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USS George Washington (CVN 73) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS George Washington (CVN 73). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1084 crew members registered for the USS George Washington (CVN 73).

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Rosenthal, MichaelE-5/6 HM2/11997 – 1999H-Div This was the BEST sea duty at that time I had ever had! The crew at that time for that cruise was an awsome group of sailors! the most profesional and knowledgable at there jobs I have ever been stationed with! THANX!
Shelton, Timothy profile iconAMS31997 – 1998AIMD IM2
Bryan, JamesE21997 – Dec 23, 1998AO
Lee, ChetMM3Jan 3, 1997 – Sep 11, 1999Auxilaries division (A-DIVISION)I'd like to send a shot out to all my buddies in hydraulic shop(EAO1), we worked the hardest! Sometimes I reminisce about the ole times and I sure as hell miss working on those aircraft elevators and stanchion gearboxes!
Dowd, DarrellAS1(AW)Jan 10, 1997 –IM1/IM4Great ship, with a great bunch of shipmates.
McGrath, JoeBMSNJan 20, 1997 – Mar 5, 1999deck 2ndits been awhile
Duerksen, JoshuaABF2(AW)Feb 11, 1997 – Apr 11, 2001V-4
Richmond, SamE-4Mar 1997 – Jun 2001V-1 Fly 3; TKAnyone in V-1 that worked on the deck, I got much love for ya!! thought I'd never say this, but I Miss the flight deck scrubs and long hours. R.I.P. to ABH3 Butler
Foster, CurtisE-2Mar 1, 1997 – Apr 1, 1998V-1 Fly 1 and Fly 2I really miss the navy and the GW mainly because I served with some of the greatest men from that great boot camp division 069 and the shipmates from V-1 all fly's, and those great PO'S Gunn,Barnes,Chan.
Anthony, AndreE-3Mar 13, 1997 – Mar 13, 2000V-1If you knew me you would remember me by "moose" or "Ugmo". Get at me, its always good to hear from people i served with.
Peterson, ErikAO3Mar 15, 1997 – Oct 28, 2000G-1Hit a few ports, drank a lot of beers, met some great people and had some good times. A few people I still talk to today. Email me at I live in DC now and work for the government
Kowal, BrianLTJG/LTApr 1997 – Dec 1998E/AI've been out of the nav since 2001, went to medical school and now I'm a doctor. Married with 1 kid on the way. Best wishes to all my former shipmates on future success.
Dingus, WilliamAS2Apr 1997 – May 2001IM-4
Williams, Anthony (Tony)OS2Apr 1, 1997 – Oct 1, 1999Flag-OpsIf what has 3 stops in UAE taught me??....don't drink alot of beer with Fermaldihyde in it.
Adkins, BilleEN3Apr 7, 1997 – Sep 30, 2000A-Division/ Boat ShopHad a great time on the George washington. Hope to get in contact with some old friends. Sorry to see the GW in Japan. Hope it returns to Norfolk VA. (513)-317-3605
Harris, StevenIT/1Apr 10, 1997 – Apr 10, 2001Really enjoyed the Med cruise 2000. Will miss the old CS1/Radio Gang. Wish you all the best in the world. Old LPO RETIRED.
Ellison, JimCDRApr 24, 1997 – May 7, 1999SupplyIt was one the highlights of my career to serve as the 4th SUPPO in GW. One of my best memories is retiring my friend CWO4 Ben Ignacio who "saved my career" in USS MANLEY from 1978-1980.
Vasquez, Wil ( Indio )E-4/IT3May 1997 – Jun 15, 2000CS3I was originally from E-Division, but just a year before I left I struck for IT and got frocked for that instead of EM, and let me tell you that really pissed off Division heads. I just know I'll haunt that ship someday, I really miss you all.
Whipple, NicholasAe3May 1997 – 2000AimdLots of crazy times with good people that came and gone while there!
Logsdon, CharlesBTC / MMCJun 1997 – Jun 2000A DivisionGW was a good ship. Most of my tenure we had an PITA CHENG. It was much better the last 6 months with a new CHENG. I had the steam catapult shop, air conditioning and refrigeration shop, and outside repair shops.
Hampton, Normanph3Jun 4, 1997 – 1998ops
Gunderson, ShawnABH/ANJun 25, 1997 – Jun 25, 2000V-3Had a great time on this Ship Great crew and made alot of friends that ill never forget. Thanks to everyone that i served with for a great experience
Blanchard, KeithMM3Jul 1997 –Reactor M1I met some great people and enjoyed the friendships and times we all had on shore and out to sea, but I am enjoying living back in South Louisiana.
Snelling, JasonMM3Jul 1, 1997 – Dec 20, 2000ReactorJust thought I would see if anyone I served with was on here.
Cook, JeffAK2Jul 6, 1997 – Dec 1, 2002S-1The best time I ever had in the navy were the years on the GW.
Spears, RodneyAO2Jul 17, 1997 – Jul 10, 1999G-1
Roberts III, JamesMM1Aug 5, 1997 – Feb 22, 2002Just checking out to see who is all on here.
Hannah, Russell (Dooley)MM2Aug 15, 1997 – Jul 31, 2002AI did 5 long years on that girl with time in the A/C&R Shop and the O2N2 Shop.
Boggs, AndrewABEANAug 15, 1997 – Jul 15, 1999V2 Air Hey any gear grease balls out there wanna talk about Cannes France and how we busted in V4 berthing and took all their tvs extra pillows and anything else we needed to make the 1997 MED cruise more comfortable?
Woodall, TimAO3Sep 1997 – Mar 31, 2001G-1, Securitysaw some stuff, and did some things, and got on with life.
Zito, MichaelAbe3Sep 1997 – Jun 2000Aviation Boatsman Mate
Hansley, ChrisMM3Sep 1997 – Sep 2000ReactorHad a blast while I was there! Wish I would've stayed there longer at times!! Worked in the pit, yes it was hot but we had our own little world down there!
Andrews, MichaelE-5Sep 7, 1997 – Sep 7, 2004Eng/DCNow that I'm out, it was good times, I reflect back and I actually miss certain aspects of Military life, it was an honor to serve with the Crew of the GW from 97-01...DC DIV ruled,, 7 Alpha ruled too..Inside Joke.
Moore, Roosevelt (Moe)MM 3Sep 16, 1997 – Mar 18, 2001Engineering/ A-DivisionGood times and bad time. But all fun and I do miss it. Representing for The Hydraulic Shop and Boat Shop.
Kortz, MichaelABE 3Sep 25, 1997 – Sep 25, 2001AIR V-2Best time of my life. The G.W turned my life around. i really didn't think that i would miss it. but i do.
Tuttle, RossPN1(AW/SW/PJ/NAC)Sep 27, 1997 – Jun 30, 1999X-2Met a lot of great folks. Miss the comraderie. Admin Dept: you were the BEST group of people that I ever served with. Special hello to CWO2 Johnson, Master Chief Holmes, Sal Guarino and Bill Rodgers.
Pontti, Chris 'Sauce'EM2Oct 1997 – Jan 2002Reactor / REHello to all of my SHIPMATES, yeah you know who you are. We did have some good times. I am now in Baton Rouge, LA, married to my wife Jen, and we have a beautiful daughter Reynolds.
Ewing, RogerCWO4Oct 1997 – Oct 1999A
Mace II, WilliamAO2Oct 1997 – Jun 7, 2001G-3 and G-5 WeaponsIYAOYAS!! in many ways i miss being an Ordie. had some of the best times. love the ship. i do miss some of the friendships and the closeness of the crew. do the GW proud she deserves it. HAIL TO THE MAG RATS!!!!
Belanger, BillMM1Oct 4, 1997 – Jun 15, 2002ReactorIt sure is nice in the real world...Lot's of good memories covering the bad ones though!
Henry, AnthonyE-4Dec 1997 – Jun 2000Air V-3I had lots of fun, learned a lot, and hung out with good people.
Morrison, Thomas (Sigs/flags)MA2Dec 14, 1997 – Feb 12, 2000LegalThe G.W. was awesome.
Hicks, JacobE-5/ABF2Dec 24, 1997 – Jan 19, 2003V-4

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