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USS Glennon (DD 840) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Glennon (DD 840). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 143 crew members registered for the USS Glennon (DD 840).

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McFarland, Eddiemm31967 – Dec 1966boiler roomgreat experience going around South America through the Panama Canal. enjoyed serving under Captain McGee
Looper, DaleGMG3Jan 1, 1967 – Jan 17, 1970FOXSailing the seas on this old tin can was a great memorable experience. she was a great "Old Gal"
Keller, ChuckRM3Mar 1967 – Dec 1968OCWonderful experience. Unitas cruise and a NATO cruise. Underway most of time and enjoyed the opportunity to see the world. Captain Bill McGee was a wonderful skipper! Collision at sea. Wonderful shipmates.
Bergman, EdSNApr 1967 – Jan 1969Deck forceStill remember it after all these years. What a remakable trip and experience. The NATO / European experience was great but nothing could top traversing the Panama Canal and sailing around South America.
Tompkins, Dennis profile iconBM3Jun 1967 – Jan 19681st DivShipmates, UNITAS VIII . Best 5" gun crew. BM1 Nunley (old salt) . QMC Barthalemew my good bud. Best CO Willie Magee. XO. LCDR Herburger. SN Cordero, Que tal amigo, me case con una Chilena.
Cordero, JoseSNAug 1967 – Dec 24, 1968Ship's ServicemanAll the great times aboard the Glennon, and the many friends who came into my life. I still remember them to this date. The Unita's cruise, the Nato cruise, the collision at sea.
Green, Dave (Seadog)Jun 1968 – Jun 1969
Daiute, PaulHopispital Corpsman StrikerJun 1968 – Nov 1968ServiceSailed on UNITUS 8 1968 and was Part of the NATO Force in North Atlantic 1969.
Riley, JamesFNSep 1968 – Sep 1974would like to hear from past crew members
Jacobs, CarlSTG2Sep 1968 – Nov 1970OperationsLooking for some old navy buddies
Johnson, LarryMM3Dec 1968 – Feb 1971M Div-Bravo 4Transferd off during the Mid-East cruise
Melling, MerleOSCDec 1968 – Nov 1970OperationsBest ship I served on in my 20 years. Qualified as Officer of the Deck Underway. Outstanding CIC crew. Let me hear from you! Commander Best: Need picture of Glennon towing Vesuvius (AE15) from Vietnam to Philippines.
Pimental, BruceSeamen1969 – 1971First DivisionStephen Decker
Gross, RichardBT31969 – 1973B DivisionThis was a great growing experience. Got to see a lot of the world which I will never see again. Worked with a fantastic crew. It was good time of my life that I will never forget. Thanks to all for the memories.
Lamer, Walter Or WallyCS.3Jan 25, 1969 – Apr 18, 1969SUPPLYwould like to hear from some shipmates from that time.
Siler, Benjamin (Benji T)FTG2May 1969 – Dec 1969WeaponsSnoopy on the director hatch. NATO Cruise North Atlantic. What a Blast
Fraser, Richard E.BT3Jun 1969 – Aug 1970B DivisionB-3 with BT2 Louden
Pohl, DaleHT2Aug 1969 – Feb 1972R-DivWhat a great ship for my first one. I came aboard straight out of SF A school as an SFPFA. I had that "deer in the head light look" for the first week.
Staehle, BradETR3Oct 1969 – Dec 1972Radar ElectronicsGreat sunsets at sea
McGady, StevenMM2Oct 1, 1969 – May 13, 1973EngineeringGreat memories serving and working with a great team.
Santuoso, MartyBT3Nov 22, 1969 – Aug 4, 1973Served four years onboard.Probably visited over 100 ports around the world including 9mos. on gunline in Viet Nam. I really grew up on this great ship, I really am in awe sometimes of where it took me. Some of the best years of my life
Pearson, Elton1970 – 1973Engineering / Bravo 4
Golcher, Tom (Stretch)OS21970 – Dec 23, 1973CICAfrica, Vietnam, Med, North Atl, Mid east war - I worked in CIC and Anti Sub Air Control. Lots of time at sea...
Bojarski, Chester---skiftg21970 – 1972second--weapons
Barnes, DavidQM2Jan 15, 1970 – Dec 1, 1971operationssailed with her to carribean-pr-haiti-gitmo-brazil-Africa- indian ocean- Persian gulf- india- Pakistan- red sea- Madagascar- Seychelles- shellback initiated- she was a good ship with a good crew of men.
McLaughlin, Douglas profile iconMMFNMar 1970 – Sep 1970M
Hege, SteveRD 2Apr 15, 1970 – Aug 22, 1973CICRadar operator
King, Dwightht 3Jun 10, 1970 – Apr 11, 1974rwe went most every where. I spent my years after at home in thee adirondack mts. I was a carpenter for near 50 years.
Couture, RobertRM1Jun 18, 1970 – Feb 8, 1974OPSI really like being aboard the Glennon. Made a number of major cruises while aboard. I like to think that we had the best Radio Shack in the enite fleet. Capt. Eddie Best was by far the best CO I served under while aboard the Glennon.
Gunter, DonaldHT3Jul 1970 – Oct 1972RLooking for old friends.I stayed in and retired in1990.I got out as a HTC.
Bower, Larrymm2Jul 17, 1970 – Aug 15, 1971m
Lunsford, H EugeneENSSep 1970 – Jan 1972ASWFirst tour. Thanks to STGCS for the leadership lessons; passing NUWEPS inspections; QWAST shots; Polaris cone pickups; Shakey Jake
Torres, LupeRM2Sep 12, 1970 – Dec 15, 1971OpsI'm a reefer sailor but good 'ol Glennon got us around the Indian Ocean and home again.
Butzen, Stevee31971 – 1973r division
Gribosky, Stephen profile iconBTFN1971 – Jul 14, 1974EngineringBoiler man grub
Saucedo, LarrySNJan 3, 1971 – Mar 12, 1973FirstI still remember how young and far away we were did we keep our sanity or loose it in some bar. It's been many years but still remember it all the good times and the bad times. To all my buddies and to you R.Sankey (HI)
Veryl (Len), FinkEM2Feb 1971 – Apr 1974R READ READ READ READ As a crew member in Vietnam on the Glennon you qualify for VA healthcare benefits. The Glennon is on the "blue water" list. Just found out today, 7/31/2018
Wolak, RobertHTCMar 17, 1971 – Mar 12, 1973RAfter being a DC most of my career,I made HT Chief on the way home from Nam.I am trying to remember if we were ever off the boat and set foot in Vietnam. I think we did, but can't remember. If anyone does, please e-mail.
James, GlennE-3 to EM3Apr 1971 – Dec 1972Engineering B-2 and EM shopSold sodas to fellow snipes on WestPac Tutored shipmates in the engineering compartment SAW my 1st SEA BAT Please email Retired from the Reserves @ 28 yrs EOCS
George, GeraldMM 3/C EMO2Apr 15, 1971 – Nov 30, 1972engineering
Craft, TomHT2May 1971 – Dec 28, 1973R-DivisionA great ship and crew. It was a pleasure serving on the Glennon with all of you. I still have fond memories of the many ports of call we made in the Caribbean,Pacific,North Atlantic and Mediterranean.
Anthony, WayneBT-3Sep 1971 – Jul 1973EngineeringSo many years have passed it's almost as if it did not happen. Loved the ship and enjoyed all the guys that I served with. Vietnam was an unforgettable experience for us all.
Berger, PaulETN2Oct 1971 – Jul 1973Electronics Repair1972 Viet Nam and Subic Bay.
Baker, RussGMG2Oct 1971 – Oct 1973West Pac '72 Mount Captain Mount 52 Med-North Atlantic '73 Blue Nose Ceremony '73
McPherson, DanFTG3Nov 5, 1971 – Jan 9, 1975WeaponsFTG 1 JD Glass, Jerry Sykes, Pananma Canal and the bar fight at the other end, dry dock in New Orleans (Algiers actually) Vietnam, Laundry at Wake Island, Subic Bay, San Diego, Barcelona, Genoa, Hamburg, many memories
Hagen, HarryQM3Nov 28, 1971 – Sep 5, 1975OPSSea dad making QM chief. Skeater and his pipe. The Roach coach making its approach. All the beautiful nights out at sea.
McDivitt, BoatsBMCS(SW)Ret.Dec 15, 1971 – Dec 14, 1973FirstIt was a great ship. great ship mates
Davis, Stevegmgsn3Dec 28, 1971 – Dec 28, 1971Division IIDry dock in Boston, Mass 1971; Vietnam 1971-1972; Panama Canal; Subic Bay, Olongapo, Yokosuka, Hong Kong; Gun Mount losing hydraulic pressure in Vietnam and replaced later in Charleston SC

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