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USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1437 crew members registered for the USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71).

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Lawson, MatthewIT21997 – 2002CS3
Long, TeeE41997 – 1999S2
Thacker, RobertAO1(AW)1997 – 2001G-1/G-4I miss the good old days aboard the Roosevelt still keep in contact with Luis Serrano and Bill Easterling to this day.
Scott, TraceyIS21997 – 2000OZ
Pettigrew, BryanENSJan 31, 1997 – Feb 1, 1998
Dorado, Manuel / MannyOS3Feb 1997 – Nov 2000Operations
Williamson, StuartABH3Feb 1, 1997 – Jan 5, 1997V-3Spent my time mainly on Night Ops, Hangar Bay and was a home grown Yeoman for the division. Usually see me and Petty Officer's Short and Brown together. Worked under 1st Class ABH Lamar Bradley. Does one know of where Chief Bradley is now.
Cowan, IanPh3 (AW)Feb 2, 1997 – Mar 10, 1999OPPhoto Lab where I cut my teeth as carrier ape. Many memories, many long days... Got my wings and took the test here that got me PH2.
Jones, TamishaSH3Mar 1997 – Jan 20, 2002S-3Feel free to contact me if you know me. No b/s plz. Thanks to all who serve/served!! Thanks to the Navy it has taught me to deal with all kinds of people.
Price, Melvin (Pee/pnice)E5Apr 1997 – Mar 1999CISC
Murray, Fitch, DianeSKC E7Apr 1997 – May 1999S7I was also stationed on uss Dixon as-37
Walsh, Tim profile iconE-3Apr 28, 1997 – Oct 28, 2000V-1look me up
Winningham, Michaele (Winnie)ABE3May 1997 – Mar 1999V2 Maintenance OfficeLoved my time onboard! Anyone who was on the ship that remembers me, please contact me at
Browder, Jeffrey / "Doc"LTMay 1997 – Aug 1999MedicalShip's Nurse and Medical Training Officer
Omar, SherrerFNMay 22, 1997 – Feb 1, 1999RAANYBODY WHO KNOWS ME HIT ME UP!
Winningham, Michaele "Winnie"ABE3Jun 1997 – Mar 1999V-2Had a blast, even in dry dock. Miss you guys!!! You were all my big brothers. V-2 for life!!!
Junkins, ChuckMM2Jun 1, 1997 – Jun 1, 1999A DivisionO2N2 Shop
Conyers, WilliamTM1(SW)Jun 21, 1997 – Oct 15, 2003G-2 ARMORY
Haugh, RobertDS1/ET1Jul 1997 – Dec 31, 2001CISA/CS3 (ADP)
Kilgore, KellyRM3(SW)Jul 7, 1997 – Jul 7, 2000CISCI loved the ship and would like to get in touch with anyone who remembers me...
Lenox, SidHMCOct 1997 – Oct 2000MedicalI was HM1 back then. I retired in 2005.
Padgett, RoyPN2Oct 1997 – Apr 1998XWas SEOPDET but worked in Personnel Office with Fred Lowell and Janine Foisy. Had a blast on the deployment working for these guys. I'm still the king of the chair races though!
Green, WilliamE-4/MM3Oct 1997 – Jul 29, 2002Reactor "The Pit"The T.R. was the start of my naval career, good support, great shipmates & best memories.
Hille, AprilE-3Nov 10, 1997 – 1998Reactor
Mendoza, RickE-5/FC2(SW)Dec 1997 – Dec 26, 2001CSW/CS7My time onboard the ship was pretty cool, sure it sucked sometimes but overall I had a blast.
Blount, MichaelAN E-3Dec 15, 1997 – Jul 15, 1999v-oJust friends
Delahunty, LorenABHDec 26, 1997 – Mar 10, 2000V-1Had fun. Still keep in touch will Liles & Stark. What's up to all of V-1
Taber, BrandonE-4/ABH1998 – 2001V-1Hey guys, can't help but to say that I actually miss the TR. Give me a e-mail so we can talk again
Gillis, ShaunABH31998 – Jul 2002V-1Hey lookin for guys and girls that served with me in V-1 . drop me a line some time. V-1 best division in air department
Gillis, ShaunABH31998 – 2002V-1
Cole, BradDC21998 – 2002Damage ControlIt was an experience!
Stogner, William Aka CatfishABH31998 – 2000V1thought i would see how some are doing. looking for pictures out of the cruise book from 1999.
Ross, Ray / RaydogAO31998 – Apr 2002G-1 and G-8 (Security)I am on here looking for Catherine (spelling) I knew while in the Navy. Problem is, I can't remember her LAST Name! Her nickname was "Kat", she drove a white mustang. We played pool at the Wind and Sea all the time.
Draughn, Jeffrey profile iconAO21998 – 2002G-1 Flight Deck
France, Melissaabh31998 – 2001v1was the best and most rewarding time of my life. would do it all over again. if you remember me contact me.
Sutton, Leslieairman1998 – 2001handler
Ramsey, JohnIT3(SW)1998 – 2001CS-3Would serve again at any time.
Jenkins, KedrickEM3Jan 1, 1998 – Mar 1, 2000I had a wonderful experience. I met a lot of nice people & enjoyed it very much. Much love to the Engineering Dept.
Bailey, TonyITCS(SW/AW)Jan 3, 1998 – Jan 30, 1999COMMUNICATIONS
Murray, CalebEM3Jan 12, 1998 – Jan 18, 2002G4 Weapons ElevatorsI spent forever on the Rose and it wasn't the best time i've had however i made a bunch of friends and i can't remember names.
Lafave, JamiePOFeb 1, 1998 – Oct 1, 2003G-4If you where stationed with me and know me hit me up on facebook.
Huss, ChrisAO3Feb 7, 1998 – Jul 13, 2002G-1 EVERY WHEREIYAOYAS!!!
Short, TonyITC (SW/AW)Feb 12, 1998 – Jun 6, 2000RadioI worked with some of the best radiomen in the business.
Vargas, JosephABH3Feb 14, 1998 – Feb 14, 2002V-1What's up V-1!!!
Shoup, DougHT1(SW/AW)Mar 1998 – May 2001SMM/QASHIP'S QA
Shoup, DougHT1(SW/AW)Mar 1998 – Jun 2001SMMShip's QA, DCTT
Brewer, BPO2Mar 1998 – Jan 2003V-2Air department born V-2 forever.
Garner, Charolette profile iconE-3(PCSN) ---> E-4(PC3)Mar 1998 – Sep 2001Deck 2nd/S-13/S-12Just wanted to say Hi to everyone...Being stationed on the TR will always have a special place in my heart. I've met some wonderful people on this ship. @yalecha21 <--- look me up!
Peterson, BrianE4Mar 1998 – Nov 2001A Gangdoes any one remember the name of the two shipmates we lost on the deployment in 99?
Gibson, JawzYNCMar 30, 1998 – Apr 10, 2001Flag AdminI had the pleasure to serve with the professional crew of this great ship.
Delphin, RanjeMM3(SW)Apr 1998 – Nov 22, 2000Auxiliaries (small gear shop)#1 passenger (thanks for all your service)
Pennington, DouglasAZCSApr 1, 1998 – Oct 31, 1999VS-24 ScoutsDid one Med/IO great ship
Terry, SheraDC2Apr 4, 1998 – Sep 6, 2001Damage ControlNow a YN2 reservist out of Waco, TX. Attend the University of Texas @ Austin. Looking for all the crazy people I had the pleasure of spending a strange trip with.
Cooper, Tarik Aka CoopRM3/IT1May 19, 1998 – Nov 20, 2002CS-1/MAIN COMMServed with some good people and I see a few of them on here. IRON MAN CRUISE of 2001........
Gregory, Kenneth (Tony)ao3Jun 1998 – Sep 7, 2001g-3worked every mag and flight deck. looking back on it now i could've been better and now that im older im glad i was there.
Harrigan, ElikaHm3Jul 1998 – Jun 2000MedicalI had a great time onboard and on deployment.
Gallant, DawnIC3Jul 6, 1998 – Mar 9, 1999CSR It was neat being able to serve on a carrier. I worked on the Gyrocompass (navigation) system of the ship. I was able to go on a cruise to St. Martens and Halifax, Nova Scotia with the TR.
Hartley, PattiYN3Jul 19, 1998 – Oct 1, 1998AdminI did not spend that much time on the USS Theodore Roosevelt but it was an experience. When I arrived we were doing sea trials. We then had to leave port due to a hurricane that hit Virginia. want to talk email me
Driggers, JamesAVCM (AW/SW)Aug 1998 – Sep 2002Command Master Chief
Brophy, JamesE-4/AOAug 14, 1998 – Mar 24, 2002Weapons G-3/G-5
Roe, DamienAD2 (AW)Aug 15, 1998 – Aug 14, 1999im2 dision
Wyman, DustinHM3Aug 20, 1998 – May 2002Medical
Lozada, Eliezer Aka Bam BamABH3Aug 28, 1998 – May 6, 2001V-1Was part of the best div on the ship V-1 div. started off fly 2 blue shirt then finished crash and salvage. Miss all my shipmates 98-01 hit me up on Facebook
Parker, BrandonABH3Sep 1998 – Jun 2002V-0
Bowman, NicholasAO1Sep 10, 1998 –G-1SHORT STAY ON SHIP BUT WAS FUN
Draughn, JeffreyAO1Oct 1998 – Oct 1, 2002G-1 Flight Deck, and G-3Had a good time on the ship.
Warren, SeanAO2Oct 1998 – Jun 23, 2002G-3A lot of hard work. I hated it while I was there, but now that my time is over and done, I look back and realize that I met good people that helped me grow from a 17 year old boy into the person I am today.
Fullmer, HarryMM1 SW/AW RETIREDOct 1998 – Oct 2001RA/S13Great ship, inseach of the great friends I had, lookingfor YN2 Mark Waller
Lowell, FrederickPNC (SW/AW) RETIREDOct 1, 1998 – Oct 1, 2000X2One of the best commands. Jeanine Foisy and I reported together, what a flight!! Go Team Lowsy!!!!! Had a great time in the Personnel Office, too many nights stripping those decks w/ Chris Elm & Janet Devoe (my smoke deck partner).
Jones, CharlesMS 3Oct 1, 1998 – Jun 1, 2002S2
Johnson, TonyQM2Oct 5, 1998 – Jul 4, 2002Deck/NavHad a great time onboard and hope to contact some old shipmates.
Brooks, GeneE1Oct 5, 1998 – Mar 1999Flight deck
Rohrer, GerrySM3Oct 21, 1998 – Jun 10, 2002Navigation
Cornett, TroyAO3Oct 22, 1998 – Jun 4, 2002G-3
Cornett, TroyAO3Oct 23, 1998 – Jun 3, 2002G3Good Times!
Foisy, JeaninePNC(SW/AW)/RETIREDNov 1998 – Oct 2001ADMIN/X-2Great ship and great favorite duty station of 20years.
Ocker, MacKDCFN-DC1Nov 1998 –DC Division
Norton, HoyteANNov 1998 – 2002G4
Deverna, Harry / Bm1BM1 E6Nov 8, 1998 – Aug 1, 20002nd DivisionLPO RIGGING SHOP / SAIL LOCKER AND AND 27 AREAS AND GOOD SHIP MATES
Little, StuartAO3Nov 18, 1998 – Nov 17, 2002G-3 WepsI miss the old navy, not the new navy the bell bottom days. That is why I got out. I did my 4 and there was a lot of water in my 4. Who remembers the 159 days straight at sea. No ports. 3 cruises in 4 years was alittle much for me.
Gibbens, JoeSH3Dec 1998 – Jul 2002s-3
Wallace, ChrisE-5/AC2Dec 1998 – Apr 2002OC-Air Traffic Control
Watkins, Keith WatkinsE7/ABHCDec 18, 1998 – Oct 20, 2003V1
Jones, JustinE-4Dec 23, 1998 – Mar 26, 2003S-3 SUPPLY

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