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USS Cone (DD 866) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Cone (DD 866). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 117 crew members registered for the USS Cone (DD 866).

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Sanderson, Art "Sandy"ET21967 – 1968Vietnam Cruise
Whittington, MarquisLTJG1967 – 1968WeaponsGreat experience in my life. Especially, being with my shipmates.
Hux, TomMM1Jun 10, 1967 – Sep 14, 1968MI would like to hear from anyone who remembers serving on the Cone during Viet Nam Cruise that I may have been friends with or at least knew.
Anderson, MichaelSeamanAug 20, 1967 – Jul 1, 1968First division and served as Ships PhotographerEnjoyed the cruse to NAM and back, helped to create a very nice Cruses Book, and would like to hear from some of my freands.
Debiase, John profile iconFTG1Aug 31, 1967 – Feb 15, 19722nd
Watson, John (Jack)gmg3Sep 1, 1967 – Apr 23, 1970foxI served on the CONE during the 67/68 westppac. I started out as a deck seamen then went to fox div as a asroc gunnersmate. At 17 i had my first time in the PI. What a trip that was.
Pride, RobertLTJGSep 1, 1967 – Oct 15, 1968Communications
Hughey, RonaldsnAug 15, 1968 – Jan 14, 1970decklooking to find any one who was on the cone 1968-1969
Hensley, RonMM2Dec 17, 1968 – Apr 3, 1972M
Plummer, Robert "Cricket"BMSN1969 – 19731stDo remember the helo crash - lashed it down for the trip to Da Nang harbor. [Peterson] I don't know the name of the river but mouth was nicknamed "dragons mouth". Do receive VA comp for agent orange from Linebacker ops.
Keck, DaleRD21969 – 1972operationsI'm trying to reach a John Sanders who was on the uss cone with me;
Ramsey, RoyE31969 – 1971AFT Engine Room
Komenda, SteveSTG 31969 – 1971FoxLooking to hear from anyone from Fox division or the rest of the crew.
Hudson, Earl (Randy)STG2Apr 12, 1969 – Jun 6, 1974FoxRandy Hudson here from Fox Division,. Anyone on from 69-74 please e-mail me at because this site is really unintuitive and confusing to navigate.
Jancewicz, TedSM3Jun 1969 – Feb 1971OCDid Med cruise in 1969,GTMO,St.Croix.Fine memories of SM1 Clark,SM2 Marty Jamison,Sm3 Joe Mooney,SM3 Thurman Thompson.
Daniel, BobbyRD3Dec 1969 – Mar 1971OICalled "Little Bit" by Manny Ortega. Was Stan "Hoss" Beckner's striker. Came aboard in Barcelona. Swapped with Fred Drew to Francis Hammond, then Bronstein (steamed with Cone into DaNang). Retired OSCS in 1989.
Means, RonaldRD2/OS21970 – 1973RadarmanDoes anyone know where Jim Allen (RD3 I think) is? I do remember the helo crash because we were controlling it and then next thing I knew, the pilot walked into our control room and we were surprised.He crash landed.
Allen, James (Jim)OS11970 – 1972OperationsLeft the ship just before it went to Nam. Sounds like I missed some exciting times! Ron Means, get in touch with me.
Forsythe, JamesM R 3Apr 10, 1970 – Jan 15, 1971
Sanders, JohnRD 3Jun 1970 – Feb 1972OperationsLots of fond memories of my time on the Cone.
Halick, JohnRD3Jun 1971 – Sep 1972OperationsGreat memories of a great crew.
Walton, LynnLTJGAug 1971 – Jan 1973DCA ,RMade VietNam cruise 72-73. OD when CH 46 landed on fantail. Does anyone remember that?
Keller, Bob profile iconBM2Aug 19, 1971 – Jun 5, 1974OD DeckGreat Ship Learned a lot couldn't ask for better friends. Daddy Grits and Pee Wee you still out there?
Mingledorff, GeorgeLT(JG)Dec 1, 1971 – Aug 15, 1973M&BServed as MPA; I remember the helo crash the first day on Yankee Station. Pulled into DaNang to offload. Also, remember the "Latch" visit. Remember the change of command in Hong Kong.
Curtis, HarryMM11972 – 1977MikeJust checking on old shipmates.
Lozano, LeonardSeamanJan 1, 1972 – Jul 1, 1974Boatswain mate
Akers, RobertFNJan 20, 1972 – Jan 20, 1974Machinist MateI too made the Viet Nam cruise. Remember the helo on the fantail? Christmas on the gunline...many exciting times.
Chisenhall, Wayne profile iconBT3Feb 8, 1972 – Nov 30, 1973engineering
Jenkins, PrestonFTG3Mar 10, 1972 – Feb 10, 1976WeaponsI do not remember most of the dates, However everyone called me jenks I was the only black FT aboard. email me at
Cortie, JosephRM3Apr 1972 – 1974OC
Ohlson, DavidOS3Apr 24, 1972 – Aug 27, 1973OIA Sea Knight help crash landed on our fantail the second day we were on the gun line. The whole Vietnam experience was memorable to say the least. I’d also like to say what a great bunch of guys topo have served with.
Simmons, JimRm3Jun 1972 – Aug 1975oc/communicationI was aboard when the helo crashed hey Pat I remember the car crash too hi Jenks I remember a lot of shipmates my first command enjoy it email me
Arick, RonE-3/CSSNAug 1972 – Nov 1973CookRemembered the Helo crash on the fantail, Talking using the helium tank, The white rubber snake in the laundry room.
Petersen, LeroyETN3Aug 4, 1972 – Nov 13, 1973OEI do remember the Helo. ? Has anyone recieved VA medical benifits for Linebacker ops in Dec. 72. I believe we whent up a river when we did all the shelling. Anyone recall. I would like to know. Like to here from some of you.
Lyons, JohnnieIC2Aug 7, 1972 – Oct 25, 1973RDoes any one of you cone heads remember a helo crashing on fantail and where we taken it?
Clark, JohnnieSHS4Sep 11, 1972 – Jun 10, 1974SHIP SERVICEMEN
Ariatti, BobbyE3Oct 1, 1972 – Jul 15, 1974AdminHave pictures of the helicopter on the fantail as well as others of the 72-73 WESTPAC Cruise to share. Remember several of the names. Will try and post some. Is there ever a ship reunion?
Persons, SteveET1Nov 1972 – May 1973OperationsI remember the constant refueling and passing shells to rearm. I do have fond memories of our visits to Japan, Taiwan, Subic Bay & spending 5 days in Hong Kong on Shore Patrol. Hope all my shipmates are doing well!
Ingle, RobertBM3Nov 1, 1972 – Apr 19741st Division

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