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USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 599 crew members registered for the USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74).

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Delong, ChuckE-3/ABH1996 – 1998V-1crash and savage world cruise member
Garcia, JoseMM21996 – Mar 2000RL807!
Cook, CarrieOTA1996 –
Ramsey, MalekaPN31996 – 1998ADMIN
Marker, Timothymm31996 – 1999aux
Ralston, TroyE-5/MM-NUC1996 – 2001REACTOR
Grant, AndyE31996 – 1999G-1
Smith, GregoryAC31996 – 1999Air Traffic ControlI got out due to a brain Tumor. I was taken off the ship without ever having the chance to say goodbye to my friends. I had the surgery eventually and was discharged in 1999. looking to reconnect with friends-
Johnson, Theresa profile iconSH2Feb 1996 – Aug 1998S-3Some days it seems like it was just yesterday that I was on board the Stennis, and other days I'm asking myself why the hell did I get out of the Navy. I truly miss my Navy friends that became my family while serving...
Walker, PhilipMM3Feb 1996 – May 1996RAI enjoyed my time aboard, but unfortunately my experience was cut short due to Medical issues after only 52 days at sea. I miss the open water, and regret I am no longer serving.
Cashman, MichaelE5 / LN2Feb 1, 1996 – Jun 15, 1997Legal DepartmentSTENNIS was a nightmare, but I survived. I kept getting sick underway and I was diagnosed that I was allergic to the ventilation system onboard. Left in May 1997 and didn't look back. Retired: 2006, Honorably.
Bouchard, JohnE-5/ET2Feb 12, 1996 – Dec 31, 1999Reactor/RCCan't say I miss the duty ... first on, last off, rotating watches at the RPCC, training, maintenance, GQ, 18 hr days - I do miss the people though so anyone who see's this be sure to look me up!! JB
Smith, GregoryE-4Mar 1996 – Jun 1997OCGreat memories with friends and shipmates. Working with DVA as a Billing office manager.
Jones, ShannonAOMar 1996 – Mar 1997Weapons
Adkins, Willie E3 mmMar 8, 1996 – Mar 1999Engineering
Earlywine, TravisMM2Apr 7, 1996 – Jan 4, 2000RL807!!!
Arenas, Jose RubenE5 ABE 2Apr 16, 1996 – Mar 1, 1999V-2I reported to the USS John C. Stennis on April 1996. Proudly served 35 months with the Bow Cats, working with Friends like Keller, Miller, Gibbs, Bone, Clark, Lamaire, Lanaire, Corral, Moen, Czapor.
Hinton, KeithE-5May 12, 1996 – May 2000VF-143I wish I could have seen Jabal Ali just one more time... Backstreet if you see this look me up in az......... Eric yes its me.. lets play a season....... Mike your a cock blocker but I still love ya...... Josh take a shower.....
Hedlund, ScottE-2--E-4Jun 1996 – Nov 15, 2002DECK 2nd RASSo many memories good and bad, but the good ones will always win out. I'm on shore duty as a BM2 in SD but miss underway time so much...And I DIDN't make BM1!!!! Oh well. There's always next cycle!...
Warner, WesleyE-4Jun 1996 – Aug 1998V-3Elevator Operator Petty Officer
Meredith, KellyABF3Sep 1996 – Aug 1999V-4
Popadak, MikeLCDRSep 1996 – Jul 1998CSMOFirst JCS deployment and what a trip that was! Dave Munro, Tommy Utt, CDR Lew, Sue, Bill, shipmates ever.
Khahera, MichaelPC 3/ 3rd class petty officerSep 9, 1996 – Sep 9, 1999Supply Division/ Postal ClerkI enjoyed my time on the Stennis and it made me a man. As much as I hated when I served, I appreciate the whole experiance since I left
Gibbs, Dan profile iconABE3Sep 10, 1996 – Sep 10, 1999V2Made alot of great friends on this boat and had a great 3 years. Sometimes wish I could go back to those days!! If anyone would like to get ahold of me here's the
Foley, BrendenMM2/E5 (SW)Nov 1996 – Jan 2001RM02WOW! Been a long time. Met some interesting people (good interesting and bad...). Was a good experience - and I'm glad i will never have to do it again!!!
Deemer, JohnABH3Dec 1996 – Aug 2000v1
Figueroa, Erick (Figgy)ABH11997 – 19991st Division
McEwen, Q profile icone31997 – 1999deck
Walsh, JamesAo31997 –G 3
Sarkan, Scott (Sparky)AMEAN1997 – 1999Airwing VF-143World Cruise, huh? More like gulf cruise. JCS stood for Just Clean Something which is was we did mostly. Ah what it was like to be young and excited to see the world. Being in airwing did have its privileges.
Rosa, JorgeDC3Jan 6, 1997 – Jun 23, 1999DAMAGE CONTROL
Montgomery, ScottLCDRFeb 1997 – Jul 1999Combat Direction CenterAssistant CDC Officer and Tactical Action Officer.
Webster, RobLTFeb 1997 – Jan 6, 2000V-2 / V-4 / V-3 Cat OfficerGreat crew, great job, great fun
Fowlds, RichABH 3Feb 1, 1997 – Oct 8, 2001V-1 CrashcrewNot much to say...I was on the driver of the primary P-25 when the tomcat went into the water off Hawaii...that was wild, was there when the poor guys got stuck under the JBD. Saw some wild things during my time there.
Sirko, Sam/skrillaE-4/MM3Feb 5, 1997 – Sep 9, 1999Reactor/If any of you knuckle heads see this and remember me Hows it goin
Rogers, PatrickHM1(SW/AW)Mar 1997 – Jun 2000Med/H
Smith, MikeTM3May 1997 – Jan 2001G-2
Jordan, JeffE-3/ANJun 3, 1997 – Jun 3, 1999AIR/V-4/PRI-FLYNever thought I would actually miss the Navy much,but I do. I did not like the around the world cruise that much, we were supposed to hit like 10 ports but we only visited about 3 or 4. Why the homeport change?
Troutt, Chris (Itt)GMG 3Jul 1997 – Aug 2000WEPS G-2Had the time of my life. Best ship in the fleet.
Ruiz, RoqueAO1Jul 1997 – Sep 30, 1999G3Sad place
Holloman, ChrisIS1/E6Jul 1, 1997 – Dec 1, 2000OPS/OZ
Carney, DavidE-6Jul 8, 1997 – Oct 29, 2000ASW
Cook, JohnOS2Jul 17, 1997 – Dec 24, 1998OILET THE JOURNEY END.
Scott, Justin0SJul 24, 1997 – Aug 19, 1998OI DIVISIONIm the guy who was hit by the car in hawaii during the 1998 deployment.
Iles, Joebm3Aug 1, 1997 – Jun 1, 2000deck 2nd divI had a blast wile i was there.
Herrera, EloyMM3Sep 1997 – Dec 2000A-DIVWorked in Catapult Shop
Wong, NoelE-5Sep 1997 – Oct 2000OX
Curtis, RichardEM3Sep 8, 1997 – Sep 2001Served as Weapons Elevator Mechanic
Strong, DustinDCFR - DC2 SWSep 20, 1997 – Nov 1, 2001DAMAGE CONTROL (DC)Got there in time to hit St. Maarten for the second time, did the round the world cruise, Westpac, and got off right before ya'll's shitty cruise for OEF
Strong, Dustin "stix"DCFR/E1-DC2(SW)/E5Sep 20, 1997 – Nov 1, 2001DC
Benitez, Michael (Mikey)AMSANSep 21, 1997 – Apr 15, 1998VFA -136 knighthawksBest party I ever had was aboard this ship.
Phillips, RobertQm3(sw/aw)Sep 21, 1997 – Jun 9, 2001Navigation
Laflesh, ChristopherE-5Sep 24, 1997 – May 22, 2000V-2 AGwas on the first two cruises of the ship. From Norfolk to San Diego.
Duggan, JessicaSN/AG3Oct 1997 – Sep 2000Deck 1st/ OPS OAMy last name back then was Crummie.
Belcher, CalvinYN1Oct 1, 1997 – Nov 15, 1999NAV/AIR/V-2The best time I had was meeting all of them folks and trying to keep up with them.
Faulkner, MichaelQMSNOct 1, 1997 – Apr 2, 1999Navigation
Bari, TomiE5/ABH2(AW)Oct 10, 1997 – Jun 24, 2011V1" Hello! It's me! Bario! "
Campbell, JeremyBM3Nov 1997 – Jul 2000Legal, 3rd
Baker, RobertPH2 (SW/AW)Nov 1997 – Aug 2000OPThe pic top left on the Stennis profile on here, with the Illustrious - I took it.
Haas, JeffreyAO3Nov 1997 – Oct 2000G-3I was privileged to serve with the Weapons Dept. Some of the best guys and some of the greatest times. Miss you guys and wish you all the best. IYAOYAS!
Weaver, Richard D. Jr.HM3Nov 5, 1997 – Jul 14, 2000Deck 2ndWas a deck seamen in 2nd division. Now an Medic for Fleet Hospital Great Lakes. Indianapolis NMCRC
Griffin, StephenLDR, LDO 6390Nov 15, 1997 – Nov 28, 1998X-1
Fekas, William/ Freakybm3Nov 21, 1997 – May 27, 2000opsIm just trying to find my shipmates, and bla bla bla this thing wont let me log in without doing more so im trying to think, had lots of friends just want to find everyone, this thing still wont let me so nnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
Murphy, ScottET1Nov 22, 1997 – Sep 27, 2001RCRetiring as of 31 Dec 2005.
Page, JohnE-7/MACNov 30, 1997 – Sep 15, 20011ST DIVISIONWas a BM3 (SW/AW)
Tilton, JeromeeIT3Dec 1, 1997 – Sep 10, 2001V-1/CS3What Up Crew
Gibbs, ThomasBM 2Dec 15, 1997 – Dec 1, 20013 rd
Keller, MikeABE2Dec 19, 1997 – Aug 26, 2001V-2
Shaw, Tony profile iconAO3Dec 24, 1997 – Aug 8, 2001G-1Tony Starks G1 Flight Deck Looking for my shipmates Especially Andy Grant and Robert Sisco All weapons Dept Brothers and Sisters

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1994 | 1995 | 1996 – 1997 | 1998 | 1999 | 2000 – 2001 | 2002 – 2003 | 2004 – 2005 | 2006 – now

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