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USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1437 crew members registered for the USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71).

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Gallagher, James P. IIIIC31988 – 1991EWorked in the Alarm Shop and Phone Shop.
Mann, DanielOS2(SW/AW)1988 – 1993OICAir Intercept Controller (Demon). The best command that I ever served in during my 11 years of service.
Holbein, CurtAG11988 – 1992OA
McDonald, WoodrowAK31988 – 1990S-8
Ulku, ToddABE31988 – 1990V2Worked in the GEAR topside. Checked out about 3 Days before Desert Storm/shield deployment. Anybody out there?
Swesey, Scott "swaze"ABH31988 – 1992V-1wow, been a long time, i stayed in for 12 years.....but boy i miss it, and i miss everyone served with, jeff "stu", steve lyons, espo, "habby", even klontz, anyone remember him being snatched back on a tractor pulling gear.
Schuette, JamesAOAN1988 – Aug 17, 1990IM-4Teamwork 88, First Med Cruise- Great times!!!!
Braxton, MikeGMG31988 – 1990G-2 DIVISIONMet a lot of good guys on board... Mike Flores if you get this email me: Both myself and Tyrone Winston have been looking for you buddy. Any of my other friends feel free to email me as well. 11/17/09
Franke, AlAKC1988 – 1989VS-24/S-6
Robison, Gary MichaelAMS-31988 – Jun 1991AIMD AIRRFRAMESwhats up shipmates
Rigdon, RobertEMCS(SS)1988 – 1990RE
Bowker, ChrisE3 ABH1988 – 1989V1Up on the flight deck workin' hard with all my V1 homies, and fly 3 coolies.
Woodall, JamesE5 - Petty Officer - Second Class - Nuclear1988 – 1991Reactor DeptWould like to locate an old friend Donnie Roberts (his wives name was Caroline) and others who served in the reactor dept 1988-1991 / Desert Storm.
Beeman, LarryMM31988 – 1991MMMR1 Lower Level Watch Starboard Side. Intake Valve that always got stuck. Almost cut off my finger.
McElmury, BrianSH31988 – 1991S3
Torres-deltoro, Juan / JohnnyAT21988 – 1993AIMD 600Worked 610, IFF Bench, had many good freinds there on board, Smitty Smitt, Michael Wenthold, Charles Bush, Charles Norton, Hall, Chief Smith, Chief Hubbard, Soto, Jose Melendez, Castro. Great Cruises. Great Times !!!
Shook, BretMM1/E-61988 – 1992RP01Met some of the best friends I have ever had on TR! Been working as a contractor with the Navy at headquarters in DC since 1995... just can't seem to get away from nuclear propulsion... I'm on Facebook
McClenning, Mike profile iconAZAN1988 – 1990SMMAdministrative assistant to the 3M Coordinator
Resino, BobHM-1(SW)1988 – 1991HMaiden Med Cruise, ODS/Provide Comfort
Allen, GaryE3/AO1988 – 1989G-3I would really like to contact some of my old shipmates. I do remember Edmond Mechell & Tony McRoberts but i can’t remember anyone else’s name. Please contact me if you remember me or worked down in the magazines.
Dowd, JohnET-1Jan 1988 – Feb 1990RCI formed the Rough Riders rugby team onboard in 1988 so that we could play in the Med on our maiden Med Cruise 1989. CPT Bill Leek, USMC, CO of the MARDET was our club president. We beat the French National Champs, Rugby Club Toulon, 30-18.
Boughter, Johnmm3Jan 1988 – Sep 8, 1989m Hard to believe it's been over twenty years since I was aboard. The people I met there were unforgettable, went on to become a better soldier than sailor, but that's another itself.
Wisler, JeffreyABECJan 1988 – Sep 1988Air V2Short tour, selected for Warrant program shortly after arriving to the ship… Commissioned by LCDR Fralen, departed for knife and fork school in Pensacola, FL. Great ship, with Great group of Chiefs...
Myrick, Davidmm2Jan 1988 – Mar 1991m
Van Dusen, Jerry (Duece)CPLJan 1, 1988 – Jan 4, 1990Mar_detHad a great time on the a bunch of great jarheads better drop me a line
Czup, Markbm3Jan 1, 1988 – Dec 18, 19902ndhello all, its been nearly 27 years since I heard from any of you, I would like to catch up. sincerely mark czup.
John Reynolds, JrEM1Feb 1988 – Mar 1990ElectricalGreat Time and great friends
Stavropoulos, PeterAT2Mar 1988 – Feb 18, 1993AIMD IM3 W/C 64DGreat memories! North Atlantic, Maiden cruise, Desert storm. Miss all the guys in IM-3 especially shop2
Coates, Jimmyao3Mar 1988 – Sep 15, 1995weapons
Myers, JohnAN-E3Mar 28, 1988 – Nov 15, 1989G-1 DIV. Wepons Dept.I kept the DC shop running smoothly (AO 2 Ramsey only signed the paperwork) I did the rest). Sure would like to hear from any one of the G-1 Div. REMEMBER THE CARE BEAR EXTORTION!!!!!!!
Johnson, CraigAO 2Apr 1988 – Sep 30, 1991G-3I served on board TR during her maiden Med Cruise. I was in bomb assembly during Operation Desert Storm and left TR three months after retuning from the Gulf.
Rocque, PeterABEANApr 1988 – Feb 1992V2arresting grear
Kennedy, Jamielance corporalApr 1, 1988 –Mar DetAwesome Duty.
Smith, ChadAAApr 15, 1988 – Jan 15, 1990V3Had a great time. Made the maiden voyage to the med.
Fyda, Joseph / joe / greasemonkeyE- 3 LANCE CORPORALApr 15, 1988 – Apr 15, 1990Marine Detachmentspent 2 years in marine detachment. Helped win battle e ribbon, was a part of ems streatcher team spent time all over the ship in medical and watching flight opps. Seen a lot of great places.
Lacy, KevinIC1May 1988 – Sep 1993Worked the Alarm shop, then the Phone Shop. Acted as Division CPO during Desert Storm. Then as E-Div LPO till transfer.
Cancel, MattE-4May 1988 – May 1990MARDETwithout a doubt some of the best times of my life
Coon, Harry /coondawgAE2May 17, 1988 – Jul 11, 1991IM3W//C 69A EMTC bench
Parsons, KyleSA TO BM3Jun 1988 – Dec 19912nd and 1st
Boswell, Bobby BozABHANJun 15, 1988 – Jun 15, 1992V3WHO STILL Alive
Williams, Robert "yak"BM3Jul 1988 – Aug 19912nd
James, Johnnie/ The Beautiful OneMS3Jul 1988 – Mar 1992Supply/ Food Service/ S-2 DIVWorked under Mr. Cole in S-2 Division galley "The Dungeon". Man i hated that place!! Great friends though....Darryl Lawson, Big Lee, Miles, Hollywood, Lil Johnson from Texas, Everrett. I also remember MS1 Dillard, and MS1 Townsend
Williams, BrcplJul 1, 1988 – Jul 1, 1990marine detachmentlooking for members of marine detachment 1988 to 1990. had some good times. my name is brent r williams. but everybody called me BR! LET ME KNOW IF YOU REMEMBER GOING TO BLUE TILE!
Flores, MichaelGMGSNJul 3, 1988 – Mar 23, 1991g-2i miss the ol gun gang.trying to find my buddie mike braxton and richard crocker
Adams, JonathanPH3Jul 17, 1988 – Dec 23, 1991OP Division
Altman, BillAT3Aug 1988 – Aug 1990AIMD IM3 W/C 65FSEAOPDET NAS NORFOLK
Reil, DaveCPL-E4- USMCAug 1988 – Jun 1990MAR-DETSEMPER FI- First boarded the Teddy right after St. Thomas Cruise, Maiden Med-Cruise, NATO 88'-Silent Drill Team Inspector. Dropped a sailor by the aft scullery during a SECURITY ALERT; came around blind corner during chow -poor guy- sorry ! G ti
Walker, GlenE-6/MM1Aug 1988 – Jun 1991AuxilliaryEA02, EA03, EA40 and the Maintenance Office
Banks, GaryEM2Aug 3, 1988 – Jul 31, 1992REEnjoyed maiden voyage and friends made. You can have all the rest.
Sean, MillerE-4Aug 16, 1988 – Aug 16, 1992Ht
Ethridge, CharlesATANSep 1988 – Jun 1991AIMDI was SeaOpDet out of Oceana. Just new to the navy. I was on the maiden voyage which I loved and think about often and my last time on the Big Stick was Desert Storm, saw land 17 days out of the 182 days we were gone.
Plummer-el, Marone-3Sep 6, 1988 – Sep 6, 1991v-2what up ship matesmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Maier, ChuckAD3Sep 14, 1988 – Sep 11, 1992AIMD/IM2-P\PHated it then, miss it now.
Terry, LargentBM-3Sep 22, 1988 – Sep 22, 19922nd
Manhardt, JayAT2Oct 1988 – Dec 1989AIMD 670Looking for David Nelson and Keith ??, both AT2s.
John, FullertonE-5/DS2Oct 1988 – Nov 1992OEDSpent my last year TAD as Section Leader for Master At Arms.
Devereaux, James profile iconMMCM(SW)Oct 1, 1988 – Sep 30, 1990SMMServed as Ships 3M Coordinator
McCormick, MikeAMS-1Oct 2, 1988 – Apr 23, 1990Strike Fighter Squadron 87Corrosion Control supervisor and Squadron Damage Control Petty Officer
Thorson, Joe (Thor)AO3Oct 3, 1988 – May 18, 1988G3 and G1 WeoponsWould love to here from some of the hooligans i used to run with.
Regan, Jamese3Oct 3, 1988 – Oct 22, 1989d3really looking to fiond some old shipmates tomake things right
Beneway, DanRMSN Oct 10, 1988 – Jan 3, 1991commBest shack ever guys. I miss the old gang the legen of doom and the hall of justice gang. Remember the battles we had? Some of the best times I can remember were onboard the old T.R. I hope we can have a reunion some day. Your shipmate Dan.
Perry, AndyE-4 ABH3Oct 17, 1988 – Oct 2, 1991Air Crash and SalvageI worked in V1 Division and served my time in the Crash and Salvage Dept on the Flight Deck
Wellman, GordonYN1Oct 25, 1988 – Nov 15, 1991X-1
Paff, DavidHM3Nov 1988 – Nov 1990MedicalMaiden Med Cruise
Sutton, DanielLTNov 1988 – Oct 1991W Div. and G-2
Sanders, DougIC2Nov 20, 1988 – Aug 17, 19922nd Division Deck and E Division EngineeringArrived as an E-2 from NFAS Orlando and assigned to 2nd Div Deck as nuke waste. Struck out as a Fireman to Engineering and made E-5 while in E Division.. Assigned to Aft IC, Alarm and Warning and Xerox Repair.Now in GA.
Knighten, BennieDC3Nov 29, 1988 – Jul 5, 1992Repair DivisionSup TR? 22 years later I can still taste the salt and have just gotten rid of my sea legs.
Smith, ToddATANDec 1988 – Dec 1991VAQ-141
Abbott, ShawnABE2Dec 1988 – Aug 1992V-2 Arresting GearWork in Gear below decks, topside, and in PRI-FLY
Barker, GaryADAN/E-3Dec 1988 – Jun 1989AIMD- Jet MechWas on her for the madian deployment, glad to see she is doing her job during these times .
Siegler, JeffHM3Dec 1988 – 1990DeckI boarded the USS Theodore Roosevelt as an undesignated seaman and was assigned to the deck department. I went to Hospital Corpsman school in 1990. I would like to connect with some former Shipmates.
Anderson, Deon "andy"AZ3Dec 9, 1988 – Jul 7, 1992AIMD IM-1The best time of my life with this crew!! Capt. Abbott was the best I've ever worked for. I went on to NAMTRAGRUDET at Oceana and played all navy basketball. Would love to hear from some of you probalby won't remember but we'll see.
McCall, MacE4Dec 12, 1988 – Jun 10, 1989AIMDLooking to hear from guys that worked in jet shop onboard the Rosy for North Atlantic cruise and first Med cruise. I remember a few guys. Barker, Chin, Bagley, Powers. Crazy fun cruise to Germany and med wasn’t bad
Wyatt, ChrisBM3Dec 23, 1988 – Jul 5, 19921st DIV,3rd DIV(Boats)Miss my time on TR,Enjoying reuniting with old shipmates here and on FB
Abbott, ShawnABE2Dec 26, 1988 – Aug 28, 1992V-2 Arresting GearGear dogs! Feel free to contact me at anytime!
Smith, JasonAOANDec 30, 1988 – Aug 1990G-3I worked in the weapons magazine during the Maiden cruise of the Med. Greatest time of my life.
Moore, David / AllenEN3Dec 30, 1988 – Jun 30, 1992A Gang then RA divisionGreat ship to be on, loved it .

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