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USS Forrest Royal (DD 872) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Forrest Royal (DD 872). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 59 crew members registered for the USS Forrest Royal (DD 872).

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Dangelo, GregoryHA 1/CJun 1946 – Dec 1948 O worked i872n sick bay with CPHM Tom Weston, we were both plank owners. Cpt. JAMES CLUTE commanding, LT.cmdr. Arthur Tagland Exec
Talmadge, RalphSeaman (Storekeeper)Jun 1946 – 1948SupplyA plank owner of the Royal. Served as "Jack of the Dusk".
Humphrey, Bobseaman1948 – 19513rd
Johnson, LloydRD2Apr 1951 – Aug 1954operation
Johnson, Lloyd (Johnny)RD2Apr 8, 1951 – May 15, 1954Radar--OPSReported aboard in Korea and left in 1954 before world cruise. Now own a Cruise agency and when I cruise, which is often, the food and sleeping is much better.
Reilly, FrankSOSNApr 3, 1952 – Dec 14, 1953Operations Would like to correspond with former shipmates.
Scardefield, Christopher JosephJACK BOLYOG 52-56 2000Jun 11, 1952 – Jun 7, 1956JACK BOLYOG 52-56 2000JACK BOLYOG 52-56 2000 My grandfather I am his proud curious grandson...Took me 13 years to get my head on straight after his death now I am proud to say "I am A Young American who is proud of my grandfather."
Brun, ThomasMM21954 – 1957engineering
Hamilton, DaveDK2Sep 1955 – Jun 1958SupplyGreat bunch of guys and a great time to be in the Navy. San Remo, Italy..Cannes, France..Capetown, S Africa, Copenhagen, Mombasa, Kenya, S.America, just a few of the many liberty ports we called on.
Hassall, Paul / ShoesMM2Nov 23, 1955 – Dec 19, 1958MReported aboard Boston Navy yards in Charleston, Mass just after the world cruise. Then Gitmo, Newport, RI, off to the med two times, Nato, Copenhagen, South America, South Africa.Mombasa, Subic,Iraq.steaminest ship in the Navy and more.
Simon, William P. (Si)RD-2Dec 1, 1955 – Aug 1, 1959O-I, MAAGood ship w/good crew. Served four ships, BJU twelve years (1955-1967) Cold War. Married, 2 stepsons, 4 natural, 3 G, 1 B. Now 73, ex cop, miner, maint. 6 kids, 20+ grand kids. t12 para, iron hip, cancer, ornery.
Waller, William ( Bill )EM2Sep 1956 – Sep 1958E
Titus, GaryET2Jun 1958 – Aug 1959Operations
Waters, HaroldGM3Jun 19, 1958 – Jul 5, 1961onei served on the Royal1958-1961 made 2 Med. cruises 1958 and 1960. 1958 only 4 months but steamed over 40000 miles. married 4 children 12 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren
Georgenson, RonRD31959 – 1960OI DivLeft during the Med cruise. Received an appointment to the Naval Academy. Graduated in 1964.
Atkinson, JamesEN3Jan 8, 1959 – Apr 9, 1961R
Atkinson, JamesEN3Jan 9, 1959 – Apr 11, 1961R (A gang)
Graeber, Leslie profile iconMMfn1960 – 1962EngineeringHad a grand ol' time aboard this Tin Can. MM1 Gantz was a great 1st class to work for. Had some fun times in the Caribbean with the crew and the sweet harts ashore.
Comport, JimET2Jan 1960 – Oct 1960My only sea duty in 4 years was the 1960 Med Cruise. Great memories and shipmates. Have had only occasional contact with one of my buddies of that cruise. Now living in Ohio.
Larsen, RonCSSNJan 21, 1960 – Apr 26, 1961SGreat Med cruise in '60 and am now the reunion chairperson.
Larsen, RonaldCSSNJan 21, 1960 – Apr 26, 1961SReported onboard right out of boot camp, left for the Med on 21 March 1960, went into the galley as spud coxswain and became a cook striker.
Larsen, RonnieCSSNJan 21, 1960 – Apr 26, 1961s
Knauer, Williamfa-- BT3Oct 1960 – Sep 1964ENGINEERING
Henderson, Patrick [hank] profile iconmm3Oct 1960 – Jan 1962engon board in Oct 1960 and assigned main control. disch in Jan 1962. made some good friends . worked hard. learned a lot. played a lot. made some mistakes. suffered some. made some good choices.had a good life. GODBLESSUSA
Schwesinger, RickYN3Dec 16, 1961 – 1964A/SServed under Capt. Walters. left ship in 1964 for duty in Washington, D.C. Two cruises, one to the Med and the other to Northern Europe. The best Capt. by far. Looking for Jim Jones from Alabama.
Blanchard, DavidSTG2/CJan 1962 – Sep 1964A/SI retired from Sappi Westbrook in 2004 and working for a Applied Technical Leadership degree from Univ. of Southern Maine in May of 2009.
Moore, JohnMMCApr 1963 – Jul 1970MWorked both number one and number two engine rooms. stood under way JOOD. Stood CIC watch
Moore, JohnMMCApr 1963 – Jun 1970M DivisionEnjoyed my time aboard the Royal. Retired from the Navy (1976) help test engine room equipment on the CG-47 and DDG-51 class ship that were built in Pascagoula Ms. retired after 27.5 years in 2003. living the good life
Colvin, John profile iconBM3May 15, 1963 – Sep 28, 1966First DivisionTwo 7 month Med cruises, and a Midshipman cruise to Norway, Scotland, Belgium, and England. Plus a summer in Gitmo and a few days in Montego Bay, where I met my future wife. All in all, a good crew and fine Captain.
Robert J. Mazza, BobTM3Jun 2, 1963 – Nov 26, 1966ASReported aboard Royal in the shipyard Charlston South Carolina was aboard during shake down cruise in GITMO that summer the MED that winter. I retired from the Navy as a Chief Builder on 26 Apr 1993.
Mazza, BobTM31964 – 1966
Bereman, RonPN2Jan 1964 – Nov 1966OCReported aboard at Charleston Shipyards in 64. Met Paul Snow, RM3 in Charleston and shared a cab back to the shipyards. Turned out he was in OC Division and we have been friends for over 40 years.
Black, RobertETN3Feb 1964 – Nov 10, 1964Air DivTrying to locate a good friend James Tyler
Armando F., MataMM3Oct 6, 1964 – Jun 11, 1968MI also reported aboard ship right out of boot camp.Went to Charleston Shipyard and done the shakedown cruise in Gitmo,went to the Med. and the West pack cruise in 1967. Anyone going to Vietnam and on land at this time please e-mail me,
Villanueva, Gustavo "gus" "doc"SEAMAN/CORPSMAN STRIKERFeb 18, 1965 – May 13, 1966Sick BayJoined ship while in yards,Charleston, SC. 1965 as seaman. Left yards, corpsman striker with HM1 Pickens. Med Cruise 14 Oct. 65 - 8 Mar 66. Left for Corpsman School Great Lakes, Ill May 66.
Raulerson, CecilRD2May 16, 1965 – Jan 12, 1968OIReported on board out of Radarman A Scol Glakes, Ill in shipyards. Med Cruise 65-66. Vietnam Cruise 1967. Start of a 25 year career. Left DD-872 for Radarman B Scol TI Sfan, CA. 1971 convert to Electronic Warfare EW1
Hale, James DavidETN 3Jun 16, 1965 – Aug 1966AirFirst Division then Mess Cook then Air Division. Gitmo July & Aug. Med Cruise Oct 65-Mar 66. Transferred to WmVPratt,DLG13 in Aug 1966. Joe Coker, J Shields,J Leaonard, TJ Gillespie, Mother George Avery, Duke Morgan
Arcediano, BillRM21966 – Oct 1969OCI reported aboard directly out of Radio A School in San Diego. I was immediatly assigned to the gally to scrub pots and plates. Not exactly what the recruiter said I would be doing. I was 19 and had never seen the ocean. Great times.
Thompson, Steven (Tom)SFM2Jan 16, 1966 – Oct 1, 1969RMet the ship in Brindisi Italy, Finished the Med cruise. In 67 went to Vietnam. Got out Oct 69. Still married to my High School sweetheart.(40 years) I am now retired from the Long Island Rail Road.
Padgett, WilliamSTG3Feb 1966 – Aug 1968A/S DivisionI am just stopping by. I have two USS Forrest B. Royal (DD872) cruise books and only wish to keep one. They are from the 1967 Westpac cruise. I'd like to pass one on to another shipmate who was on that cruise with me.
Ouellette, Chuck(Omlet)mm3Mar 1, 1966 – Oct 1, 1969mwent on the royal just out of bootcamp. went on west pac. great experiance. grew up fast the navy way.
Werner, JoeGMG3Sep 1966 – Mar 1968ASROC crewReported right out of boot camp. Grew up quick! Western Pacific/Yankee Station/Sea Dragon from March 67' to Sept, 67'. Saw more than enough of Subic Bay. This was a great crew!
Hardy, Dave (Sparky)RM1Nov 12, 1966 – Sep 1, 1970Operations[Deceased Nov. 29, 2006] -- I am Dave's son looking for anyone who might remember my dad from the '67 WestPac Cruise (he was an RM2 then) or the '69/'70 Middle East / Indian Ocean Cruise (He was an RM1 at that time).

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