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USS George Washington (CVN 73) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS George Washington (CVN 73). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1084 crew members registered for the USS George Washington (CVN 73).

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Jackson, LouieAO31995 – 1998G-3IYAOYAS
Keeney, KrisABF31995 – 1999Looking for buddies
Terracciano, RyanE31995 – 1998V2Waist Cats Cat 3 and MWR Ran the Video rental booth by the forward mess
Strobel, BrianMM2Jan 1995 – Jan 1999RL
Vaudt, EricAZ1(AW)Jan 1995 – Jan 1997AIMD IM-1Served as the AIMD DBA/A. Was a pretty good tour.
Weaver, JeffMM2Jan 1995 – Mar 1999ReactorIt's nice to know that I have been out longer than I was in.
Spencer, DavidOS2Jan 1, 1995 – Jun 13, 1998OII'm doing well, but I miss all my shipmates. (Lizard, Tweeker, Fishbowl & the rest). Take care guys, & come to Texas sometime!
Labombard, John (Bomber)AT-3Jan 1, 1995 – Sep 30, 1996AIMD/IM-3SeaOpDet out of NAS Whidbey Island
Jackson, Michael C.AG1Jan 12, 1995 – Aug 1, 1998OAThe learning and liberty experience of a lifetime! Rough and tiring sometimes...but if I was on active duty and not retired...I would do it again.
Posner, Brian "poz"ADANJan 15, 1995 – Jan 20, 1998g-3/ aimdHad the best of times with great friends. A lot of fun but a lot of hard work.
Ellsworth, EricHULL TECHNICIANJan 18, 1995 – Nov 24, 1999Repair
Medina, ErnieAN E3Jan 18, 1995 – Dec 18, 1997V1Looking back to those days, man I had a blast. Dont miss being on that flight deck all those hours. But sure did have some good times. Feel free to contact me anytime. Would like to talk some of my ol' boys.
Fillmore, PatrickET2Jan 20, 1995 – Jun 17, 1999Reactor ControlsMorale Petty Officer
Pierre, DavidMM2(SW)Jan 20, 1995 – Dec 1, 1999Reactor MechanicalBest experience of my naval career. Nukes, feel free to email me.
Ferguson, Kenneth (Fergy)E-2Feb 1995 – Apr 7, 1997Fly-3I wasn't very popular on board, kind of a nerd. But still have enourmous respect for all who served and continue to do so. I continue to serve in the Military with the 1st Batallion 133rd Field Artillery Texas Army National Guard. Happy Hunting
Grunewald, ChadAO3Feb 8, 1995 – Oct 23, 1998G-1 Fork lift/3M/DCWhere Are All Yoose guys? Great times and better stories.. Hey Val how are ya?
Ball, NatePN3Mar 1995 – Nov 1998X2Wouldn't want to go back but glad I did it! Miss my PN buddies typing elbow to elbow in cramped quarters. Sorry if I messed up your pay...I really tried my best. Completed two 6 month cruises. Adios Saddam and Milosevic for wrecking port stops
Kenney, ErikPH2Mar 1995 – Mar 1998OPI loved close to almost every minute of time I spent on this big ol Super-boat! All of the worker-bees in the photo lab were phenomenal! Greatest photo lab EVER!! The rest of the lab (you know who you are) will surely NOT bemissed by me
Bauer, DennisBMMar 1995 – Dec 19952nd Division Deck
Capaldi, JoeE-4 PO3Mar 12, 1995 – Mar 13, 1998v-1 crash and smash .best job i have ever had .. i miss the job and wish i could back in time and stay in. i am now in air gaurd with the146th . was with n/r for 10 years hcs-5 and vp-65 .if anyone would like to reech me feel free to call 1 805 405 3210 .
Capaldi, JoeE-4 PO-3Mar 13, 1995 – Mar 12, 1998V_! crash smashbest i have had in my 9 years of service .3 on 73 3with hcs 5 3years vp65 and now with ang 146th. if you wold like ti reach me please call my cell at 805-405 3210 . hope to here from you .
Spires, DonaldCWO3Apr 1995 – Nov 1996S-2A great experience with a great crew..
McDaniel, JohnABH-ANMay 1995 – Mar 1998V-1 Blue Shirt / Crash&Salvage Didn't realize how much I would actually miss the boat sometimes...Something I will never forget!
Miller, WayneAO3May 1995 – Aug 1998G3
Valentin, DavidAOANMay 13, 1995 – Jan 6, 1998g1 awse wepsgood and bad times,great friends, who i still love like brothers. never ending stories that start with "back in the navy..."i've had a great life but i will aways remember those years on board the best ship in the world as the best!
Cook, SteveLCDRMay 15, 1995 – Feb 2, 1998EngineeringWorked with the best people ever.
Sharp, NathanABH 3May 15, 1995 – Apr 18, 1999V-1Hey, hope everyone's doin good since USS Underway. Seemed like we were always gone. Life's been good, drop a line if ya want.
Fernandez, EloySM3May 20, 1995 – Apr 6, 1998G-4 / SigsHad a blast.
Patten, MattABH3Jun 1995 – Oct 1998V-1 crash
Jenkins, JimABF2Jun 1995 – May 2000V-4Whats up Grapes?!
Brand, Jonathan "Jon"AC1(AW/SW)Jun 1995 – Mar 1998OC
Englehart, Christopher ......hartE-5 /SK2Jun 1, 1995 – Dec 7, 2000V-2 / S-6Old GW friends can email me at
Johnson, DennisE-5Jun 2, 1995 – Sep 1, 1997V-2/TAD to SecurityI was assigned to Air Department V-2 Division Bow Catapults, however I was sent to Security Department for my Duration onboard. I got off the GW September 01, 1997 to head to California to become a Counselor.
Nobles, Jeremy, LizardOS2Jun 12, 1995 – Jun 14, 1998OII miss all my Brothers still drinking, Whats up Tweeker, Spence. Glad I am out but I do miss it.
White, Kristoffer (Kris)PH2Jun 24, 1995 – Jan 8, 2000OPHad a blast with most of you. Wish all of you the best in whatever your doing.
Dietz, Darick AHT3Jul 1995 – Nov 1997R-PipeShop
Skiffington, DennisE6Jul 1995 – May 1999RCI sure miss my favorite port, Jebel Ali.
Gonzalez, Marc AnthonyABH1(AW)Jul 1995 – Jul 1997V-1I was best known on board the ship for winning the Med Cruise Tshirt contest with the map of the med and persian gulf with two airplanes flying above the GW and form there I was drawing everones loved one.
Gonzalez, Marc AnthonyE-6 ABH1(AW)Jul 1995 – Jul 1997V-1I was best known for winning the MED Cruise Tshirt Drawing contest, It was a map with 2 airplanes watching over the med and the gulf. I then began drawing everyone's girlfriend or wife or child on the ship. It was my best time in the Nav
Strevel, JosephPH3Aug 1, 1995 – Mar 27, 1999OPS/OPHad a blast, miss some of you, don't miss most of you...
Wilcox, ChadRM3Aug 1, 1995 – Jun 1, 1998CS1We know what goes on in the Hess Room.....
Kloiber, KeithMM2Aug 1, 1995 – Aug 1, 1999Reactor / RP30 / M3Old buddies, email me! Trying to contact Chad Hopponen (sp?), who was on board 1995ish to 1999ish in Reactor Department. Anybody know where this guy is today? My contact, 864-787-5428 (posted June 23, 2008).
Jarrell, SteveABF1 SWAug 1, 1995 – Aug 1, 1999V-4Also worked as the Nuclear Quality Assurance office LPO. Retired From NAS JRB Fort Worth in 8/02. Now living in Georgia. Went back to school and got my Bachelors and I am about to enroll in Georgia State for my Juris D
Phillips, EdHTCMAug 20, 1995 – May 31, 1998engineeringGreat ship, Great crew, The absolute best ship I served on!
Sheirer, JamesABE3Aug 20, 1995 – Apr 16, 1999V2 WAIST CATSAt the time i hated it. Remember cold showers after being up for days,box lunches,steamwatch,alert fives, suck a** 2nd class DOYLE RULES. But now that i look back it was one hell of a trip! Made some lifelong friendships. Bubba
Ellzey, JeffE3 ABHANAug 31, 1995 – Apr 17, 1998Air V1 Fly3The last time I walked off the ol G-Dub I thought I'd never look back. I kinda miss it now! Good times, and good friends, we made it fun.
Morris, RonOSCSSep 1995 – Sep 1998OIGreat tour.
Smith, BryanMM3Sep 1995 – Jul 1997M
Garcia III, JulioSM3Sep 1995 – Sep 1997NavigationsHello Shipmates Still here (alive) thank GOD. Last time I saw u all was A week before the 97 MED when I went back to pick up my stuff after I was in a Comma for 2 1/2 weeks and amnissia for 3 1/2 weeks, due to a head Inj
Sanchez, Darrinpo3 ABHSep 1, 1995 – Oct 30, 1998CRASH & SALVAGErecently hooked up with Lachuga and looking for more friends
Sherouse, JohnAO3Sep 10, 1995 – Sep 10, 1998G-1 Flightdeck OrdiesG1 held it down - Will Bailey, Dave Valentin, Derek Stout, Chris Wright, Hutch, Ed!, Dan Kennerly, Luke, my bro Rick Angel, Grier, Lane Lund, all G1 Flightdeck Ordies, the list goes on..
Ferrell, Kevin S.SK1Oct 1995 – Apr 1999S-8/MSC
Pereira, MattAO3Oct 5, 1995 – Jul 7, 1997G-3 WeaponsServed with the craziest bunch of yahoos you will ever see. Probably the best time of my life...Palma was the shit!
Strevel, JosephPH3Oct 15, 1995 – Feb 19, 2000op
Garcia, JorgeABH 3Nov 1995 – Feb 14, 2000V-1 CRASH
Martin, Craig "dragon"DC3Nov 15, 1995 – Jun 28, 1998Eng-DC
Torres, AlexMMFA TO MM2Nov 20, 1995 – Apr 2000ENG/AGreat ship and great division.
Hooten, JustinMA1Dec 1995 – Jun 2000LegalSecond tour on GW.
Bailey Jr, WilliamAO3Dec 9, 1995 – Jun 8, 1999G-1 hanger bay and flight deckI enjoyed my time aboard the Ship and looking forward to meeting or talking to some of my old shipmates. Good times in all the ports over seas.
Kelley, StevenPN3Dec 12, 1995 – Aug 7, 1999X2FUNN TIMES, MISS MANY PEOPLE ON THE G DUB.
Chan Jr., AnsonE-4/ABH3Dec 15, 1995 – Nov 18, 1998V-1I served three years on the good ol' GW. Even though it was tough being away from the family, i made a lot of good friends.
Loewendick, Low Down profile iconABE 3Dec 31, 1995 – Sep 13, 1998V-2

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