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USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 599 crew members registered for the USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74).

Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1994 | 1995 | 1996 – 1997 | 1998 | 1999 | 2000 – 2001 | 2002 – 2003 | 2004 – 2005 | 2006 – now

Taylor, Kimberly "t-bone" Aka "butterbean"ABH3Feb 22, 1990 – Feb 22, 1998V1(yellow shirt)I am proud to say I was the first female yellow shirt to get flight deck qualified on Johnny. I will never forget the memories and friends I had while on board.For the record we had an S3 crash off the coast of Fl.back in 96.It's not liste
White, JamesMMC(SW)1993 – 1996Reactor Mechanical/Reactor TrainingI was the third or fourth to arrive when she was just a dry dock full of junk. Stayed on through sea trials and a cruise. Great ship, Great crew
Burkhardt, RobertET1(SW)1993 – Aug 6, 1997RCPlankowner, part of initial manning when we lived in that little building at the shipyard. ORSE Reactor Operator, Yahtze & Axis-n-Allies late nights in the RT lab listening to Shania Twain. Go clean berthing and don't hang your boondockers
Wilson, David ( Troy)ET11993 – 1997Reactor ControlsLiving in Seattle, selling Laser cutting systems. .
Engle, MarkLT1993 – 1995Station OfficerPlankowner. Last command before returning to the civilian world. Good ship, great crew.
Scott, ChadMM11993 – Aug 1997Reactor/M Division/#2 Rx Room
Stoddard, StephenBMC (SW)1993 – Jun 1995deck dept 2nd divfirst deck dept person to report aboard!!!
Dearing, Frank profile iconMM11993 – 1998M/RPPLANKOWNER! "ROUND-THE-WORLD MAIDEN VOYAGE"! HELLO 1MMR! You never forget your 1st ship! Good people. Good Shipmates. Good supervisors. Very tough schedule. First on, last off......Reactor Dept need NOT apply!
Frank Mason, MasonMM3Jan 1, 1993 – May 7, 1997Reactor MAnyone that remembers me feel free to email me.
Dossett, Jimabh1Jan 1, 1993 – Sep 28, 1995Training / IndocHad the pleasure of meeting everyone on board. had fun messing with you guys. Retired off of her.
Sullivan, SeanLieutenantMar 1993 – Jul 1997Machinery
Brown, LeonEN2Apr 1993 – May 20, 1997reactor RAwas in charge of forward emergncy diesels
Duren, Bryne / Dirty " D "MM1 ( SW )Sep 1993 – Oct 1998RA / Reactor AuxilliriesJust found this site maby one of you fellow plankowners will remember me !!!!
Hein, ArthurDS2Sep 1993 – Aug 1, 1998CS3With time the bad gets forgotten and the good lasts forever.
Brower, TomMMCMSep 1993 – Jul 1996RMPre-comm.
Vankinscott, Mario VankinscottCVN-74Sep 1, 1993 – Sep 1, 1998FoodserviceMiss my comrades from the kitchen. I dont miss everything, but I do miss my buddies.
Pitz, ScottEMC(SW/AW)Oct 1993 – Mar 1998RT and REPlank Owner. Initial RT Division LPO and then on to RE Div as LPO and then RE-2 LCPO and the RE Technical Assistant.
Lopez, ThomasITCOct 1, 1993 – May 13, 1997CS3
Phillips, ChaplaincaptOct 1, 1993 – Jan 1996religious ministriesIf nobody sinned, I'd have been out of work. I was never out of work. A great crew made for a great ship. God bless Stennis the Menace.
Scholle, CarlETCNov 1993 – Aug 1998Rx ControlsPlank Owner and now Project Supervisor with SUPSHIPNN with the privilege of leading her through he refueling overhaul. Great Memories.
Anderson, EdMM1(SW/AW)Nov 8, 1993 – Jun 20, 1997Rx/MPlank Owner. One Plant Main Machinery room; best plant on the ship. Lots of good memories...lots of good people. On to RT Division...taught a lot of people a lot about the ship.
Sam, AnthonyMM1Dec 1993 – Jun 1997AThe Jolly J'S finest ha ha! Best wishes to all former and presnet crew members!
Ivins, DewayneEM3Dec 1993 – Dec 1996EngineeringJust looking to see if any of my buddies were listed here.
Stoddard, StephenBMC (sw)Dec 1993 – Jul 19952nd/deckFirst deck crew member to report aboard. Back with my old ship mates nick and Jeff. What a riot
Lippert, DougDC2Dec 13, 1993 – Dec 12, 1997dc/legal
Quayle, SteveMM1Dec 26, 1993 – Nov 26, 1998WHAT IS GOING ON 1 MMR. ALL CAN E-MAIL ME AT
Schaub, MikeET1Dec 30, 1993 – Jul 31, 1999RCFeel free to email me and we can catch up.
Crochiere, RodIC31994 – 1999V-2Tony Johnson, C Wheeler- you guys out there? contact me! Plank owner!
Wesie, DjAZ31994 – 1998V-2meet some of the greatest people, and had some great times. Stennis is a great boat and us plank owners made her that way
Mariast, GarretBM-31994 – 1997DeckIs been a long time since I have even thought about back then. Makes me laugh. A couple people that come to mind ( Evie ) the begining hope all is well. ( Tony ) ----The Body Shop . hit me back if you intrested.
Mehling, Rickmm31994 – 1998m, rxdcThink RxDC was supposed to be a suck job but man, what a blast. Miss my friends. Hope your all doing well. Feel free to email.
Ferreira, CaseyE31994 – 1997V1GOODTIMES...very proud to be a plankowner!!!
Laquerre, RobertE-6/MM11994 – 1997RMServed on board during building and commissioning... was a great experience.
Bozman, Craig "Boz"RM11994 – 1996CR
Sanders, PeteABH31994 – 1998V1
Gilbert, ChristopherMM21994 – 1998RLPlank owner. Looking back I had a fun time, but man was it challenging while I was there. Miss a lot of the old friends I made through my career in the USN. Still in nuclear though!!
Doeltz, MichaelMM21994 – Jul 21, 1999Reactor Mechanical
Salas, JeremeyABE 31994 – 1997Abe
Martin, TonyMMC1994 – 1999A Div (Engineering)Plankowner, made Chief onboard, was a great Command and a really great crew, miss them and all the good times, hope they are all doing well!
La Pointe, JosephDP21994 – 1998CCFella's in DP div DP2 HALL, DP2 WHITEHEAD, DP3 MINOR,
Lewis, Faron profile iconABE21994 – 1998V-2Assigned to Waist Cats. Send me a text, 757-650-5349
Schunder, John "Thunder"MM2Jan 1994 – Feb 1998RLPlankowner, member of the "Deadwood Society", if the complaint book ("BB") still exists in the div, you will see my many entries. Give me a shout RL...
Blaker, LindaHTC(SW/AW)Jan 1994 – Jun 1997RepairPlankowner
Fields, CindyIC3Jan 1994 – Jun 1, 1997EngineeringIt was an experience I will never forget. Had some very memorable times and some that I would love to not have as a memory.
Rodriguez, JefferyE8(MMCS)Jan 1994 – Jul 1997A DivisionProud to be part of a Great crew and,ship.
Burgos, CarmeloMMFNJan 1, 1994 – Jun 7, 1997ENGINEERING
Phillips, Elmo (Mike)MM2Jan 4, 1994 – Sep 19, 1998Reactor MechanicalMan, do I miss that place. On second thought, no I do not! Drop me an email, would be a pleasure to hear from you: OR
Phillips, Elmo (Mike)MM2Jan 8, 1994 – Sep 19, 1998RM and MMan, do I miss that place. On second thought, no I don't! However, I do miss the many friends made there over the years. Feel free to drop me a line at or
Jones, ScottMM2Jan 10, 1994 – Jun 27, 1997A/Hyd Shop
Burns, AlMMCJan 29, 1994 – Dec 15, 1997RMWhat a blast as the first RMLCPO in 1 Plant. Had a great group of guys working for and with me. What a blast!
Simon, SparkyLTFeb 1994 – Jun 1995Reactor DeptThat ship made me run away
Glover, Edward LAO1 (AW)Feb 1994 – Aug 1998G-5
Simon, SparkLTFeb 1, 1994 – Jun 1, 1995RLHardest working bunch of engineers I ever worked with. We sure worked hard trying to test those plants and stay out of trouble at the same time. Wasnt getting DQ'd at midnight and re-doing the BNEQ exam the next morning fun! What a basketball head
White, BillE-2Mar 1994 – Oct 1996Deck
Mayberry, AnthonyABF2Mar 1994 – Nov 1996V-4Don't know the exact date I came on board but I do remember being one of the first 10 people in V-4 and we were on a barge next to the ship. Met some great people and often miss the JCS.
Kostenbader, JosephDC3Mar 4, 1994 – Dec 14, 1997engineeringwould like to walk on board again and retreive our time capsule we hid in list control
Diottaviano, TonyAOCS(AW)Mar 7, 1994 – Jun 30, 1997Weapons Department LCPOThankful to be a "Plankowner" of this great warship. Very fond and precious memories served onboard. Remember all the great times we have had, especially, during the initial pre-comm unit. Many, many precious memories.
Williams, EdwardLCDRMar 16, 1994 – Nov 1, 1998Reactor Mechanical
Lippert, Doug "Lip The Pimp"DC2Apr 1, 1994 – Dec 12, 1997DC, LegalPlankowner, had some good times, some sucky times, but met a lot of good friends, some lifelong ones.
Kostenbader, JoeyDC3Apr 5, 1994 – Dec 13, 1997Damage Control Engineering Where is everyone we have to get the time capsule we put in list control!!! In the upper cave!
Holmes, GregEN3Apr 9, 1994 – May 18, 1998Reactor/RAWish more people would put their names in here from the Pre-Com days as it would be nice to hear from some of ya out there.
Parker, David "Keith"E5 IT2May 1994 – Feb 16, 1998Combat Systems-ADPPlankowner 1994-98.
Thomson, RobertMM3May 1994 – Jan 10, 1997Engineering/CatapultsThat ship put me through the ringer! I'm glad I got to meet all the people I met. It would be great to walk the P-ways again with the old crew for a day.
Jarvis, GregMM3May 1994 – Jun 1997Was alot of fun. Got to meet and work with great people. I have no regrets about my time there. I will never forget the experience of seeing that ship come together, and it is something I will allways be proud to have been a part of.
Kenner, BenEM3May 1994 – Dec 1997ENG/Eplankowner, miss it like crazy, feel free to e-mail
Whitmire, JeffAK2May 2, 1994 – Aug 1998S-6Great 4 years on JCS. Klosterman was a tool but other than him great bunch of people. Still live in Hampton Roads with my 3 boys, who are my whole life. Shout out to S-6 and S-1 div. You guys are homies for life, peace
Pearson, MiltonE-5 Gunners MateMay 10, 1994 – Jun 15, 1999G-2Been a long time but I still remember G-2 division, Gunner Dalton, Sr Tibbits, GM1 Knight, Jarzambeck, Elliott, Macchiarella, Thomas, Varnado, Argyle, Forrest, Shroyer, Bethea list goes on.
Cifax, T.j. profile iconDC1May 12, 1994 – Mar 22, 1997DCThe absolute best in Damage Control. From the School of the Ship to ESWS, the training style he embodied was his own and his knowledge and professionalism led to the ship overall DC acumen that well exceeded expectations
Bogle, RobEM2May 13, 1994 – Aug 1997REPlankowner
Gladney, LouisABE1May 13, 1994 – Jul 7, 1997V2
Steinbach, FrankLTJun 16, 1994 – Feb 22, 1997Electrical EEGreat memories, fine Commissioning, Great teamwork of 3000 professionals despite some "unusual" leadership.
Sweeney, MaggieOSCS (retired)Jun 16, 1994 –OIPlankowner as OS2, loved every minute of precommissioning
Roop, RayAZ1Jul 1994 – 1997AIMD/AIREnjoyed tour, proud plankowner
Ehrman, SteveEM2Jul 1994 – Aug 1998REDo any of these terms sound familiar? Scott Foam; 807; assface; 90! (Crew Charlie). I remember a lot of good times and good people. Guess I chose to forget the other 95%. Ah well, any nukes out there from the early days send me an email
Strawser, MichaelE5/MM2Jul 8, 1994 – Nov 26, 1997Reactor MechanicalWas MM2 when I left there. Proud to be a plankowner. she was my first ship.
Blakeney, James MYN2Jul 10, 1994 – Jun 24, 1997G-5Proud Plank Owner and Weapons Department Yeoman! First and last Sea Duty Tour.
Moxley, ZackeryAO3Jul 18, 1994 – Jul 22, 1998G-4 WepsWorked on weapons elevators. Last name is actually Nightfeather
Golightly, RobinOS2Aug 1994 – Dec 18, 1996OI
Haynes, MoniqueAO2Aug 1994 – Jul 1997G-1
Gregory, LanceE-5/FC2Aug 1, 1994 – Jun 18, 1998CSM
Ministro, RichardMSSNAug 10, 1994 – Aug 1998S-2,S-40Plankowner.Should have extended to finish out the cruise. Joined the reserves 2002-04 and made MS3. I always wish i stayed on Active Duty.
Reed, WalterLCDRAug 31, 1994 – Aug 28, 1996PAO - AdminCommissioning PAO -
Quintanilla, IsraelIC3Sep 1994 – Jun 1998E
Eggleston, StevenMS3Sep 1994 – Jul 1999S-2WHAT'S UP PLANKOWNERS.
Dahlberg, CinnamonE4/ABH3Sep 1994 – Dec 31, 1997V-3Chipping ice off the flight deck, that needle gun when you were hungover, and many more fun times
Hurst, JenniferOS2Sep 1, 1994 – Feb 5, 1998OIVery proud plankowner. A lot of sweat, tears and pride in getting that ship ready for fleet. She is and will always be a part of me. God Bless those serving on her today.
Petty, Bob profile iconGM2Sep 3, 1994 – Feb 28, 1999G2If you remember me...message me. I'd love to hear from you.
Castro, EvieOS3Sep 8, 1994 – Aug 10, 1997OPS
Gray, CollinMS3Sep 10, 1994 – Aug 31, 1999S2/SS40Arround world once. Crossed the Equator twice. Made PO3 twice. Yeah... I had a lot of fun on the Jolly John C :)
Carr, AaronAG2Sep 10, 1994 – Sep 28, 1998OAStill haven't seen the ports that we missed in the Med!!!
Argyle, TravisGM2Sep 10, 1994 – Nov 17, 1997WepsPlank owner, enjoyed my time there. Where are you Gunner Dalton, and Senior Tibbits?
Robinson, Samuel/robbyAE1(AW)Sep 10, 1994 – Sep 30, 1998AIMD QA/IMRL/DCPOProud Plank Owner, and Shellback after 19.5 years. Some of the best and worst times of my Navy career on board this great ship, the lessons I learned there I still use today. Thanks for the round the world fishing trip!
Robinson, TimHT3Oct 1994 – Aug 25, 1996Engineering - RepairI am a proud Plank Owner of this fine ship. Some of my work can be found in the John C. Stennis Memorial room. HTCS Tom Argust and I built the replica Senate desk. I wish you all fair winds and following seas.
Klutch, ChristopherOS2Oct 1994 – Aug 1997OII had a good time on there. Now onboard CVN 75 (go figure!).
Woods, JeremyIC2Oct 1994 – Jun 1997EE/CSPlankowner. "CAT" Compartment Inspection Team during pre-comm. First AFT IC Telephone and Gyro shop supervisor. Good times but nothing like hearing over the 1MC "Ding, Ding......IC2 Woods, Plankowner, Departing..............Ding".
Brissette, BrianABFANOct 1994 – May 1997V-4Had great times, made great friends. Hope all is well. Miss everyone..
Beaver, AlonzoOS2Oct 8, 1994 – Feb 26, 1997OI
Truscott, HarryAS1Oct 13, 1994 – Feb 16, 1997IM-1Checked on to the boat when it was still a building outside the shipyard. AIMD had a great bunch of First Classes. Making up acronyms for JCS was a favorite past time. Just Clean Something, Just Can't Stand-it.
Hicks, PaulCWO4Oct 15, 1994 – Jan 5, 2000V-1
Norris, BettySKCOct 20, 1994 – Apr 16, 1996Supply
Killian, KayHM2Nov 1994 – Sep 1997MedicalI will never forget how cold it was on Comissioning Day!!
Barker, GregIC1Nov 1994 – Feb 1998E
Haynes, MoniqueAO2Nov 1994 – Jun 1997G1 HANGER DECKThe Stennis was an experience, you had all types of characters onboard. This was my first tour onboard working as an AO and my last. :)
Shields, TroyBM1/E-6Nov 1994 – Nov 19982nd Division LPO
Davis, AldosiaMS3Nov 1994 – Aug 1997S-5
Handley, CheriDC2Nov 1994 – May 1997DC
Dziewik (Corley), Bev 'Sk1 Dz'SK1(SW)Nov 1994 – May 1997Stock ControlPre Commissioning Crew Nov 94 to Commissioning date Dec 5 1995. I still have a six pack of unopened Coca Cola with the ships logo on them. Also a few glass ornaments. After leaving the ship I made SKC at PSD Orlando.
Olson, ValerieINTERRIOR COMMUNICATIONSNov 9, 1994 – Nov 9, 1998engeeringHated it! loved it! Changed my life and would always do it again!
Cyrus, StevenAC2Nov 11, 1994 – Oct 10, 1997OCPlankowner, now an airborne Detection Systems Specialist with Dept of Homeland Security.
Starks, Mark / Cham OS3Nov 18, 1994 – Oct 18, 1997OIwhat up shipmates across the mass earth! mannn all those memories the" freaky jcs " ha ha ya'll know! what up skins, kitt, evans(blkaz), jack, all those MS's for keepin us fed out 2 C. how bout standin lookout those cold az temps o y
Argyle, TravisGM2Nov 21, 1994 – Nov 7, 1997G2
Warren, EverettOS3Nov 26, 1994 – May 13, 1998OIDo you all remember that bitter cold commisioning? There were a lot of good times associated with that ship. Thankfully they outweighed the bad.
Mehalchick, PaulMS3Nov 30, 1994 – Jul 5, 1998S-2/S-5
Gray, CollinMS3Dec 1994 – Aug 1999S22I have a lot of great memories from my time on the Stennis. In many ways, I grew up on that ship. A big shout out to all the current and former sailors from S2, S5, and S22!
Estes, DenisePC1 & PCCDec 1, 1994 – Nov 1, 1999PostalPlankowner. Set up Post Office with 12 stellar postal clerks. World Cruise was really port visits but 2 bomb scares.
Laughlin, DougAO1Dec 1, 1994 – Dec 1, 1998Ordnance Control
Thompson, JosephOS2(SW)Dec 11, 1994 – Aug 10, 1998OIPLANKOWNER ! Enjoyed my time aboard the John C Saw lots of people cross those Decks.
Mourning, MattMM2Dec 19, 1994 – Feb 15, 1997A-GANG O2 N2 PLANTSPLANK OWNER
Colon, Zenaida profile iconASC(AW/SW)Dec 21, 1994 – Oct 27, 1998AIMD/IM4Plankowner, Dual Qualified, CPO Initiation, Shellback, Around the World Deployment. Most rewarding tour of duty. Retired in 2010 as a Master Chief.
Albert, ChuckABF3Dec 27, 1994 – Dec 27, 1997V-4 / AirI was showing my son photos of the Stennis when I came across this site. Would love to get into touch with some of my shipmates to see what they are up to now.

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