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USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1437 crew members registered for the USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71).

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Emanuel, AlbertYN11989 – 1992
Esposito, Marc "Espo"ABH31989 – 1993V-1Hey everyone. Just want to say hey and had a great time with a great bunch of people. Think about the years I served onboard alot. Take care.
Hawkins, JasonE31989 – 1993bosn 3rd
Johnson, CarlPN31989 – 1992Admin - Personnel
Patterson, Jim / "elvis"FC3 , FC21989 – Aug 1992OEMWorked on NSSMS "Launcher 2" and was Work Center Supervisor near the end of my enlistment.
Cheek, JimmyASAN1989 – Aug 1991AIMD IM-4Tryin to get in touch with anybody that was in the GSE shop.
Kwiatkowski, Dave (K-11)E51989 – 1991RCIf you were in RX Dept during this period. Join facebook and look for "CVN-71 Reactor Department 1986-1992." Would like to hear from some good friends.
Morton, ChuckAN1989 – 1992G4Hello to all my old friends my contact info is
Foreman, KenLcpl1989 – 1990Marine DetachmentMaiden Med deployment, Battle E, The Today Show with Gumble and Norville Good Crew- Good Times
Yoder, FrancisABHAN1989 –V-1
Duvall, JimABE31989 – 1991V-2Just want to say hi to all the gear dogs and drop me an line
Jolliffe, LarryRM21989 – 1992CRIt was great being on the maiden cruse. Does anyone remember the rumbles at watch change?
Smith, GregoryWTSN1989 – 1993W-DIVISIONI was a Weapons Technician (WT). A long gone rate.
Nielsen, SteveOS21989 – 1992OIC
Renshaw, MichaelE5/AO1989 – 1992IM3Have very fond memories of my time aboard TR. If any of my old shipmates would like to get in touch, email me at
Alexander, Jack (Woody)Plankowner, AW2/E51989 – 1991CVW8Miss the good times, shipmates, camaraderie, and the best SOS ever. Been just fine without 0400 FOD walks.
Fagan, PaulE-6/MM1(SW/AW)Jan 1989 – Apr 1993RM2Best command I was ever at. ORSE section 3 of 1991 was the best! Ron B, Bill H, Mark C, Rusty, give me a yell! "One for show TWO for GO!" 2 plant was always the best!
Watson, MichaelSNJan 1989 –2nd DivisionHello, shipmates!
Moody, MooseAOANJan 1989 – Apr 1992G4Looking for old Buddies that served with me in weapons. Contact Me at
Wildman, BrianE-3Jan 13, 1989 – Jul 18, 1992V-1Just looking for V-1 crew mates, and wondering what happened to Red
Patterson, JosephGMG3Jan 15, 1989 – Aug 23, 1992G-1Where in the world is Leon Grant?
Huddleston, BrianAT3Jan 26, 1989 – Apr 9, 1992IM-3 Shop 8
Sloane, JohnSM2Jan 29, 1989 – Feb 14, 1990NSSignalman were assigned to Navigation Dept. Worked for the best Chief in the Navy (SMC Kenneth McGrath)
Mayes, Doug (Pete)EM3/EMFN/EM3Feb 1989 – Jul 1991ELove/Hate. Very proud to serve during Desert Shield/Storm/Comfort but glad I moved on. Now Industrial Electrical/Electronic Technician near St. Louis. Miss the hockey pucks.
McCourt, JonMM2/SWFeb 1989 – Jul 1993Auxiliaries / A-GangO2N2 Shop. Awesome experiences, good friends, Great memories.
Kosilla, EdMM2Feb 1, 1989 – Aug 26, 1993A GangEA01 Hydraulics , Great Memories of all I served with in A - Gang
Bythewood, RickAT3Feb 9, 1989 – Oct 25, 1992AIMD IM31989-1992 Shop 9 Cheif Pennington, Scott Dennewitz, Hung in Shop 7 with Kevin Connolley, Hepstal, Petty Officer Prince shop 10, Good times! Knew Bridges and Gilley (the Pilot of the A6 he was sucked in) Gave him the tape of it.
Boes, MarkEM2Mar 1989 – Mar 1993REI reported to Reactor Dept. on TR in the middle its first Med Cruise. 2 years later we were in Operation Desert Storm in the first Gulf War. After getting out I became an electrical engineer. Contact me if we served together.
Timm, BillybobAT1Mar 1989 – Jan 1993IM-3 Shop 8First tour on TR
Wilson, Kevin Aka Willie-3Mar 1989 – Mar 1993V-1hey everybody i have lost track of 317-223-1616 call
Sears, TonyDC 3Mar 1989 – Mar 1993R- DivisionI am still looking for an HT punch!!!
Cox, John (Jc)EM1Mar 1989 – Dec 1991Reactor ElectricalHello to all of my fellow "Nukes" out there!
Epling, KenENS / LTJGMar 1989 – Jul 1992V-2
Miller, MichaelEM2Mar 25, 1989 – Nov 25, 1994EStarted off in the A/O shop, then Master At Arms, then Electrical Lighting Shop, then the Xerox Repair Shop.
Vogt, Steve "Birddog"E-3Mar 28, 1989 – Mar 28, 1993Plane Captain, AOLooking for buddies to re-connect with from Cecil Field
Wilson, Kevin (Willi)ANApr 1989 – Mar 1993v-1hey fellow shipmates
Jardim, MarkEW3Apr 1989 – Sep 1990OI03Good times but chow lines way too long.
Caton, DanAK3Apr 1989 – Jan 1993S-8
Esqueda, RubenEM3Apr 1989 – Mar 4, 1993RE 2I can be contacted on Facebook. I earned my degree after getting out and have been working in Pharmaceutical Sales for almost 17 years.
Devine, KeithET1 (SW)Apr 1989 – Jul 22, 1993Reactor Controls (RC)I got helo'd onto TR in the middle of the 1988-89 Med Cruise. Was still there for the 1990-91 Desert Storm Cruise. Got hurt during the 1993 Med Cruise; was medevac'd from Naples Naval Base when TR anchored for port call
Peters, PhilAT1Apr 1, 1989 – Jun 1, 1991IM-3 Shop 11 & 12Shop supervisior for AIMD Shops 11 & 12
Brasfield, JefferyANApr 10, 1989 – Jan 10, 1990V-4Hello shipmates.
Ledford, Russell J.MA1(SW)Apr 18, 1989 – May 28, 1991Security
Toms, Mike (Mikeet)ABH3May 8, 1989 – Apr 15, 1993V1Hey all you V-1 guys! Especially all my old yellow shirt buddies! Send me a email!! Love to hear from ya!
Chamberlin, Dennis (Chops)ABF2May 18, 1989 – Apr 30, 1991V-4
Simpson, RichardDPSR-DP2May 31, 1989 – Jul 6, 1992S-7
Lounsbury, SteveABF 3Jun 1989 – Feb 1993V-4
Oneal, MikeABHJun 1989 – 1992V-1Doing GREAT here in Ohio. looking for some old friends.
Cone, RayMm3Jun 3, 1989 – Jun 3, 1993M / ra div.Was I m div. for a while then it split to ra div. had some good times on board. If you remember me email me .
Davis, DanielMS3Jun 10, 1989 – Jun 10, 1992S5I was in the MESS for the duration of my tour. I was also in word room for a time on the ship. I also was in desert storm.
Martinelli, JohnHT2Jun 30, 1989 – Sep 6, 1992Repair
Volgamore, DougOS3Jul 1989 – Aug 2, 1992OIC/OPSjust want to sat hey to all fello ops guys out there. Loved the time on board now, then not so much.
Hammond, Johnnye3 mmAug 1989 – Mar 1992m2Was in m2 div worked with a lot of great guys
Gantt, IbenQM2(SW)Aug 31, 1989 –NavigationThe "BEST" Navigation Team I ever worked with!!
Risenhoover, Leo DonE3 ABEANSep 1989 – Jun 1992AirWorked on the Catapult #1. Topside.
Grossheim, JeffreyET2Sep 1989 – May 1994OECWorked in the HF xmitter shop. Looking for Matt C. and Paul B. You know who you are.
Hartzell, RonaldAO2Sep 1989 – Sep 3, 1993IM-3 OrdRoosevelt my 2nd command loved it all the friends i went to war with in desert storm great time. Although some people were butt heads, but good times after the war wresling in the ord shop against weapons G-1,2,3 good times.
Asch, Geraldams1Sep 1989 – Sep 22, 1992im1 and im2
Dingus, WilliamAS2Sep 1989 – Oct 1993IM-4
Black Sr, Dallas LIC3Sep 1989 – Feb 1993OERemember the fun times with the journalists and my fellow IC guys in the shop and the TV room. Also remember our bowling league(fun times).
Williams, Greg / PaMM 3Sep 1, 1989 – Jul 23, 1993A - GangWhere is every one? Roy from SC., Jay Bird PA., Gater GA. I think, Roor OH., John M. from up north, Chris Waterman CA.,and all of the Gang "A - gang"
Jentzsch, KrisET1Sep 1, 1989 – Apr 10, 1991RCAt least I didn't end up in charge of the Chiefs mess like Barry did!
Bailey, TroyMM3Sep 23, 1989 – Jun 23, 1992M-DIVISIONJust looking to see whos still around.
George, Dwayne "Big George"MM2Oct 1989 – Nov 9, 1992A GangACR Shop. EA04 Chillin'
Ferrell, Kevin S.SK1Oct 1989 – Jul 1992S-1
Davis, DanMS3Oct 1, 1989 – Jun 29, 1991Ward RoomHey Shipmates. contact me on facebook. Dan Davis. I hope to hear from all my friends. Miss all of you and the days we had.
Taipe, EfrainE-1Oct 24, 1989 – Feb 13, 1992G-4Hello to all G-4/G-3 and Weapons Admin. Pleasure serving with you all!!!
Dabbelt, GregABE 3Nov 1989 – Sep 1993v-2I worked on cat #4 & V2 supply po. just wanted to hear from some old shipmates.
Floyd, Jeff`MS3Nov 1989 – Mar 1993S5 Officers WardroomThe time spent on CVN 71 was definitive building blocks of my life and soul.
McCormick, JoeYN3Nov 2, 1989 – Apr 12, 1992captains office X-1derek, mike, scott, john: where in the hell are you guys. find me at
Manthei, James "biff"E-2/ABENov 15, 1989 – Apr 15, 1991v-2,v-0hey everyone from the waist cats and pri-fly. hope some of my buds see this site. thanks for all the memories and battle E's
Fail, Chrisem3Nov 19, 1989 – Nov 18, 1993v2I was in v2 divison for less than two years.I came from another ship it was getting dacomisiomed.
Hanning, BuxtorABE2Nov 21, 1989 – Apr 15, 1994V2CAT 4
Walters, JeffHT 2Nov 28, 1989 – Jul 1993R-Division
Cortes, RobertANDec 1989 – Jul 1992v-2hey all,like to get caught up with old friends from yrs past,
Bailey, CobyABH3Dec 1989 – Sep 3, 1993V-1Where yall at V-1. Where my yellows at? lookin for for the old crew lost all my contacts. spears,nunley,toms, cesnick,holland,oldham,spain,spivey,otto. orona, riley, espo if yall check this site email me!!!
Flowers, JeffreyOS2Dec 1, 1989 – Dec 1, 1991OII was part of OI division during Desert Storm and Operation Provide Comfort. I also went TAD to the training department for 6 months.
Boehling, ThomasET2Dec 3, 1989 – Jun 10, 1994OPS/OERET2 Michael Billing and I were looking for some good ole boys from OER. It's been a long time and would like to hear from you.
Jenkins, JimDec 13, 1989 – Aug 1992V-4Any Grapes out there?
Franklin, Larry AD3Dec 27, 1989 – 1992AIMDAny AIMD crew members deployed during 90-92
Allison, KevinMM1Dec 30, 1989 – Apr 21, 1990RM/RTPlank Owner

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