeb 1, 2003 – Dec 15, 2007RM
Varcasia, JosephASC(AW/'SW)Mar 5, 2003 – Mar 1, 2006AIMD/IM4One of the best tours I've had. WESTPAC 2004 will be one of the most memorable deployments ever. I have made many great friends here in the mess.
Holt, AnthonyMM 3Mar 7, 2003 – Oct 9, 2006reactor m-2
Carlson, KellyAC!Apr 1, 2003 – Jan 7, 2006OCWorked in CATCC.
Hayes, MattMM1May 2003 – May 2007Reactor / Reactor Laboratories (RL)
Weaver, AngelaE-3Jun 9, 2003 – Oct 22, 2003v-1I loved it there. Even though I was only there a short period, due to getting pregnant it was awesome. I made some great memories there
Adrian, MarkBM3Jun 20, 2003 – Dec 29, 2007Deck 3rd
Bell, ThomasIT2Aug 4, 2003 – Jan 5, 2005CS-3Learned alot about my rate and loved every minute with the guys in ADP.
Werderman, JamesEM3Sep 8, 2003 – Sep 19, 2008EMr. Lilli is an asshole. Other than that, i'm good.
Chabre, StephenFC2/-E-5Sep 23, 2003 – May 2006CS-7 "The Fox"
Patol, Francis/ FrankCSCSOct 2003 – Sep 2007S-2It has been a great and wonderful tour. Did the 2004 and 2007 deployments.Met a lot of people, learned a lot and gained so many experiences. Supply Dept- one of the best.
Olschlager, JamesABH3Oct 3, 2003 – Oct 10, 2005Air V-1Fly 2 Blue Shirt, promoted to E-4, transfered to Flight Deck Control as EOPO, Asst. 3M coordinator, transfered back to Fly 2 for shipyard work. Now currently stationed at NAWS China Lake, CA
Cain, CarlySHSNOct 14, 2003 – Apr 29, 2007S-3 SUPPLY
Van Gelder, Mark , JojoEM2Oct 15, 2003 –Reactor / REStill can't wait to get off this pig! Accelerating your life makes you die faster.
Russell, JonE-3Oct 22, 2003 – Oct 23, 2008AIR V-1I hated the Navy and hated the Stennis. Sr. Chief Chief newbens was a racist bitch!, and can suck my mother fuckin left nut! Fuck it he can suck both!
Cumberland, BryceABH3Nov 22, 2003 – Nov 16, 2007V1HELLO
Van Auken, BobbyAOAN/AO3Nov 23, 2003 – Jun 15, 2007Weps / G-1
Epifanio, DiazAO3Dec 15, 2003 – Jun 22, 2007G-1Best first and last command. Great experience.
Henderson, Arthur A/k/a "green"BM2(SW) MOSTLY KNOWN IN MY DAYS AS A SNDec 24, 2003 – Nov 13, 2007Deck 2ndThe best day of my naval career was when I left the Stennis, great people on board but the worse departmental chain of command ever....good riddings
Gerken, JustinAN ABHDec 24, 2003 – Sep 15, 2005V-1Had alot of fun on the piece! Met alot of cool people and some assholes. The flight deck was the shit. I got the boot but oh well. I hope anyone who has the urge to look up old shipmates and knew me hits me up.
Fleets, Kenne (Smiley)FN E-3Dec 27, 2003 – May 30, 2006Reactor/ M-1Fun person to work with. (whenever she actually worked) always smiling. Social butterfly
Fleets, KenneFNDec 28, 2003 – Jun 16, 2006M1Still in the Navy. Struck CTR, now CTR1 Perez. Got married and divorced, but loving life. To this day, the Stennis was my best tour EVER. Best times of my career, and I miss everyone!

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