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USS Glennon (DD 840) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Glennon (DD 840). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 143 crew members registered for the USS Glennon (DD 840).

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Rabasca, MichaelSeaman1945 – 1948no ideaI'm happily retired
Ramirez, Anthony (Tony)FIREMAN FIRST CLASSMar 1946 – Nov 7, 1947Engineers
Andersen, Walt / AndyMM3Apr 1951 – Apr 1955Rear Engine Room
Peterson, Thomas R.machinists mate1952 – 1956engine room
Carter, WaynePNC1954 – 1978Admin.I am grateful for the experience afforded me to serve my Country. I am blessed to still be alive. I'm a Baptist pastor for 39 years. Some health challenges, but I thank God. Blessings to all of you. Ret. PNC W Carter
Reents, JerryRD1Mar 21, 1954 – Jan 26, 1957CICThe Northern Europe Cruise in 1954 was the greatest.
Carter, JohnEN 31955 – 1956Boiler roomI still rember the rough seas
Hansen, RonaldRM3Sep 1955 – Sep 1956OpsI remember Chief Chet Hatstat. And shakedown at Gitmo.
Notarangelo, MatthewCommissary1956 – 1958CookHad a great time, cooked a lot of food. I remember Spain, Italy, France, Greece, New Orleans.
Jensen, NielsFTL3Aug 26, 1956 – Dec 18, 1958GunneryWorked the Mark 56 System aft, my Chief and I never got along, when in "A" school, in Bainbridge, I some how hit him with a snowball, he never forgot. Pulled a lot of liberty with Dave Willis TM2 and Jack Stryker SO3.
Cunningham, Robertmm3Nov 3, 1956 – Jun 7, 1960m
Harvey, Stanic2Nov 1957 –repairwent on to become a telephone man in Ny transfered to FTld Fla in68
Margerum, DaveIC2Dec 15, 1957 – Feb 8, 1960E divisionGreat northern Europe cruise.
Vanherpen, NickSOSN--SOG2Dec 16, 1957 – Sep 23, 19603rd
Hoffman, LeeQMSNFeb 1958 – Dec 1959QUATERMASTER
Phillips, FrankBT3Aug 1958 – Apr 1962I Was Oil King for my last two years.
Wojcik,jr, JohnrdsnNov 23, 1959 – Jun 23, 1961operations,looking to be in touch with crew members in the rd gang looking for a woody a bssn
Martin, RichardYN2Jun 1960 – Mar 1962AdminShould have stayed on board through FrAM.. Great ship.
Hart, Marshall profile iconSG31961 – 1963SonarCity of Napa Water Conservation, getting ready to retire AGAIN for the third time
Scholpp, Richard (Richie)SN E-3Nov 21, 1961 – Jun 30, 19653Richie's nephew entered this with info from Richie's DD-214. Richie, passed away on Flag Day (June 11), 2018. He was a very proud veteran, who spoke often of his USS Glennon service. If you knew Richie, please email me.
Begley, DonaldMM2c1962 – 1965EngineeringAny crew member on board during Cuban Missile Crisis.Hurricane Flora.
Topham, TimMM3Sep 1962 – May 1965B-4 Engine RmPicked up the ship in dry dock under going FRAM. Then spent three months in Gitmo. Did a lot of steaming in the Caribbean, great duty.
Lucas, HenryFTG 31963 – 1966FoxRemember tons of testing of PADLOC? The DASH drones that flew off and never returned?
Guth, WayneRD1963 – 1964CICGood cruise
Anderson, CharlesFTG-2Jan 1963 – Jun 1966FOX
Provance, JohnRD 3Jan 1963 – Aug 1965operations divisioni wished i changed my rate to quartermaster,,anybody remember my boss-chief ackerman, i can hear it now, i see his skeleton with hat and scarf fasted to the starboard bridge wing holding his set of longeyes.
Laakso, DonaldBTFN, BT3Mar 1963 – Feb 1965B (Snipe)I came aboard while the Glennon was in Drydock undergoing FRAM in the Boston Yards. Wet behind the ears, FA, they put me straight in the bilges with my new dungarees. Good awakening for me.
Faunce, Robert (Bob)RM2Apr 1963 – Aug 1965OCGreat shipmates and great memories.
Diebold, Kenm m 3Aug 10, 1963 – Sep 2, 1965main controlworked in main controle, cleaned bildges and scrubed deck plates. liveing now in TEXAS
Clausen, JamesETR 3Feb 1964 – Feb 1966OEPoundcake, poundcake, poundcake.......
Block, HarveyQMSNMar 14, 1964 – Feb 12, 1966OPSI remember Lucas and what he mentioned. I remember the Lt. who sent the DASH out, never to return. Do you remember the Mark 5 that did a U-turn and was ringing our bell below decks? Made the snipes pretty nervous. I was on the bridge then.
Talbot, JonathanSmn 1stClsJun 1, 1964 – Jun 30, 1966CommI am submitting this for my brother Jon. He passed away in 1997 in Westborough, MA. I was very young at the time but I do remember going to Newport for a dependant's day cruise on the Glennon in August 1965.
Beck, RonETR-2Feb 1, 1965 – Jan 18, 1968ops 3 years, had some really great times, but remember the great cruises to the Carribean and thru the Panama Canal, down the west coast of SA and thru the Straits of Magellan. Met some great guys. Now living on Cape Cod
Shilling, Jim SMR3Mar 1965 – Mar 1967
Gajdusek, GeraldQM3Oct 1, 1965 – Sep 1, 1969Operations
Lasage, TerryMM21966 – 1969machinest matehad a good time on reflection
Smith, JimMM31966 – 1968Rear Engine RoomSA Unitas 8, becoming a shellback, Cuba shakedown, being hit in port side, cooking potatoes on night watch, using steam from by BT friends, beautiful women in SA, and a great time with a great bunch of guys. Go Navy
Saulnier, Rene (Saul)rm2Mar 30, 1966 – Jul 27, 1968operationsCame on in 66 as Made the Rank of rm2 in 67. Did a gitmo cruise, carribean cruises and took part in UNITAS 8 which sailed around south america. Com officer CMDR William C. Magee. Ens Werner Comm boss.
Langill, FredEM2Apr 1966 – Jan 1969EngineeringLife in Newport, Unitas cruise, being in after steering at the hatch during collision off Bermuda, going to Puerto Rico for repairs. Exercises in the Caribbean
Fleming, JerryRM2Jun 1966 – Apr 1968OCUNITAS !!! Collision in Caribbean...
Stickney, DavidMM2Jun 1966 – May 1969EngineeringReally enjoyed my Tour and had a great team
Mason, DennisBMSNJun 1966 – Mar 19691st divisionHad good times and bad times, loved the cruise thru the Panama canal and the Nato cruise
Fleming, Gerald (Jerry)RM2Jun 6, 1966 – Jul 1967OCReally enjoyed the UNITAS cruise
Rockwell, BobSFP-3Jun 7, 1966 – Feb 15, 1968R DivisionI enjoyed my time on this ship, met alot of great people while aboard. Gitmo and the Unitas cruise and shipyard in Boston.
Mullen, TomMM3Jul 1966 – Jun 1968R-DivisionHad many good shipmates, many good times, and visited many good ports.
Peter, PrideauxETN-3Aug 28, 1966 – Jun 3, 1968OPSI remember the meeting with the USS Gainard and the great trip through the Panama Canal, down the coast of South America, through the Strait of Magellan and back up the coast of South America. Now living in New Bern, NC.
Newman, Dennis - AlfieRM3Oct 1966 – 1968
McFarland, Eddiemm3Dec 1966 – Jan 1968machinist mategreat trip on the unites cruise around south america on that good old tin can out of boston.
Casey, PatrickEM2Dec 10, 1966 – Jun 5, 1969RNATO and Unites (South American) cruse

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