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USS Ernest G. Small (DD 838) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Ernest G. Small (DD 838). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 60 crew members registered for the USS Ernest G. Small (DD 838).

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Carter, LeonSEAMAN 2/CAug 1945 – May 24, 1946SecondWas in the DD-838 first crew at age 17. On the first Shake Down in Gauntanamo Bay and first five months of the Mediterranean Sea Cruise. My thanks to Chief Boats Bezak and our First Lt Massey for the seamanship they taught me. Great Crew.
Beatrice, ThomasMM2Dec 26, 1945 – Aug 27, 1948E
Dunbar, DanETNSN1953 – 1955ET GangDirty Ernie was a great ship with an even greater crew. Best memories, relive them with "See It Now" replay.
Granger Sr, PaykMM3/CJan 10, 1954 – Jul 29, 1957EngineeringThe best to Captain Brabrook, Lt Commander Crittenden, Lt jg Luther Dale Yarger, (I'm sure these Officers are retired Admirals by now, They were the best. My few years on the Small was a great learning experience. There are other names
Cramer, DarrylEND3Apr 10, 1954 – Sep 15, 1955
Hall, HaroldDCFN1956 – 1958Engineering
Stockton, BobSNJun 1958 – 1959OI
Highfill, Larry profile iconBT2Mar 5, 1960 – Aug 6, 1963MI was the oil king from1961 to 1963
Neuroth, DennisQM21961 – 1964ON
Green, RussellFNFeb 15, 1961 – Mar 31, 1962MFondly remember the late MMCA Leroy C. Early who was the Chief in Main Control, MM1 Raider, MM3 Burns and FN Clark. There was a great bunch of guys in Main Control whose faces I can remember but not their names.
Scott, ScottyFTG2Mar 18, 1961 – Aug 18, 1966FOXwas ships artist in equipment room across from radio room did shipmates love ones. was the cruse book artist.
Walters, HaroldMm1Apr 1961 – May 1964M
Scott, David M - ScottyFTG2Apr 19, 1961 – Aug 20, 1966FoxAssigned to Small After signing for for the star Program went to school for the rest of 61' and the first four months of 62, made the 62' cruse escort eyes for CVA64 62' home ported Yokosuka Japan 64' to 66'' PR for Web
Cagle, JackieBT3Jun 1, 1961 – Jun 1, 1964
Vinson, Dennis(ST1)Apr 1962 – Jun 1966Fox
Fisher, SteveYN21963 – 1966 X Ship's OfficeI wish I could relive the 3 three years on the Small, with an option to opt-out if the memories aren't as good.
Frakes, MaxE3 Seaman 1st class1963 – May 19641st DivisionServed on the USS Ernest G. Small in '63 and '64. Looking for shipmates.
High Hawk, WayneShips mateJun 1963 – 1967USS Ernest G. Smalltying to find my buddies.....
Nigoff, LowellMM3Jun 7, 1963 – 1967MNone
Lee, Bobby "b.j."RDSN/RD3Dec 1963 – May 1965OPsCame onboard as first ship while in dry docks in Long Beach just before Christmas. I was the 2nd "little Lee" of 3 Lees in the radar gang. Deployed Pt. Yankee in April 64' after picking up Connie in Hi. Left Small in May 1965 for CCDF
Bryant, L.eBM21964 – 19671st
Sewell, James (Jim)BT3May 1964 – Nov 1966
Morrow, Gerald (aka Fabe-FabianSTG 3Jul 30, 1964 – Jul 30, 1968FoxFox Division was a group of very unique individuals. Other crewmembers were totally confused by us as we were usually down in our "hole" meaning the sonar shack and usually came out to eat-then return to our compartment.
Glassmeyer, CarlSNOct 8, 1964 – Apr 1966firstI remember when we visited Bancock. The captain discovered someone had 3 hookers stowed in the chain locker.
McKenna, RichardSN - YN3Aug 1965 – Jun 19671st Div and later X DivSpent two years of my life on "Ernie" and will never forget any of it. Saw a lot of Asian ports as a young 18 year old sailor, sometimes wish I could do it all over again!
Kieren, RayTMSNSep 9, 1965 – May 2, 1969FoxIam proud to have served on the best tin can in the Navy with the best crew in the Navy. I hope to make a reunion.Its great knowing these guys are out there the only thing better would be to see them again.
Pearson, ArnoldMM3Sep 10, 1965 – Sep 9, 1969R DivisionWould like to reconnect with other machinist mates that served on the USS Ernest G Small during the same time that I served
Martin, Gary (Marty)Mm3Nov 1965 – Aug 1968mGood times. Great shipmates
Pearson, ArnoldMachinest Mate 3rd ClassDec 1965 – Jun 1969R A-Gang
Simpson, DavidETR2Dec 1965 – Sep 1968OEGreat ship. Great crew. Great ET buddies. Recorded lots of music while doing battle off the coast of Vietnam. Still listen to this music today on my reel to reel.
Murphy, John ( Rick)BT-3Dec 15, 1965 – Aug 27, 1969B-forward fire roomHad some real good times, met lots of good buddy's and great liberty in all the ports,wespac.boiler room was very hot but learned alot for the future.
Green, BillGMG3Sep 10, 1966 – Feb 10, 19702ndI served with Lenny, Marty, Palinkas, Seagraves, Flanagan and Joe Mac., just to mention a few. We all had a good time on the dirty Ernie. A lot of fond memories. Also, the BEST Captain, Commander Robert Mann.
Vess, JimmyMM31967 – 1969M -DivisionWhat a great ship and crew Will never forget the time I spent on board the Small Look forward to the next reunion
Woods, GlennBT3Jan 1967 – Jan 1970B Fwd Fire Room, Repair 5Had some good times and saw a lot. Hated my job but was fortunate to work with some great guys.
Woods, GlennBT3Jan 5, 1967 – Jan 10, 1970B
Weathers, KenMM2Jan 14, 1967 – Aug 14, 1970MWas assigned to Main Control
White, Kenny (Whitey)BMApr 1967 – Jan 1968First
Dyre, ArnoldRM21968 – 1971OCGood times are not forgotten.
Dyre, ArnoldRM21968 – 1970OCGood times are not forgotten.
Green, DannyDC 31968 – 1970REnjoyed the experience. Got to know some great guys. Time has marched on. Hope everyone had a good life afterward as I havel.
Dyre, ArnoldRM 2Jan 1968 – Nov 1970OCI was a radioman aboard the Small from January, 1968 to shortly before decommissioning, making the last two WESTPAC deployments. I would like to hear from shipmates.
Pease, Robert (Bob)MM2Mar 1968 – Jun 1970MI would like to hear from some of my shipmates. I was in charge of the distilling plants on the last deployment.
Fournier, RoyBT3Apr 11, 1968 – Jun 15, 1970B aft boiler roomHad a great time. Made two West pac cruises
Lewis, JohnQM3Aug 1968 – Nov 1970OCWe have a facebook site just for former Small crew members, if you facebook and would like to be a member - send me a message.
Juenemann, RandallSNOct 1968 – Jul 19701st
Rodriguez, JoeETN3Oct 1968 – Oct 1970OEOn board for the final two WestPacs
Rowe, ThomasMM3Oct 17, 1968 – Nov 1970M DivisionI was on 4 different ships in a 5 year peroid this one was the best
Bartholomew, Efenger / BartGMG3Nov 15, 1968 – Nov 15, 19702nd

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