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USS Newman K. Perry (DD 883) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Newman K. Perry (DD 883). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 88 crew members registered for the USS Newman K. Perry (DD 883).

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Gagne, RonFTG2Aug 27, 1967 – Nov 1, 19681st
Janzekovich, Kenneth (Zeke)ETN3Mar 29, 1968 – Jan 29, 1970OI Division
Harding, BillRD2Nov 22, 1968 – Aug 15, 1970OICIC scope dope RDSN to RD2 while onboard. Caribbean & MEDtrek 69 cruise particpant. Black Sea 2x, Drydock at Davisville Apr-May 69.. Medd May 9-Dec4 69. Hudson, Medeiros, Lorinsky were pals. Drop me line.
Peck, RobertMMFNDec 26, 1968 – Aug 30, 1970MLooking for any info regarding Mediterranean Cruise where ship went into the Black Sea.,,,1969-1970
Anderson, RobertSTC1969 – 1971ASI never will forget the N.K. Perry. Great ship, Great crew.
York, GuyCS31969 – 1971SupplyWhat a ride. Summer of 69 Med Cruise. Lotta fun for a young naive country boy. Would do it again. Made a lot of friends. The XO Mr Brady and I didn't always see eye to eye but the Comadore was a cool guy.
Totis, DorianoSTG2Feb 1, 1969 – Oct 1, 1972ASAn honor to serve with all of you during that period
Comar, MikeGMG3May 7, 1969 – Dec 8, 1972AS Division
Harris, GregYN2Oct 1, 1969 – Aug 15, 1971EngineeringI was the log room yeoman for Lt. Naldrett, Engineering Officer. I also served as ship postmaster on the 71 Med/North Atlantic cruise. Left ship in Faslane Scotland early out to go to college. Never got my cruise book.
Okray, MickeyRM3Jan 1970 – Jun 1972OCSome of the best friends of my life. Will never forget you.
Anderson, PhilipRM3Mar 2, 1970 – Jun 7, 1971radiospent alot of time in the radio room. Enjoyed time onboard and have a lot of memories. I am retired now and enjoying it.
Demasi, Petersn/PC3Oct 1970 – May 1972firstcame aboard as a sa, spent 18 mos in 1st div Made PC3 mar72 Made med/ north atl in 71 Still remember tying myself in my rack in rough seas transfered to AOR2 mar72 my best navy days were aboard 883 miss her and youRSVP
Demaria, RichardGMG3Nov 1970 – Oct 19712nd div.Wasn't here long but had a great med. cruise before getting my 3 month early out in 71 Newport was a great little town. We had a great crew and many good times in the Med.
Leblanc, RogerMM31971 – 1973M DIVISIONI enjoyed sailing with my shipmates and I see some of you have registered, I especially enjoyed every Winter sailing in the Carribean.
Baldis, Charles JRM21971 – 1973OperationsServing with a good bunch of guys helped me develop as a person.
McNaughton, BobRM3Jan 1, 1971 – Dec 23, 1971OCJust trying to rehook up with anyone that I served with on this ship who would like to communitate back and forth with
Humphrey, Jamesmm2Jun 1971 – Apr 1974m/ r/m
Poirier, MauriceBT-3Oct 15, 1971 – Feb 15, 1974BRetire now 65 age good health I miss the crew
Demaria, RichardGMG3Dec 10, 1971 – Oct 20, 19722nd Div we had a great vrew. Wasn't on board long but made the Med cruise in 71. We sure had some good times.Looking for some of my old shipmates.Took my final physical on the Intrepid in Scottland Oct 71 . Got out on arrival back in Newport!
Doty, WellsLCDRJun 1972 – Apr 1974XOTook ship reserve, made a 12 week deployment to Med changing crews every 2 weeks. Except for 1 guy, reserves were great. Good ship, good crew, Met Teddy Kennedy in Fall River.
Munker, HerbMMFNJun 7, 1972 – Feb 15, 1973M- DivisionServed 29 Years Retired as CWO4 Repair Tech.
Borns, John/jack profile iconRD-1Aug 1972 – 1973OILooking for people from OI Division
Walker, DavidEM2Mar 1973 – Jul 1975E3
Lane, PaulBT3May 7, 1973 – Jun 28, 1976B
Klingborg, KeithGMG3Apr 20, 1974 – Jul 15, 1977Fox
Beal, JeffHT3May 1974 – Aug 23, 1977RI never realized until later in life what a great crew and ship it really was.....
Ross, HerbertE3May 11, 1974 – Apr 7, 1975deck
Lyman, Gary D profile iconHT2Jun 16, 1974 – Aug 11, 1975R div.I enjoyed my time aboard ship. Great crew. My last ship before leaving active service. Great guys in R div.Had fun, learned a lot.
Moreira, SteveFnSep 1974 – Jun 1975R Div
Doran, BillQM3Dec 31, 1974 – Mar 8, 1977OPSWhat a great crew and Tin Can. I cherish my memories of my 26 months on board NKP in Newport. Shared an apartment with Signalman Ray Gallagher right on Second Beach looking toward Cliff Walk. Great times...!
Ramsden, RobertOS-21975 – 1977OI DivisionThe Newman K. was my first command and I have tons of wonderful memories. Beautiful homport of Newport, RI and a great bunch of shipmates. OSCS Blanchard was an awesome CPO. All of the Operations guys were terrific.
Brubaker, RaymondMM2May 1975 – Jun 1977M
Cruser, TomLTJul 1975 – Aug 1977Engineering
Gannon, HarveyLT/CAPTAug 1975 – Dec 1976OPSOperations Officer
Hotaling, KenFTG3Sep 1975 – Apr 1979Fox, Weapons
Hopkins, PeterBT-3Dec 1975 – Sep 1979EngineeringStill in RI. The Navy Base is so different now 2011.
Adcock, DavidE3Jan 1, 1976 – Jul 1976Fire Control Tech
Long, MarkGMG3Aug 1976 – Oct 1979Fox
Bosecker, Jim "bo"MM @Sep 16, 1976 – Oct 1, 1980M
Dixon, JohnEM31977 – 1978eThe crew was tight I had a great time in Newport, and the shipyard in Boston
Smock, GreggMM2Jul 1, 1977 – Jan 1, 1980M DivBest Tin Can in Newport, Had a blast so much I stayed for another 20 years
Fairgrieve, Jim/leonBT21978 – 1981EngineeringI was a member of the very last crew before she was sold to S. Korea. A lot of good memories.
Robinson, LelandRM31978 – Dec 1980OCHad a Blast on this Ship and in Newport RI. Cruise's to Guantanamo Bay Cuba, and the Carribeaan. Last Ship I was on before leaving the Navy.
Benaski, RickBT31978 – 1980?Great crew. Feel free to contact if we were shipmates!
McDonnell, JoeBM1Nov 1978 – Jun 19801STLooking for old shipmates. See me on face book or email
Rush, PatIC21979 – 1981Electrical
Leinhauser, MarkMM2Feb 1980 – Oct 1980M Div. Aft Engine roomI wasn't on board very long but I love it. Great crew.
Bourque, DavidOSSNDec 1, 1980 – Mar 1, 1982OS

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