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USS George Washington (CVN 73) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS George Washington (CVN 73). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1084 crew members registered for the USS George Washington (CVN 73).

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Duvall, LeeEW1994 – Sep 5, 1996OPS/OWHad a blast!!!!!!
Burris, EdgarDCCM1994 – 1996DCGreat Ship Great crew was aboard for maiden cruise
Somerville, BrianE31994 – 1995Weapons/G3
Phillips, BrianMM31994 –was on first med cruise
Castafero, PatrickIC31994 – Aug 3, 1997V2 ILARTS
Jones, JonHT31994 – 1996RI miss the fun times at sea in the pipe shop...
Jackson, Garyrm21994 – 1996radio
Rhoades, ThomasAMS1/E-61994 – Aug 1997IM2/ Airframes
Francis, CharlieSM21994 – 1995NS
Castafero, PatrickIC31994 – 1997V2
Ingles, RyanMSSA1994 – 1997Navy
Gundersen, Craig (Gundu)DC3Jan 1994 – Oct 14, 1996Damage ControlBest time of my life..I just didn't know it at the time..LOL. No regrets. Molded me for my future with the FDNY. Good leadership and great men. Thanks!
Campos, John "andy"AT3Jan 1994 – 1998AIMD- SeaOpDetWas attached to NAS Norfolk but was out on the boat anytime the airwing was out.
McReynolds, JamieAS3Jan 1994 – Jul 1997IM-4Spent the last 2 year in the MA Shack
Smith, ShawnABF 3Jan 1994 – Dec 1998V-4I never knew how much I would miss everyone. Glad I was a grape.
West, RandyAVCMFeb 1994 – Aug 1997AIMD LCPOServed on GW as AIMD LCPO. Made the Maiden Deployment with CDR Tom Vandenberg as MO. Made the second deployment with CDR Sam Coward as MO. Greatest Ship In the Fleet!
Norotsky, LarryHM2Mar 1994 – Mar 7, 1997Medical
Anderson, JohnET2Mar 1994 – May 18, 1998RC/RTNot so bitter any more
Ho, ChristopherABF3Mar 1994 – Jun 29, 1999V-4Miss the crew more than the Meds. But wouldn't trade the memories for the world. G-Dubb for life!!!!
Wargo, BradABH 3Mar 18, 1994 – Dec 20, 1997V-1Checking this out
Mease, RodneyEM3Apr 1994 – Nov 1995E-Div -Power Shop
Bonney, JohnABHANApr 1, 1994 – Dec 6, 1996V-1Maiden voyage and second Med. Drove tractors on the flight deck. Long live Cheif Johnson!
McCauley, GearyANApr 10, 1994 – May 14, 1995G-4
Cernie, Cactus JoeARMay 1994 – Aug 1995PAOAfter winning my fight with cancer, I asked to return. I would be there again in a minute if i could
Johnson, SalathielE-4May 1994 – Apr 1996LCDR WettschreckNA
Breid, StacyET1May 15, 1994 – May 5, 1997IM-3AIMD CAL LAB LPO
Pruitt, DannieCVN 73May 17, 1994 – Nov 20, 1994VAQ-140The dates may not be exact....
Kauffman, Jesseic3May 19, 1994 – Aug 16, 1997v4/v2all i can say is i had a great time on the ship,now all i can say is i wish i stayed in.
Beckgerd, JasonBM2May 20, 1994 – May 16, 2000Deck/2&3
Tallent, JamesPR3May 20, 1994 – Nov 17, 1994VAQ-140Got to be there when she made the first voage. A real life time of memories.
Ilzarbe, MiguelEW3Jun 1994 – Jun 1997OW/OPSWhere is Big Ferg ?!?! Good times with the Ew's AC's, Gavin, Valentin. Never buffed a p-way after I left and never siad the word P-way ever again. To find me google my name and Harvard (yup, thats right... Harvard)
Senecal, James SenecalET1Jun 1994 – Aug 1997CSE3 / SafetyThree tours in the Gulf and who can forget visits by George H. W. Bush, Muhammad Ali and Sinnbad? How about our division motto "Fortune favors the informed" and the First Class Mess coat of arms and the motto "Primus Et Princeps"?
Liss, MichaelAD3Jun 1994 – Jul 1997AIMD IM2Made first 2 Med cruises and was ships company
Wolfe, JohnAK3Jun 1994 – Nov 1994VA-34First deployment and the ship's maiden cruise. Also 50th D-Day Anniversary. Awesome memories made on this deployment!
Pollard, Scott PollardEM2Jun 14, 1994 – Apr 7, 1998REFTN! and you know it!
Jimenez, Wellington "Jimmy"E2-E5 & E6- E7 (ABE)Jun 19, 1994 – Dec 8, 1998V2 DivisionI met great friends onboard GW, many who guided me on the right paths until I retired 23 yrs later. If you were part of V2, on Maiden deployment- Waist Cats (1994) was an awesome crew. 1994-'98/2002-'05.
Farrell, Bradford (Ferret)AK 3Jun 27, 1994 – Nov 15, 1997S-8Hi everybody! Its been 16 years since I got out and 19 years since I first came abord but you guys are always in my heart. I If anyone reads this and remembers me, i look forward to hearing from you!
Pride, ChrisEM2Jul 1994 – Jun 1996Great Cruise in The MED even if it was 67+1 Days straight... Thanks Saddam
Magee, AnthonyE3/Boatswins MateJul 1994 –3rd division Deck Department
Stephens, RichardETC(SW)Jul 1994 – Aug 1996RCI have the flag flown the day I retired in my shadow box.
Cashman, MichaelE-5 / LN2Jul 1, 1994 – Jan 1, 1996Legal DepartmentWASHINGTON was stressful, especially when you work with non-professional individuals who didn't appreciate what I did for them in the Legal Office. Transferred to STENNIS and it was no better. Retired: 2006, Honorably.
Wood, WallyAMS ANJul 10, 1994 – Dec 20, 1995G-3/IM-2 AIMDHave some great memories and some sad/bad ones. Arrived 2 days before the fuel sponson fire on her first med cruise. Worked G-3 bomb assembly then transferred to IM-2 aircraft structures.
Akers, Russell / Okie profile iconIC2Jul 24, 1994 – Aug 1, 1996V-2Served in V2 division ILARTS was PO in charge had a great time , good shipmates.
Wagoner, RandallRM2Aug 1994 – Apr 1996comm dept
Hall, JosephE-6Aug 1994 – Sep 1998enigeMy crews was TOMBS,NICK,TROOP,PULLINS,MO,CARR. Get with me !
Price, IvanAO2(AW/SW)Aug 3, 1994 – Mar 17, 1999G-3/G-5 AOCCI only wish that I would have invested in a GD bus pass for UAE!! Met great people working for the best Weps Dept in the Fleet. Also met motivated humans that got me into EOD. Thanks all who let me work with them. - Ivan Price -
Gross, MichaelMSGT-AFAug 19, 1994 – Oct 4, 1994MSIAssigned by DoD/NRO on the first of it's kind "image-receipt" capability while aboard the Washington.
Loeffert, JeffLCPLAug 26, 1994 – Aug 26, 1995marine detWhats up man!!!hey i think about you guys from time to time.I have alot of good stories to tell people now.Like the time i got NJP after Rhodes Greece.Send me an e-mail
Apodaca, Keith "doc"E4/AE3Sep 1994 – Sep 1998V2/AIMDSo long "G-DUB" She's gone to Japan. Had some great times and plenty of bad ones. It's all good! Haze Grey and Under Way...
Luce, Time-1/ABHSep 1994 – Oct 1995V-1Hey, just want to say, DAMN i wish i would have stayed in. I miss going out to sea and especially the flight ops at night. Those are some of my best memories, was watching the fighters go to full burn off the deck.
Del Vecchio, Davidmm3Sep 1994 – Jun 9, 1998Aworked in o2n2 shop and outside repair
De La Paz, MichaelDC 3Sep 12, 1994 – Sep 12, 1998damage controlwut up shipmates, this is old petty officer delapaz looking for my med. bro's! If you remember me, send me a letter.
Houston, JoeAZ3Oct 1994 – Jun 1997AIMD/PC
Carney, GordonAO3Oct 1994 – Jan 1997G-1 Flight DeckHad a blast on the Deck with all my fellow Red Shirts. Lane Lund, Rick Angel, and my bro Mike Hughes. Long Live Palma Spain.
Miller, KimMm2/E5Oct 22, 1994 – Oct 1, 1997Auxiliaries
Greenberg, JoshDC3Nov 1994 – Apr 1998Damage ControlWhat's up brothers. How's everyone doing?
Stampfel, Andrew J.LTNov 18, 1994 – Nov 20, 1997Reactor DepartmentThe best time of my life!
Youmans, AustolDC2Dec 1994 – Jul 1998ENG/DCThis was one of the greatest times in my life. I met a lot of great guys and worked with a lot of great guys. I hope all are doing great.
Jones, CliffMM2Dec 4, 1994 – Nov 9, 1998RL
Ethredge, BartABH E-3Dec 12, 1994 – Aug 12, 1997V-1
Burns, PatrickAT2Dec 15, 1994 – Sep 30, 1996AIMDWas deployed for 2nd Cruise for the Mighty GW.
Jordan, AdrianE3 airmanDec 27, 1994 – Sep 20, 1996v2i was young and hated all the drills, got hurt up on that flightdeck and never went to medical!.... it was alot of cool friends and it was great, overseas!....
Clemons, Maurice "Country" ClemonsE-3Dec 29, 1994 – Aug 17, 1997S-2 It was an hell of an experience and I hope everyone is well in their life. Now days I'm known as "Machine Gun" Clemons of Monster Quest fame on the History channel.
Jackson, JosephAO3Dec 30, 1994 – Oct 2, 1998G-3I'd like to reunite with my Odrie brothers. I also would like to appologize for some of the things I did and said.

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