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USS George Washington (CVN 73) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS George Washington (CVN 73). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1084 crew members registered for the USS George Washington (CVN 73).

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Brown, KeithLCPL /E-31993 – 1995MARDETWe came over from the Kennedy. We were the 1st Mardet aboard. Good times all we had to do was stay out of trouble.Imperatrice, Mojica, Talley and I still keep in touch. Cross we're looking for you. Holla.
Shockey, JeffEN31993 – Oct 1997AGANGI had a great time serving on board the best ship in the Navy.I'm proud to say I served on board.Looking for some old boat shop buddies.If you're out there hit me up. Keep up the good work GW.
Swords, MichaelAO11993 – 1998G-1Worked hard and played hard!
Cheers, ChristopherMM 31993 – 1997A GangHydraulic Shop
Milligan, JohnOS21993 – 1996OI
Orgis, GuyET11993 – 1997Reactor ControlsI did the first med! Great crew, Great ship!!!!!!!!!!!!! Greece!!!!!!!!!!! TWICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Kasten, JamesABH31993 – 1997V-1
Shook, RobertPNSN1993 – 1995ADMIN
Bernardi, JohnATAA - AT31993 – 1997Im3Plankowner SOD(or whatever is called now) Whidbey island and miss the camaraderie.
Caliendo, MarioFN / MM1993 – 1997M-2Great Years Hi howie and coop had many great times onboard GW looking forward to a reunion to meet up with you all been busy through the years but have time now sure hope to see you all agian GO NAVY never forget
Friddle, TobyPCSNJan 1993 – Jul 1996S-12I spent approximately 2.5 years on the Flight Deck in the Air Department V-1 Division before crossrating to the Supply Department S-12 Divison (Post Office) where I returned to the flight deck for Mail Carrier Onload/Offload.
Corneliusen, RyanJan 1993 – Aug 1995v-4
Pashoukos, PeterBMSNJan 1993 – Jan 19952nd DeckOnboard for maiden voyage.
Massa, JoeANJan 1993 – Sep 1994VS-31
Baker, Tome-3Jan 1, 1993 – Dec 22, 1993g-4
Rowe, Aaron "Skinny"E-4Jan 3, 1993 – Jan 3, 1997G-4 Weapons ElevatorsHad way tto much fun. Like to keep in touch with everyone I served with. Still looking for some of you guys. Drop me an email.
Tai, Eugene (Taistick)PN3Jan 3, 1993 – Jul 26, 1996X-3/PersonnelShips company during first and second Med Cruises. It was a great ship to serve on. GO G.W.!
Basuel, James profile iconE-4 / ABH3Jan 7, 1993 – Jul 30, 1996V-1 Air DeptAfter doing her first 2 Med's, I can say those were some of the best days of my life. Look me up on Facebook or if you're ever in the DC area. Fair winds and following seas! V-1 Air Dept Ruled the flight deck!
Perez, DanielMS1Jan 9, 1993 – Jun 16, 1997S-5 / S-2 and CPO MessBest command
Basuel, James (Punchy)ABH3Jan 15, 1993 –V1/AIRServed during Shakedown, as well as `94 & `96 Med Cruises.
Andrews, Jason/ DrewzRM3Jan 15, 1993 – Dec 20, 1994Comm.Miss the ship and most of the old crew. Greatest people to work with.
Mangus, Robert (Grandpa)E-3Feb 1993 – Oct 22, 1995V-4As Bob Hope said, "Thanks for the memories." I wish I had stayed in. I miss the life and the work.
Brady, JimSH3Mar 1993 – Feb 1996S-3Had a great time on board, and it taught me a lot about life.
Frazier, CorneliusE3Mar 1993 – Mar 1997EMiss the traveling and the guys. The Power Shop was a hoot! Oh Boy! Memories wouldnt trade 'em for the world.
Andersen, RobertAIRMANMar 1993 – Mar 1995supplybest time of my life.great time.plankowner.
McBride, BillRM2Mar 1993 – Jun 1994OC
Somerville, BrianE3Mar 1993 – Mar 1995G3
Deffet, ToddABH3Mar 1993 – Jan 1997V-1 CRASH AND SALVAGE
Hugill, ChadABHANMar 7, 1993 – Dec 7, 1996V-1Do as i say not as i do.....miss u joe hannah...john walter..dan bussie....loui correia....john bonney..eric neal karow...aaaron droege....brad wargo....charles mcgill...brad nelson...nate clancy..and everyone above my paygrade!!!
Foster, MichaelBMSN THEN BMC NOWMar 7, 1993 – Nov 17, 19942NDBeing part of the Madien Med cuuise. Hanging with 2nd Div
Sanford, John (Ladder)BM3Mar 9, 1993 – Nov 9, 19941stShawa, Rosy, Mac, Bowe, Baker... These are the guys I raised hell on the Fo'csle with. Thank you Ferry. Thank you BM1.
Threlkeld, DanielE-4/IC3Mar 17, 1993 – Nov 3, 1996Had fun, great experience and miss the traveling.
Norman, JosephE-3Mar 23, 1993 – Jan 14, 1994abehad alot of good times and memories while serving aboard gw.
Fairgrieve, BillyEn3Apr 1993 – Jan 13, 1997RA
Liggett, TimAK 3Apr 3, 1993 – Nov 20, 1995V-2 and S-8I started off in V-2 as an E2 Then I made AK and moved to S-8
Reagan, Toddms3Apr 6, 1993 – Feb 10, 1995s-11 s-2it should be illegal to have that much fun!! i loved it.
Snowdy, Andy (Snowman)BMSN / E-3May 1993 – 19962ndLoved being underway, was there for the maiden med and the fire, hanging in the berthing with pete making up songs, hanging out with weezer and smitty. Remember Chief hot rod, Senior wabble pop and Lt. Robertson and Rocky and Bullwinkle in deck off ?
Bagley, RonaldHT1May 1993 – Jun 1996QATurned out that the best ship I was ever on was the last one I'll ever be on.
Fairgrieve, BillyEN3May 1993 – Dec 1996RASome of the worst and best days of my life. Would love to hear from old friends.
Harris, KevinPN3May 1, 1993 – Feb 26, 1993Admin x-2Made lots of good friends and I recognize more names than faces. Lots of good memories and look forward to meeting old shipmates.
Champion, BobbyLI1May 10, 1993 – Jan 10, 1997Deck/Admin
Knecht, WilliamYN3May 18, 1993 – Jan 1, 1997Deck and Capt's OfficeI was onboard during the fire of Maiden deployment and fire of 1996
Shirley, Karl ShirleyAO3Jun 1993 – Mar 1997G-3AWESOME TIME!!
Brown, MattLCDRJun 1993 – Jul 1995PAOGW was a great team. Lots of terrific memories, but the people were the best. D-Day 1994 was a singular event with the President, cabinet, JCS, all the veterans and the media.
Neel, ShawnE-3Jun 10, 1993 – Mar 10, 1996medicalmiss the old crew and the ship would do it all over again go gw
Burgos, Carlos LEP-4Jun 29, 1993 – Jun 30, 1996USAA/ENG/892A great travel requires a great mobility this is one of the best carriers I ever know.
Cox, HowardMMC (SW)Jul 1993 – Apr 1999Reactor MachineryAlso served from JUN, 2002 until retirement SEP 21, 2003.
Taylor, Kurtise5Jul 1993 – Jul 1997RC
Vish, MikeBM3Jul 1993 – Jul 19971st div
Duvall, LeeEW3Jul 1, 1993 – Sep 30, 1996OPS/OW
King, RandyAT3Jul 1, 1993 – Mar 1, 1995AIMDshop 640 the Vans. Whats up to Indus, Donovan, Rowdy ,Keck, Ed Wilson, and Scott
Eskew, GabrielYN3Jul 1, 1993 – Apr 20, 1996XO and Supply OfficeMemorable moments, blue water, and a few good friends
Devisfruto, MarkLCPLJul 10, 1993 – Feb 15, 1994Marine DetachmentCrossed over from the start up the MarDet. Hated it....
Letter, BobbyE2Aug 1993 – May 1995RA
Lowell, Faulkinbury profile iconDC2 (SW)Aug 2, 1993 – Aug 1, 1994DC
Turner, MarcE3Aug 2, 1993 –V2
Whitcraft, JeremyDC3Aug 13, 1993 – Jan 1, 1997Engineering
Jackson, Steve (Action)SGTAug 20, 1993 – Nov 15, 1993Marine DetachmentWe were the first Marine Detachment onboard the George Washington after cross-decking over from the John F. Kennedy. A clean, brand new, and classy ship. I enjoyed my short time onboard her. I left active duty while stationed onboard her.
Robertson, DavidE-4/ ABHAug 28, 1993 – May 8, 1997V-1
Gagnier, Tim "Gag"E4 MS3Sep 1993 – Mar 1997S5 and S9Some of the best times in my life were aboard GW! Hope everyone is doing well aboard the ship and keep that Wardroom Annex clean! I spent many hours cleaning that grease trap under the coffee urn.
Jordan, MichaelPN3Sep 1993 – 1996Supply Office/personnelWords cannot describe the moments I had aboard this ship, that has shaped me for life!
Solomon, JasonMS3Sep 6, 1993 – Sep 6, 1997S-5 & X-1I'll never forget the times aboard the GW.
Thames, DarrenE3Sep 10, 1993 – Nov 29, 1994RMWorking for Child Protective Services as a SWS III.
Colbert, Charles (Chuck)ENSSep 15, 1993 – Dec 29, 1995Sales OfficerHad a great time, learned alot. Made my Dept head tour some 5 years later an absolute breeze. Will never forget CVN-73.
Klaski, VincentHT3Sep 30, 1993 – May 10, 1997RBrothers. Hit me up on Facebook and you will find many of your old shipmates. 20 years later and I can't get this ship off my mind. Great times with great people.
Farwell, ShawnBM1(SW)Oct 1993 – Nov 1994CCDG-2Drove the Admiral's Barge for RADM Krekich (Big Al). The maiden deployment was one of the top cruises in my 20 year career. From the 50th Anniversary of D-Day, through one bad fire and a hell of a storm, it was an awesome time.
Miller, JoeRPSNOct 1993 – Feb 1997V2/Religious MinistriesI was a striker from V2 who went to the chaplains office. I made lots of friends when everyone wanted to get there name on the telephone list first. Played trumpet in the ships band for a while.
Baggett, SamuelSNNov 1993 – Dec 1995Deck
Hall, MontyIS2Nov 20, 1993 – Nov 30, 1996OZWas on board for the first two deployments
Warren, JustinSNNov 21, 1993 – Jul 17, 1997Deck-2nd
Gresham, Darrick GreshTM3Nov 30, 1993 – May 1, 1997G-2
Delcour, JamesEM3Dec 1993 – Dec 5, 1997E DivChecked onboard 2 weeks prior to maiden cruise. Spent that cruise in battery and lighting putting electircal outlets in state rooms so officers could play their Nitendos. Also, made the second cruise and started the 3rd.
Cooper, JonathanMM3Dec 1, 1993 – Aug 1, 1997M
Marshall, JerryAT2Dec 7, 1993 – Oct 31, 1997IM3Was in Shop 5 and Shop 9 for the first two cruises. Made some great friends and had some great times! Anyone want to go back to Rhodes :)

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1990 | 1991 | 1992 | 1993 – 1993 | 1994 | 1995 | 1996 | 1997 | 1998 – 1999 | 2000 | 2001 | 2002 | 2003 | 2004 | 2005 – 2006 | 2007 – now

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