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USS George Washington (CVN 73) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS George Washington (CVN 73). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1084 crew members registered for the USS George Washington (CVN 73).

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Doster, Jordan (Jdos)ADAN0000 – May 2, 2010IM2
Hobbs, AdamE-40000 – Jun 30, 1998V-1The Navy helped me to graduate College with a Accounting Degree-I miss the friends I had there, but not the work.
Capaldi, Joe3DR CLASS Mar 12, 1095 – Mar 12, 1998v-1 crash & smash feel free to e-mail any time . i would like to here from the old crew,witch you are all old now like this old fart ..
Trevino, Richard/ RickOS3Jun 1901 – Aug 2, 1993OSPlankowner
Hawley, WilliamFN1967 – 1968btI am looking for any shipmates aboard during the years of 67 to 68 serving in Viet Nam. It is extremly important.....please contact me asap...Bill Hawley
Stacey, GroverDK1Jul 6, 1982 – Sep 30, 2003
Layser, MikeET1Aug 29, 1988 – Aug 28, 1994Reactor Controls #2 Work CenterPLANKOWNER - NUKE - Hey guys! How is life after the Navy? Love to hear from you.
Horne, AllenMS31989 – 1993Supply/SecurityAhoy Shipmates. Was there from the start (Huntington Hall, Newport News) till late 1993. It was nice to be a part of the GW Experience. Miss all my shipmates who served with me. Wish I knew how everyone else is doing. ORIGINAL PLANK OWNER.
Kokosky, FredEMCM1989 – Aug 31, 1993CMC/TRAINING/ENGINEERING/ADMINReported in 1989 and we started the Precom with a few good men in BLDG 608, 3311 West Ave. in Feb 1990. Turned over CMC to Tom Hankins when he reported. Then, Tom turned it over to "ABE" when he reported on board.
Sekura, JoeE-4/STOREKEEPERAug 8, 1989 – Jun 14, 1993S-8I liked many of the guys I worked with and would enjoy getting in touch with some of them.
Morgan, ChubsSH-3Nov 13, 1989 – Jul 10, 2003S-3imagine this huntington hall,newport news,working in supplies not supply,assigned to the barbershop of an aircraft carrier,,going to a diffrent club or strip joint every night,single,from richmond,how could i make it for 4yrs.fullsteamahead
Hunt, John (Bo)MM11990 – Feb 15, 1994M/RMPLANKOWNER
Gardner, MichaelWTSA1990 – 1992(Spec Weapons)
Gardner, MichaelWTSA1990 – Oct 1992"W"
Jones, PoulMM11990 – Nov 23, 1994ReactorI worked in Reactor Mechanical Division and Reactor Training Division. Had a great time. Left the Navy and worked for Newport News Shipbuilding for 5 years providing support for reactor mechanical on CVNs. * Plank Owner
Davidson, RonaldAEC/AW1990 – 1998Pukin Dogs green shirtI am actually his daughter and am looking for anyone who might by the off chance have a photo of him.
Gardin, RobertSH1 / SHC1990 – 1994S-3Where did everyone go LOL . Holla at me on Facebook lets talk about old times
Deloach, KennethE31990 – 1992Deck DivisionWas a great two years!
Sardinas, Carlos/fishMM31990 – May 1994A GangSteam Heat & Outside Repair.
Swanson, RobbieMM11990 – 1995M1/ Reactor LibraryPlankowner through first Med-Cruise
Turner, JohnMM31990 – 1993Reactor MechanicalYeah, it's Turner from Reactor. Served with Captain Nutwell & Captain Brown. I was there when the superstructure was put on, ship's christening and sea trials, so I'm a plank owner. Working in corrections now. let's talk
Ashby, CharlesAo11990 – 1995G5Where did the time go
Meadows, FloydDC31990 – 1993EngineeringPlankowner. A lot of memories from the PCU/CVN years.
Greene, DanielET21990 – Apr 1, 1994ReactorThere are a few in the Pre-Com reactor department i would love to hear from. I've been a Patent Examiner since 2004. Hit me up or check me, my Kunekunes & my 1979 VW Westfalia out on youtube SundryTalesOfConstance(STOC)
Harris, EricETC1990 – 1994RC
Labertew, KarlMM2(SW)Jan 1990 – Sep 1993M and A-gangOne of the best periods of my life. I look back now and miss going to sea. I'd go back if I could.
Duvall, ThomasET1Jan 1990 – Jan 1993OECPLANK OWNER. Great crew, Great Times, Will take a Carrier over any small boy.
Lapolla, TonyETC(SW)Jan 1990 – Oct 1993OERPlankowner! I had a lot of fun getting the GW ready for action. Worked for CWO4 Gene Sayre who was the best! Loved my time on the GW and wish I was there for her first deployment, but it was time to go.
Taylor, Timothy BMM1Jan 1, 1990 – Jul 1, 1993M DivEnjoyed my time on CVN73. Now work at Newport News Shipbuilding in the Non-nuke Test Department after about 12 years as an STE/Nuclear Tester. Working for Captain Brown was awesome, his son Scott is now the RO on CVN71.
Rudolph, Christopher "rudy"SH2(SW) THEN NOW NCCM(SW)Jan 10, 1990 – Feb 15, 1996I would like to say "What's up to my old shipmates" We had great times on board the GW. Sewell, Chubs,"Big Lump" "Big Will" "Lott" "Spuriel" I miss you guys, "Thanks for the Memorie
Walker, MichaelSK1 now retired SKC(AW/SW)Jan 11, 1990 – Jan 11, 1993S-1Plankowner, left prior to first deployment, yep, Shore Duty; Geo-bachelor so you wouldn't understand. Nevertheless, it was my second CVN, CVN-70 was the BOAT!
Scott, RoderickBM3Feb 1990 – Feb 19942nd/3rdplankowner
Murray, JohnMM1Feb 1990 – Nov 1993RMPlankowner
Hodge, JeffEM2Feb 14, 1990 – Mar 31, 1993REPlankowner, one of the first few Nukes at the command. Looking to connect with the early Reactor crew members.
Guion, RichardET1Mar 1990 – Dec 31, 1992OEPlank Owner - SINS WCS
Pitz, ScottEM1(SW/AW)Mar 1990 – Sep 1993REPlank Owner and First Qualified Load Dispatcher on the ship. Had a great time on GW, took her from pre-com to first deployment workups
Hooten, JustinMM2 - MA1Mar 1990 – Jul 1994LegalProud Plankowner
Sorrells, CraigYN3Mar 3, 1990 – Nov 9, 1993Captain's OfficeMade some great friends and had some great times. Worked as CO's Yeoman and YNC(SW/AW) Ronald Chavis..great guy and chief
Fisher, Alan "Fish"ANMar 9, 1990 – Mar 10, 1994V4PLANKOWNER. This Ship always has and always will kick ass. Lots of good times on and off of this ship.
McGee, Terry ' Chip' profile iconE4Mar 14, 1990 – Jan 8, 1993V3
Clemons, RobertSK2 NOW SKCSMar 17, 1990 – Oct 17, 1992S-1 - S-8Met a lot of good people onboard! Supply Department was very tight knit. Looking to hook up with some old shipmates! "Plankowner"!
Blackburn, PaulApr 1990 – 1993Training, AIMD, QAWas there from the begining, lots of memories, would love to hear from those who like to reminisce. Am retired now but still miss being Haze Grey and Underway. Was involved in many early command projects, lots of good times. Miss everyone!
Isley, TerryDCFNApr 1990 – Nov 1992DCEven though i hated it i wouldnt have changed anything... :D
Kearney, LiamHT3Apr 1, 1990 – Apr 1, 1994Mess Crank, Deck, Pipe Shop, Damage Control, etc....
Laughner, DavidABHCApr 1, 1990 – Dec 29, 1993V-1PLANKOWNER
Wesley, JamesLTApr 30, 1990 – Jul 8, 1992RMPlank Owner. Served as the RMTA and RMA.
Lucy, DaleET1May 1990 – May 1993ReactorPlankowner
Walz, TimEM1May 1990 – May 1993Reactor ElectricalDid precom and am a plank-owner - great experience - can't complain much since I only did 85 days @sea and left after PSA for instructor duty and then decommissioned D1G. I hope someone is keeping 1 switchgear clean!!!
Bottiger, Darin/ TiggerRM3May 10, 1990 – Aug 25, 1994crHad fun onboard, with some great friends.
Taylor, Eddie/teeMM3May 10, 1990 – Jun 12, 1993Reactor Dept (MMR)
Ware, Dwight "bruce"EM1(SW)May 20, 1990 – Aug 15, 1992Reactor ElectricPLANKOWNER. I was the first Load Dispatcher to take this Lady to sea. Had some fun times on her, made some good friends! Left her for Prototype duty, broke my back, and now I am the Global Commissioning Manager for GE Wind Energy
Thompson, Richard "Hollywood"As 2May 20, 1990 – May 12, 1994IM 4, AIMD
Savoie, JodyE-3/ANMay 21, 1990 – Jul 14, 1993V-1The George Washington was a bit rough for a junior airman However for me the GW was the foundation for a sucessful naval career.
Harris, KevinPN3May 29, 1990 – Feb 26, 1993AdminOk I am on here twice, but, the PCU GW was a once in a lifetime thing. Admin/Pers. Was a adventure every day! Lots of good friends were made as well!
Armstrong, ArmyBM3May 29, 1990 – Feb 19, 19941 stbest time of my life i will never forget bm1 fish bm2 myers stover bowe bake hicks bmcs domzalski bosn oklovich
Mayden, Warner (Lee)LICJun 1990 – Dec 4, 1994X-1 DivAssigned to Admin X-2 division if memory is correct. Reported as an LIC, initially in charge of MWR, Had a great time on the GW, served with a great crew. Retired as an LICS(SW/AW/MTS) in 1999. retired and live in NC.
Obrien, TerryHM2/E5Jun 1990 – Mar 16, 1993MedicalPLANK OWner - WE put the Medical Department together. HI Pat Dion
Looney, RaymondEM2Jun 1, 1990 – Aug 10, 1992G-4Plankowner/ Now Vet
Youngblood, GregoryAbeJun 3, 1990 – Mar 3, 1994Air department V-2I Know
Pursser, AnthonyE-6 AT1Jun 5, 1990 – Jul 28, 1992AIMDLoved the Navy
Kurko, ChrisANJun 7, 1990 – May 19, 1994V-0I am a Plank Onwer on the Washington. I learned alot on that ship. While in the yard I went on the Roosevelt for Gulf and came back for trials and commisioning with some good cruises
Thomas, WilliamAZCSWJun 8, 1990 – Jun 5, 1994AIMDAIMD 3M Administrator and ADMIN Dept Office Chief
Dixon, PhilABF3Jun 8, 1990 – Oct 27, 1995V4I had so many good memories serving on board, the news of being decommissioned just pisses me off
Benefield, MichaelMM2Jun 15, 1990 – Nov 18, 1994Reactor Department2 MMR Fighting Sloths!
Jenkins, MichaelE-4 MMJul 1990 – Jul 1992reactorlooking for paul lindgren, last seen or heard from was 1992.lived in new port news
Hager, John (Sammy)ET1 (ret)Jul 1990 – Jul 1995Crew D / RCPre - Comm Crew D. Initial Crit #2 plant. Made the first deployment. Great time spent on board.
Hicks, BryanBm3Jul 1990 – Mar 19941stAn amazing time thank you to Bm1Fish, Bm2myers, what you taught me made me a better person a better father and instilled the drive for me to be the best I can in life. Thanks to Armstrong, Harris think of u daily
Sivells, HarryYN2Jul 11, 1990 – Jan 6, 1994REACTOR ADMINWorking for Captain Brown in Reactor was one of the best people I ever had the pleasure of working with in the Navy. Didn't realize how much I miss the Navy until I retired. Love the fact that I'm a plankowner of the USS GEORGE WASHINGT
Hilsenhoff, BradleyMS3Jul 15, 1990 – Jan 15, 1995s-2Had a blast
Payne, JimRM1 (SW)Jul 21, 1990 – Sep 1, 1992CommPlankowner
Sampson, TimothyMM1Aug 1990 – Jan 1995Reactor Laboratory-PLANKOWNER- Taught at nuke school for next tour and then got out. Still working power plants, the pay is better. Miss the awesome professionalism.
Ausderau, DougABCM-CMCAug 1990 – Aug 1995Air LCPO-2nd CMCPlankowner.
Wasilewski, KellyMM1Aug 1990 – May 1993Reactor-MM #1 PlantLots of good memories onboard GDub! "Kill Ball" rocked!! Captain Brown was the first person to respond to the medical emergency called away when I cracked my head open on the rod drive motor removal chain hoist! He was a great leader.
Copon, RonSKCS (NOW SKCM RETIRED)Aug 1990 – Sep 1993S-8 MAterial DivisionPlank Owner
Sims, DougAKCSAug 1, 1990 – Jan 1, 1994S-6
Amich, BobMM2Aug 1, 1990 – Nov 28, 1994Reactor Mechanical, Reactor TrainingMany great experiences. Fond memories of the first med cruise. Made alot of friends.
Garcia, Bill profile iconMM2Aug 1, 1990 – Nov 24, 1994#2 MMR RP-22PLANKOWNER. Came to the ship during pre-comm and left after 1st Med cruise, spent nearly all that time working in #2 MMR. Great guys to work with, I learned a lot about life (usually the hard way).
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Shifflett, GaryIT1Aug 5, 1990 – Jun 5, 1994S7Hello shipmates, just added this entry to the NavyBuddies web site. Thoroughly enjoyed the GW tour. Me, transferred to London UK off the ship, back to the states, and retired in year 2000...Life is good.
Abt, JoeEM2Aug 8, 1990 – Jul 1994ReactorPlank Owner. Don't miss the Navy but I am glad looking back that I did it. I do miss the friends I made, it's hard to find people like them in the non-military world.
Williams, LarrySKCMAug 9, 1990 – Sep 18, 1994S1 & S8PLANKOWNER
Garcia, DanielMM2Aug 10, 1990 – Jul 15, 1993Reactor Room 2Plankowner
Hodges, GordonMM2(SW)Aug 15, 1990 – Aug 15, 1993RM #1 PlantMy first ship, Plankowner. What an amazing experience! The plant w/o deck plates. Rotating shift work. Qualifying ESWS, met so many cool guys throughout the ship. Great guys in Reactor Mechanical. Lots of memories.
Newell, FrankLTSep 1990 – Apr 1993MPCU Plank Owner Spent many months on Med cruises
Holmes, BillDC1Sep 1, 1990 – Oct 1, 1993Safety-UnfortunatelyCall me "shipmates"!!!! 502-471-9600
Diorio, DennisAK3Sep 6, 1990 – May 5, 1994S-8, S-6Plankowner
Wheeler, Williee-3Sep 17, 1990 – Aug 21, 1994ward roomworked for the best officers in the navy
Baker, ShedrickPC2Sep 17, 1990 – Mar 6, 1996S12The Postal Posse was a good team that became life long friends. Thanks for the memories fellas.
Rogaczewski, CraigABE2Sep 26, 1990 – Sep 26, 1994V-2Plankowner. it was one of the hardest and best time of my life
Tyrone, TuckerTM1Oct 8, 1990 – Oct 7, 1995G-2WHAT'S UP FELLOW PLANKOWNERS GO G-2
Brown, AlvinE4/MS3Oct 21, 1990 – May 14, 1994Supply S-2It was an Honor to Serve onboard The USS George Washington, CVN-73, Atlantic Fleet Command. It was also an honor and a Privilege to meet some Great Shipmates, who called me Big Brown, and Great overall Leadership as well
Ratliff, Bruce A.AO1AWNov 1, 1990 – Jun 28, 1992G-1 Weapons
Galicia, Brian (Bridge Troll)PN3Nov 11, 1990 – Jun 13, 1994Personnel/Master at ArmsVERY PROUD PLANKOWNER
Beji, DensileMS 3Nov 15, 1990 – Dec 27, 1994S-2 and S-5, was cashier at the hall and work in chief messJust want to give a shot out and hope to link a few good friends from the GW. MS1 Harvey, MS1 Aldrige, Allen Horne, Kruciger, MS2Ward, Mann, John Starks, Joseph Miller, MS1 Ford, SH Morgan (Chubs), MS1 Jackson. Email
Hurwitz, John  NEWE4Nov 20, 1990 – Feb 8, 1991V2
Buehner, DavidDK3 (NOW ACC SEL)Dec 1990 – Jun 1994S-4Miss the supply camraderie. Great ship. PLANKOWNER.
Yannone, Tony profile iconE4 / MM3Dec 1990 – Aug 16, 1994APLANKOWNER! "A" division / Hydraulics - Worked / lived with a great group of guys! Made all shakedown cruises including a couple of Med cruises. Best time of my life handsdown!
Brodersen, MichaelAK3Dec 1990 – Dec 1994S-6Plankowner and maiden deployment.
Bles, Steven R. BlesAR/EIDec 1, 1990 – Oct 1992V-1Plankowner ? whats that! I want to give a shout out to my shipmates which thought it'd be funny to lock me in my bunk ! and where are you now? The best time "I" had in the navy was walking across that quater deck The Day "I&quo
Simpson, Griswold (Clark)ABH3Dec 7, 1990 – Dec 21, 1994V-1 Division (tractor)I made the first Med cruise in 1994. I extended inorder to take the GW back into Norfolk. Terminal leave till Dec of 94. I became an automotive technician.
Laforest, ScottPetty Officer 3rd class E-4 ABEDec 26, 1990 – Sep 10, 1994Air V-2
Jones, RoderickE-3 MSDec 27, 1990 – Feb 26, 1993S-2
Laforest, ScottABE3Dec 29, 1990 – May 1994V2Plankowner

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