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USS George Washington (CVN 73) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS George Washington (CVN 73). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1084 crew members registered for the USS George Washington (CVN 73).

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Taylor, FrankHM3(AW/FMF)1991 – 1994MedicalPlankowner
Pantone, JoeE-5/MA21991 – 1994Legal/SecurityPCU Thru Med - Plankowner. Enjoyed serving with some of the finest in the fleet!
Drake, PatrickABH31991 – 1994V-1Plankowner
Dettling, ChadABH31991 – 1995V1Plankowner
Von Spreckelsen, Keith1991 – 1994Electrical, Nuke, RepairPlankowner. Served w/ some of the greatest people I will ever meet. Where the heck is Daren Bowen and why did he join the Army?
Surber, DonMM11991 – 1995MWas on Nimitz / IKE / CVN-73 Retired now. Working at Nuke plant in Illinois. TONS MORE MONEY!!!!!! I miss being around such good people....keep smilin....GO SNAPPERS
Hennings, SeanAMS AN1991 – 1994AIMDPLANK OWNER - Great boat! Gave me the opportunity to advance from towing planes on the flight deck with a tractor up to fixing every plane there. Did precom to the first Med. It was home, made alot of good friends, lived fast, no regrets.
Kepler, TimothyIC1(AW)1991 – 1994V-2Plankowner of GW. Had a great tour in Lens, V-2. Bunch of outstanding techs. Enjoyed taking the GW on her 1st Maiden Voyage. Learned alot from V-2 days, but this ICman needed to get back to steam driven boats.
Colon, CarlosE-31991 – 1993V2If any one remember me please contact me i will like to have some old friends close to me to chat
Douglas, Jamie1991 – 1994Plankowner
Showers, WesAN1991 – 1993V-1Plankowner
Mallinger, Pat - "Mal"ABH31991 – 1995V1Plankowner
Moeller, GaryATC1991 – 1993IM3 and IM5I got what I asked for - became a Plankowner to cap off my career. I was PreComm and retired off her the Friday before the G.W. took off on her first cruise. Fond memories.
Jason, DozierABH 21991 – 1995V-1PLANK OWNER (ASST. FLY 1 P.O.) Man, were these the days. Yup, crazy Dozier here. Hope all you shpies are doing well. Miss you from time to time.
Redd, JasonABH31991 – 1995V-3A Proud USS George Washington Plank Owner, met some great people while serving my country on board the GW.
Mills, BruceABF 31991 – 1995V-0PLANKOWNER
Robinson, Stevene-41991 – 1996V4plankowner
Billings, DavidABH21991 – 1994V-3
Williams, Anthony ' Big Will'ABH31991 – 1994V-3
Conway, Marvin profile iconOS21991 – 1995OIProud PLANKOWNER!!This is Cway. This tour was by far the highlight of my military career.It was truly an honor to have served this country with you guys.I miss our spade battles.I hope you guys are ok. ROLL TIDE!!!
Moxley, ZackeryAO31991 – 1994G-1 G-3
Smith, MajorET31991 – Aug 8, 1993OEREnjoyed my time on the GW. Proud to be a Plank Owner.
Bird, TrentABF31991 – 1993V4Plank owner
Psiuk, MikeAO31991 – 1994G-3Plankowner
Dumas, Therron T RonE3/ Aviation Boatswain's Mate1991 –AirOne of the greatest times in my life, and one of my biggest accomplishments. Wish I would have chosen to stay in longer and see how far I could push myself. The air division was crazy! Flight Deck all day and all night!
Pittman, Donald ChrisABH31991 – 1992Crash and Salvage
Lutz, EdwardBM21991 – Mar 1, 19962nd/Securityplank owner
Pabalan, JohnMM11991 – 1994AuxiliariesHow time passes.
Simon, MyronAd31991 – May 1994Aimd 2What a great ship to be a plank owner on.
Mencer, AndrewEm31991 – 1994ElectricalWorked in Safety shop, Supply PO and Flight deck electrical. Enjoyed the guys and the time on the ship, miss it a lot.
Michel, DougDC31991 – 1995Damage Control
Catron, CharlesFC31991 – 1993Operations
Avery, ToddDC3Jan 1991 – May 1993Damage ControlPlank owner current in the US Army as a Space Operator
Milchak, EricABE2Jan 1, 1991 – Jan 1, 1995V-2 Cat 1 "BIG GUN"
Savage, BrianANJan 1, 1991 – Dec 15, 1993S8Lot of good memories left back on the G.W.. Want to say "Whats Up" to all my old friends I served with. Most people called me Savage back on board. Miss you all. Airman Savage
Buckbee, JimABHANJan 3, 1991 – Jul 7, 1993Air Department V-1 Division FLY-2 Flight DeckIm a Plank Owner, made the 1st official pot of coffee aboard ship.Was honored to be a part of her com-misioning, in 1992. Was aboard at 1st port of call. While TDY aboard USS America became one of the trusty BLUE NOSES!
Fox, ClevelandPN3Jan 5, 1991 – Dec 16, 1994X-1, X-3, CCC Good times.Wild Times. Great Crew lots of Good memories. PLANKOWNER
Gossard, BryanABE ANJan 7, 1991 – Sep 23, 1993Avaiation Cat .2
Corbin, MichaelABEC(AW)Jan 7, 1991 – Mar 7, 1994V-2Arresting Gear CPO, Quaility Assurance and Air Department LCPO/3-M Coordinator
Turner, JimAOCMJan 9, 1991 – Aug 1993WEAPONS MASTER CHIEFSeeing this ship come alive was one of the highlights of my Navy career. Thanks to CDR Jeff McComb (OHO & Gun Boss) for giving me the opportunity.
Green, SteveDT2Jan 15, 1991 – Jan 15, 1994DENPlank owner
Erlandson, Tommy/earle4Jan 15, 1991 – Oct 14, 1994v2i worked on cat 2
Crabb (Crablegs), Billy RayMMFNFeb 1991 – Aug 1994Steam Heat and Air ConditioningI really enjoyed my time aboard the GW, I unfortunatele was discharged for medical illness. I really miss it.
Redding, RonAZCS (AW/SW)Feb 1991 – Jan 1994IM1 Plankowner
Pasquariello, Ron (P-12)TM1Feb 1991 – Feb 1994G-2Good people. GMG1 Jones, and everyone else Bert, Hoch, St James. Koblinsky, Tucker, Booker and everyone else in the ARMORY
Gore, TroyABF3Feb 2, 1991 – Dec 10, 1994V4/AirABF3 Served in Air Department/Fuels worked in Flight Deck Contol. PLANKOWNER
Davis, RussIC3Feb 7, 1991 – Feb 8, 1995engineeringPlankowner
Elzie, Bobbye3Feb 14, 1991 – Feb 13, 1993deck departmenti had fun while on the washington(cvn-73) even though i stayed in trouble to the crew bravo zulu
Allen, RickE-4Feb 17, 1991 – Aug 16, 1995V-4PLANKOWNER
Wharton, CharlesMS1 - CWO2Mar 1991 – Dec 1999S-2
Sekura, JoeSK3Mar 1991 – Jun 1993S-8Plankowner. Looking for old shipmates.
Studley, ToddDP2 (DP3 ONBOARD)Mar 1991 – May 1994OM/S7Plankowner!! My only ship in my naval career. Had some great times and met many great friends. Lugo (Heroooo), Fontenot, every one in AW Mod !! My contact number is 443-370-2221. Break out the high-speed buffer !!!! I definately miss it !
Johnson, ScottE4/ABE3Mar 1991 – Sep 1994V-2 DivisionPlankownwer, worked in Aressting Gear. Gear dogs GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Had a blast when I was in. Won't ever forget the times I had. Now I work at Walt Disney World. I'm a mechanic on the Attractions and love my job.
Lowe, Jeffabe3Mar 1991 – Oct 10, 1994v-2Hey guys. looking for anyone from arresting gear that are plankowners. Especially childs and chuck. Go gw !
Williams, DarrenHT2Mar 1991 – Sep 1993R-1i would like to hear from any one of the crew members who served onboard from january 1991 to september 1993
Milchak, EricABE2Mar 1, 1991 – Jan 1, 1995V-2 Cat 1Had a gewat time on the boat and enjoyed being part of Cat 1 ( BIG GUN)
Hoch, BrianGMG3Mar 1, 1991 – Nov 17, 1994G2Hey Bert still hanging around in central pa. All you G2 guys how ya doin
Dowell, BrianWTSNMar 15, 1991 – Mar 6, 1992Special WeaponsWT's get ahold of me. Never rec'd plank owner cert.
May, MichaelANMar 15, 1991 – Dec 18, 1992G-3PLANKOWNER
Sims, ToddEW2(SW)Mar 20, 1991 – Aug 9, 1994OWPLANKOWNER-----Had some great times with lots of friends while onbaoard this fine Navy ship.
Gronbech, RobertYN3 (SW/AW)Mar 21, 1991 – May 16, 1995X-1worked in XO admin working with awards and typing up the plan of the day for the entire ship. Prior to all of that I started in the weapons dept when I first became crew for the ship as a non rated airman fresh frm trng
Ardis, MarvinE3Mar 22, 1991 – Nov 11, 1993V1I miss it now.
Lazzeroni, JoeABF3Apr 1991 – Jan 1995Air Fuels
Bertrand, ChrisGMG3Apr 1991 – Nov 1994G2 WEAPONSWhere are they now? Jones, Hoch , P12 , St James and the Koblinsky Boys. Where are you guys? Lots of fun Med cruise 94.
Milchak, EricABE2Apr 1, 1991 – Dec 31, 1994V-2Cat 1 rocked! Had a great time on the GW, but sure don't miss the steam watches. Now living in Chattanooga, TN. Look me up
Watson, BoEM3Apr 7, 1991 – May 18, 1994engwoked in power shop then motor rewind
Higgins, CoreyAD3Apr 12, 1991 – May 13, 1994IM-2PLANKOWNER
Jones, MartyAO TO AMH3Apr 18, 1991 – Dec 24, 1994G-1/ IM2Seems like yesterday riding those blue buses to the yard. Miss all you guys! You guys were some of the best people Ive known. thought our 1st. cruise was never going to end, still great times.
Boire, JeffreyEM3Apr 21, 1991 – Mar 30, 1996ENG/EPLANKOWNER
Boire, JeffreyE-4/EM3Apr 21, 1991 – Mar 30, 1996E
Broadus, ColinAZ3Apr 22, 1991 – Apr 22, 1995V-2Arresting Gear office, QA office, Maint. Office Plankowner
Farely, GeorgeOSSNApr 26, 1991 – Jul 24, 1994OI
Cortez, DaveAOANMay 1991 – Dec 1994G-4 G-3Plankowner
Barrett, DavidDAMAGE CONTROLMANMay 1991 – Apr 1995Damage COntrolLooking for any shipmates that were part of the Plankowners of the GW. You can email me at, Would love to hear from anyone
McCauley, TonyIS#May 1991 – Oct 1995OZMade 1st Med Cruise. Lots of memories. Any IS's out there
Williams, CoreyE3May 1991 – May 1995SupplyPlankowner
Laughner, DavidABHCMay 1, 1991 – Dec 31, 1993V-1I was the plank owner LPO of V-1 Division.
Campbell, RandyE-2May 3, 1991 – Oct 1992the day she was comissioned i will never forget those words. george washington come to life and crew man your ship. that day will always be on my mind.
Hayward Jr, WarrenAE-1May 15, 1991 – Dec 31, 1994IM-3I started with CVN-73 as the LPO of the AE division. I set-up all of the AE shops for IM-3.
Konczal, Gerald (Special K)SH-2May 16, 1991 – Jun 6, 1992S-3Plankowner
Daugherty, JackAO2May 16, 1991 – Jan 17, 1996G-1/G-5PLANKOWNER
Ouber, David AAO3May 20, 1991 – May 20, 1995G4 Weapons
Phillips, AlET1Jun 1991 – Mar 1994Reactor/ Reactor operatorFirst reactor start up (#2 plant) of ship now at commercial nuke in FL Go G- Dub !! might make it for 20th reunion
White, Brian D.ATNJun 1991 – Nov 1994Plankowner
Merryfield, TroyEM1Jun 1991 – Jun 1993REPlankowner nuke. Now Mission Assurance at NASA.
Grathwohl, DaveDM2Jun 1, 1991 –OZPlank owner
Thompson, DarrenGMG3Jun 1, 1991 – Sep 6, 1992Plankowner
Lucas, MichaelOS2Jun 10, 1991 – Jun 9, 1992OSAny of the guys that remember me from the short time i spent on the boat, look me up Bannister, Rape, Lillemo, Basey - Would love to hear from you guys
Edwards, SteveDCCJun 16, 1991 – Jun 26, 1995DCPlankowner...on the best CVN in the Fleet! I really miss this crew. God Bless to all. I would do it all over again!
Scott, RickeyE-3Jun 24, 1991 – Jun 26, 1995Crash & Salvage CrewmanI really appreciated my miltary days and it taught me a lot about life. Honor, courage, and how to overcome adversity. I also appreciate allowing me to travel half the world. Also I am a PLANKOWNER.
Prince, BarryABF3Jun 25, 1991 – Aug 25, 1995V4plank owner. first med cruise
Dill, JamieABH3Jun 26, 1991 – Jun 28, 1995V-1
Fotis, EricMM3Jul 1991 – May 13, 1993A Cat Steam Plant
Gee, BenjaminFCCS(SW)Jul 1, 1991 –OEM
Buckman, TedEN3Jul 5, 1991 – Mar 7, 1995G4/Boat ShopPlankOwner. I see a lot of people I remember on here. Brings back lots of memories.
Cline, EldonABF2Jul 12, 1991 – Feb 10, 1995Training TEMADDPlankowner. I enjoyed it.
Taylor, Nathan (Nute)ABH3 NOW ABH1Jul 15, 1991 – May 3, 1995AIR/VO Tower FlowerPlank owner and 1st 6 month cruise suvivor including a fire Missing my good friends from that ship.
Moxley, ZackeryAO3Jul 17, 1991 – Oct 19, 1994G-1 AND G-3 PLANKOWNER worked hangar bay and bomb assembly. drummer in ships rock band
Inman, Billy (Billdawg) profile iconE4Jul 17, 1991 – May 5, 1995DC
Davison, FredET3Jul 20, 1991 – Nov 17, 1994ComI have no regrets enlisting in the Navy and serving my country. I equally have no regrets becoming a civilian and enjoying the freedom our servicemen and women continue to sacrafice for me.
Bowen, Daren/kentuckyHT2Aug 1991 – Feb 1995RepairProud Plankowner, many good times, many not so good. I will tell the story of the fire at sea for ever. I was on the At sea fire party. What a day. God bless all my brothers at sea.
Stringer, ChrisAOANAug 1991 – Sep 21, 1994G-2G-2 Plankowners! We had the most fun on the ship! Met people & did things that have influenced my life immensely. I'll never forget all the bro's! Miss them too. If any of u get my email, I'm hooked up with Strasser & Groover. &qu
May, DonaldPN1Aug 1, 1991 – Jun 30, 1994X-DivisionPlank Owner
Bornino, RonaldABH3Aug 1, 1991 – Mar 31, 1994V-1PLANKOWNER
Carle, BryanWT3Aug 5, 1991 – Oct 13, 1993WeaponsThe years spent aboard the GW were some of the proudest days of my life. The work ethic and sense of pride i gained onboard i still carry with me today.
Franklin, Dumont/frankE-3Aug 14, 1991 – Jun 30, 1995S-3
Daily, JohnABE2Aug 15, 1991 – Nov 8, 1994V2Toughest job I ever had.
Mabry, DuaneABE3Aug 16, 1991 – Oct 14, 1994V-2 Arresting GearPlank Owner - O-rah How many of you remember all the time we spent in the shipyard in Newport News. The Sea trials an all that stuff. My first year I didn't know what the Navy was really about till we got out of the Shipyard.
Rosario, EdwardoABH3Aug 16, 1991 – May 31, 1995V3To all my friends in the US and abroad: thanks for the great experience, it is an honor to have served with the greatest crew this warship will ever see. God Bless you, where ever you are.
Thomas, BrianE2Aug 21, 1991 – 1993WeaponsPlankowner
Boling, Daniel LDS2Aug 25, 1991 – Jan 30, 1996OEDPlankowner
Bridegam, Francesco/ Shakey JakeABH1(AW/SW)Aug 28, 1991 – May 5, 1995AIR/V-3PLANKOWNER
Beckley, Patrick (Beck)ABE2Sep 1991 – Apr 1993V-2PCU-GW, Plankowner. I was the Asst. Cat Capt. on CAT 3 until 1993, and got out in Feb. 1994. I went racing in NASCAR until 2002. I am now a now a full time firefighter in Kannapolis, NC. Looking for Jim Hubble from the Bow Cats!!
Bischoff, JimAMS3Sep 1991 – Apr 1994V-2/ Im2
Mihaliak, Daniel/ DanSK1Sep 1991 – Oct 1995S1/S6Just checking up on old shipmates
Kauer, Scott profile iconFC3Sep 1991 – Jun 1995OERThe best of times on the GW. A great ship and a great crew.
Belmares, BenIC3Sep 1991 – Jul 1995V-2 (VLA)Plankowner Initially assigned to Arresting Gear then moved to Visual Landing Aids (Lens/ ILARTS) Worked with a great group of guys and served on a great ship!
Baker, Martin Shake N BakeE-4/ABE3Sep 1, 1991 – Aug 1, 1995V-2 Cat#3Plankowner for life. Great experience. Many good times. 1st maiden cruise 50th D-Day celebration all the hard work and dedication paid off. Cat3 training P.O. Sure miss friends made while on board. Dont miss hours and hours of cleaning.haha
Rosa, CarlosABF3Sep 1, 1991 – Apr 15, 1995V-4 and IM3 Calibration LabPLANKOWNER, A part of me was left on that ship, good times. Proud to had served in the GW. Go Grapes. If any former V4s from 1991 to 1995 are still there shoot me an email. GOD Bless You All. Hi to IM3 Gauge Cali LAB
Delehanty, BrianAbe3Sep 5, 1991 – Mar 5, 1995V-2Panel operator on cat#4 great times with great friends!
Salsbery, EricOS2Sep 8, 1991 – Feb 25, 1996OIPlankowner! I had a great time aboard. Now that I am out of the Navy I look back to the experience quite fondly.
Canaway, AsaSNSep 8, 1991 – Oct 13, 1993OEMPlankowner; Lifer. Many hours playing spades in Nimitz Hall before move aboard, on Ho Chi Minh Trail afterward. Now FC1(SW) (Aegis). Great leadership, good thing, 'cause we were all GREEN!
Campbell, Byron (Soup)OSSNSep 10, 1991 – Sep 10, 1995OII Love every minute onboard. I like to send a shout out to OS2 Timothy Saunders who was also a GW sailor when I was onboard who died on the USS Cole. We miss you man! I can be reach at Peace all Plankowners.
Spann, Steven (Spicelv)AO1 aw/swSep 19, 1991 – Jun 3, 1998G3That was a great crew
Spruiel, MauriceSH3Sep 23, 1991 – Oct 1, 1996S-3
Wilson, ShaneAD3Sep 23, 1991 – May 22, 1995IM-2Plankowner was there when commissioned and made the maiden deployment to the Med.
Fazar, DanielABE 3Sep 30, 1991 – Jul 1995V2Plankowner that Worked CAT 2 topside, Had some good times and some hard, Long hours, and box lunches, But it got me to where I am today.
Rodriguez, Mario / Hot RodAO3Oct 1991 – Jun 1995G-3/G-5Made some good friends. Had a great time. IYAOYAS!!!!!!
Przytulski, AaronMM3Oct 1991 – Jan 1996M-3/ Reactor TPL/ M-1Enjoyed my time onboard, glad to be out with my family.
Butler, CristopherAIRMAN3Oct 1991 – Jul 1995V-1PlankOwner--- I remember seeing the ship before the reactors were put in. Also, was sent T.A.D to the Kennedy on there med ...someone had to show you boys how to Chalk and Chain.... can anyone beat 3 secs... Team NoFear!!!
Hope, JohnABF2Oct 1991 – Aug 1995V-4Great times.
Stanley, DanABH3Oct 1991 – Oct 1995V1Just showing my kid what their dad used to do, and imagine that there are some of you slugs I worked with on here!!
Mason, JerryABH-1Oct 1991 – Oct 1995V-1Tractor King , TAD Ships Safety Div.
Achord, CharlesJO2Oct 1991 – Oct 1995X-5 Public Affairs (Admin)Plankowner on GW. I was there for Sea Trials & the Maiden Deployment. Our ship was the President's platform for the 50th Commemoration of D-Day (June 1994). I got there as an E-2 (JOSN) & left an E-5 (JO2) as Div. LPO.
Hayes, Eric "Hillbilly"E-5/ABE2Oct 1991 – Jul 1995V-2PLANKOWNER Cat #3 THE HOWITZER Miss the friends I worked with. Had a great time in those years. Got to go places I will probably never see again.
Burlison, PatrickABH 3Oct 1991 – Aug 1994V-1 DivisionPre-Com and Plankowner V-1 Div. Worked Fly-1, Fly-2, & Tractors during work ups and shakedown. Original member of V-1 crash & Smash. Great times and even GREATER SHIPMATES !!
Conley, Erik Lee profile iconABFAAOct 1991 – Sep 1995V-4PreCom, Plankowner, Shakedowns, D-Day(1994), Maiden Med Cruise. So many memories and lessons learned(the hard way). Later to re-enlist into the RI Army National Guard. 2004-05 OIF2 Iraq as a HMMWV Turret Gunner.
Wohlferd, RobertAMH3Oct 10, 1991 – Jul 1, 1995AIMD
Coscarelli, CozAZ1(AW)Oct 20, 1991 – Oct 15, 1993AIMD/QAAwesome ship and crew. Had a wonderful career going, but had to leave Navy (Humanitarian Discharge) so I could raise my son. Proud to say he's a commissioned officer and an Airforce Pilot so I guess I did okay
Louis, Roy (Skip)DC1 (SW)Oct 22, 1991 – Aug 25, 1996DCGW was the best Command, and had the Greatest people I ever worked with throughout my Naval Career.Work email / Home Contact me anytime. Take Care Shipmates.
Quinn, RobIC 3Oct 25, 1991 – Mar 25, 1995The One and Only E Baby!Great ship and Great guys.Had a blast! Miss all the Guys.
Maternick, GaryE-5Oct 25, 1991 – Nov 20, 1995edivLoved my time aboard the Washington great crew. Plankowner!
Connare, WalterAO3Nov 1991 – Apr 1995Weapons G-4Plankowner
Watson, TomMMCNov 1991 – Mar 1996RLPlankowner
Chambers, MichaelSK1Nov 1991 – Oct 1992S-1
Tomasco, ChrisDC3Nov 1991 – May 1995DC DivisionWhats up fellow plankowners.... Hail to the AFT AAA shop. We built that thing. I was WCS for a while. Shoot me an email: Great bunch of guys. GO NAVY!!
Wilson, ShaneAD3Nov 1991 – May 1995IM-2I was there when the ship a Pre-Commissioning unit and am a Plank Owner.
Westbrook, CharlesAk3 Aviation StorekeeperNov 1991 – Apr 1, 1995S-6
Caceres, AnthonySK3Nov 8, 1991 – Jan 22, 1995S-1 S-8Plankowner
Trenzado, Sergio R.MS3Nov 9, 1991 – Nov 9, 1995s-2/s-9plankowner
Fittro, StevenMSSNNov 12, 1991 – Nov 17, 1995S-5Plankowner!
Maxwell, SteveABH 3Nov 14, 1991 – Jun 20, 1995V-1Plankowner, fly 1 buleshrit,Tractors,Fly 3 Yellow Shrit,Asst Supply PO. Those were the days
Henry, Kevin A.AO2Nov 17, 1991 – May 23, 1995Weapons G4Plankowner
Hanson, Joseph DanAO3Nov 18, 1991 – Dec 17, 1994G-2PLANK OWNER!!!
Sheehan, EdwardE-5/FC 2Nov 19, 1991 – Sep 13, 1995OEMMiss the ole tug
Harris, KevinE-4Nov 28, 1991 – Dec 15, 1995S-2I really enjoyed being a plank owner aboard the ship. Making a lot of friends and cooking a whole lot of food. That's what i miss.
Morgan, WilbertMSSNDec 1991 – Apr 1994s5Plankowner Showing some love o all whom served on GW especially S5 and Admiral's mess
Lonczak , NorbertMMCDec 1991 – Dec 1994A-Div/Ship 3-M coordinatorPROUD PLANKOWNER> The greatest time of my Navy Career. Worked A-div hydraulics then 3-M Coordinator. Miss all my shipmates.
Baker, Martin Shake N BakeABE3Dec 1, 1991 – Aug 1, 1995V-2Looking for old mates from the V-2 divison. If this is you contact me at Take care Marty Baker
Bennett, ChrisABF3Dec 7, 1991 – Jan 8, 1995V-4I served as a grape onboard GW for four long years. Goodtimes though. PLANKOWNER
Miller, BrentEM3Dec 12, 1991 – Sep 14, 1994EHad a great time on board.Worked in the Power Shop with Bacho.Plankowner
Cline, AshleyIC3Dec 14, 1991 – May 18, 1994E-Division
Hopson, Ben profile iconEM3 / E-4Dec 25, 1991 – Sep 19, 1994ENG/E-DIVPlankowner, worked in flight deck ltg. EE09, miss all the good times we had working and not working, thanks for the memories. Shout out too ya Watson!
Frorath, GlennE-4 USN now MSGT USAFDec 28, 1991 – Jul 31, 1994S-2, S-5, MWRPLANK OWNER. Remember all of the cruises building up to the Med Cruise. Puerto Rico was the Best and 50th D-Day. It was a Great Ship and Crew however Leadership had a lot to be desired. TQL??

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