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USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1349 crew members registered for the USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70).

Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1980 | 1981 | 1982 | 1983 | 1984 | 1985 | 1986 | 1987 | 1988 – 1989 | 1990 – 1991 | 1992 | 1993 | 1994 | 1995 – 1996 | 1997 – 1998 | 1999 – 2000 | 2001 – 2002 | 2003 – 2005 | 2006 – now

Moran, EdwardET20000 – Dec 16, 1988Reactor ControlsMang, I'd be retired by now if I stayed in. Of course, I'd have gone insane. Went to The University of Texas at Austin, got a BS in Petroleum Engineering, work for a small oil company, married to a UH grad, two kids, just bought a minivan
Brown, AlanLI3Sep 21, 1009 – Oct 3, 1992Admin
Rodriguez, RobertoE-3Dec 28, 1197 – Sep 10, 2000V-3For those that Know me send A mesage Im with all the homie here with Jimenez
Breault, FrankCV 70Jun 14, 1885 – Jan 21, 1988HAD A LOT OF GOOD TIMES!! Been out for awhile came back in army.About to go to iraq this time I will do my 20.
Salvatore, StephenEM3Nov 1908 – Nov 1983E4
McMahon, Donald profile iconoscsJan 7, 1977 – Jun 1, 1985OIall i can say is she's allways on my mind. PLANKOWNER GOLDEN SHELLBACK
Knapp, DavidHMC(FMF)Mar 17, 1977 – Sep 30, 2000Medical (H)Served may commands with the Fleet Marine Force Pacific, and several ships, I retired off the USS Carl Vinson, CVN 70
Patterson, RickAFCM (AW)Nov 1977 – Jun 1990
Brophy, ChristopherE-5May 24, 1978 – Nov 15, 1982V-1Plankowner Flight Deck Yellow Shirt, FLY 1 from day one and loved every minute of the time onboard. Would like to hear from some of the old V-1 Plankowners. We shure got to see a lot didn't we! Best ship in the Navy!
Haws, DonET11979 – Sep 21, 1982RCPrecomm, design school in Pittsburg and Plank Owner
Rizzuto, LenCWO41979 – 1983V=1A great bunch of personnel assigned to the flight deck. Who could forget the St Paddy's Day events.
Sickler, Victor profile iconEM2(SW)Jun 1979 – 1983E1Pre-Comm, world cruise 83', Plankowner
Van Scoyoc, StephenMM1Nov 15, 1979 – Jul 13, 1983RMPrecomm & Plankowner. Pretty amazing experience and great people, but a long time ago and a lot of water under the hull since. Living in England aboard the London registered yacht Rosanna of Heybridge.
Don, McMahon profile icon0s2--os1Dec 1, 1979 – May 2, 1985oimy dates are a little off i'm
Leininger, MarkAK31980 – 1983Aviation Supply / WeaponsLooking for any one who may remeber me from the oh so wonderful times we had.....
Ritchie, RonMM11980 – Jun 1982Eng. MReactor Plant Design School, Plank Owner, 1st qualified CMO
Carter, RobertE41980 – 1984ships company
Askey, MarkEM11980 – 1982Reactor Electrical DivisionPlank owner, in the first group of nucs to report aboard. Great experience watching her transform from a hollow shell to a great lady.
Hartsell, MarkEM31980 – 1984E4
Hardy, WilliamHT21980 – 1983RepairPlank owner, repair division, first 2nd class to finally get approved to become a fire martial ! ....made all shake down cruises and the world cruise !
Ritchie, RonMM11980 – Apr 1982M1st increment pre-comm. Reactor Plant Design School.
McClinton, Kevin DAK21980 – 1983Air Department
Waters, RobertBM21980 – Aug 19832nd
Causey, Timothy (Hound Dog)EN21980 – 1983A-DivPre Com, Plankowner, World Cruise.
Sheehan Jr, DaleBM31980 – 19843rdPlank owner.
Reid, BrianMM11980 – 1984Reactor Mechanical
Montgomery, NormAirman1980 – 1984V-3
Kari, JimMM21980 – 1986M
Carpentier, MarkEM1Jan 1980 – Apr 1984E1Pre-Comm, world cruise 83', Plankowner
Savetz, KurtANJan 1980 – Oct 1985v-3/v-1good friends an good times,you rember me give me a shout
Fisher, Earl/jayOS1/OSCJan 1980 – Jul 1982Comp acceptance team and OI divGreat crew. I made OSC on her the first group to make chief on CVN-70. Met my wife there (Becky O'Hare). I retired in 1991 in San Diego. Now I just travel around the U.S. Next stop San Diego.
Burr, Dwight ( Buck)E4 (MS-3)Jan 1980 – Sep 1983supplyHad a blast on this ship , learned a lot and met some of the best folks in the world. I'm a plankowner, a royal diamond shellback and a very proud to have served on this ship. Feel free to contact me. STILL KICKIN !!!!!!
Dougherty, Krise3Jan 1980 – Sep 2000ph
Burke, Kene-3Jan 1980 – Oct 19821 ST Deck Department
Knox, DonEM1Jan 1980 – Mar 1983RE02Got out after 8 years and 3 months. Worked at TU Electric, Westinghouse - finished school (PhD and 2 Masters' ). Work for a university and live in Wichita Falls Texas! Married with two children and three grandsons.
Patrick, Donovan profile iconMM2Jan 1980 – Jun 29, 1984Reactor Mechanical (RM) - RM02 (2 Plant)I arrived from INEL S5G Prototype in early Jan 1980. "Urine Analysis" impacted many of us. Some switched to LSD. I climbed to the very top in June, & touched the bottom during it's first drydock. Then the Airdales came
Cunningham, DavidH T 2Jan 1, 1980 – Mar 15, 1983SheetmetalHowdy to my buddies Commissioning crew
Richardson, Dennis "Big Rich"EN2Jan 3, 1980 – Nov 10, 1983A Gangat times a huge pain in the butt but i would'nt trade the memories of the guys i knew and the times we had for anything. my experience on "the starship" helped make me the man i am today
Plocar, MikeAQCJan 10, 1980 – Nov 20, 1985Management (Wang & SDMS & ZOG)PRE-COMM on West Ave. Around the World Cruise. GIMTO, Hong Kong, Perth.
Bolques, AlexE2 (BAD ALEX)Jan 15, 1980 – Jan 14, 1984V-3Plank Owner
Trotter, TroyARJan 15, 1980 – Oct 1983V-4
Potter, SterlingE-6/HT1Feb 1980 – Jan 1983RepairPlankowner, AAAf supervisor, Damage control Traning team, At sea fire party leader
Webber, Kurt (Woober)MM1Feb 1980 – Mar 1982RM
Murphy, Robert (Zoid)MM2Feb 1980 – Aug 1982M-DivPlankowner, MMR2
Grassia, EdSNFeb 1980 – Sep 1984Deck Dept.
Cole, Michael profile iconIC3Feb 4, 1980 – Feb 4, 1984E2
McCollum, Bobby M.MM1Mar 1980 – Oct 1983EMR01 & EMR05Participated in everything from pre-com to world cruise. Came to the Vinson from the USS Longbeach and left to go to the USS Bainbridge.
Law, EddieMM1Mar 1980 – Jul 1982RMPrecom, Plankowner
Andersen, MerleYN2Mar 1980 – Aug 1983Supply YeomanCame aboard E-2 left E-5. Did the nightly sports scores on CCTV. The Starship Update. Worked for W.W. Wallace before CDR Lutz.
Barton, Tony (Thumper)RM2Mar 1980 – Jul 13, 1983Communicaitons/MAA
Byers, BillMM3Mar 1980 – Feb 1983MHad a great time and good experiences for my life
Calvert, JohnIC1Mar 1980 – Jul 1985OEPre-com, world cruise, westpac. Big buck bingo, double live gonzo. TV shop.
Fowler, Robert (Bob)MM1Mar 1, 1980 – Dec 1983RLPre-comm, World Cruise '83, Shellback (Royal Diamond)
Smith, TimIC2Mar 2, 1980 – Aug 1983Reactor Electrical RELots of good memories, not many bad. Would do it all over again. RE O2 was a great work center. 2 Plant is the GO Plant! 32 years commercial nuke and still going. Married 28 years and still going! 2 daughters, GO PACK GO
Heckard, Anthony J.IC1Mar 3, 1980 – Nov 3, 1986E-2Pre-com, plankowner, Aft IC shop Supervisor, Acting Division Officer before departure.
Wierman, KennethMM1Mar 6, 1980 – Mar 16, 1983Reactor Laboratory (RL)Plankowner/Shellback
Oliverius, DouglasMM1Mar 13, 1980 – Mar 15, 1985MLooking for information on Plankowner and also on the "Royal Golden" Shellback patch
Kuhlmey, BillABH3Mar 15, 1980 – Dec 10, 1983V-1Had a great time, met a lot of great people. Looking back now that around the world cruise wasn't that long. <SALUTE ALL>
McArthur, Gayle ( Mac )ABF-2Mar 23, 1980 – Mar 18, 1984V4Plankowner
Miller, PatriciaAT2Apr 1980 – Jun 1982Operations/AIMDPlankowner - and the first woman permanently stationed aboard a US combatant vessel. The other ladies and I enjoyed ourselves thoroughly!
Wells, PeteMM1Apr 1980 – Oct 1983Reactor Mechanical
Ziffer, Frank/ted profile iconRMCSApr 1, 1980 – Feb 1983CR
Covacevich, KennethPN2Apr 4, 1980 – Jul 6, 1981PersonnelPLANKOWNER
Hunter, MichaelABH3Apr 10, 1980 – Feb 3, 1983V1Plankowner
Moomaw, RobertBM3Apr 12, 1980 – Nov 24, 1982DeckWas there when all we had was a little building right out of the shipyard gates
Foster, DennisMM1Apr 30, 1980 – Sep 10, 1985M-2Pre-comm, Plankowner, "Golden-Diamond" (or whatever) Shellback, Order of Megellan, worked in #2 MMR (the ship is shorter than built due to all those years we pushed #1 MMR through the water). Retired MMCS(SW).
Callaway, MarkABH3May 1980 – Jan 26, 1984V-1 and MAAA crazy but wonderful chapter in my life that I will never forget, All except the times i was to drunk to remember. WOW what a time. Hope you are all doing well.
Brown, LarryBM2May 10, 1980 – Jun 10, 19833rdThose were some wild days at the Pre-comm unit down town Newport News. The "around the world cruise" was fantastic! Where is Kornegay?
Jones, BarryBM3May 10, 1980 – Feb 28, 1983Deck secondBM1 manly was my main supervisor then BM1 Sutton Senior Chief Johnson who became a Master Chief lot of guys I remember semen green Seaman Tucker who got killed on the ship. I knew a lot of people in Deck department.
Laboy, Edwin E.E-4/RM3May 12, 1980 – Feb 4, 1984CRPlank Owner/Golden Shellback
Laboy, EdwinRM-3May 12, 1980 – Feb 4, 1984Radio CRPlankowner, Golden Shellback, World Cruise
Reichert, James (Jim)EM2May 15, 1980 – Jul 24, 1984E-1/RTPLANKOWNER. Served during Pre Commissioning and world cruise changing home port from Norfolk, Va. to Alameda, CA
Koran, LaurenceIS-1Jun 1980 –OZOZ LPO until Dec 1982 pre com
Wilson, Timothy A (Ta)MM2Jun 1980 – Feb 1984M DivisionCommissioning crew made world cruise after Feb 84 ended up at Charleston SC then on to Newport RI aboard the USS Valdez.
Reichert, Jim profile iconEM2Jun 1980 – Jul 1984E-1/RTPlankowner/World Cruise
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Kari, JamesMM2Jul 1980 – Jul 1986M
Dingus, JerryMM2Jul 10, 1980 – Nov 30, 1983RM22After 25 years I am back at NN shipyard working on the old pig...
Cook, BillDPCAug 1980 – Feb 28, 1983OZWas Leading Chief for OZ division during PreCom Then retired prior to the around the world cruise.
White, RussellABEAug 1980 –v2Pre-Com CAT 3 Plankowner, World Cruise
McLane, DeanEM1Aug 27, 1980 – Jun 1984E-1E-1 division,first E-5 to qualify as PPWS on ship.
Mitchell, TerryMM2Aug 29, 1980 – Nov 3, 1983MPre-com, arrived FN, left MM2 after world cruise
Langley (Smith), Jeffory (The Fang)EM3Sep 1980 – Nov 1983E-Div. Motor Rewind ShopPre-Com, Golden Diamond Shellback, World Cruise, Sure wish I knew then what I know now, I would still be serving.
Weiler, DonPN2Sep 1, 1980 – May 31, 1982PersonnelPlank Owner, vol sub duty in 1982 next 4 years on 3 seperate subs from Charleston, SC, Pearl Harbor and Sasabo Japan, cross rated to IC2(ss). Hey Kenny C. ,Louis Perez, Bill Mcgee, Jim Moquin, Evertt Easley and the rest.
Coon, WarrenMM3Sep 20, 1980 – Sep 27, 1984A Gang
Wallington, WallyEM-3Sep 24, 1980 – Jul 28, 1984E-3Just a few statements to all my shipmates, good times grew up fast and still have pride in what we did on the Chucky V. kinda miss them days, good friends.
Ellis, RonEM2Sep 30, 1980 – Nov 3, 1983E-1Precom, Plankowner, World Cruise
White, LarryLTOct 1980 – Oct 1984Deck 4th XXD 5plankowner/nucleus crew
Wickersham, William/BillATCS(AW)Oct 1980 – Nov 1984AIMD IM3Join her in New Port News at the shipyard. Made Chief while on board. An unforgettable round the world cruise. Have fond memories of this carrier. Shop 7 and 10 was where I hung my hat.
Herman, AlanEM3Oct 1980 – Mar 1984E-3Pre-com crew, Diamond Shellback, world cruise. Great times on the "Chucky V". Made some great friends onboard.
Willingham, MichaelLI2Oct 1, 1980 – Jul 14, 1984X-2Married, have two teenage daughters. living in Texas Ol' Willy sayin hi to all my precomm boys Those were great days.
Potter, SterlingHT1Oct 13, 1980 – Sep 13, 1983R DivAFFF Shop Supervisor
Spallone, TomYN3Oct 15, 1980 – May 15, 1984ReactorReactor office Yeoman. Still trying to get back to the ship to take my sons. Just missed a couple years ago in San Diego.
Dennis, TdMM3Oct 25, 1980 – Apr 25, 1984mplankowner goldenshellback
Mitchell, Jody/headHT2Oct 30, 1980 – May 31, 1984 Carpenter shop supervisorTook leave at sea, jumped a officer only helicopter and arrived in Australia 3 days before the ship, bought a $240.00 bike stayed with Sandy until the last minute and almost missed the ship. AWOL? think not. Man Overboard maybe
Cohn, BillHTSN/ HT2Nov 1980 – Feb 1984RepairPlankowner, Royal Diamond Shellback, Order of Magellan. Worked/ran Shipfitter Shop and served as #1 Nozzleman on At Sea Fire Party. World Cruise was the experience of a lifetime. Hey, Sterling, Douggie and Jodie.
Vorderbruggen, DarylASE2Nov 1980 – Nov 1983AIMD GSE ShopI heard she's earned a great reputaion. What a ship! What an experience!
Viera, DavIId ( Coco )AO E3Nov 1980 – May 1982Shell backsPlankowner... stay on base norfolk Va . before I was transfered to USS Carl Vinson
Vandermolen, Randy "Moe"AKAN./AK3/AK2/DP1Nov 1, 1980 – Nov 9, 1985Management/R&DI was stationed on board for 5 years, 9 days. A record at that time. Maybe it still is.
Cottingham, ShermanOS2Nov 13, 1980 – Aug 13, 1984OIProud to have served aboard Carl Vinson. I had the oppertunity to become a Royal Diamond Shellback, make a world cruise , and and meet people from all over during my tour. May my ashes fly overboard upon my departure.
Mohler, Gary "Moe"CVN70Dec 1980 – Sep 1984V-1Pre com. plank owner fly 2 asst.P.O. World cruise great time from what i rember first time on board there was no island structure or bearthing for crew. first job cleaing all the flight deck padies oh! what an adventure! May our lost shipmatesR.I.P.!
Cassidy, Butch (Robert)EM1Dec 1980 – Jun 1985V2Around the world in, what, around 270 days? Monaco, Casa Blanca, Perth, Hong Kong, Philippines, Japan, San Francisco. Supervisor of Flight Deck Lighting shop. I remember good friends.
Dicenzo, PaulE4Dec 10, 1980 – Dec 10, 1984Management
King, RonaldOS-3Dec 15, 1980 – Feb 25, 1985OIPrecom, Plankowner, World Cruise was one to remember. Golden Shellback 00/00 who else but us? "Chucky V" (CVN-70)
Barhorst, Darryl/ BahaMM3Dec 30, 1980 – Aug 30, 1984A gang,HydraulicsWas a plankowner,and did my entire 1st enlistment onboard.Re-upped in Hong Kong,and left in Subic Bay,1984.Lots of memories with the ships crew,and still have alot of pictures.

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