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USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1403 crew members registered for the USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71).

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Yates, DanE32000 – 2003V4God I was young, and stupid, but no regrets, I had a blast. I'll remember all of you til I die.
Kielbaso-schoch, ChrissyABH3(AW)Jan 1, 2000 – Aug 16, 2003V-3wow how time has flown!!
Colonroman, ManuelE-4/EN3Jan 16, 2000 –A/C and Repair
Davidson, KristyYNSAFeb 14, 2000 – Jun 19, 2000ADMIN X-1
Betancourt, MichaelABE 3Feb 20, 2000 – May 24, 2004V-2I had a blast on the Big Stick. Launching aircraft was the best fun I had. I am out of the military now but the TR will always be apart of me. I am now a stand up comedian, and I would love to come back and perforom for my shipmates.
Seifert, Eric 'Felix"E-1 ~ E-4Mar 1, 2000 – Feb 23, 2004IM-3You know I miss it!
Acevedo, Jerry (Ace)HMC(SW/AW/FMF)Mar 9, 2000 – Apr 9, 2004HBest of times the Big Stick. Best medical department I ever worked with.
Smithwick, PrestonABHANMar 26, 2000 – Aug 12, 2004V-1 I had the honor to serve with great men and women in the defense of this nation and I will always remember those that were with me.
Hatcher, Veronica/roniE-4May 2000 – Oct 2004V-1 Division
Lemoyne, Adammr2May 2000 – Aug 2003r divhey where the hell is rasta mon chief stout
Buck, MelissaE-5May 17, 2000 – Aug 4, 2003OPS-OIEI was originially DECK DEPT and struck out to OPS/OIE; thanks to both dept's. for great memories.
Lawson, DianeE6Jun 2000 – Jun 2003RC
Durbin, JeremyANJun 2000 – Aug 2003G-1
Martinez, Francisco profile iconMM2 SW/AWJun 2000 – Nov 4, 2004RM1/ Reactor DeptMiss those great memories out at sea. I remember the Moustaches we all grew during the MED. In RM we worked and played hard. I see some good folks listed here. Wishing you all the best and hope life has been kind, CISCO!
Salter, MelissaCTO2Jun 1, 2000 – Oct 1, 2002OSDischarged from active duty April 2006, joined reserves and now drill in Wilmington, NC as IT2. Work as contractor for General Dynamics at Camp Lejuene Marine base. Miss the TR and all great friends made
Archiello, LouISJun 10, 2000 – Sep 20, 2001OZLooking for Thackera or Stevens. Both were in Intell.
Withers, ShannonE3Jul 2000 – Jun 2001DeckI miss everyone that I became close to. The ship was huge compared to the USS Simon lake.
Jeffery, Gregory LTJul 1, 2000 – Aug 1, 2002DeckThe Enduring Freedom cruise, was the highlight of my career. I love, "The Big Stick."
Casali, JohnE-5/AE2Jul 5, 2000 – Mar 15, 2004IM3/IM4
Watkins, ShawnMMFNJul 7, 2000 – Jul 9, 2004M/2 Reactor
Bradshaw, Justin SkippyE-4 / QM3Aug 10, 2000 – Aug 9, 2004Navigation
Embrich, MichaelANAug 17, 2000 – Sep 15, 2004V-2
Embrich, MikeE-3Aug 17, 2000 – Sep 15, 2004V-2Hey
Stevenson, Christine (Cookie)FC3Sep 2000 – Aug 2003
Foskey, WaylonAN NOW AD2Oct 2, 2000 – Nov 1, 2002V-1Serviced on the rosey for 2 years. Miss some of the people back there. Now I'm stationed in Brunswick,ME. Learned alot about myself and others. Hit me up if we worked together
Rodriguez, AnthonyABE 2Oct 3, 2000 – Aug 29, 2004V-1
Reazer, ChristopherAO(AW)3Oct 14, 2000 – Feb 1, 2005G-3I was in 54,64,74,84,128 put it this way i worked
Carter, EdAOANNov 2000 – 2005G3 G4
Baldwin, RobertE-3Nov 7, 2000 – May 15, 2004M-2Hmm. What to say. I served with some of the best sailors around. I went cranking to the mess decks and maas. The 159 days strait out to sea i will always remember.
Hughes, JohnDC3Dec 1, 2000 – May 1, 2004DC
Stakely, Joseph DanE-4/MM3Dec 15, 2000 – Dec 13, 2002I am pround to have been able to serve on an aircraft carrier for my first command.
Denson, IrisAZ2Dec 17, 2000 – Jul 1, 2004AIMD/IM-3
Virnig-noell, AngelaPH2 (AW/SW)Dec 20, 2000 – Oct 10, 2003OPS/OPI miss it! The experience cannot be beat and the memories are truly unforgetable. Being a photographer on board was an adventure in itself. I met so many people that will forever remain in my heart. "Keep you head on a swivel!" Go TR~
Abbot, AnthonyE4/MM3Dec 21, 2000 – Aug 29, 2004M2/ReactorI served my whole enlistment onboard the TR. I guess if you can't say something nice don't say nothing at all... If you know me, send me a message.
Jamie, Bilbrough/cartwrightE-32001 – 2004G-1/Weps
Waraksa, AmyE3/ ABE3Jan 2001 – Mar 2003
Karo, Barbara (Jo)ABH ANJan 2001 – Sep 2004V-1Looking for IT2 Scott Mcnew anybody know where I can find him He was on board till 2002 I believe
Joiner, DaleENFNJan 2001 – Oct 2004Engineering A gang
Johnson Bianco, PamelaBM3Jan 2001 – Jan 2003Deck 2ndHey Stepp, Saw you on here I thought about you all these years later & I still have your Painting you did on the crusie and gave to me. You and Blair kept me sane That was the longest cruise ever OMG. Lots of Beer Days
Robertson, AmandaABH E-5Jan 5, 2001 – May 15, 2005V-3
Brown, SandraFC3/E-4Jan 8, 2001 – May 4, 2005CS7Was one of the few, the proud females of CS7. Was also Hazmat PO for nearly entire time I was aboard. I also was a member of the D&D group that played on the forward mess decks. Anyone remember me? Give me a holler!
Guzman, FranciscoABH2Jan 19, 2001 – Apr 3, 2005V-1Good times, great memories. Worked hard played and played hard.
Cronk, AaronE3Feb 2001 – Apr 2002RE
Marcantel, Joseph A.LTFeb 2, 2001 – Jul 1, 2003MedcalI was, and will always be proud to have been the "Battle group Nurse" this will be my most unforgetable tour, we were first to respond to threats against our country, we set the foundation for success against those threats.
Stepp, MichelleSNFeb 12, 2001 – Feb 20, 2004deckI miss all my shipmates, I am on myspace as michelle yartz look me up! I dont really check my yahoo account because of all the crap
Gonzalez-whiten, NinaOS3 (SW/AW)Feb 14, 2001 – Jan 12, 2004V-0 AIR OFFICEI had a wonderful experience onboard the TR. I wish past & future sailors the best. I hope they have the same experience I did...
Lefler, James D.E-5/MM2Feb 18, 2001 –MACHINERYSeven months after reporting onboard, I was on my first deployment which was named the Iron Man Cruise. On that first deployment we did 159 days at sea from Sept to Feb without hitting any ports. A year after we came home we were back in the Med.
Vazquez, VanessaENFN/CS3Feb 21, 2001 – May 5, 2005RA/S2Feb2001-dec2003/4 RA Div dec2003/4 - May2005 S-2
Brashier, WadeIC1 (SW/AW)Mar 2001 – Sep 2005V-2This crew taught me to be a real leader. I hold my VLA crew as the team to beat in any navy.
Hansen, ErikAO3/WEPS G-1Mar 2001 – Apr 2004G1/WEPSBest time of my life miss it very much!!! OEF just missed OIF. IYAOYAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Griffin, JohnnySK1Mar 4, 2001 – Oct 1, 2006supply
Duncan, MichelleOS3Mar 6, 2001 – Oct 21, 2004OPS/OIC
Murphy, NickYN3Mar 27, 2001 – Mar 27, 2003Admin/X1I am now a YN2 stationed in Mississippi. I work for SBT-22. Wa are part of SPECWAR. My email is below if you have any questions.
Bryant, SharynaIC2Apr 2001 – Mar 2004CS9All I can say is what an experience. I did the Enduring Freedom "Iron man" Curise and The Iraqi Freedom Cruise. Talk about being UNDERWAY!!!!! And not to mention all the beer days! LOL. But I had a ball on the Mighty TR.
Linder, JessicaAOANApr 9, 2001 – Jan 1, 2004G-1
Carter, CandiceOS3 (SW)Apr 23, 2001 – Oct 24, 2003Supply for a yr and 5 months and in OIC till Oct 24th of 2004I did the "Iron Man Cruuise from Sept.2001 till March 2002 and the one from Jan.2003 till May 2003. I've had good experiences while attached to the TR and i've had my bad but i had the time of my life and will never forget my true friends.G
Darling, CortniAW2 (AW/SW/NAC)May 2001 – Jun 2003OPS/OISHey those of you who remember me. I am in the STA-21 program now and in Jacksonville, FL going to school to become a fine Naval Officer. I hope to get in touch with some people I used to know.
Albino, DorisABH3May 1, 2001 –V-1Hey Hey... Drop a hi sometime!!
Zirkelbach, VictorFC2(SW/AW)May 22, 2001 – Jun 20, 2005CS7Honestly I enjoyed the first 3.5 years on the Big Stick,but once immediate C.O.C. changed, it went downhill. So 2004-mid 2005, had a little too much adversity. Whatever though, there are a lot of great people on that ship that I miss.
Dugger, LyndaAN/ABHMay 25, 2001 – Jan 6, 2003v-1Worked hard but met alot of good people. Crazy how fast life goes by.
Vanderhulst, BenMM2Jun 2001 – Nov 2004Rx/RM2
Fredock, ColinEW2(SW)Jun 2001 – Aug 2005OPS-OIEI should've picked another destroyer instead...
Simpson, DaleMMCJun 2001 – Jun 2004A Gang/SMM
Cartwright, JamieE-4/AOJun 17, 2001 – May 25, 2004G-1/Flight Deck
Swierczek, KasiaFC3Jul 2001 – Aug 2003CS5
Brown, DavidABF3Jul 2001 – May 2005V4
Evans, Stacy profile iconAO/AAAug 2001 – Mar 2003G1There was some good, some bad, but it all ends up being a memory in the end, doesn't it?
Martin, KevinHMCAug 2, 2001 – Mar 31, 2004H
Shaw (Khansari), RanaeIT2 (SW)Aug 18, 2001 – Dec 10, 2004CS-3What can I say, when U are here, U cant wait to leave, when U do leave, U wish U could go back. I miss U guys in ADP, U know U you are. You have become life long friends that will always be remembered. Lot of fun times, not so many port visits :) ha
Kadota, Kian /kidzzleABE3Aug 20, 2001 – Oct 5, 2005V-2Being a member of the USS Theodore Roosevelt CVN-71 V-2 Arresting Gear i come to the conclusion that we are all fun and unique people good times and good laughs
Bradley, MarkABH2Sep 2001 – Sep 2005V-1
Tethers, AdamAIRMANSep 1, 2001 – Aug 1, 2003AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL
Balkum, JamesAO/ANSep 1, 2001 – Oct 22, 2003G-1 Yep!!!! Still alive. Living in Denver, Colorado
Glover, ErickAO2Sep 14, 2001 – Mar 27, 2002VS-32That was A LONG ASS CRUZ!! Learned a lot about teamwork and endurance on that one. Live well, Live Strong..
Miller, FreddieMM2Sep 16, 2001 – Jun 21, 2005RL
Wake, RebeccaAC3Oct 2001 – Nov 2002v2I loved being on the ship. That was the most fun I ever had. I would do it again if I could. When I was on the ship my name was Rebecca Lafort.
Stegeman, DanielE2/Damage ControlOct 2001 – Jul 2002EngineeringHad a great time but was out too long
Bohle, EmilyET2(SW/AW)Oct 5, 2001 – Nov 7, 2005CS6I loved being on the ship. It was always a different adventure everyday. I learned a lot being on a carrier. I would go back in a heart beat!
McDowell, RhondaE-6/IT1(SW)Oct 5, 2001 – Jan 5, 2003ThreeI loved my time aboard the TR. We didn't visit many ports but I meet so many wonderful sailors.
Milberry, VidaE1Oct 31, 2001 – 2003049
Wilson, Wilson (Wil)AO2Nov 4, 2001 – Jan 3, 2006G-1, G-5, G-3GREAT SHIP AND CREW. MANY FRIENDS
Polanco, ZoilaAO3(AW)Nov 8, 2001 – May 22, 2004G-1 Hanger BayG-1 Hanger Bay/ OB great times and great friends met my husband(going on 10 yrs together)
Farren, JosephAO2Nov 15, 2001 – Feb 6, 2006G-1 Flight Deck/Hangar BayMany, many times and people i'll never forget. 3 cruises in 4+ years. A lot of life changing experiences. Answered Sept. 11th, 2001. Found Jesus Christ on this ship! May God Bless You All. Alex Jensen R.I.P. Oct/06-Your in a better place!
Toribio, ErickANDec 14, 2001 – Mar 14, 2002VFA-86
Miller, MikeABE2Dec 24, 2001 – Aug 31, 2005V-2

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