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USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1349 crew members registered for the USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70).

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French, TimAO31983 –VA-37 AOWe Made the World Cruise. All 8 months
Burns, DaleAO11983 – 1987AIMD IM3/IM1 2 years later VA/VFA-97All my tours aboard the "Chuckie V" were exceptional. Good people including Raymond Dotson, Steve Ream and Mike Ward. Great memories, without a doubt!
Warren, JimATAN1983 – 1983VAW-114
McGehee, RexE-6 / RM1983 – 1986CR
Hootnick, JimEN-31983 – 1987Eng.
McReynolds, John "Mac"E-51983 – 1990Air Wing or VAW-114
Wheatley, CharlesAMSC1983 – 1985VF-51A great ship and crew that worked to make the ship the best in the fleet. Good Luck to the present and future crew of the USS Vinson.
Gifford, Randy/ The GiffSN/BM1983 – Sep 14, 1984Deck Department 3rd Division
Sisneros, VincentSK21983 – 1987S-9Like to say hi to everyone i served with in S-9Division. Thank u very much for your friendship.
Landry, DavidAT21983 – 1986AIMDShop 7 APS 116 Radar tech
Brown, RobertMS31983 –VS-29Squadron completed around world cruise
Roy, Terwilliger (Twiggy)E-5 / OS21983 – 1987OI DivisionWhere's Rooster, P. Ward, R. Hall, Faivre, Stanely, P.J., L. Barnett, & Ciaramataro (aka "C")... Air Ops guys. 2018 and I'm not dead yet!
Plemmons, PatMM31983 – 1987MMMR2. Learned so many lessons from so many people while on board. This was the kickstart to a career the allowed me to retire as an MMCM. Thank you all, good and bad :) what a Shellback experience....
Williams, Richardht 21983 – 1986repair
Banks, Paul / PappyAZ2Jan 1983 – Oct 1983VAW-114What A Long Cruise
Lynnes, Jack "gus"AD3Jan 1983 – Aug 1985VA-52 KnightridersHey are there any other Knightriders out there? I was a plane captain and then troubleshooter. Where is Smitty, Tarbaby, Road Dog, Scoop, Le Beau, Dorey and everyone else? Would like to hear from any Knightriders.
Black, MarkJan 1983 – Oct 1983VAW 114Worked AD E2C Shop
Morris, Clif "Mouse"RM2Jan 1983 – 1987communications
Traskos Jr, Ted profile iconHM2Jan 1983 – Jan 1985MEDICAL DIVISION1st Bluewater Navy Command. Loved her, like riding in your brand car. Experienced her, Around the World Cruise. Great experience with a great medical division.
Schwanke, DavidRMJan 1, 1983 – Nov 6, 1986CR, CommunicationsWould like to hear how the guys in the Comm Center are making out.
Ward, BillAC2Jan 1, 1983 – Jun 1, 1987OCTwo words: Indian Ocean.
Largin, MikeE5 EMJan 2, 1983 – May 1985VAW-114 E2 HogsWorkups, World Cruse 83, Westpack 84/85
Kopielski, David (Ski)AT3Jan 2, 1983 – Oct 25, 1983VA-37/AIMDWorked in AIMD Shop # 3
Mabe, ScottAMEANJan 3, 1983 – Apr 10, 1985VF-51 AME Seems like yesterday....hhmmm.... But for $20.00 I'll tell who painted VF-111 on the round-down on the '83 World cruise !!!
Blessing, Bryanbm2Jan 16, 1983 – Jan 16, 19873rdanyone know where to find kevin zich
Stine, MikeANJan 29, 1983 – Apr 15, 1987OC/CATCC and AIMD IM3 Shop1Proud member of the CATCC Church and the nick name as "Steam Roller Stine." Did 2 West Pac Cruises on the Chuckie V. One w/ OC division & the other was with IM3 Division, Shop 1 & Battery Locker. Whatever happen to my Stiney coffee
Terrell, LarryIC-3Feb 1983 – Sep 1987E2Looking to hear from anyone I served with
Schwanke, DavidRM 4Feb 1, 1983 – Nov 6, 1986CRWould like to hear how the guys in the Comm Center are doing.
Gardner, JamesABH3Feb 2, 1983 – Jan 23, 1988V-1This was the most fun and Kickin ASS boat in the Navy. looking for a few shipmates, anyone know the ware abouts of Todd Rybicki, Dan knapp, Brian Kilz. and Larry Pacheco only in V-1 for a short time.
Curliss, Troy "Curly"MACHINIST MATEFeb 14, 1983 – Jul 29, 1989Reactor MechanicalWhat a long, strange trip it was. Remember, it gets better after ORSE. 807 lives on.
Gwyn, GaryASE 3Mar 1983 – Jun 1986IM4After a mix up with my order I spending time T.A.D. at Alameda, Then Rota Spain.Finally they flew me on board as the ship entered the Med. The time spent on the Carl Vinson the Great. I look back now and wish i had stayed longer.
Russell, Lee (Russ )ABH3Mar 1983 – Nov 1986V-3Had a great time while onboard The Chuckie V .Alot of great shipmates and awesome ports , just that one day in Aug of 86 was a really wet swimcall
Dennis, KennethAK2Mar 1983 – Oct 1983VA-37My third and final cruise aboard a us navy ship, unbelievable journy around the world! A cruise that etched special memories that will last me the rest of my time! Go NAVY!
Bunn, John (Jc)E-3 ADMar 1, 1983 – Oct 20, 1983Line DivisionAround the world cruise, lots of sea time, but worth the sacrifice. Best days of my life.
Schwanke, Davidrm3Mar 1, 1983 – Nov 6, 1986crHope all the guys in CR and CS are doing well.
Calistro, Harryabh3Mar 3, 1983 – Feb 5, 1987v-1that was a great time to be young, we all grew up fast together. I miss all those guys.
Price, Gary WarrenAT2Mar 31, 1983 – May 1, 1984VAQ 134My leaving date might be a bit inaccurate. I just know we went back to Whidbey Island Naval Air Station. I sure miss the old crew!
Salazar, JohnMM2Apr 1983 – Jul 1987NucI would not trade the time I spent in the Navy for anything... it prepared me for all challenges. Currently working law enforcement in Phx, AZ; retired from the Air National Guard in Mar 06 as an E-8... but I'll always be NAVY!
Ramirez, John (Jim) (e-z)AMS3Apr 1, 1983 – Oct 1983VA 37Her very first cruise! Around the world we went. Shellback and all What a year Baby!!
Scott, MaxwellABF-3Apr 6, 1983 – Jan 15, 1985V-4Had a great time onboard . Would like to here fom any one who was part of V-4 flight deck crew. Remember many night of long flight ops and playing spades will waiting, its been many years so if you remember me drop me a line i would be glad
Tamez, YsidoroAB1 E-6May 1983 – Aug 1987V-2
McAlpine, Arden 'Mac'ETC(SW/CC)May 1983 – Feb 1987RCHad some great times there. Went to a lot a great places.
Morgan, MattDPSNMay 1, 1983 – Jul 1, 1986MGTR&D was always better than the rest of MGT. I will, however say that MGT was good at preparing the ship for visits from SECNAV.
Fabela, RubenRM3May 10, 1983 – Dec 15, 1985CommunicationsGreat time, great memories and great cruise....Anyone that served aboard drop me an e-mail sure would like to know whats been going on in your life...
Kraenzle, FredCPLMay 14, 1983 – Nov 15, 1985MardetThe first ship that I ever was on,I will always have dreams of all the ports around the world and all of the great people that I was able to work with. I will tell storys for the rest of my life.
Best, RobertE5/AOMay 20, 1983 – Jul 1, 1986G1/G2does any one have a pi of the G1 tile floor,
Gaumond, RobertE5/AEMay 28, 1983 – Jul 30, 1986AIMD
Beeber, AlanEM1Jun 13, 1983 – Jul 13, 1987Reactor ElectricalA lot of good memories from my time aboard! First sight of her was from way up in a cod being flown out to her from DeGar! It was a lot of sea time in four years, but it helped make me the man I have become! GO NAVY!
Hermanns, PhilDP3Jun 15, 1983 – Dec 15, 1985Administrative Support
Malloy, ShawnMM2Jul 1983 – Aug 1987Both engine rooms MMR1 and MMR2 made half round the world cruise, two West Pacs, first hunters point yard period. Alameda Naval air station
Leatham, Russ "Lethal"EM2Jul 1983 – Oct 1987REBest memory Australia! Pullups on Turbine watch, pushups at charging station and "zinc" curls on feed station. Sparring in the hangar bay and fwd mess sliders! ORSE was fun too! Now an engineer BSNE/EE: MSEE. Life's Good
Arntzen, Scott (Grizz)MM/E-5Jul 14, 1983 – Sep 1, 1987Reactor MechanicalIt was a very formative time in my life. I had some great times and did some spectacular things with some fantastic people. Glad I did it, but happier when it was over.
Ferruggia, CarmineAO1Jul 20, 1983 – Jul 18, 1986G2/G1Weapons Dept G2 Bombs & G1 Flight Deck.
Fallang, CharlesEM2Jul 22, 1983 – Jul 15, 1987E1Still think about some of the team. Currently at USEUCOM Germany, ret'd from Army Intel, ctr specialising in ISR & married to active USAF who keeps us moving! Been to Iraq a couple times, Afgh a few times-wife too!
Ward, PaulOS2Aug 1983 – 1986OI
Root, JerryRM1Aug 1, 1983 – Sep 30, 1993CRGreetings Shipmakes
Goodloe, MauriceMM1(SW) RetiredAug 7, 1983 – Dec 15, 1988M-Div/A-DivThe USS Carl Vinson my first ship, I really enjoyed my time on the Chuckie V especially the WestPac they were a lot of fun and the crew was great, and I really made a lot of good friends onboard the Greatest Ship in the
Nutt, Daleak3Aug 7, 1983 – Apr 7, 1986vs-29Miss the ports but not the 100+ days in the IO. They got it easy these days
Dias, Gary CobraOS2 Air Intercept ControllerSep 1983 – Apr 1988OI
Petrichko, JohnENS, LTJG/SCNov 1983 – Nov 1985S-5,3,9
Fleming, Mikeem2Nov 1983 – Oct 1987e1saw a few names i recognized: peaco, reed and hargis. was assigned to # 1 mmr. 2 westpacs (rough) perth was awesome. glad those days are a memory
Maucher, Bill DukeanNov 1983 – May 1986v-1looking for old friends from fly one
Lopez, LuisABH3Nov 11, 1983 – May 22, 1987V-1Best job ever as a crash & salvage crew. Hey Bosn, Carrie Mitch and team of V-1 Air. Let’s talk.!
Miller, JimDP2Nov 21, 1983 – Mar 13, 1987Wang (ADP)
Gwynne, JonET3Dec 1983 – Mar 1988OECWorked in Portable Communications, the Mouse House.
Williams, ClydeaoanDec 1983 – Aug 1986weapons g-2had some good times.still think back on those days
Lindsey, Stanley profile iconRM 3Dec 1983 – Aug 1987CR / TelecommunicationProud Shipmate Any person that knew me during my navy years, feel free to reach out on FB. Private message.
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Sauer, JeffreyHTFR - HT2Dec 1983 – Jul 1987RepairWorked in the Carpenter, Locksmith and Pipe Shops. My one only ship, a lifer with 22 1/2 years, retired as HTCS(scw), moved back home to MN. A great experience thanks too the many shipmates and friends made.
King, StephenAK3Dec 10, 1983 – Jun 24, 1987S-6S-8Sometimes I miss the old Chuckie V, but not the 100+ days in the IO. It was a great learning experience and if given the chance I would do it all again.

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