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USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1304 crew members registered for the USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72).

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Hollenbeck, GeorgeBM31993 – 1995Ist deckI was always a short-timer.
Drake, ChrisABHAN1993 – 1995V-1Loved every second of it. Anyone in the Air Department or Mardet, drop me a line.
Cantu, LauroE-31993 – 1996V-3
Windham, BobPC2 (AW)1993 – Mar 9, 1996Post OfficeNever again was right!!? Weird how I miss it just a little! I wish you all a good time in life where ever you've landed! If ya come across this I expect ya to find me Chief Boyd.
Cook, JasonAOAN1993 – Jul 6, 1996WEPS G-3IYAAOYAS
Isenhart, Brandon (Isenrok)ABHAN1993 – 1996V1haven't seen or heard your names in years brings back good memories!!! drop me a line!!
Millhollin, JimmyCWO31993 – 1996Air Wing
Scheiler, PaulMM31993 –Ea01
Romo, JorgeMM31993 – Aug 4, 1997A gang / AC&R shopMade some good friends, and had some good times.
Robinson, CodyE-31993 – 1995G-1 Flight DeckShout out to Gunner Boatman, Chief Taylor, Rob McMurtry(Tree), Bo-J, Pitts, Villa, Romano, Colwell, and All others I served with.........
Tripp, JonAE-AN1993 – 1994TAD to S-3 Ships LaundryLooking for S? Brad Carroll, we were TAD to laundry for most of the cruise and lost track of each other. If you know or knew him please help me locate him. Thanks JT
Tripp, JonAE-AN1993 – 1993TAD to S-3 Ships LaundryLooking for S? Brad Carroll, we were TAD to laundry for most of the cruise and lost track of each other. If you know or knew him please help me locate him. Thanks JT
Draughn, Jeffrey profile iconAO31993 – 1995G-1
Schmidt, AaronMM31993 – 1997Engineering Auxiliary Div
Sanders, Roger / SandmanBM31993 – 19971st Div / Deck
Harrell, RobertATAN1993 – 1994AIMDJust looking for some old buddies. HMU if you remember me.
Smith, DerekAE31993 –AIMD SEAOPDET NAS Whidbey IslandNavy!!
Perea, OscarIC31993 – 1996ENGsure do miss them Westpacs!
Moore, MichaelABHAN1993 – 1995V-1
Coco, AllenE-3Jan 1993 – Jul 19952ND/DeckLooking for old friends
Gore, DanANJan 1993 – Jul 1994S3 and V5I met a lot of good people that I lost contact with. Lot's of good times. This Shellback will never forget Australia. Never did get a chance to hit the street of Gold in dubai for a thrid time (had money!).
Babcock, JeremyE-2Jan 1993 – Sep 1994G-2Anderson, Leavell, Dirkschneider, Potthast, Kennedy, Beistel, Patterson, Koenig, Hennig, Sutton, Whalen, and anyone else I might have left out...Where are you guys? Drop me a line!
Kile, KennethAO3Jan 1993 – Nov 1996G-3/G-1Great times and good people, no complaints other than wish I would have kept in touch with more of them. IYAOYAS
Patton, Chrise2Jan 1993 – Jan 1995Deck Dept/1st DivIf anyone remembers me, I would love to hear from you.
Difilippantonio, Peter (D-15)MM2Jan 1993 – Jun 5, 1997Reactor Mechanical (RM)
Smith, BrianABEANJan 1, 1993 – Jan 1, 1995V2
Shollenberger, BrianE4Jan 1, 1993 – 1998G4I’m searching for Jason Snell
Lawrence, JasonAS3Jan 2, 1993 – Sep 21, 1996Aimd IM-4i am looking for a ole buddy of mine Christian Dickerson from Texas if you read this get in touch with me please or if anyone knows his whereabouts please let me know 901-262-3221
Aycock, JasonE3Jan 4, 1993 – Sep 1994Weapons G-2This is Airrrrrrrrrrrman Aycock.
Hawkins, JeffHM3Jan 10, 1993 – Mar 19, 1995Medicalorganizing a reunion of Medical Dept. guys for all the Alameda Years 90-95
King, EmirABF/E-4Jan 12, 1993 – Dec 6, 1996V-4/AirHad some good times, Miss some good friends.
Crisp, RodneyAOANJan 23, 1993 – Nov 10, 1996G-3Hello to all fellow mag-rats. Anyone who served in G-3 division at the time I did, please feel free to e-mail me. I'd like to hear from you go through the memories, both good and bad.
Douglass, JasonE-3Feb 1993 – Nov 1998Public AffairsDo you have G.Q. nightmares?
Miller, AaronE-4, DC3Feb 1993 – Nov 1995DC
Smith, Michael profile iconE-3 / ANFeb 1993 – Oct 7, 1994G-3 / Bomb Assembly Besides me fouling up and staying in trouble most of the time, It was a good experince. Made some freinds who I think and wonder about often. Now I'm a E-6 up for E-7 in the Army and on my 3rd OIF tour. email me anyone
Bowles, Brent Or BillyABH3Feb 1993 – Nov 16, 1996V1hello fellow roof rats drop me a line!
David, JimAO3Feb 1, 1993 – Feb 1, 1998G3 WeaponsI disliked the experience so much I ended up going to college. Thank you Uncle Sam for the opportunity and experience. IYAOYAS was the saying but I think we were all the shit as enlisted. :)
Grajek, EricCVN 72Feb 10, 1993 – Nov 21, 1996E-4 elevatorsanyone from G-4 e-mail me
Moser, CorwinE-4/ABH3Feb 11, 1993 – Oct 5, 1994V-1Good times and good people...gotta love the flight deck, especially at night...wouldn't have had it any other way. Francis(RIP), Guinney, H.C. Randall, Ottens and many others...I hope you are all well.
Kesterson, AdamANFeb 23, 1993 – Aug 1, 1996X3/MWRShellback/WestPac 93 and 95
Higbee, Glenn Aka CannonballMS 3Feb 23, 1993 – Jun 13, 1997SupplyHI abe peeps, CBK here from KRUZ fm alive and well.. and living da good life!! Good to be here after 20 something years! Sheeesh.. Be safe !
Garza, BrianE-4/ABH3Mar 1993 – Oct 1996V-5To this day I have dreams that I'm back on the ship! I had some of the best times in my life in the Navy and on the Lincoln. Screw the Carl Vinson!!! Go Navy!!!
Vasquez, JuanEM3Mar 1993 – Sep 1995E
Epton, JoeE-4 ABH3Mar 1, 1993 – Sep 30, 1996V-1The best time of my life was on this ship. The people that I served with were my family. Section 3 always got it in the rear. I wouldn't have it any other way.
Epton, JoeABHMar 1, 1993 – Sep 2, 1996
Dockery, JamesE-3 ABFMar 10, 1993 – Mar 10, 1996V-4
Bradley, DerekE-4Mar 22, 1993 – Nov 24, 1997V-1GO ROOF RATS FLY-1
Smith, JoeE4Mar 25, 1993 – Jan 26, 1995DeckError Code Again
Vasquez, JuanEM3Mar 31, 1993 – Sep 5, 1995ETrying to find old friends, Contact me
Samuel, DerekCTM2Apr 1993 – Apr 1996
Hooper, BillyMSSNApr 1993 – Nov 1995S-2Missing ole buddies.
Flowers, ClayLCDRApr 1993 – Jan 1, 1995DCI enjoyed every minute while assigned to Abraham Lincoln. It provided a fitting end to my 22 year career in the Navy.
Bryant, AdamABH3Apr 13, 1993 – Feb 2, 1996V-1V-1 rocked. What a thrill being up there, especially being an aviation nut.
Washington, Kendrick/ KenneyBm3May 8, 1993 – Jun 13, 19951st division deck dept.
Emody, JohnBMSNMay 13, 1993 – Sep 14, 19961st deck
Marchessault, DavidABE3May 22, 1993 – Jun 5, 1998V-2/ Waist CatsI really had a great experience onboard. Met alot of interesting people. I am now an ABE1 serving onboard USS John C. Stennis as Bow Cat LPO>
Kerr, Shawn (Kerrdog)MN3Jun 15, 1993 – Apr 15, 1997Momag Unit 11
Hassan, CraigE3Jul 1993 – Mar 1995V-1 What a time! I'm glad I did it, but I'm glad it is over!
Stash, MarkASANJul 1, 1993 – Apr 1, 1997AIMD/IM-4Just wanted to say hello to all the crew from IM4 division. I am proud to have served with all of you!!!
Leland, ScottBM3Jul 10, 1993 – Jul 6, 19972nd/Deck
Nelson, DonHM1Jul 29, 1993 – Feb 26, 1996Med/HThis was the only shipboard assignment of my naval career and I will never forget it.
Molinaro, Guye4Jul 30, 1993 – Jul 30, 1997im3Email me if u know me.
Hall, ChadMM2Aug 1993 – Nov 1996Reactor/#2MMRHad some good times and definately had some bad times. Have a lot of good memories of good friends.
David, DaveAO3Aug 1993 – Feb 1998G3 WeaponsI ran 25 and 64 trunk. Sometimes I actually miss the pig, not often, but sometimes I do. WTF.
Rice, RonaldSK2Aug 1993 – Jun 17, 1997S-1 Div Supply Dept
Raab, RaabiabeanAug 1, 1993 – Oct 22, 1995v-2
Valenta, EdMA1Aug 15, 1993 – Oct 15, 1995SecurityThe finest ship in the fleet.
Dillow, BrentMM1Aug 23, 1993 – Jan 3, 1999M-1
Sulley, NigelMM3Aug 27, 1993 – Apr 23, 1995Aux HydraulicsJust checking to see who remembers the 93 Westpac.. I am on page 471 in the book incase you don't remember my name.
McDonald, ThomasE-3 / BMSNSep 1993 – Jun 1995DECK 1st
Stonewall, MatthewYN3Sep 1993 – Jun 1994DeckDid the west pac, great ship! Enjoyed my time slapping spades and hanging with the fellas!
D'Adamo, FrankieE-3Sep 1993 – Sep 1995Deck
Canaday, JefferyCTA1Sep 1993 – Feb 1995Crypto
Kraus, ShawnMSSNSep 1993 – Jun 6, 1998Supply
McCall, CarlosDC3Sep 23, 1993 – Jul 1, 1995dci can befound on my space,carlos mccall in milton fl
Manigat, RaigeilDT3(SW)Oct 1993 –DentalI worked, partied, and shared with some of the coolest people on this assignment. And i to am a Plank Owner. To all that know me, hit me on FB.
Jones, ChristopherE-3/ABFANOct 1993 – Jul 1995V-4Good times!!! Life long friends...
Orzel, CraigHM3Oct 2, 1993 – Oct 1995Medical
Cleveland, JohnE4Oct 10, 1993 – Jan 13, 1995SHI know I was in trouble when Airman Maly helped me with my bags and said "welcome to hell". He wasn't far-off the mark. It was the new NAVY and everyone was looking out only for themselves. wasn't all bad thou
Correa, ThomasMM3Oct 13, 1993 – Jan 3, 1997M / 2MMR
Castle, WoodyENFNOct 20, 1993 – 1996A-Gang
Grim, JeffreyFAOct 24, 1993 – Oct 26, 1994m2
Kendrick, EdmondE-2Nov 1993 – Jul 12, 1994v-1
Byers, AndrePC3Nov 1993 – Jul 1994G3/Post OfficeWhat's up! Mike, Mike, Ralph, G3, Chief Arnold and everbody else!
Hornbaker, GaryHT1/E-6Nov 1993 – Jul 1998Eng R divRetired and live in arkansas
Bottcher, ChristopherBM3Nov 16, 1993 – Apr 19, 1997DECK/ 2ND DIV.Looking back I had a great time. Met lots of great people. Seen lots of memorable things.
Kaczor, PaulABF3Dec 7, 1993 – Dec 6, 1997V-4Good Times, Good Times. Sure miss the friends, McCrory, Billy Wynn. GO Alpha Sigma! Go Love Shack!
Brian, HowardHTFNDec 7, 1993 – Dec 7, 1996engineering/ RepairI had some good and bad times on board. Just here to search out some old friends that I shared most of the good times with
Owens, MatthewSH3Dec 15, 1993 – May 22, 1997S-3
Thompson, Robert IMSSNDec 16, 1993 – Jun 28, 1997S-2I miss my boys and I miss the memories I made on that boat.
Owens, MatthewSH3Dec 16, 1993 – May 22, 1997S-3Lots of memories from my 3 1/2 years on board. Met lots of good friends but have lost touch with most. Best memory was leaving at my EAOS. Only took me two hours to get home once I was released.
Gale, TomDP1Dec 16, 1993 – Jun 18, 1995S-7It sucked.

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