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USS Damato (DD 871) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Damato (DD 871). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 130 crew members registered for the USS Damato (DD 871).

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Christos, GeorgeE31967 – 1969RADIOLooking For A copy of the Ships Log when the Damato was sprayed with Agent Orange 1967
Pirnie, ScottCDRMar 1967 – Feb 1969EngineeringI was the chief engineer for out deployment to Vietnam for 7 months in 1967. We saw combat action off of North Vietnam. We were hit once by a North Vietnamese/Russian 81 mm mortar during DASH operations. Later UNITAS.
Neally, Charles "Pat"STG2-ST1Mar 10, 1967 – May 10, 1969AS
Badley, BruceRD2/RD1May 1967 – Oct 1969OIMade the Viet Nam cruise. Lot's of excitement. No sleep. Ship received two direct hits at Dong Hoi, and was cought in a cross fire Between mainland and island. Does anyone know where RD1 Gerald Mills is?
Quod, KennethSeamanJun 27, 1967 – Nov 2, 1968Deck/fire control technicianI was on board during "Operation Sea Dragon" in Vietnam Sept- Jan 1967-1968. We were hit and had to be repaired in the Philippines.
Scott, SteveLTJul 1967 – Jun 1969WeaponsI was on board during Viet Nam, Unitas 9 cruise and made transit to the Med May-June of 1969
Arnold, JackE-3 E-4 E-3 againJan 1968 – Oct 19701st division
Christenson, G. L. (Chris)BM2Jun 1968 – Dec 19691st
Meredith, JohnOS2Nov 15, 1968 – Feb 23, 1972OI DivisionTwo Meds, North Atlantic, Rosy Roads, GITMO, Bermuda, New York, Newport; good times. Retired CPO, retired GM, retired Dept of Army, still working in Defense Contracting. Always remember the guys of the Dirty D.
McGrath, JamesS11969 – 1970Just loved chipping that ice, polishing that brass on a cold morning before breakfast.
McComas, Charles / TexHM21969 – 1971Medical
Elefante, VictorFtg3Apr 5, 1969 – Oct 10, 1969GunneryMed cruise the best
Colley, BillSDSNJun 26, 1969 – Sep 25, 1972Supply
Wagner, WalterFTG2Jun 27, 1969 – May 18, 19711st DivisionTwo Med Cruises, North Atlantic, GITMO. Pulled into New York City. Member royal Order of the NORD. Work area IC/Plot right off the scullary.
Brown, Richard (Rick Aka Beefy)BM2Aug 1969 – Sep 19721st DivisionHey guys, long time ago I served with you. Did 2 Meds, North Atlantic, a bunch of Caribbean cruises. Some good times and tough times. I'm retired now from the National Park Service, Contact me at
Green, Robert/bobMM-3Aug 14, 1969 – Jan 25, 1973M-Div. Forward Engine RoomWonderful Times. 2 Med Cruises a Spring Board and A Nato North Atlantic. Getting ready to retire. Been working way too long.
Green, Robert/bobMM-3Aug 16, 1969 – Jan 25, 1972Forward Engine RoomLooking for any shipmates who served on the Dirty D During my years on board.
Yates, Harry (Bob)SNSep 1969 – Apr 1971FirstLegal, Weapons Yeoman
Boratko, Paul [dewey]BM3Sep 2, 1969 – Sep 5, 1971deckmed cruise 1971 looking for richard brown from fallschurch va
Bechtle, LeighFTG3Oct 1969 – 1970?Enjoyed it - spent most of the time at the D&S piers in Norfolk, VA; t-checks every morning and so forth; spent Christmas in the gune director
Mihaly, EdwardGMG 3Oct 1969 – Jun 1971ASWASW was an Animal House. Off duty= blast time. STG 2 Roberts, a wildman. Where's Harry, Ross, Pete, Flash,Slayton, & Jackson? Now retired & loving the hell out of it. Don't be shy... contact would be appreciated.
Boratko, DeweyBM3Oct 1, 1969 – Oct 1, 19711st
Baldwin, Stewart. BaldySeamanNov 1969 – Aug 19701st divisionHey shipmates this is Baldy Give me a shout if you remember me fro San Juan Virgin Islands and the Med in 1969
Beden, Earl (Frenchie)CS31970 – 1973CommissaryGreat times on board the Damato. Closest shipmates: Wes Hiles, Don Seelye and Dave Chapman. Started out as the Jack-of -the-dust. Some might remember me as "FRENCHIE". The BEST DESTORYER in the fleet!
Pritchard, MikeBM21970 – 19721stMade a lot of friends and made memories that I still remember as though it was yesterday
Filer, TomCS21970 – 1972CS
Smyth, BillSTGSNMay 1, 1970 – Dec 17, 1973ASWGood times, good guys...glad to get out with good memories.
Wolfe, Robert on ship called me Little JJSH3May 28, 1970 – Oct 2, 1972Supplywork both in the laundrt and ran the ship store was in the supplt division with Steve Sinter and Ed Christner
Winchester, David (Windy)MM3Jun 23, 1970 – Dec 10, 1971mHad a good time on the Damato.I remember Joe Screws, Buzz Godfree,Dack, Harvey Barnwell.and Oran Dowdey aft engin. Now i am an automation teck for Stanley Black&Decker KwikSet. Denison. Please call cell903-624-1868
Crum, Edward E. CrumICFNAug 1970 – May 1972R
Hayes, JackLIEUTENTANTSep 1970 – Aug 1972EngineeringI noticed the names of several shipmates and decided to register. I'm now semi-retired and living in Dallas.
McCarthy, Ronald/macMR3Sep 1970 – Jul 1971RJust looking for R division guys from the med cruise. Great times in Limnos and Naples, Menton. Remember watching Woodstock movie and star trek movies. Athens at the beach. Does anyone ever hear from Bommer.
Rivers, RichardE3Oct 10, 1970 – Oct 26, 1972BMHad some hard times as a young sailor on Damato, but the loyality of her shipmates carried me thru all the tough times and good ones....Skip Halfacer, Ronnie Joe Eldrige, ...Pritchard,and Buffington......all great guys..
Dunphy, JamesQm2Dec 1970 – Aug 1972Operations
Ryan, JamesRM3Dec 1, 1970 – Jan 26, 1973OCI was a young sailor who was single and had a great opportunity to do some great traveling. We had an outstanding crew and CO. I stayed in the reserves and retired in 2004 as ITCM C/MC with 31 years.
Christner, EdDk2 (E-5)Dec 28, 1970 – Apr 1, 1972SupplyI look back on that time serving in the US Navy with pride and am blessed to have done it. Was glad to be discharged but always enjoyed working with many good people and making some very good friends.
Downward, JpE3Feb 1971 – Sep 1974MM
Sturgill, GregOS3Feb 1971 – Oct 1972OI
Rock, GeorgeBT-2May 1971 – Sep 1972B Division/ After FireroomI enjoyed my time on the Damato and the east coast. I'm retired now both from the military and my civilian job
Jackson, KeithFA E 2May 17, 1971 – Jan 5, 1973BoilermanThis is a cousin of Keith Edward Jackson. I would like to talk to some of his freinds. I may know you also. I was aboard the USS Guam the same years he was on the Damato . Keith passed away 4 years ago from cancer.
Davis, RichardEM3Sep 21, 1971 – Apr 24, 1973BHello to Mike Chapman Big Sam Deke Steve Beckett Ed Short I was the movie projector operator remember the good times on liberty in Jamaica and Virgin Islands

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1966 | 1967 – 1971 | 1972 – now

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