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USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1350 crew members registered for the USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70).

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Hill, DavidDPC1981 – Nov 1983ManagementPlank Owner. Looking for old acquaintences.
Tasker, BrianMS31981 – Feb 1984S-5Just retired from the military This was my first duty.
Kerslake, DougEM2 / EM11981 – 1983E-3LPO of EE01 until promoted to EM1, then LPO of EE05. Original creator of the Load Distribution Bible. Onboard during the commissioning and the first round-the-world cruise when we landed in Alameda.
Gillitzer, RandalHT21981 – Jul 13, 1984RSome of the best times of my life. I met some great people. I got to go around the world. And was a plank owner on one of the greatest ships to sail the high seas. Hi All
Tripaldi, John "Trip"ET11981 – Jul 1985OECWhat Did Happen to Sr Chief Dowd. Found Dan!
Roberson, EddieMM31981 – 1984A DivisionRemember having to do preventive maint. on aircraft elevator cables.Hydraulic fluid spills.Wine WOMEN and SONG.Today I am greatful for the time I spent on this ship.Lived my wilder years on board.Great crew.
Doerr, GaryABE 31981 – 1983V 2 Air Dept.One of the last members of the cat test team,plank owner,world cruise.Still remember alot of it after all the years.
Vincent H.l. Wilkes, Silky RoughShsn1981 – 1984S-3These were the best times of my turbulent life.
Campbell, Este (St)MM51981 – 1985A Division
Shiota, Mark profile iconADAN1981 – 1984AIMD-IM2Just wanted to register to see if any of the old PRE-COMM and Plankowners from either Air Department or AIMD were here. Pipe up if you are!
McPhail, PatrickAO31981 – 1983AIMD Weapons DivisionCommissioning Crew, Plankowner, Started World Cruise Deployment, Royal Golden Diamondback. Had a great time and met lots of great friends. Hangar Deck crew was awesome!
Westbrook, William profile iconE51981 – 1983RepairI came aboard when we all lived in barracks in Newport News Virginia. I was discharged when we went to Cuba for degaussing. Before that I had served for four years on the USS Samual Gompers AD37 in San Diego.
Johnson, RichardDP21981 – 1984OZPlankowner, Royal Diamond Shellback, World Cruise
Von Roble, RichardET11981 – 1984Reactor ControlsMany thanks to the people in Reactor Division and related departments for your service. Some of my shipmates have gone on to do great things and no surprise. Thanks again for your service !
Vincent, Stephen GusEM3/E41981 – 1984E4 Division
Langlais, Stephen profile iconATC1981 – 1984AIMD, IM3
Jones, RickyIC11981 – 1985E1
Groom, MichaelAQ11981 – 1995IM3AIMD Shop1 supervisor
Harris, Steven profile iconOS 21981 – Aug 6, 1984OIPlank Owner , World Tour
Munson, Michael T.AMS2Jan 1981 – Jul 1984AIMD-IM2plankonwer,I know HER as the STARSHIP!!.when i came on-board i was T.A.D to NAF FENTRES,VA due to a shortage of bearthing compartments.
Davis, RoyAG3Jan 1981 – Sep 1984OA
Keen, AlanDP3 / E4Jan 1, 1981 – Feb 20, 1984ManagementOriginal Crew at Newport News (ate at Jeffson's most of the time!)Plank Owner - Golden Diamond Shellback! - Looking for old Management Department Members.
Hardy, William (Bucknife)HT2Jan 1, 1981 – Nov 10, 1983RepairPlankowner, Fire Marshal, 4954 and 4955 NEC Shipfitter shop assistant LPO, Pipe shop Assistant LPO , 1st 2nd class to qualify for Fire Marshal ooh Raww
Sepulveda, Juan D.ABE3Jan 2, 1981 – Aug 4, 1984V2, Aresting Gear, Gear dogsI was the first hook runner trained in this ship, Plank Owner. Round the World voyage, from Va. to Alamida Ca. Now I'm a tech at Universal Studios Fl. and The percussionist for N'Sync and other music groups at Disney and Universal Studios.
Belanger, DonaldABF 2Jan 4, 1981 – Jan 20, 1985V4Plank Owner
Donnelly, MichaelJan 5, 1981 – Sep 7, 1984G-3 weaponsPlank owner and proud to represent the hanger deck dogs, living in south west florida soaking up the sun never to far from the water.
Grimes, GregoryABE3Jan 6, 1981 – Jan 9, 1985V2
Grimes, Gregory profile iconABE3Jan 6, 1981 – Jan 9, 1985V2
Berry, WilliamBERRYJan 15, 1981 – Feb 28, 1983V-3/ABHCPLANKOWNER
Gantt, IbenSRJan 17, 1981 – Jun 1, 1982DeckWas TAD to USS Nimitz (CVN-68) from March 17, 1981 to December 21, 1981. "PLANKOWNER"
Enwright, MarkMS3Jan 18, 1981 – May 10, 1984SupplyPrecom was great duty,was the 35th sailor assigned to CVN 70. Was the class of the ocean still have alot of friends from nearly 25 years ago.
Leon, WilliamMA1(SW)Jan 19, 1981 – Nov 19, 1983X4Plankowner. Made the round the world cruise in ' 83 then transferred to NAVSTA Phila. Great ship especially under Capt. Tom Mercer.
Conner, TomHT1Jan 26, 1981 – Oct 29, 1983RServing with my friends aboard the Vinson was a blast we worked as hard as we played. Senior Chief Tomaselli & Chief Shy were the best mentors.
Pantaleoni, GregoryAO2Jan 27, 1981 – Jan 27, 1985Weapons G-3Hanger Deck & Weapons Elevators
Navarrete, JoeAN & ATANFeb 1981 – May 1986V1 & IM3Plankowner in V1 Div. VS-29 IM3 Wespac 84-85
Hoefert, DewayneABHANFeb 1981 – Mar 1982v-1WOW! Memories! Hated/Loved Newport News
Savetz, KurtABHANFeb 1981 – Feb 1985v3/v1miss the hell out you guys,sounds kind of faggie but best of times you know me get in touch!
Beaver, TedAD3Feb 1, 1981 – Apr 14, 1984AIMD IM2seems like a long time ago, plankowner,shellback,husband, father, grandfather wow how time flys
Bay, ChuckAD3Feb 1, 1981 – Apr 14, 1984AIMD IM2Plankowner / Golden Shellback / World Cruise
Frisbey, GregSnFeb 6, 1981 – Nov 9, 1984Ops OY Division
Elliott, KurtAG2Feb 12, 1981 – Oct 18, 1984OAPlankowner/Golden Shellback
Bass, JackOSSN - OS2Mar 1981 – Jun 1984OIMy first permanent assignment. Longest cruise of my life. But the most memorable ever. Awesome ship, awesome crew. Long live the "Chucky V".
Testa, MikeEN2Mar 1981 – Jul 1983Great ship. Great experience. Plankowner-Shellback.
Spitzner, Calvinsk3Mar 1981 – Jun 1984s-8I enjoyed my time on the vinson an the world cruse an would do it again an miss all the friends I made there PLANK OWNER
Hartford, ChrisAQ2Mar 1981 – 1985AIMD - IM3 - Vast
Bardon, EricABE3Mar 1981 – Dec 1984V-2Top Side PO cat 3 world cruise changed homeport to Alemeda. Plank owner shell back
Keller, Georgemachine repaireMar 1981 – 1983 a-1mr's reunite................................................................................................................................................................................................................
Gliem, RichardBM3Mar 1, 1981 – May 1, 1985DECK/3rdIt is special to be a plankowner of the BEST ship in the fleet. The nickname "Starship" was used in my days.
Frisbey, Greg profile iconYN2Mar 1, 1981 – Apr 1, 1984OperationsPlankowner, Shellback. Wouldn't want it any other way for my first tour of duty.
MacKendrick, RichardAT1Mar 7, 1981 – Aug 9, 1985AMID
MacKendrick, RichardAT1Mar 7, 1981 – Aug 1985AIMDPlank owner
Rankin, ColinIC2Mar 9, 1981 – Oct 17, 1984E2/V2Currently working at Ericsson, Inc. in Plano/Dallas,Tx.
Leiberg, JamieMS3Mar 9, 1981 – Feb 4, 1994enlist mess and flag messPlank Owner and Shellback,
Holferty, KirkRM2Mar 13, 1981 – Jul 12, 1984Communications
Belardo, MiguelABFAN/SK2Apr 1981 – Jan 1985V-4/S-1Plankowner. 2 years in aviation fuels #2 pump room, 2 years supply dept S-1 division, stock control.
Kolb, MartinEM3Apr 1981 – Sep 1983E4
Gilmore, PaulLTApr 1981 – Sep 1984Signal/Deck (First)Plankowner and World Cruise. See some names of people I miss in here. I retired from reserves as CDR. Still work in Defense contracting. Miss the great days and great men of Carl Vinson's maiden voyage.
Bass, JackOSSA - OS2Apr 1981 – Jun 1984OIThis was the best ship I ever had the pleasure to serve on. I have more fond memories of this ship than any other. What a great ship.
Weaver III, ChuckABH-3Apr 1981 – 1983V-3plank owner. will never forget the experience. Go yellow shirts
Lewis, RayOSSA-OS3Apr 1981 – Apr 23, 1984OII remember the first time going to Chucky V at Newport News Shipyard after being on NOB. I thought how can a ship this large can float
Grassia, EdwardE-3Apr 1, 1981 – Sep 21, 1984DecK Department
Ellis, John / SkipMM2Apr 2, 1981 – Dec 19, 1984The World Cruise and my time served on board the Vinson was the best time of my life. The success I enjoy today is because of my time in A-Div leading some of the finest young men in the world. Lt Fassee, Sandoval and Schoggins are some of the good
Herman, JessRM3Apr 22, 1981 – Dec 7, 1982CommunicationsPlank owner
Ogden, LansingABF2Apr 26, 1981 – Feb 11, 1983V-4Precom crew, What a time was had by all during all those trips to the Caribbean. Sorry I missed the cruise to Cali.
Wheaton, PierreMS3May 1981 – Dec 1983S-2/S-5Plankowner from May '81 to Dec '83. My first ship and my favorite. The best carrier in the fleet bar none. I was proud to become one of her first group of shellbacks at the Prime Meridian.
Hunt, RobinIS2May 1981 – Nov 1983OZ - CVICCPre-Comm Crew, Served with LPO IS1 Koran, Ens Neville, CDR Tyree, DP2 Long, DPSN now CDR King. IS1 Koran smoked that damn pipe tobacco! Good times on chuckie v. Remember it like yesterday.
Smith, Glenn/smittyABE2May 1981 – Dec 1985V-2
Fobbe, Steve-grumpyEE-3May 1, 1981 – Jul 24, 1984V-3part of the BAY RAT founders.
Schaeffer, DonaldFTMCMay 7, 1981 – Apr 21, 1983ORTransferred to Pre-Com as FTM1. Made Chief before commissioning. Worked on the AN/SPS-48C radar. Enjoyed my time on board but had to leave the ship on the last COD back to Puerto Rico due to my wife's hospitalization.
Harvey, GaryABH3May 10, 1981 – Nov 1, 1983V-3I feel proud to part of the first crew of the USS Carl Vinson CVN-70. Plankowner, Gitmo, crossing the line, shellback, around the world. Great memories, I even had fun in Newport News.
Wilson, AngelaE-6May 12, 1981 – Oct 14, 2003CIC
Titelius, JoeMS3May 15, 1981 – Oct 23, 1984S2F/S51 of the original dozen cooks 6/81 w/SC Buchholtz. World Cruise 83, Royal Diamond shellback 83. what's up fella's?from S2F/S5. Yankees n the football N.Y. Giants in 09.
McTimmonds, DanDS1May 21, 1981 – Sep 5, 1985OEDPLANKOWNER< Golden Shellback, World Cruise,Pre-Commision, East Pac, West Pac. We did it all eh boys!
Davis, Lee EdwardMS3May 22, 1981 – May 31, 1984S-5This was a experience of a lifetime and I will recommend anyone who love traveling to adventure into the Navy. I am a Plank owner and Shellback, two landing onboard the flight deck and I enjoyed working for The Brass.
Hale, RickABE5May 29, 1981 – Mar 1, 1983V-2 DivisonI had some of the best times in my life on this ship making great friends. I am one of the first crew for Cat 1 plankowner ABE2 Rasen Hale We did a little partying too.
Mancil, LesET3Jun 1981 – Nov 1984OE DivisionLCDR Geithman was EMO, SCPO Chuck Modlin was in charge of OER division. I learned alot from those 2 men. My time aboard the ship was the best years of my life
Goins, DavidEM1Jun 1981 – Jul 1984Reactor Electrical
O'neill, PaulO-1 ENSIGNJun 9, 1981 – Aug 3, 1981Worked for Captain Martin implementing ZOGnet on the ship, which utilized HTML, precurser to the Internet of today.
Vaughn, ThomasABE2Jun 15, 1981 – Jun 15, 1985V-2I was one one original crew to shoot planes off Cat -2 good times i met alot of great people
Wade, KennethDT3Jul 1981 – Feb 1984DentalPlankowner. One of the greatest times in my life. "I left my heart in San Francisco"
Hordusky, DougAE2Jul 1981 – Sep 1984AIMD / IM3Plankowner, Spent too much time in Newport News.
Rinck, DonEM2Jul 1981 – May 1983E-4Pre-Com to first deployment. Good times all around
Marler, BruceIS3Jul 1981 – Apr 1983OZPlank Owner-Started the World Cruise, but taken off for medical reasons in France. Still out of the eight years that I served the Carl Vinson was my favorite command!
Lambert, James profile iconAK3Jul 1981 – Jan 22, 1985S-8Plank owner
Sesler, JohnAK3Jul 1981 – Jan 1985S-8Plank Owner / Golden Shelback / World Cruise
Bennett, TimAC3Jul 7, 1981 – May 11, 1984OCLooking for old shipmates.
Reeves, MarkABH2Jul 16, 1981 – May 14, 1983V1I am proud of the men I served with on Carl Vinson.
Guillory, Dwayne profile iconBMSNJul 26, 1981 –2ND DivisionThe best ship ever, starship Vinson Do it right the first time ! Golden shellback' and plank owner prayers to the family of Bm Tucker, a great friend I miss him
Doniger, JoelPO3Jul 27, 1981 – Jul 27, 1985VS-29 DragonFires2 Deployments World Cruise 83, Westpac 84 Base, North Island San Diego Ca.
Lemoine, MikeIC2Aug 1981 – Dec 1984E2Plankowner - World Cruise '83 - 'Royal Diamond' Shellback - Started WestPac of '84, left the ship in Japan Dec'84 - Worked in Aft IC and the Alarms and Indicating shop . Good friends and fond memories.
Dubose, JimAT-1Aug 1981 – 1984AIMD, IM-3, Cal LabPrecom, Plankowner, Had a blast serving aboard her, I left from Subic and cross-decked to the Coral Sea, worst mistake I ever made...Oh well. Hey to all the friends and shipmates that knew me....and Bruce Greg, ATCS Freshh20
Conine, BillAT2Aug 1981 – Mar 1983AIMD / Cal LabPlankowner. I'd sure like to be able to visit the Vinson someday. Lots of memories there....good and bad.
Wellborn, JohnMS2Aug 1981 – Aug 1983S-2, S-5, Admin.Just finished 2 years of shore duty at Pt. Mugu, CA. and made MS2 before I came aboard. Was in S-2 Div. until after the commissioning. Then went to S-5 Div. Later, went TAD to Leadership school. Assigned to the brig force. Left during IO.
Rosenbeck, ThomasMS 3Aug 1981 – Mar 1984S2FNewport News Shipyard, Sea Trials, Shake down cruse, World tour, and a West pack, Shell Back X 2good times good duty. yes I would do it all again.
Clemons, LonnyQMSN-QM2Aug 2, 1981 – Aug 1985NavigationIf any other Plankowners are here in San Diego lets get together
Fobbe, Fobbe/grumpyE-3Aug 3, 1981 – Jul 8, 1984V-3PLANKOWNER,Around the world in 80 parties
Buening, William (Bill)AZ3Aug 4, 1981 – Sep 15, 1983AIMD IM1 (Tech Pubs Library)Would not trade anything for time spent aboard.
Dalziel, Richard "Dazz"MS-3Aug 5, 1981 – Aug 5, 1985S2-FPlankowner, 82West-Pac, 83- around the world. Royal Dimond Shellback. hook-up master.
Brennan, Michael JAC2Aug 5, 1981 – Nov 15, 1982OC
Campbell, Chuck "Squirrel"MM-3Aug 10, 1981 – Nov 10, 1984MPLANK OWNER, M-DIVISION firefighter / paramedic now in dyersburg tennessee
Horschel, DonaldET2Aug 15, 1981 – Mar 10, 1986OEC
Carley, DouglasHT2Sep 1981 – Apr 1985Repair
McChesney, MikeSM3Sep 1981 – Jun 1984CommunicationsHey Jarheads! Where's Big John or Abadudo (with his tooth)? Who was with us when we got chased by the local police back to Fleet Landing in Hong Kong, and Nice? Where is Dan Westphall, Bill Jenkins, Scott Bierman, Fred Lipford (Spidey), Come on!
Peterson, BruceSMSNSep 1981 – Apr 1983Comm.
Kincaid, CecilET2Sep 1981 – Feb 1984OEC
Fox, Thomas/ Box O RocksE-6, EW1Sep 1981 – Jul 23, 1986OWPlankowner, TempDuty as Brig Petty Officer, Combat Info Center. 1st and last Sea Command
Hillberry, AndrewPN3Sep 1981 – May 1984PersonnelPlankowner
Winters, WarrenEM2Sep 1981 – Nov 1983E4Plank owner, world cruise best years of life, meet lots of great sailors.
Davis, MartyOS2Sep 1, 1981 – Apr 11, 1982OIPrecom member, departed prior to Easter 1982 in Med. Enjoyed Precom duty, crew I served with. Anyone remember "Combat Pat", and how short the Comissioning C.O. was?
Eliopoulos, CharlesDental DT2Sep 3, 1981 – Apr 15, 1984DENTAL DEPT.Hoping to locate and connect with my friends.Started out in San Diego BOOY CAMP--CO 085.April -june 81.After that Dental A school-harbor&32nd.Plankower VINSON-SEPT 81-APRIL84.Hope you guys remember me.GOD BLESS-Charlie-
Marsh, DickSep 10, 1981 – Dec 26, 1982OALeading Petty Officer/Flight Forcaster
Barbour, JohnABH 3Sep 14, 1981 – Nov 23, 1983V-1What a great world cruise. My time on the Vinson is a big part of the success I have had in life. Who could ever forget CWO4 Len Rizzuto....
Smith Jr., Percy W.AKANSep 15, 1981 – Sep 12, 1984S-1Plank owner and would like to hear from shipmates.World Cruise 83
Steve Brown, SteveE4Sep 16, 1981 – May 18, 1985V3 Bay Rats MFPRECOM AND PLANKOWNER Man the times that we had on the Vinson. I met some really good people on there. Do I miss it HELL NO! I MISS MY BOYS THOUGH Dont be shy MFS.
Brown, SteveABH3Sep 17, 1981 – Apr 16, 1985V3 Bay RatsPRECOM PLANKOWNER Whats up MFS. Dont be shy Cant wait to hear from my friends that I havent heard from in many moons. I had to post this one something wrong with the old one. dont use the above one to contact me.
Santillo, JohnEM 3Sep 17, 1981 – Sep 19, 1984E-3
Owens, MikeAO3Sep 18, 1981 – Sep 13, 1984G-2Miss all my freinds and times of my life for sure. Hey Carl, Mike, Randy, Montero, Carp and all my "TONK" buddies, hey, some of you still owe me money! HA-HA!
Reeve, JesseABH3Sep 20, 1981 – Apr 16, 1985V-1PLANKOWNER Best ship in the Navy
Harp, BruceDP2Oct 1981 – May 1983ManagmentPlankOwner, Golden Shellback. Worked in S-7 and Mgt.
Smith, Justin ( J J )EW3Oct 1981 – 1983OWPlankowner - Precomm, Proud of our ship and what she has accomplished
Williams, GaryEM2Oct 1981 – Aug 15, 1982Plank Owner, E-Division Admin/Training
McDonough, David Mickey-dmmfnOct 1981 – Mar 1986m-div 01-02-05was one of the very few shellbacks to initiate wogs on the around the world cruise. pre-com was great duty. prior duty on the ike. m-div guys were great, miss most of them.
Beckett, William (Bill)ABE 4Oct 1981 – Jul 1984V2Plank Owner , Great times was had .Sepulveda was the 2nd Hook Runner as I trained him in that position.
Ollison, AlonzaABE2Oct 1981 – Jan 1983V-2Pre-Com was very different.
Lehoux, Phil / Willy LocoABH3Oct 1, 1981 – May 10, 1984V-3PLANKOWNER BAY 2 P.O. NOW LIVING IN LEXINGTON MA. MARRIED WITH 2 KIDS.
Simmons, MikeAbh3Oct 1, 1981 – Aug 1985V3Bay rat hanger bay1 p.o I never crunched a plane. Hey Steve I drove your car across country. What's up , always in trouble, what's up Kurt I remember you. Lots of fun. Fob be you still have my home number call me.
Savetz, KurtANOct 8, 1981 – Oct 31, 1985V1_V3
Shiota, MarkADANOct 10, 1981 – Jul 30, 1984AIMD IM2Plankowner, Reported as a non-designated airmen, V2 Arresting Gear (1981-1982). PNA'd AD 3rd Class and became designated. Left the ship after world cruise to Alameda (1984). Building Commercial Airplanes ever since.
Bish, RichardSEAMAN RECRUITOct 11, 1981 – May 11, 19841st deck plankowner
Lanham, Leamon BABF3Oct 14, 1981 – May 1983V4Plankowner and I remember PO Harrell although I always thought his first name was PO
Beach, MarkRM2Oct 14, 1981 – Dec 1985CommunicationsThis is the ship I always think of when I think of my Naval Career. The times aboard and People I met have been written in my memories for life. A time I never will forget. PLANKOWNER
Hogan, RonAMS2Oct 15, 1981 –AIMDPlank Owner, Shellback, Sailor of the Quarter, Great Ship!
Michaud, RobertAT2Nov 1981 – Jul 30, 1986IM 3Plank owner, AIMD department
Silva, WilliamETSNNov 1981 – Mar 1982OEC3/SATCOM I miss the ship and the crewmates ( navy and civilian) who served with me in building and commissioning this great ship in Newport News.Where is Sr. Chief DOWD? Chief Worm? "PLANKOWNER"
Ollison, Alonza (Ollie)ABE2Nov 1981 – Feb 1983V-2Waist Cats
Sanchez, ChicoYellow ShirtNov 1981 – Apr 1983V3 Hangar DeckPlankowner!
Emma, SalvatoreAB/ANNov 1981 –V-2 CatsPlank owner of “The 70”; hope to take a piece of her home someday. God bless all her crew of all time.
Spallone, TomYN3Nov 1, 1981 – Jul 17, 1984ReactorYoeman in Reactor Department. Yes, that's where I began to lose my hair.
Daniel, TimmyBTFNNov 1, 1981 – Jul 27, 1984a divisionplankowner shell back shake down and world cruise
Dolbow Jr, George DAMEANNov 1, 1981 – Oct 15, 1982AMID IM=2
Davidson, DarrellSm2Nov 1, 1981 – Aug 1984CSPrecomm and workups were a Blast. Followed by the around the world cruise. Many Experiences and many friends,
Vaughn, TomABE2Nov 10, 1981 – Jun 6, 1985V2Plankowner Helped build Cat2 later became cat3 cat captan Learned alot had alot of fun. Its still fun for me to watch and see what happens to the ship even so many years later.
Draper, AndyPN3Nov 13, 1981 –Personnel
Lawrence, PaulRM2Nov 14, 1981 – Oct 4, 1983CR
Hanson, Ken profile iconMM3Nov 15, 1981 – Oct 31, 1983M DivI was a Plankowner on the Vinson and now it seems impossible to believe she is almost 30.
Davis, DouglasAirman, Seaman, Yeoman 3rdNov 15, 1981 – Jun 11, 1985V-2, Captain's OfficePre-Comm Newport News, then Norfolk, Plank Owner, Sea Trials, Around the World Deployment in 1983.
Hatch, JerryCPLNov 16, 1981 – Nov 28, 1983MARINE DETACHMENT PLANK OWNERRemembering all the extra training we did with our guho capt hartly. those lockers we polished for days/weeks Are You Experienced. All good .........
Lee, LouisABE1 RETNov 18, 1981 – Jul 28, 1985V-2 Cats 1 and 4First Hook-up and Hold-back operator of the Chucky-V. We were a new and young crew, but learned quick and had fun.
Decker, WalterE-3Nov 18, 1981 – Aug 5, 1985Deck 2ND DivI will never forget that ship , The star ship Vinson!!!!!!
Bailey, Steven -beatleAO3Nov 23, 1981 – Apr 20, 1985VP-31, VP-19, VA-122, VA-27
Bowman, BillABE2Nov 27, 1981 – Jul 1, 1985v-2I was a plankowner and a gear dog, These were some of the best days of my life.
Wilker, ThomasBm2Nov 28, 1981 – Aug 10, 1985deck dept 3rd div.Just looking for old friends
Barnes, EarlRM2Dec 1981 – Oct 1983CRPlankowner cvn70. World Cruise was one to remember. Shellback 00/00 who else but us? Retired 1999. Student WWU
Bustamante, Jr., Manuel (Manny)ABF3Dec 1981 – May 1983V-4How can you forget your very first ship. Needless to say, I made a lot of great friends on that boat. CPO Duffy, glad that you left the ship before the world cruise you were a no load.
Murrell, FredHM2Dec 1981 – Sep 1984MedicalPlank owner, Trials, World Cruise, homeport change, best time of my life.
Harrell, Joseph D.ABF 2Dec 2, 1981 – Nov 3, 1983V4Plankowner
Montanez, ErnieAirmanDec 7, 1981 – Aug 12, 1985V-1 divisionPlankowner from December'81- August'85. First time the Vinson went out to sea, my first time too, world cruise in '83 and Westpac '84-'85, remember it just like yesterday!
Kluss, MitchellFTM2 then FCC1Dec 11, 1981 – Oct 4, 1983OEM/ Seasparrow/CIWSPLANKOWNER Workcenter Supervisor OEM1,2,3,&4 Nato Seasparrow/CIWS
Arnold, RoyMS3Dec 14, 1981 – Jul 5, 1985S2 and S5I had a good time the almost 4 years on the USS Carl Vinson. I’m now a pharmacy technician at Humana just celebrated my 7th anniversary on June 10th. I miss some of the guys that I was good friends with

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