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USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1293 crew members registered for the USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72).

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Hanrion, KevinABH 30000 –V-3I liked the ship but it was not for me. Now I am a Seabee. "WE BUILD WE FIGHT"
Leal, RosieE30000 – Jul 26, 2000V4Fun times!!! email me at
Baker, CharlesAOC/E-7Feb 18, 1969 – Jul 31, 1992AWMCS/G-5AOC, USS America, NAS Oceana, NAVMMACLANT, USS NIMITZ. USS Dwight D Eisenhower, USS Theodore Roosevelt, USS Abraham Lincoln, COMNAVAIRLANT
Pacheco, DavidE-6Mar 15, 1982 – Jun 20, 1986M-Division
Damato, JosephBMC1985 – Oct 1993DeckPlank owner - PCU. Our Reserve crew was the "Best" as we all fit in as one piece to complete the puzzle.
Gonzalez, MaxDPC1985 – 1991OPS- ASWMODGreat Cship, great crew. PCU was different but fun! Quite the experience.Hello to all good people of the penny.
Kiser, BobJO1Feb 1986 – May 1989Public AffairsPlankowner, plus trip to Alameda from Norfolk. Operation Fiery Vigil, evacuating survivors from Clark Air Base and Subic Bay after Volcano erupted. Persian Gulf at the end of Desert Storm. Transferred right after return to Alameda. Since retired
Lucier, Bob37263PR1 (AW) RETIRED1987 – 1992AIMD IM-2Plankowner
White, MikeEM21987 – Jan 1990REAll you nuke EMs out there. I was discharged due medical reasons and left town before I had a chance to say good buy to many of you. If you remember me send me and e-mail
Morrison, WilliamE-5/MM21987 – Mar 5, 1990RM
Kelly, DavidMM11987 – 1989AUXILIARIES DIVISIONPre-commissioning crew. LPO of A/C & R shop. Lots of fun. Still keep tabs on my buddy Mike Tooey from those days.
Steffanides, Stephan - RoscoeE2 AZ 1987 – 1990AIMD
Weatherbee, BryanAKCS1987 – 1991Supply DepartmentWas assigned to Aviation Support (S6), Quality Assurance Division, Material Support Division (S8) and the Battle Group Charlie Beach Detachment during Desert Storm.
Fitch, JeffreyET2Jan 1987 – Jul 1991RCPlankowner
Banks, ArlandHNMar 1987 – Jul 1990medical
Sciancalepore, Michael T.LCDRApr 17, 1987 – Jun 19, 1990Principal Assistant for LogisticsPlankowner looking for fellow shipmates.
Burdick, MichaelE-3Apr 21, 1987 – Apr 20, 1991M-1I enjoyed being on the ship for the 4 years I was there, And I miss her a lot
Feist, SteveEMCMay 1987 – Sep 1992ENGPlankowner
Fitzgerald, DavidDccm swMay 1987 – Dec 1991Lcpo Engineering DeptPlankowner transferred to the Eisenhower CVN 69 after commissioning with Captian Danton
Humphrey, MarkMM3May 2, 1987 – Apr 20, 1991Reactor Div 1The Navy was great missed the Navy it was great 4years being on the Lincoln
Campbell, Carey profile iconIC2Jun 1987 – Feb 1993CSSFirst 'Blue Jacket' to report to PreComm unit in Norfolk. EMC Welcome was the first Chief. I served, almost 6 years onboard.
Ledford, DonMM1Jun 1, 1987 –Auxiliary Division Eng.Plank Owner.
Felske, PhillMM1Jul 1, 1987 – Dec 15, 1991A-Gang / G-4Came aboard in 1987 and was incharge of Steam Heat Shop, then went to school and came back and was assigned to the Weapons Elevator Shop, were I stayed until I left in 1991.
McNeal, SeanEWJul 9, 1987 – Sep 30, 1992OWJust created a yahoo group for current and past Abe crew members for networking and communicating. Please help get this group off the ground by joining today.
Stanley, KeithABH3Aug 24, 1987 – Apr 10, 1991V-1
Beck, FredE-7/ABEC AWAug 27, 1987 – May 11, 1992V-2Had a great time
Doyle, DennisE-6/EM1Sep 1, 1987 – Jul 3, 1991RENice to see some old friends and remember some really good times.
Doyle, DennisE-6/EM1Sep 1, 1987 – Jul 3, 1991Rx/REOne of initial 72 Nukes
Ankney, AndyMM#Sep 12, 1987 – Jun 7, 1990M 2 DivisionPlankowner. Discharged from the steaming pier at Newport News Shipyard June 1990.
Alexander, JoeE-6 EM1Oct 1987 – 1990REInitial manning through precom was great lots of fun with Scott and Doug and the rest of the boys from RE.
Scaggs, SteveMM1Oct 2, 1987 – Jul 27, 1990MPlankowner. Worked for Lt Hill,MPTA supporting both MMR1 and MMR2. Stood CMO in one plant for MTT and ORSE.
Rising, MarkEM1Oct 12, 1987 – Sep 10, 1990REI remember some good volleyball games over at the French house with Clisch and crew - oh yeah - watching Doug Baker golf used to be fun too ! He thought he was quite the athlete !
Stidd, LarryMM1Oct 28, 1987 – May 20, 1991M
Weaverling, EdwardMMCSNov 1987 – Jul 1990MPlankowner. Worked #2 Main Machinery Room and then later became ship's DAPA.
French, ScottEM1Nov 1987 – Jan 1991REInitial Manning/Plankowner God Bless
Serna, MarkMM2/MM1Nov 1987 – Feb 1992RM-11Plankowner. Alot of good memories. Reactor Mechanical Division was a great place to be. I hope to see more names added to the site.
Shanley, LeoLTNov 1987 – May 1990RLPlank Owner
Watkins, JayMM3Nov 1987 – Jun 1989Eng/RE/FireGreat time while onboard. I was the first Honorably discharged sailor to leave the Lincoln.
Harris, HarlanLCDRNov 1987 – May 19893M Coordinator/Officer of the DeckPlankowner - Coordinated the development of the ship's original 3M package. Developed the ship's first zone inspection program. Officer of the Deck for normal operations, sea and anchor detail, general quarters and special evolutions.
Arthur, Terry (Art)EM2Nov 2, 1987 – Dec 2, 1991REPlaying B-ball in Hunnington Hall at1:00am after getting off swing shift was a great time. That and the paintball gun wars occupied a good bit of time.
Januchowski, JosephMM2/MM1Nov 16, 1987 – Jan 23, 1991Reactor MechanicalGood memories, Great friends
Rawlinson, RalphSKC(SW)Nov 20, 1987 – Dec 7, 1992S-1

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