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USS George Washington (CVN 73) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS George Washington (CVN 73). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1084 crew members registered for the USS George Washington (CVN 73).

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Walker, Kevin 'Flash'AD21992 – 1992I was on the 'shake 'er down, George' cruise. It was my last shipboard duty.
Andrew, Covey1992 – 1996A-GangLooking for my buds in A-Gang.
Danser, JohnMS31992 – Jul 1995s2
Puig, Charles/ "chucky"ABH31992 – 1995V-1/ Crash CrewThe wildest Med Cruise ever!
Lewis, RobertABFAN1992 – Aug 1996v-4
Benedik, VinceAO31992 – 1994G-1 AWSEHernandez, Stites, Jackson, Appleby!! You guys built a great shop. Hope you all are well. Look me up Mr Ashby from bee camp!
Gross, BobRM21992 – 1995CommI never wanted to go to a Carrier, but I am glad I did. I had some great times on the GW. We had a great Comm Shack and a great crew.
Carle, BryanWT31992 – Oct 13, 1993W division "special weapons division"Being part of the commissioning crew of the "GW" was one of the highlights of my life...i made many amazing friends and had experiences that i tell my children to this only regret was getting out of the navy....
Crichton, ChrisAO31992 – 1995VA-34
Wisler, JeffreyCWO31992 – 1993Air V2"Plank Owner" Filled in as the ALRE Maintenance Officer to get the ship ready for aircraft trials following commissioning, until a new ALRE Maintenance Officer is selected...
Mounter, BrianRM31992 – 1994OpsJust reaching out to all those that served on the USS GW during my time from 92-94. You can reach me at or on Facebook under my name.
Juan Balderrama, Baldy/two DogsABE31992 – 1996V2Cat 2...loose deuce....
Gregory, DerekAO31992 – 1995G3/G4
Hite, BrianIC31992 – 1994AirI was an IC3 and originally assigned to the engineering dept but then transferred to Air dept and worked in the shop that worked with the equipment that landed the planes like the lens and lso platform
Holt, BrettEM2(SW)Jan 1992 – Apr 1994MSD
Holt, BrettEM2(SW)Jan 1, 1992 – May 20, 1994MSDPlankowner responsible for setting up the ships computer based parts list and COSAL
Welch, RichardLCDRJan 1, 1992 – Dec 20, 1994MedicalPlankowner. First Ship's Nurse. One of the first nurses assigned as crew.
Gockley, StevenDC2Jan 4, 1992 – Apr 28, 1995DCPlankowner
Bacho, KevinEM3Jan 10, 1992 – Jan 17, 1995EPlank Owner I don't miss the Navy but I sure miss the guys, Grape ape, Judd with no shoes, the turkey, Power Shop,Rewind, Sneaking calls off the ship, I sure miss the fun.
Clifford, ShawnFNJan 20, 1992 – Aug 26, 1994Agang
Holt, BrettEM2 (SW)Jan 30, 1992 – May 20, 1994MSCPlankowner - creator of the ships parts registery and tech manual library while serving in the MSC.
Burlison, PatrickABH-2Feb 1992 – Nov 1994V-1I am a plankowner & an original member of CRASH & SMASH up on deck. Myself & 3 other guys designed & cut into the tile our insignia into the crash shack floor. Is it still there?
Armbrust, JeffAG2Feb 1992 – Aug 1993OAI helped Pre-Comm the mighty GW and it was the best experience that I had in my entire enlistment.
Hamilton, JohnENS/LTJG/LTFeb 1992 – Feb 1995S-3 / S-4 / S-8Plankowner
Graybiel, MattAT3Feb 1992 – Oct 1996AIMD - IM3Was on the first 2 Med Cruises...still have nightmares.
Swartz, MarkFeb 1992 – Jul 1995
Brusletten, DuaneSK1 SW RetFeb 1992 – Nov 1994Supply (S1)Plankowner Last command before retirement. Best duty of my career.
Jefferson, JamesEW3Feb 1, 1992 – Jul 10, 1995OWWonderful journey, made many life long friends.
Jefferson, JamesEW3Feb 1, 1992 – Jul 10, 1995OWGreat experience.
Groover, Troy AlanTM2Feb 1, 1992 – May 15, 1995G-220 years ago I stepped foot on the GW for the first time. I had a lot of good times with my shipmates in G-2 division. Many things have changed since then, but I am glad I had the experience onboard that I did.
Stanfield, Steve "Sloth"AG2Feb 2, 1992 – Feb 4, 1994OA
Ansari, Wallace "Slick"AC2(AW)Feb 28, 1992 – Jun 25, 1995OCOne of the best tours i've had. What's up to my fellow plankowners.
Piekarski, John - Ski profile iconABH3Mar 1992 – May 2, 1995V-1PLANKOWNER, part of all sea trials during PCU days, rag squadron qualifications and Air Wing qualifications. Meet great people and made the best of my time. Enjoyed great port calls - except UAE.
Swaner, BradSK3Mar 1992 – Dec 13, 1996SupplyIt is a wonderful ship we moved countless ships stores on and off the ship. I surely do miss the GW without her I would have never seen the world. Fair winds and following sea's.
R. Patrick Brice, Richard "Brice"AE1(AW)Mar 2, 1992 – Apr 4, 1995IM3I sure do miss the old girl. I would love to be haze, gray and underway again. I should have never gotten out!
Johnson, CraigMM2Mar 14, 1992 – Feb 28, 1994M-1
Stewart, Derek "Shorty"ABF1Mar 15, 1992 – Aug 28, 1994V-4 FuelsPlank owner. I enjoyed the time that I spent onboard. Met some great people. Now retired and living in Puerto Rico. Miss those days.
Vidrine, James profile iconPH3Mar 15, 1992 – Mar 19, 1997OP
Ray, DannyIC2Mar 21, 1992 – Aug 5, 1995
Kendrick, Karl LynnMM 2Apr 1992 – Jun 1994A-GANG / O2N2 SHOPIt seems like a lifetime ago. I will never forget the commissioning ceremony, the D-Day 50th anniversary or being catapulted off in a COD to come home. Good Times!
Harvie, BuddyEM1Apr 1992 – Aug 14, 1996RE
White, JamieSK3/E-4Apr 5, 1992 – Mar 31, 1996S1/S8Heard something about a plankowners reunion. Would love to have one. Someone let me know if such an idea becomes reality.
Beall, TerryPH3Apr 9, 1992 – Oct 30, 1995OPTEAM stands for Terry Eats All Meals!!!
Heiser, MarkEM2Apr 19, 1992 – Jul 17, 1997EWow what a blast... 2 med cruises and even a plankowner! Good times haging out in DCC on watch, answering those damn troublecalls!
Baker, Lawrence KeithABH 3Apr 19, 1992 – Apr 19, 1995V-1Living life at 54
Hetrick, MichaelAK1(AW)Apr 28, 1992 – Jan 12, 1996S-6/AIMDPlankowner, have a Great G W Day!
Sizemore, StephenE-4/FCMay 1992 – Nov 1993CSG
Daggett, ThomasMS3May 1, 1992 – Aug 16, 1995S-5Good Times!
Mahaffey, DeanLN1 (Retired)May 1, 1992 – Sep 30, 1993AIMDPlank Owner
Pazo, GregoryDS1May 15, 1992 – Nov 30, 1992OEWas onboard for a short time and elected to take the early out program that year, still proud to be a plank owner though. Did another 10 years in the Reserves and retired in 2003. Officially retired as a reservist.
Jones, JimDP2May 22, 1992 – May 14, 1996IS-7ADP is how most people referred to us. Lots of great memories and friendships.
Hutchings, Paul HutchBMSNJun 1992 – Jan 19952nd
Hensley, BrookFC2Jun 1, 1992 – Jun 1, 1994OEM
Naranjo, JuanABE2-ABECJun 3, 1992 – May 3, 1994V-2Searved Again-Feb 7th 2004-April 3 2007
Wright, SamsomHNJun 4, 1992 – Jun 4, 1994MedicalHad some trying times and some good times ..made some good friends as well
Howard, CoreyTM3Jun 11, 1992 – Feb 12, 1996Weapons G-2For all the complaining, I really do miss all the good times on board
Tucker, TyroneTM1Jun 14, 1992 – Apr 26, 1996G2 DIVISIONLOOKING FOR A CRUSE BOOK
Denson, MichaelAC2Jul 1, 1992 – Jan 16, 1995OC CATCC
York, DougAO1Jul 1, 1992 – Jan 29, 2004Safetytwo
Stull, ChrisAOANJul 7, 1992 – Jul 25, 1995G1 weapons
Fitzgerald, Nikyle/fitzE-1-E-4/RMJul 15, 1992 – Aug 1996CommunicationsI really enjoyed my time onboard. I would like to thank all of my shipmates that i have crossed paths with.
Alexander, ThomasMM2Aug 1992 – Oct 16, 1996Reactor Mechanical
York, KeithE4/ABF3Aug 1992 – Apr 1996V4
Baker Ll, MichaelE-3Aug 2, 1992 – Aug 2, 1994ABFIt was an educational experience!
Anderson, Mike/ "Opie"ABH3Aug 15, 1992 – May 1, 1996V-1
Smith, WillMM2Aug 15, 1992 – Aug 15, 1995RM02Solimeo/Lil Joe/Munns/Weaver, what up to the dirt bags I used to run with. Been a long time boys...
Gross, BrandonAOANSep 1992 – May 1994G-4Yeah, the good ol weapons elevators
Pidcock, JasonANSep 1992 – 1994V-4
Foley, BrentABH3Sep 1992 – Sep 1996V-1
Canode, RobMM1Sep 3, 1992 – Jan 10, 1996Reactor RP-12Best work center I've ever been in. Miss all you guys...Tommy, Pete, Weaver, Dave Connelly, RENNICK, Antony, Matt, Vanderhoof, Payne, Toby, Dwayne, as well as all the other guys in M-Div. We made the best out of some not so great times.
Dillon, BoABH3Sep 9, 1992 – Aug 26, 1996V-3
Clark, EzellE-4Sep 9, 1992 – Jul 8, 1996v1
Perry, HowieMM1(SW)Sep 22, 1992 – Jan 4, 2002M2 / RM2Most depressing time of my life, good to be a civilian
Dockeney, TomE-3Oct 10, 1992 – Mar 22, 1995supply S-8Most memorable experience onboard?The time the whole battle wing went out on war quals.As we went underway,they played "Immigrant Song" by Led Zeppelin.Now,every time I hear that song-i immediately start to charge!Go GW!!!Stay cool,shipmates!
Spears, ShanonABF 3Oct 16, 1992 – Jun 8, 1996V4Enjoyed my days aboard, would do it again if asked. Go G dub! A great ship.
Runge, Dana profile iconABH 2Oct 20, 1992 – Oct 15, 1995V1Had some really great times and served with some really great guys! Med cruise '94 was awesome! Was ABH 3 when I left the command served on board as ABH 2 as attached reserve unit. Love that ship!
Rosillo, Franciscoe3 airmanOct 31, 1992 – May 5, 1994V3 Hangar DeckJust want to let all my former and present shipmates know that I will always be with them, if not in body, in mind.
Briggs, EricMM2Nov 1992 – Nov 1996M / ReactorLooking for any of my old Navy buddies. I am now in the reserves as an Intel Specialist.
Morales, CruzANDec 1992 – Aug 1994weapons g-1
Locke, BradE3Dec 1992 – Apr 1994V-2CAT-3. Got out way too soon! I really miss the GW and my friends, especially Ben Ellis! You were a great friend and I hope to catch up to you some day.
Ohler, Scottao3Dec 5, 1992 – Nov 6, 1996g1was a great crew and a good time
Bumgarner, RalphDP2Dec 15, 1992 – Jun 6, 1996IS2Served in V-1 until may 1994, then to ISD.
Lang, GalenE-6Dec 28, 1992 –G-3 Aviation Ordnance

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