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USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1349 crew members registered for the USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70).

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Nolde, Robert E.AD21986 – 1987Worked in Jet Shot and Brig Force.
Sharp, DennisHT21986 – 1989RepairI had a really good time onboard. I met some life long friends there. I am still on active duty and almost to my 20 year mark, it has been fun.
Nyseth, DaveAT31986 – 1987VS29/AIMD IM3WestPac was tough but did a lot of well needed growing up. Enough memories for 3 lifetimes.
Smith, AndyFC21986 – Apr 1990OERCant forget the master blaster. Working on the 48 radar was one of the best jobs imaginable for spending 4 years on the chuckie V. Some of my best memories - Marines during GQ... Working Gyro watch... Beer days.. Crazy air shows.
Iverson, GarthAD2/E51986 – 1989Airwing15/VA52WOW! What a great ship and crew. From Capt. O'brien on down. You guys always brought me back to the Anchor in ALAMEDA in one piece. You guys knew what you were doing. Steel beach/beer day was the highlight,wog day was the lowlight.GOD BLES
Newton, RogerE-41986 – 1990V-3
May, RobMM21986 – 1990RM
Barron, JohnnyBM31986 – 1990Deck DepartmentHope all you crazy brothers of mine are doing great
Callihan, Jay WAX3Jan 6, 1986 – Nov 5, 1989VS-29Good time on the Chuck with the Dragonfires. Had lots of fun in the PI and Thailand. Best of times during WestPac 1988. Remember when the Brown Fox in Subic burned down?
Johnson, CoreyDS2Jan 6, 1986 – Dec 20, 1989OED / OECI have a lot of good memories of time on the ship.
Robinson, TommyHM2Jan 10, 1986 – Jul 1, 1989MedicalWould do it all over again.
Louden, HubertDP2Jan 22, 1986 – Mar 18, 1988OI and OZ
Carroll, PatrickABF3Feb 1986 – Apr 1988
Chastain, StuartWT2Feb 1, 1986 – Feb 1, 1989W SPECIAL WEAPONSwhat great fun we had on the two west-packs we had between 1986 and 1989. it is not what it ust to be back then.!!!!
Hudson, AndyLANCE CORPORALFeb 3, 1986 – Aug 26, 1986Marine DetachmentI only served a short time on Sea Duty, but being on the carrier was one of my most favorite military memories.
Stoda, RonaldET2Feb 12, 1986 – Sep 5, 1989RC01
Kanne, BryanIM2Mar 1986 – Mar 1988OEGood ship. Fixed typewriters and copiers for two solid years.
Wheaton, MartyET1Mar 1986 – Mar 1990RC
Henderson, Jr., JohnAMS2Mar 10, 1986 – Aug 1, 1986Fighter Squadron (VF-111)
Smotherman, ScottAZ3Mar 12, 1986 – Sep 1, 1988G-4 AWSEPHad great time on CVN-70 miss the guys in AWSEP. If any of you see this send me a e-mail
Todd, RichardABE3Mar 15, 1986 – Jun 16, 1989V-2Oh man, what a ride. I still think about the guys I lived and worked with. I miss most of them. Most of the time I was assigned to cat 3, last 9 months or so I was a gear dog. The list of accidents is alot shorter than it should be.
Peaco, JimE5Mar 15, 1986 – Jan 10, 1990E1 Nuke EMIt has been almost 20 years and I have been in contact with: Larry Shuk, Paul Reed, Top Gun Tommy Lebrun and have heard updates on Darren Mathews, Don Spratley, Mike Ose...others. Fond Memories of the crew. I dont miss field day!
Phillips, WaldoRM3Apr 1986 – Jun 1989CR
Lightfoot, ElvinE-4Apr 1986 – Jul 1989V-4/V-5Westpac 86' with V-4 and Westpac 88' with V-5. Goodtimes and good memories!
Kelly, JamesABH-3Apr 1986 – Mar 1990V-1
Coder, JeffET2May 1986 – Jan 1990RCProud to have served with the Reactor Division. Will never forget the experience of the WestPac\'s and ORSF\'s.
Guches, WilliamHM3May 1986 – Dec 1988Ships medical companyI am constantly remembering all the fun and friendships on the best Carrier in the Fleet. Anchors Away!! "Bill the Cat"
Davis, Melvin profile iconAECMay 1986 – May 1990IM 3CVN 70 was my 1st ships company and I really enjoyed it. Looking for Rich Ivey he was an AT made Warrent and he reenlisted me while onboard.
Salinas, Lewis (Sal)ABF-2May 1, 1986 – May 1, 1988V-4 fuelsMiss those crazies
Maddox, MarioLTMay 15, 1986 – Apr 15, 1989CR/OCCR Divo and ATO
Miller, BillCPLMay 18, 1986 – May 18, 1987
Blackburn, PaulAQ1Jun 1986 – Dec 1986IM3 - Shop 7Short tour to finish a 9 year hitch, but the west pac was a blast. Many a night in Charlies Third Eye, Olongopo. Riordons Raider's Plaque used to hang on Shop 7's Door, it now hangs on the wal in my office. Am retired now, feel free to drop me
Kuchar, SeanBM 3Jun 7, 1986 – Feb 15, 19911st Div Deck Dept.Some great shipmates in my dept.Some not so great.General quarters General quarters.All hands man your battlestations.The route to gq is as follows up and forward starbird.Down and aft port.
Vizza, EarlAT3Jun 20, 1986 – Aug 18, 1990VS-29
Burnett, PhilipABE2 Bow Cats Safety ObserverJun 21, 1986 – Feb 1, 1990V2 Division Catapult 2After losing all of my cruise books, I was so happy to see the pages again here. To see faces of the guys I served with brought smiles and tears. I miss you guys and hope all your lives have been blessed. Go Cat 2.
Burnett, Philip profile iconABEAA-ABE2Jun 21, 1986 – Feb 1, 1990V2Air Department, V2 Division, Bow Catapults, Cat 2 Supervisor and Bow Catapult Safety Observer. An amazing ship, an amazing crew. Lots of good times and bad but the memories live on.
Striker, GaryAO2Jun 23, 1986 – Oct 23, 1986G-2 MAG RATGOOD MEMORIES AND GOOD FRIENDS
White, MichaelABE-2Jul 2, 1986 – Jun 3, 1989V-2
Thornton, John (Doc)PH1(AW) retiredJul 2, 1986 – Sep 14, 1990OP (Photo Lab)
Dixon, Jeffabf2Jul 23, 1986 – Jun 18, 1990v4Living back in Illinois married with 2 boys.Looking for some of you grapes that I served with.
Adrian, McCartneyPO2Aug 1986 – Dec 1991WeaponsFirst Ship.. What a learning curve
Lowe, AnthonyJO3 (SW)Aug 1986 – Apr 4, 1988X-5 divisionHad a great time working with the guys in X5 division. Look me up because I would love to hear from you guys. Since leaving the Carl Vinson (CVN 70) I've been a mailman in Oakland,CA ever since.
Walsh, JamesE-3 ABHAug 5, 1986 – Feb 23, 1989v-1wish i was still onboard and seeing the world.
Dushane, Chris (Marmaduke)AZ2Aug 12, 1986 – Dec 14, 1988ATTACK SQUADRON 27TWO WESTPAC CRUISES AND ALL WORKUPS. SHELLBACK 02 OCTOBER 1986 @ 084 22.0'E.
Klepper, RussAT1Aug 12, 1986 – Jul 30, 1990VAQ-134 & SeaOpDet NAS Whidbey IslandTAD to AIMD IM3 WC 610. Did 3 deployments between Aug '86 & Jul '90. When we pulled into Singapore in '86 I had officially been around the world as I had been there in '80 on the Ike (CVN-69) coming from Norfolk, VA.
Rolfe, DeanAMH3Aug 13, 1986 – Feb 14, 1987VA-52 / AIMDHad a great time on the Chuckie V. Many fond memories and more interesting stories!
Trammell, GaryE-3Aug 14, 1986 – Sep 25, 1987V4Had a great time on the Chucky V. Loved Going to Rodeo In Perth Aus. Oh Yeah, And Alongapo!
Vaughn, DavidABH-3Aug 24, 1986 – Aug 24, 1990V1-AIR Crash & RescueHad the best times of my life working with the Crash & Rescue team and partying all over the world. I would not trade it for anything.
Belgarde, RonAO2Sep 1986 – Jun 1990G-3 and G-5Had a great time.
Kain, DannOS1Sep 1986 – Sep 1990OIRoll on Chuck Boat!
Cockerel, RodneyDC3Sep 1986 – Sep 1998Damage Control Repair 7
Carroll, WilliamABE3Sep 1986 – Jul 15, 1989V2V2 arresting gear and V5
Medina, DaniloFiremanSep 1, 1986 – Jan 11, 1990M-Div
Forster, MikeET2Sep 6, 1986 – Oct 1, 1990Reactor ControlsEnded up staying in - I retire in 7 months. Recently returned to the Chuck as an MTT inspector - it was bizarre to be back. The RCLCPO is "Joe-Mon"(!!!) I have the 88 westpac b**ch book and want to make a website for us - contact me if inter
Humphrey, RobertMM3Sep 12, 1986 – Sep 3, 1990M-Had a great time, wish I was still on the Chuck Boat
Marsh, PaulMS1Sep 27, 1986 – Feb 11, 1991S-2 / S-5We had everything on the Chucky V but a bowling alley!
McClanahan, MichaelHM3Oct 1986 – Oct 1988MedicalOR Tech/ER
Carroll, WilliamABE3Oct 1986 – Jul 1989V2 arresting gear V5 Pri-flyTo all of my shipmates that I sailed with, I hope your lives have turned out well and you are all happy. It was an honor to have served with you and being you're friend. I wish more of you would sign up for sites like this to re-connect.
Delgado, CharlesBM3Nov 1, 1986 – May 30, 19883rd DivisionI was on the Vinson for the 86' West Pac; I started out in Deck Dept. and became a Pilot Rescue Swimmer and Master Helmsman. I am proud to say that my son "Aaron" is stationed on board the Vinson right now!
Hale, StevenABE3Nov 1, 1986 – Jul 21, 1990V-2Cat 3
Lacamp, TomPN2Dec 1986 – Feb 1990X-3 AdminFinishing my career in '06. But the Chuckie "V" was where it all started!
Weitz, DavidHM3Dec 1986 –MedicalFlew to ship from Diego Garcia to meet up with my squadron VAQ-134. Was on and off the ship until late 1987. Was a great experience and would do it again.
Villines, Jerry profile iconMM1Dec 1986 – Dec 1990RMHow many divers are still getting wet? Glad I did it and glad I got out, too.
Simmons, Russell / Ds1Dec 25, 1986 – Aug 5, 1987DIMS

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