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USS Bausell (DD 845) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Bausell (DD 845). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 106 crew members registered for the USS Bausell (DD 845).

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Orenzow, JoeJan 1967 –My first ship after basic. On board 7 Months then transfered to A school for Data Processing. spent last two years on the USS Coral Sea CVA 43.
Pitman, KennyGMG 3Jan 1, 1967 – Jun 20, 1969Gunners MatesEnjoyed my time on board the Mighty " B "... Forced to transfer to another Destroyer...Would have liked to spend my whole 4 years on board... Now President of the Association and like the reunions each 2 years..
Belliel, GeorgeIC3Jan 15, 1967 – Nov 15, 1967RI did my 1st WESTPAC in 67 - had some good times growing up - I remember Darrel Hooker and he bounced well. The ship reunions are great.
Carlson, JosephCS 3May 27, 1967 – Oct 18, 1967CSShips cook
Christian, Wayne/ ChrisCSSNAug 1968 – Oct 1971Supply
Johns, KennethBoilerman 2 nd ClassAug 22, 1968 – Sep 10, 1971B&MWent to sea with a bunch of good KIDS, I was wanting to know how many were still alive, I'm down to one lung due to ASBESTOS exposure.......................................................................................
King, III, E.a. "Rex"RM3Sep 11, 1968 – Apr 1, 1969Radio
Klemm, Richard1969 – 1970MI was in the after engine room as mm2
Hampton, LenwoodBT 2Jan 1969 – 1971BAft Fireroom
Bryant, Royce / JoemmFeb 24, 1969 – Feb 20, 1973EngineringWanting to hear from former crew members from 1969-73. Hope everything is going okay.If Henry Bown sees this please contact me. Royce Bryant
Floyd, DavidYeoman Second ClassMay 15, 1969 – Oct 25, 1970YeomanWant to locate my friend and shipmate, Lenwood Hampton
Delk, KenGMT31970 – 1971AI have a bad case of memory loss, but I remember great shipmates for the short time I was on the USS Bausell. I was transfered just before it left for Japan from San Diego. Any who remembers me , be sure to email me.
Stokes, Gary L.Fireman 11970 –Not knownI only remember the first name of a friend, Avery. He helped out the new kid.
Adams, MichaelCS31971 – 1971SupplyTAD for a couple of months until USS Hamner DD 718 returned from WestPac
Sprague, Gere profile iconBM11971 – 1975FirstThe Bausell was my 3rd tinncan and it was a good one. Let me know where any of you are at now,would love to chat. I am here in Sasebo.
Hauglie, Cordell (Hogs)RM2May 1971 – May 1973CommunicationsGreat memories aboard the USS Bausell. I wish the best to all my shipmates that shared that time with me.
White, DouglasFTG-2Jun 1971 – Jun 1974WeaponsSprague, what ever happened to John Vivian's motor cycle?
Scott, Dan/scottyBT3Nov 1971 – Nov 1974B Division
Barton, Brady BartSN1972 – 1973
Dill, JohnCW04May 1972 – Aug 1975SRF YokoI was an ET1 in Crypto Repair (X-67) and an SRF Ships Supe, had a lot of experience with BAUSELL. I did elex, hull, weapons and engineering voyage repairs in her and, of the Yoko homeporters, she was the best. Good crew, good ship. Thanks.
Gantick, RonOS 3May 1972 – Aug 1974OIThis was my first ship out of A School. Looking back it was great time in my life. We went to some great places especially Australia. Finshined out my enlistment in Newport RI and got out Oct. 75.
Thompson, DanOSSNJan 1973 – Dec 1974OIBausell was my first ship after "A" School with a lot of fond (and some hazy) memories. Went on to serve 21 years, retiring in 1993 as an OSC(SW). "When your out of Frams, you're out of cans."
Hurman, JohnGMG3Apr 1973 – May 1975ASGreat times on the mighty "B" AS division was the best! Still miss launching an ASROC. Still in contact with Ed Owens who walked down from Sonar and said I'm working on the ASROC deck now. I do miss these days!
Duplechain, DarrelBM3Jun 20, 1973 – Aug 19, 1975DeckIt was my first ship.I have many good memories of the Bausell.BM 1 Sprague Chief Williams Great ship.Spent a lot of time under way.Retired BMC(sw) in 1993.
Keymer, DavidLtjgAug 1973 – Jun 1976Gunner, EMO, EWO
Rowlett, GregMM3Aug 1973 – Jun 1976MLooking for or any info on Ltjg Doug Griffin.
Owens, EdStg3Aug 7, 1973 – Sep 11, 1975ASThe memories of hearing the Mighty Bausell steaming through the Western Pacific will forever be my favorite ones. Thanks to the crew and command for the opportunity to serve with you.
Grasso, SteveCS 3Oct 1973 – Aug 1975Supply
Heling, Robert RjbtfnNov 28, 1973 – Nov 22, 1975bdivisionlooking for shipmates who served with me in forward fireroom and after fireroom;eninge rooms FROM 1973 TO 1975
Bruce, BillMM3Dec 1973 – Feb 1977MWas best time of my Navy career. I hope to catch up with ole friends my number is 941-723-9668
Cardinal, MikeMMFNDec 1973 – Jun 1977M-DivMy first command and the begining of 23 active years of service and 7 in the reserves. The best ime of my life. And yes shipmates, I miss you all.
Calhoun, J.j. (Jack/ John)HT31974 – 1977RGreat to see you all! DD 845, was my first Ship and still holds my fondest Navy memories, for both Ship and crew. We had some wild times. Long live the Mighty B.! Email if you get time -
Smith, Hal SmittyBm2Mar 1974 – 19761st division
Hicks, LoranETR-2Mar 14, 1974 – Jul 6, 1976OESpent 26 years in the Navy, six different ships, The Bausell was my first and the one I enjoyed the most. We had many good and bad times. Worked and played hard. Retired in May of 2000 as ETCS(SW/AW)
Behrens, Leon/modestoBTFNJun 12, 1974 – Nov 20, 1975boilerthis was my first ship and my favorite, i learned more from BT1 tom noble than anyone else in my entire 20 plus years in the navy. god bless tin can sailors and BT'S
Stevens, JohnLIEUTENANTOct 1974 – Jun 1977A, E, and RBausell was my first assignment following graduation from the Naval Academy. She was an outstanding ship with an exception crew and it was my honor and pleasure to serve on her. I will always fondly remember the people and times there.
Fleming, Kim Aka LamokIC3Dec 30, 1974 – Nov 23, 1977"R" "E"Gang Had a bunch of good sailors on this ship. It was a tough ship and had a hard working crew. We played pretty hard too. Japan, Phillipines, Korea, Tiawan, Austrilia Hong Kong.Good memories. Afew bad memories too. We lost a couple shipmates.
Witt, HankE-31975 – 1979boiler technician
Dubois, RichardBT31975 – 1978B
Taylor, JeffBMSN1975 – 19781stsome of the best days of my life on that old ship. Now Im just an old biker ,raising hell and having fun. Will never forget you guys....mac, chet, baron, & trout. may we all live forever.
Ryan, MichaelFM1ENJan 1975 – Oct 1975A-GANGI consider the time I spent on the USS Bausell a very interesting part of my life. I encountered many good men and learned a lot as a young man on an amazing ship. I would like to speak to the Seamen that I got to know.
Newbauer, SteveHT2Feb 1975 – Dec 1976RepairBausell was my last ship I served on during my 8 years in the Navy. I always remember my shipmates above everything else which took place. A few of us were pretty close & shared some good experiences together. Would love to hear former shipmates.
Hilton, AllenBMSNFeb 1, 1975 – Mar 1, 1976firstMany trips to PI, and others like Singapore, Austrailia Korea, Guam, Taiwan. Great times growing up.
Francis (Mudbone) Kinney, MudboneSH3Feb 10, 1975 – Jan 2, 1977SupplyWas the barber and also ran the laundry for a time under SH1 Lindsey & Sh1 Dix. Was on the cruise of a lifetime, and Chief Boates, Bm1 Larry Brown &Bm2 Small on the MC At Rev. & Tap's. My most enjoyable command in 10 y
Guanco, MertSR-SKSNMar 1975 – Apr 1978Deck-SupplyJoined in '74 at Subic Bay. My first duty after boot camp. Deck Div. for a year and got an SK A school after. Thanks to all my LPOs, Lt. Terry and the CO, CDR.McMillin. Culture shocked but lots of good memories. Retired SKCS(SW) in 8/97.
Suchevich, David DocHM2Apr 1975 – Jun 1, 1978OPSWISH IT WAS STILL IN THE MID 70'S,
Hess, DougHT 2Jun 28, 1975 – Dec 15, 1977" R "IT'S BEEN A LONG TIME. I'M A OLD MAN NOW.
Nevis, DanEN 2Jul 1975 – Nov 1977A-gangI will ALWAYS remember the cruise of a lifetime. We sailed the south Pacific, Tonga, Fiji, American Samoa, Bangkok, Papal New Guiney...
Jury, Edward BruceBTFNAug 16, 1975 – Jan 10, 1977B Division, FWD FireroomHi my fellow shipmates of the Bausell. I am happy to be one of the member and a crew of our great ship. I miss a lot of our time onboard. We have all happines and exitement during my tour of duty onboard.
Kiely, DavidBT 3Sep 1975 – Apr 1978BI was in aft fire room
Kiely, DavidBT 3Oct 1975 – May 1978BI was in aft fireroom
Gray, AlE-4Oct 6, 1975 – Feb 13, 1978First DivisonHad a great time in the Navy , knew a lot of good people, an experience I will never forget still have a good friend from that time that I see from time to time His name is (Red) Dan Reiss
Klikovac, ScottBT3Nov 1975 – Aug 1977Engine
Breitweiser, BobBM2Nov 1975 – Feb 19781stlot of good/bad memories on this ship.For the most part this crew didn't mind going to sea.When we pulled out from Japan the question was where do we get to go,not when are we coming back.
Harman, BillE4/BT31976 – 1978BWork in the after fire room in B-division and out of all the commands i went to after the Bausell she is still at the top of the list as the best ship and crew i ever work with decom was the lose of a grand ship and good friends
Sullivan, MichaelEM31976 – 1978"R"Boarded bausell following her near loss to a typhoon and remained to decom. Will never forget that cruise and the "Four Yards of Shoreline". Great time with Smithee, Sauvola, Mac, Jacobs, and Dix N. Rem. XO's river dive?
Kee, ScottLT jgFeb 1976 – Mar 1978MPABausell was my first assignment after the Naval Academy. Bausell was one of the last FRAM Destroyers on active service in PACFLT. I was the Main Propulsion Assistant and was aboard for her final cruise from Yokosuka to San Diego.
Jensen, ScottQM3Feb 1, 1976 – Sep 17, 1977NavigationI was the SWAP guy from USS Oklahomia City (CG-5) who was on the bridge with QM2 Mortin and PooBear. I swapped again with a kid from Misawa Japan before decom cruse. I retired from USN in 1995 but always remembered DD845
West, SteveSHSNMar 18, 1976 – Mar 18, 1978supplyThe Bausell was my first ship out of A school,lots of good times and good memories, I was on her last voyage back to San Diego. I miss all my shipmates,especialy SK3 Dan Geren , DK2 Ron Long and SH1 Lee Lindsay
Clardy, EugeneE-3Aug 13, 1976 – Sep 19771st DivisionMy first ship after boot camp and fleet training school
Dodd, AllenSAFeb 1, 1977 – 1978DeckReported on board the year she departed for San Diego for decom. and had the time of my life. Went to more place's in that 6 months then most people see in a life time.
Petrillo, DennisGMG3Jul 1977 – Jun 1978WeaponsJust curious who's left out there from the final deplomacy cruise of 77-78. Anyone have a copy of that final cruise book? Never received mine. Getting old and want to reminisce. I Still keep in touch with Chet Powell,
Sbonek, LarrySTG2Sep 1, 1977 – May 30, 1978A/Swould like to hear from any one who remembers me

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