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USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 2099 crew members registered for the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69).

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Guyse, StevenAT21982 – 1985VA-65 / AIMD W/C 640 ECMOn-board during the Beruit bombing, 93 days at-sea between ports on that cruise.
Ralston, RichMM21982 – 1985ReactorReactor Dept, #2Plant. R. Kevin Moore, Gary Counts, Ron Caruso, Joe Kernich. Lookin for all of these gentlemen...
Bock, DouglasWT31982 – 1986"W"I am glad for the experiences that I received during my tour.......Thanks to everyone I served with,,,
Schilling, DouglasHM31982 – 1984
Pryor, WarrenABE-21982 – 1986V-2Cat 1 Memories. I can still smell the jetblast. My knuckles are still bleeding from the cat track guys. Kitzmiller, Fox, Gilbert, Lawman, Taylor, Myers, and the rest of you.. What did you replace the adrenaline with? Where you guys at?
Cooper, HankMR 21982 – 1987A GangJust found thisd and wondering whos out there, and remembers the old A-Gang.
Hinton, ScottABEAN1982 – 1986V-2Not sure if you remember me Pryor but you mentioned all the names of our Cat One crew that I mostly remember. It's been a long time & would be nice to know what became of everyone.
Frombach, BillE-31982 – 1985Deck Dept. / 1st DivLooking for anyone that ever returned tools late to the deck dept. PMS locker and found themselves on the "business end" of the BIG wooden d*ck. Ha Ha
Elkins, HowardAD21982 – 1985AIMD/BrigWorked AIMD/Test Cell. Loved the ship and my friends. My last six months on board were TAD to Brig duty. The Chief in charge was an AWESOME guy. Made many friends. Any one remembers me, email me. Lets talk.
Huber, DirkMM31982 – 1984RMHad a lot of fun during my time on this ship, met a lot of crazy people. Lost a really good friend.
Parnell, Steven/stampsPc31982 –X1Its been a long journey. I retired from the navy off the USS laboon. I also retired from Ingalls Shipbuilding as an electrician
Stephen, StilleyMM2Jan 1982 – Jan 1983MI worked in supply (parts). Also Temp duty in the Brigg. Would like to hear from others I worked with. I still remember it as a Great job.
Belcher, Alan (Al)AT3/E4Jan 1982 – Apr 1983VF143
Strickland, Mike / ElmoMM2Jan 1982 – Jun 1986RM
Caruso, RonAC2Jan 1982 – Dec 1984OC CATCC-69
Klepper, RussAT2Jan 1982 – Jul 1982VAQ-132TAD to AIMD IM3 WC 690 Micro-Min near the end of "the tunnel". Worked nites the entire Med cruise. Great cruise! Lots of great ports that I remember so well to this day. A stark contrast to the IO cruise in 1980.
Lea, PhillipEM1Jan 1982 – Oct 1982ME
White, MarkABEJan 1, 1982 – Jan 1, 1986v-2richard ziemba were are me at 850-937-9668orcell850-346-5613.we worked together in waist cats.important!
Ruffin, JeromeAO2Jan 2, 1982 – Dec 5, 1982G-2 Forward Mag
Redd, Ronald (Ron)SK1Jan 2, 1982 – Dec 1, 1984S-1 & S-9
Huffman, LeeAMS2Jan 4, 1982 – Feb 20, 1985VF 142 AirfamesThe greatest time of my life. I've never been called upon or tested to the limits that she demanded of all who sailed on her. God speed to the Eisenhower and all her crews, past, present and future.
Aupperle, DavidMS3Jan 4, 1982 – Jan 5, 1985S-2Served in the S-2 Division. Worked in the main Galley and as Jack of the dust. Enjoyed the trip to St Thomas and of course the med during the time the marines barracks was blown up in Beirut Lebanon. Established USO
Sturgis, Brian (Pooh)MM2Jan 8, 1982 – Mar 17, 1987A EA01 Lube Rats Rule!!!!!!!!!!Interested in hearing from any of the guys I served with and any of the present crew also. I have contact information from some of the other A Gangers from the time. Cheers!
Weiser, BillE4Jan 27, 1982 – Jul 28, 1984mar-detlooking for fellow marines charles chance charles barnett anf all my friends
Barnett, Chuck (Barney)L/CPLFeb 1982 – Feb 1984Mar-DetServed with some great people. Loved the security alert drills. Nothing like seeing a bunch of squids run like rats at the sight of Marines securing the fore and aft sas cages. It was the only time I really enjoyed the long boring days at sea.
Hoey, JohnHM2 (SW)Feb 1, 1982 – Jun 1, 1984MedicalAfter leaving IKE, I went to college, then to graduate school, earning B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in Cellular/Molecular Biology. Presently married with one child (10 yr. old daughter)
Wood, Thomas/woodeyeE2Feb 28, 1982 – Apr 24, 1984V1
Williams, J.d.SGTMar 1982 – Mar 1984MARDET"Haze Grey and Underway" was a great two years!
Meicenheimer, Patrick (Mouse)SNMar 12, 1982 – May 5, 1984Deck 5th
Flynt, BobGMT1Apr 1982 – Aug 30, 1982WLove Monaco. Was a short timer upon arrival.
Cherry, MichaelMME3Apr 1, 1982 – Apr 1, 1983Mto dan moeller i saw your name on the web site i remember spending alot of good times with you in the engine room send me an e mail at
Boedeker, JimOSApr 1, 1982 – Jun 28, 1985OI DivSome of the best years of my life. Made great friends ans saw the world.
Marshall, ronaldE-5Apr 7, 1982 –V-2A lot of good times had. sometimes I wish I would had stayed. it's definately a different life but sometimes I miss it. I wonder where I would be today. (with 30+ years in) To Glen F and Pup. Where are my running buddies at these days??
Allikas, MichaelABF-3Apr 15, 1982 – Jun 22, 1985V-4I will always remember the people and times,to this day i'm very proud to have served on board and filled so much JP-5.
McHale, Brian "Mac"MM1Apr 15, 1982 – Jun 30, 1986"A" GangO2N2 Baby,making the O2 for the F-14 pilots to kick ass.Let's go back to the Gulf of Sidra and kick that scumbag out of Tripoli!!!!!! I miss the Mighty Ike.She has been in my dreams over the past 30 years.
Weiser, BillLCPLApr 16, 1982 – Dec 9, 1984MarDeti served when beirut was hit in 83
Allikas, MichaelABF 3Apr 18, 1982 – Jun 22, 1985V-4
Davis, TracyICFNJun 1982 – Feb 1, 1985E-2Had a great time met a lot of good people should have stayed in.miss the spade games and the fellowship with the guys.
Monaco, BobABH3Jun 1982 – Nov 1985V-1Good times, great memories
Kies, J.d.AS1(AW)Jun 1982 – Jun 1985IM4, IM1 QAGreat crew, best ship and best chow in the Navy.
Warren, RichardLTJun 1, 1982 – Oct 31, 1984OPI served as ship's Photographic Officer ADDU to Battle Force SIXTH Fleet as the Force Tactical Reconnaissance Officer.
Schrimp, RonDP2Jun 10, 1982 – Jun 30, 1984ASWServing on the Ike with my fellow AW and DP guys (we were a special breed of DP's) was the best service time for me. 2 Med Cruises and other small cruises was the best.
Guillory, WilliamOSSNJun 20, 1982 – Apr 1984OI
Bache, DarrellAG2Jul 1982 – Dec 1985OA / meteorologyIt was an excellent experience. Good people on the ship. We were all so young but thought we were so old.. the years have flown past, enjoy what you have.
Randall, Geralde-3Jul 1982 – May 1986supply s-3
Kinney, Scotte3Jul 1, 1982 – Jul 1, 1985a
Baker, John PaulDTCSAug 1982 – Jul 1985Dental
Albert, PhilDP3Aug 1, 1982 – Feb 16, 1985S7
Jackson, BobPNCAug 1, 1982 – Aug 29, 1984CMAA/BrigBrig Counselor and worked with the CMAA.
Moeller, JamesHT3Aug 1, 1982 – Jul 5, 1985R Div.Miss you guys and the good days! Contact me @
Swatzyna, John (Swat)ABH3Aug 2, 1982 – Oct 12, 1985V-1These were the some of the funnest times I had. If I could go shoot some planes of the waist cats today I'd be in hog heaven.
Colwell, ChrisE-4/ ABHAug 14, 1982 – Oct 18, 1987v-1just looking for old friends
Short, Bill / ShortyGMT2Aug 30, 1982 – Oct 26, 1985WIt was very memorable and would like to hear from all. (for all who served)
Wasson, James A.AC1(AW)Aug 31, 1982 – Jul 1, 1985CATCC-69(Air Ops)
Heyrich, EdwardASM3Sep 1982 – Sep 1986Supply S9 AIMD IM-4It was a learning experiance memories I share with my son and family as it was like only yesterday
Aponte, Rileyms3Sep 1982 – Jul 1986s-2Iam lookikin to make contact with any of the old cooks i served with, smitty, price, darden, bostic or any one who served in s-2 division from 1982-1986.
Dixon, Paul (Mike)MM1Sep 1982 – Nov 1986A-GangWorked in Boat Shop as LPO and Hydraulics Shop as ALPO.
Lowe, GregorySH3Oct 1982 – Jan 1985supply
Tobin, FredMR3Oct 1982 – Jul 1984A Gang
Young, MichaelE1Oct 1982 – 1986AIMD IM-2
Darden, Alvin Or Al profile iconms3Oct 1982 – Sep 1986s-2Looking to hear how some of old cooks and mess cooks from supply/s-2 div.or doing. I worked mostly in forward galley and "ike Donald's on the med cruises.
Blaser, Scott "blaze"AZ2Oct 3, 1982 – Oct 30, 1984IM-1Been watching Carrier on PBS and felt like checking up on IKE info. I remember the guys on the IKE being alot better then the ones they have been showing on Carrier. I guess I only remember the good people. Glad I was on the IKE.
Taylor, MarkANOct 9, 1982 – Dec 20, 1983OCWould like to than all of the officers and men of the OC Div for allowing a V3 division guy the opportinity to become an AT. I has so much to learn, and you allowed me to grow up.
Hughes, DarrellOS3Oct 20, 1982 – Jun 18, 1986OII was good then and I'm still good now. I live near Brisbane, Australia I did make OS2 but went to Captain's Mast before the frocking and got busted to seaman. Their loss not mine. Man was I a wild child back th
Neumann, DavidAO2Nov 1982 – 1986G-2/G-1
Michael Spisak, HawkASN3Nov 1982 –flight deck
Leffelman, WilliamaoanNov 20, 1982 – Sep 18, 1985g-3 weapons elevator shop
Robert Hill, BobHM3Dec 1982 – Nov 1984Medical/ HLooking to contact any other Corpsman that served aboard IKE E mail me at,
Young, MarkGmg2Dec 2, 1982 – Aug 5, 1986G-3 armory
Lorenz, ScottABH-3Dec 14, 1982 – Nov 14, 1986V-3well lets see from hurricane diane to beruit to the darby, and lets not forget the day at norfolk going out to the parking lot and finding a fresh new hazegray&underway overspray paint job on hundreds of cars including mine.
Bellimer, KevinMM1Dec 26, 1982 – Feb 28, 1989Reactor

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