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USS Floyd B. Parks (DD 884) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Floyd B. Parks (DD 884). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 73 crew members registered for the USS Floyd B. Parks (DD 884).

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Groom, Donfn em0000 – Jun 1, 1958electrican's matepartisipated in Operation Hardtack1 at Eniwetok and Bikini Atoll. Operated a Gieger Counter after washdown and witnessed Wahoo from the fantail of the ship. Picked up 14r on the heel of shoe.
Neri, JuanRM31945 –UnknMy dad, Juan Neri, Jr. Now deceased, served on the Floyd B. Parks, during WWII. He lived in San Antonio, Texas.does anyone have any information or stories to share? He related many stories of many places in the Pacific.
Smith, KennethSIGNALMAN 3RD CLASSFeb 1946 – Jun 1946
Justman, Robert (Bob)RM3Apr 1946 – Jul 1946
Williams, Marvin (Bill)ET 2Nov 1948 – May 1950Engineering
Peairson, Travis/ RudyGunnerAug 16, 1949 – May 27, 1954midshipmanDoes anyone remember my dad Rudy or my uncle Travis Peairson? They have left us, but I still remember all of the stories and respect all of you guys!!!
Quayle, John TEM2May 1, 1951 – Dec 1, 1954ELooking for information on the next reunion
Fisher, LennieMm2Nov 14, 1951 – Nov 9, 1955USN-U1 (engineer)I would be happy to hear from anyone I served with.
Karstedt, DonFT2Oct 10, 1954 – Sep 9, 1957Fire ControlSurvived the Columbus, monster storms, & injuries. Sailed up the Rangoon River to Burma & India, & all the West Pac Islands, & Japan, & Hong Cong, & Philippines. Became a Shell-back. And closed a few Korean Gun Caves.
Anderson, LawrenceLTJG1955 – 1956Supply/Disbursing OfficerAboard during collision with USS Columbus.
King, Thomas?Jan 1, 1955 – 1956navyTomas King was my Dad. He died when I was But a year old. I am looking for some one who may have known my dad. God bless and thanks
Merrick, Robert G.LCDRApr 1955 – Apr 1957GunneryI was aboard for the collision with the USS Columbus
Brown, Spencer ( Shag)SH3Sep 1955 – Apr 9, 1959SupplyI was there for the Equator Twice and the collision with the Columbus
Ellwood, Jimltjg1956 – 1957supply
McCormick, RichardTM 31956 –secondStill remember the morning of 3/11/56 when the Parks got run over by the Columbus. As well as the trip across the equator and the run up the Rangoon River in Burma as the first American ships to visit since WW2.
Stevens, GeorgeMM1959 – Aug 1961firemanSaw the atolls disappear near Anawetak - 3 miles from base surge & limped in after she rolled 25+ degrees but she righted herself. Took water down the stack but the boilers didn't blow. Kinked both shafts. What a ride!
Devaney, BillEM3Jun 9, 1960 – Dec 15, 1960E
Ahrens, WalterETN2Oct 1961 – Dec 1963OPERATIONS
Regeth, HenryOct 1961 – Dec 1963Operations
Reynolds, DannyMachinist MateMay 1962 – Sep 1963Aft engineroom
Kiefer, RonETR21963 – 1964OE
Austin, RellETR21963 – 1966OE
Kiefer, RonETR21963 – 1964OE
Burrell, James RadarRDFeb 1, 1963 – Jul 15, 1965OperationsRD1 REEVES Captain Wilson
Webster, JacksnFeb 19, 1963 – Feb 20, 1965w d
Palmatier, Jerrygmg3Oct 1963 – Nov 1964gunners mate
Morris, DaveSN1964 – 1965DeckMy first ship...had to go AWOL to get off it!!! 45 years later and a little smarter now and I have to admit, the Ole Floyd B was a hell of good time! I slopped a lot of paint for BM1 Bently and Chief "Johnny Boy" Wade. Email me!
Spiewak, RaySN1964 –deck
Norris, J CRM3Mar 19, 1965 – Aug 8, 1966OPERATIONMy first ship.
Wolfe, HerbertFTG1Mar 25, 1965 – Apr 25, 1967Weapons
Curtis, MitchellAD11966 – 1968WA Asroc and Dash
Brantley, HarryYNCJul 23, 1966 – Oct 31, 1968OC (Ship's Office)Served on continuous honorable active duty from 25 Apr 1947 - 1 May 1979. Retired as a Master Chief Yeoman and now live in Satellite Beach, Florida.
Gibbons, GaryRM2Aug 1966 – Oct 1968OCA great ship and a greater crew. Still my best friends after all of these years.
Davis, LewisSK1Aug 1966 – Apr 1968supply
Hancock, Wayne (Hank)BT2Aug 10, 1966 – May 23, 1969B-DivisionServed with Chief Kluth, Fred Scarbro, Olin Phipps, Charlie Taylor, James Sitton (Swamp Rat), Byron Miller in my division. Also Chief Brantley, Chief Keith, Bruce Borgschatz, Peter Munley to name a few. Good Crew !!!!!
Keith, BobRM1Sep 1966 – Feb 1970OC
Garcia, Robert1967 – 1971
Quigley, JosephTM21967 – 1968WARemember the royal Baby at the equator? Yours Truly
Johnson, Thure profile iconEN2Aug 15, 1967 – Nov 15, 1969A- DivisionHad a great time and good friends, looking for Bob Gemson EM2 from the parks
Brannon, BobIC/21968 – 1969R DivHad a good cruise and made a lot of friends. Lost our DASH during a transfer to another ship. Missed out on Bankok liberty but went to Singapore instead and became Shellbacks. What fun!
Deegan, CraigBM3Jan 31, 1968 – Aug 23, 1969WD (Weapons/Deck)

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