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USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1437 crew members registered for the USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71).

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Dawson, JohnAN1992 – 1993V-2
Schellpeper, JeremyABH31992 – 1996V-1Seeing who is still around from the Operation Deny Liberty
Crow, BrandonAD31992 – 1996IM2AIMD jet mech and Test Cell trouble shooter.
Widdoss, Kerry/wonderboyAO31992 – Apr 21, 1996WEAPONS G-1FLT DECK,G-!HANGER,G-3Missle MagsGreat experience.Regret voluntary honarable discharge.If i knew then what i know now,I would`ve made it a career.Sail on for freedom-military life is what you make of it.
Resnick, Brett (Rez)ABH31992 – 1996V - 1 / FLY - 1I'm happy to see some of you are still out there. Anyone know about Jim Sager, Richie Carrol, Mike Lions, Adrian Turner? Currently in touch with David Booth. He is doing well.
Gardner, LarryABFAN1992 – 1994ABF Flight Deck
Fink, FinksterAN1992 – Jul 8, 1996V-2Wazzup to all my boys from the TR
Bryan, PattersonE-4/FC31992 – 1994OEM
Hurlbut, Daryl profile iconABH11992 – 1997V-3How's life after the real life. ? BEEN A LONG TIME.. I worked V-5 and V-3. I continously think of the good times. Give me a shout.
Fox, David profile iconFC21992 – 1997OEM DivisionCIWS tech, had some great times with great shipmates.
Briggs, Andrewms2Jan 1992 – Jul 1992s2only there from jan to july 92..worst command ever..had one chief laribee that constantly hasstled me..going out of his way to bust my balls..always putting me on the chili bar and working nights in port..hated it..
Love, MikeMS3Jan 1992 – Nov 1996S-5This was one of the BEST experiences in my entire career. The fellowship that the entire ship had was AWESOME!! I hope that everyone that was onboard during my time is doing GREAT!!
Bonham, JohnOS2Jan 1, 1992 – Feb 1, 1994OICI am really looking for any of my buds from that time period. Where is Fred Dahlquist? The North Carolina boys. email
Breneman, BillMM2Feb 1992 – Mar 1995AO2/N2 I would like to be back producing liquid again. This was my best time in the Navy.
Arnold, JayAO3Feb 1, 1992 – Sep 17, 1995G1IFYAOYAS
Schlesser, John "Papajohn"OS2(SW)Mar 1992 – Dec 1995OIC
Lauderdale, BradMS2Mar 1992 – Jun 1994S2
Watts, MartyYN3Mar 1992 – Sep 1994Legal
Bradley, KyleIC3Mar 1, 1992 – Jun 11, 1995E-Division
Cooper, RichardBM1(SW)Mar 15, 1992 – Jan 3, 19973rd, 2nd, Bos'n Locker, and 1stGood friends made and remembered
Goins, John (Johnny Razorback)ET2Apr 15, 1992 – Jun 1, 1996RCI was a member of "The Most Powerfull Orse Team Ever Assembled", We had some great times, I miss the people not the navy. E-mail me if you know me.
Jason, AshtonDC3Apr 28, 1992 – Aug 11, 1993RIf you told me I would one day look back and wish I could return to sea on that ship I would have laughed in your face. Yet today, tears come to my eyes and I long to return.I now am a firefighter for the Rochester, NY FD Engine 10
Thomason, RussellANMay 1992 – Mar 1994V-4Flight deck crewman/crewleader just looking for old shipmates...currently in Iraq (oct06-oct07) went by "rusty"
Williamson, WilliAT3May 2, 1992 – Jun 4, 1994VAW-124I'm proud to have walked the deck with all of you guys.
Sicilia, RobertAZ3Jun 10, 1992 – Apr 16, 1994IM-3 Cal LabTrying to find out what happened to my shipmates, you lifer bastards.
West, ChrisAMS3Jun 18, 1992 – Jan 17, 1997VAW 124Married with 2 kids living back home in WV. I was on the CVN 71 cruise in 1993 and in 1995. It would be great to hear from some of the guys I worked and hung out with.Email me
Ray, BrianYN2Jun 22, 1992 – Jul 26, 1996X-1 Captains office
Knapp, MikeMSGTJul 1, 1992 – Nov 1, 1995Air Wing
Brown, KevinACANJul 5, 1992 – Jan 13, 1993CATCCDont miss a thing, good luck to all others.
Barentine, BrettAG3Jul 10, 1992 – Oct 22, 1996OA DivisionWeatherguesser
Carlen, BarryAME-1 (AW)Jul 12, 1992 – Sep 30, 1995TrainingServed as CAAC Assistant Director from 1992 until retiring in 1995 along side ETC(SW) Paul Oppliger & BMCM(SW) Charles Micha.
Lindenhofen, EdwardOS2Aug 1992 – Oct 1995OPS/OICLove to hear from the guys from CIC / TOP. (Where's Marty Lawson, Mike LeClair, Cliff Hoover?) Remember "Be-No Box" Med '93 / '95. What a great 3 years, I'd do it all over again. Drop me a line.
Winters, ZerrioABEAug 1992 – Aug 1996v2 catapult 1Some of the best times of my life met a lot of kool people can't name all but here is a few in v2:Wilson, adams, clay, payne, Samuel, Clark, Carlton, lott, jones, Lockhart, reid,.. its alot more in other department
Jackson, MARCUS (JIGGY)AIRMANAug 3, 1992 – Aug 3, 1994V-2 Arresting GearI got sick before I was discharged, so I left the ship a little early while out at sea. These are just a few of the crew members I worked with while I was there. L. Johnson, Gibson, R. Williams, M. Simmons, Harrison, Brown, Hammond, Lockhar
Parsons, Kenneth RayE-3Aug 4, 1992 – Aug 4, 1994V-3Just wonderng who all is stil alive and kickin. not to mention that i just looked up The Storm of the Century that we rode through. crazy, man, crazy!
Sewell, JarmalMS/SNAug 19, 1992 – Feb 10, 1996Supply
Wells, BenjaminOSAug 20, 1992 – Mar 28, 1996Reactor & OperationsWent back in and join the Guard was an OS no clue what I was when I left but it wasn’t good.
Paulsen, JeremyMM3Sep 1992 – Jul 1996A
Gallagher, Bobby "Boston"EW2Sep 1992 – Aug 1996OIE
Yaklin, DuaneABE3Sep 1992 – Jun 15, 1996V-2
Deane, EdwardAO3Sep 1992 – May 15, 1997G4 ElevatorsBest time of my life
Mueller, KevinMM3Sep 1992 – Dec 1995 MMR2Looking for Frank Gallagher and any others that I served w/ in M-Div!
Deehan, FrankABE2Sep 1992 – Sep 1996V-2 Divison Arresting Gear
Rotruck, VernRM3Sep 1992 – Jun 1996G-4/ Comms
Zebraski, MarkCORPORALSep 1, 1992 – Sep 1, 1994Marine Detachment
Bankord, Todd profile iconFC1 (SW)Sep 7, 1992 – Oct 7, 1994OEM / SMMleft nothing there
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Gestner, TimYN2Sep 13, 1992 – Feb 1, 1995X1Neat way to keep in touch. I have since retired from the Navy in 2004 and live in central Wisconsin.
Moore, MichaelFNSep 15, 1992 – Jul 16, 1996M-1Hey guys, remember the rump rider, FTN, and paperclip? If not, you prob weren't in reactor dept! Shouts out to Mikey White, Carlos Dawkins, Hadley, Dave Moore and the rest of M-Div!
Ross, Tonybt3Sep 22, 1992 – May 18, 1995b div
Gray, GeorgeAT3Oct 1992 – Sep 1993AIMD-IM3 SHOP 9 Had a blast on my last Med. Keep up the good work guys.GG
Barlow, Dante'E-6Oct 1992 – Apr 1997RE5 years 7 months and 24 days attached to the ship.3 Med cruises completed.
Kuzawa, BrianABH3Oct 1992 – Jul 31, 1996V-3 / S-13
McGarr, WilliamMMCOct 1992 – 1996RL
Turner, Scott "t"ABE3Oct 1992 – Aug 1996V2Whats up to all my GEAR DOGS
Barth, ChadE-4/YN3Oct 1992 – Jun 1994Operations/OX DivisionLiving the dream. Married with child and currently a Police Officer in Nashville. Would love to hear from old shipmates and reunite.
Wilson, PaulAN3Oct 1992 – Jun 1994G2 - Ships Armory
Price, MarkNCCM IAW/SW)Oct 1, 1992 – Oct 18, 1994ADMINI was the ships Career Information Program Manager and Leading Chief for the ADMIN Department...
Scappaticci, Jason "scap"ABFOct 8, 1992 – Jul 8, 1994V 4 Flightdeckcrewman/crewleader .Always got TR on the mind . I had a love hate relationship with her. I Wish I was at sea. Id love to hear from alll the gang ..Remember deny liberty and the great smoke out
Kane, BrianHM3Oct 26, 1992 – Sep 26, 1994MedicalYes. We had a killer crew and a killer ship during the '93 cruise. Battle E and everything else. I remember everyone in my department like it was yesterday-yes,you Buck! I'm extremely proud to have served on the TR!! Peace and good luck!!
Koehn, James (Big Daddy)ETC(SW/AW)Nov 5, 1992 – Apr 17, 1998ReactorLooking for old friends! 5yrs 4mos 17dys. Had some great times in Reactor Department. Drop me a line.
Doty, JasonAOANNov 10, 1992 – Aug 19, 1994G-3
Moore, MichaelFNDec 10, 1992 – Jun 11, 1996M-1/ReactorThank god we survived the hell of CVN-71, made alot of good friends though.
Vining, Brian profile iconSK3Dec 15, 1992 – Dec 15, 1996S-8Great memories made on the T.R. Looking for any of my old S-8 running buddies. We had a lot of good times back then and a lot of sea days.
Spencley, TomE-3Dec 18, 1992 – Jun 25, 1995Supply S-2Had lots of good times and alot of bad times

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