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USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 2099 crew members registered for the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69).

Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1975 | 1976 – 1976 | 1977 | 1978 | 1979 | 1980 | 1981 | 1982 | 1983 | 1984 | 1985 | 1986 | 1987 | 1988 | 1989 | 1990 | 1991 | 1992 | 1993 | 1994 | 1995 – 1996 | 1997 | 1998 | 1999 | 2000 | 2001 – 2002 | 2003 – 2004 | 2005 – 2007 | 2008 – now

Briggs, Andrew F.MS31976 – 1980S-2
Cole, FrankMM11976 – 1979A EA01Plank Owner
Bilke, TerryEM11976 – Dec 1979E1Plankowner Work center EX02
Hall, JeffryIC21976 – 1979E-2Plankowner-anyone remember "Scottie" in during CPR training!
Medlin, Michael1976 – 1978APlank Owner
Curtis, DonISSN1976 – 1977Intelligence SpecialistOn commissioning crew- Plank owner/from Brooklyn, New York. AITS-Lowry AFB, Colorado & NIPSTRAFAC-Key West Florida.
Shannon, DaveCWO-41976 – 1979Plank Owner. MPTA
Deeley, CraigMM21976 – 1979RM and MCTGLL watch for initial plant start up. It seems so long ago. Steve Roberts forgot to say Jimmy signed the peanut!
Sizemore, PaulASE31976 – Nov 10, 1978IM4 AIMD GSEworked on Ground Support Equipment and spent my last year in the Navy on board this ship. I was in charge of Ships Vehicles while in port.
Brinson, LonnieHT11976 – 1980R-1I was on the pre-commisioning crew and plankowner, Also really enjoyed the towne house apartments down from SPEEDY's, Capt. Ramsey was the best Captain the IKE ever seen, Glad he made Admiral.
Makley, DanRMC1976 – 1980CRplankowner, survivor of 6-pack cruise and much more.. Ex-CT, who, very surprisingly, made chief on the IKE. Retired in 86. Repair Party Leader (a radioman?)
Tomlin, Kennethemcm(sw)(aw)1976 –e2Plank owner. Reported as em2 left as selectee for emc. returned for second tour. Highlight of my 24 yr career. Many wonderful memories and friends. Thanks IKE!!!!!!!!
Schmude, SteveEM11976 – Feb 3, 1981E-1Started in EX02 finished as EX03 WC Supervisor. Last cruise was with the "6 pack fleet" (2 beers, 3 times - I managed more) Indian Ocean 1980. E-1 DIV, best group of guys I've ever known, regret not keeping in touch!
Sanders, LloydET11976 – 1979OECommunications repair and Work Center Supervisor, Entertainment Work Center Supervisor. Plank holder. I like Ike
George Jr, LeoAG21976 – Jun 13, 1978OABeing a Plank Owner is an honor I will always cherish. Being onboard IKE was a great experience and probably the biggest thrill of my life, except for the night my son was born. Now my Grandson is serving on the IKE!
Marabella, LeeMM1Jan 1976 – Sep 13, 1979RMPrecom Unit and plankowner. Enjoyed friendships made. Played on the softball team. Proud to have been at the beginning of IB.
Barr, Robert (Bob)DP2Jan 5, 1976 – Aug 19, 1979S-7Plankowner. Had a bunch of fun on Ike and got started in my career - I'm still a computer geek, with 35+ years of experience; currently a Project Manager for LabCorp. Living in Mebane, NC.
Arcuri, RonnieYN2Jan 16, 1976 – Jun 15, 1978X1Plank Owner
Blake, JimMM1Jan 19, 1976 – Jan 4, 1978RMPlank owner.
Smith, David (Smitty)E4 YEOMANFeb 1976 – Nov 15, 1979captains office and reactor officeLearneda lot on life and still have my plankowner plaque
Carson, JimAK2Feb 1976 – Oct 1979S-6Was my first command but the one I think of most when I look back. Seems like I miss my friends on this ship the most.
Thomas, JohnSNFeb 1976 – 1980SupplyWhen I arrived we lived in town house's for a while partys all the time. There where only 9 sailors in The Supply dept and over 1500 when I left .
Mancuso, MikeDP1Feb 1976 – Jun 1978S7Iks was the best and worst times I had in 7 years of USN.
Hunnings, ErnestMM1Feb 1976 – Dec 1978M Div.PLANK OWNER I.B.
Craig, George R. (Mack)ASM3/ASM2Feb 1976 – Feb 1978AIMD GSEWould go back to IKE anytime..PlankOwner
Byrd, Bill (James William)ABH-1Feb 1, 1976 – Feb 1, 1980VA-65 LineEnjoyed hanging out with the "AB's" onboard. Would have been better if I could of swapped my brown shirt for a "Yellow" one.
Howard, Leeroymm2/mm1Feb 1, 1976 – Jan 1, 1979a - divisionoutside repair
Scanland, DavidIC2Feb 9, 1976 – Nov 11, 1981E-2PreComm. Plankowner - J-dial, 5MC shop, Gyros. Shellback, Blue Nose, 254 day cruise, 2 beers! Many Firsts! Shake down cruise, Med, Gitmo, IO, etc. Life under Blanchard (Yecch). Good times & bad - wealth of memories! Started "Steel Beach".
Smith, David (Smitty)YN3Feb 10, 1976 – Nov 11, 1979captains office and reactor officeplankowner, learned some good lessons in life that helped me excell in the next miss being at sea with the boys
Holloway, PaulBMCSFeb 10, 1976 – Jan 9, 1979First DivisionPlank Owner
Hartung, Keith "Rocky"MM2Mar 1976 – Oct 1979QC/MPlankowner. 1 Plant Maintenance LPO.
Lester, Mike (Les)ISSN - IS2Mar 1976 – Jun 1980oz
Kirk, RobertYN3Mar 1976 –
Lee, SamuelE-2-E5Mar 1976 – Nov 1979M Division Engine Room #2Plank owner and was on the first Lightoff team. Completed the first med cruise on board this ship. First Runner-up for Sailor of the year.
Smith, David profile iconMM3Mar 1, 1976 – Oct 23, 1979M-DIVM-DIV EMO2 #2MMR I hung around A-Gang too in the elevator rooms and filter shop. Looking to make contact with Kevin Loomis and Dave Martin.
Shegogue, Rick(Doc)MM2/MM1Mar 5, 1976 – Oct 10, 1980M
Kluch, JakeMM1Mar 6, 1976 – May 30, 1980RMPlankowner, unit 2 reactor mechanical, lived in condos before ship, proud member of IB club
Drake, ChuckRM2Mar 10, 1976 – Apr 28, 1979CRFor those with whom we served with and who are interested,we are arranging a get together next year in Columbia SC. Hit me on Email and I will keep you posted with details.
Percy, KarlLI2Mar 15, 1976 – Sep 30, 1979X-1
Bertollo, PatEMC(SW)Apr 1976 – Aug 1979E-2
Bertollo, PatEMC(SW)Apr 1976 – Aug 1979E-2plankowner
Lester, Mike (Les)ISSN - IS2Apr 1976 – Jun 1980OZOne of the originals. Anybody else still around?
Ausman, LarryAK2Apr 1976 – Dec 1979S-6
Atchison, O J profile iconDS1Apr 1, 1976 – Aug 1, 1978OperationsArrived aboard IKE at Newport News ship building yard after a stop in San Diego to attend the MPDS school, the Navy's first attempt at on-board Networking. Loved my time on the pre-commissioning crew. Awesome time!
Reilly, SteveEM2Apr 4, 1976 – Jun 18, 1980E-2Great times great ship mates. Holmsie, Jay, Jim, Bert, John, Rich, Sison, Phil, Chief Childres,Jerry, Tomlin, Pat, Charlie, Guts, Rollins, Mason, Monet............ Fair Seas and Following Winds. Cheers till we meet again
Harper, Don (Waldo)MM3Apr 4, 1976 – Oct 1979MYou knew me as Waldo :)
Reading, MitchIC2Apr 11, 1976 – Aug 27, 1979E2 DivisionFond memories of my years on the Ike. Many good friends. Re-entered the Navy in 1983 commissioned as a Medical Service Corps officer. Retired in 2003 as a Commander.
Blount, HumpET2Apr 15, 1976 – Nov 23, 1978OE
Mullin, Robert profile iconDS1Apr 19, 1976 – Dec 7, 1977OPArrive while still in New Port News.Was lead Petty Officer for the MPDS maintenance team. Great experience. Proud Plank Owner.
Demeule, RichardEM2Apr 20, 1976 – Jul 22, 1979E-2Plankowner. Served in the A&O shop - I can still hear the cooling water running thru the JBD above our shop! Weapons elevators were my specialty. Made a lot of good friends that I sure miss. Looking back, best experience of my life.
Samora, JohnnyE-3May 1976 – 1980ABH / V-1...COOKNow live in Georgia with my wife and four children. Anyone remember Bar Lisa in Naples?
Williams, Alfred A.T CatmanE-4 PLANK OWNERMay 1, 1976 – Sep 1, 1980Marine DetachmentMarine Detachment Eisenhower CAN'T HACK IT PACK IT!!!! SEMPER FI DO OR DIE!!!
Cech, JamesENSMay 10, 1976 – Sep 29, 1978Missiles / S8Plank Owner, never thought she would float, XO made me learn ship, great Div, JOOW for sea trial, escorted Mrs. Ike for commissioning, 1st SWO, OOD for Carter visit, 1st BPDMS shots, all hits, Ramsey BEST CO I ever had
Holberg, Sr, Joseph F.PH 1May 18, 1976 – Jul 17, 1980PhotoPlank Owner - Enjoyed the pre-com. and cruises. I learned a lot and made Chief leaving the ship
Snyder, TomHM3Jun 1976 – 1978Medical HYour first ship is like your first girl! You will never forget her! PLANKOWNER
Brew, BobAT2Jun 1976 – Oct 1978AIMD IM4Plankowner. Served under Lt. Assion, Chief Keller, Chief Brigham and Art Hanley. Art was a great leader. Served with Dave Coomer, John Stanley, Orlan Hayes, Keith Greyson, Todd Drillock, Jeff Kriebel & Lee Sylvester.
David, VickreyIC2Jun 1976 – Jun 1979E-2Plank Owner J-Dial and Group lead of MC shop I was on when the ship was CVAN-69 and had the Skipper car had the ships number on his the plate if his 210. We lived in apartments and and had weekly inspections.
David, VickreyIC-2Jun 1976 – Jun 1979E-2Plank Owner J-Dial and Group Lead MC shop
Thomas, BobAD1Jun 6, 1976 – Apr 3, 1980AIMDPlank Owner. First Test Cell Operator.
Payne, DennisMM1Jun 14, 1976 – Sep 24, 1980M & RTPlankowner. Ike was a great ship! Served with great people and have many fond memories of my time aboard.
Stankiewicz, Felix JohnCDRJun 15, 1976 – Apr 2, 1980NAV/Legal/DeckPlank owner
Leshko, KevinEN1Jul 1976 – Jan 1980A
Phariss, KarlIC2Jul 1976 – Oct 1979E-2Plank Owner, J-Dial Shop in Aft IC, Electrical Safety Shop
Stickney, MichaelET1Jul 1976 – Apr 13, 1980RC DivisionPre-comm until just before the IO
Wilkins, MarkMM2Jul 1976 – Aug 1980RM DivisionHappily married to Cyndi from New Jersey, we have 6 children and live near Houston, TX. I don't facebook yet, but my wife does. Became a Christian on board Ike and still being kept by His grace. I work in chem. manufact.
Bradley, RobertMM2/MM1Jul 1976 – Oct 1978A
Neely, RickABE-2Jul 2, 1976 – Nov 28, 1978V-2
Salgado, DavidABE2Jul 4, 1976 – Jul 4, 1979v2from precomm days,party nights to cold med cruise. working hard on the waist cats with good friends. miss nite ops,exciting,dangerous times. remember gated apartments in newport news?
Lussier, RaymondABFANJul 25, 1976 – Aug 12, 1981V-4PLANKOWNER
Smith, HerbET1Aug 1976 – Jul 1980RCPlankowner
Fagan, PaulRM2Aug 1976 – Feb 1979CR
Willis, CarrollMM1Aug 1976 – Jan 1978Admin
Underwood, BuddyFN through MM1Aug 1, 1976 – Mar 29, 1981AAnyone who remembers when the aux boiler blew up (stack) email me at
Ditmer, DonaldMS-3Aug 9, 1976 – May 5, 1979S-2 wardroomWasan still am a proud plank owner.
Hodge, MichaelIC2Aug 10, 1976 – Jan 6, 1980E2Plank owner, Gyro Shop, Alarms & Warnings Shop, and Supervisor for MC Shop. Pre-com, shake down cruise, commissioning, GITMO, 1st Med cruise. Great time!!
Penrod, MelAG1Aug 14, 1976 – Nov 12, 1979OA DivisionPre-Comm thru first med cruise. Great Ship and Super Skipper W.E. Ramsey and XO E Clexton. I had two division Officers CDR Sawhook and CDR Sokol, both were great professionals and people persons. I LIKE IKE
Boone, David (Bubba)MM1Aug 21, 1976 – Jan 27, 1982RMPRE-COM, 1st Med, CRW, PPWS, the IO Cruise of 80'. Group Supervisor #2 RAR (counterpart to "Naked" Bob Winger). Long tour on a great ship. Came back for 2nd tour in Aug 1985 ("MMC Boone, Plankowner - returning!") and left early
Knight, FloydAO3Sep 1976 – Mar 1980G2/G3It seems like only yesterday. The Ike is a great ship and I am proud to have served onboard as a Plank Owner.
Hill Jr., Benjamin T. (Pops)ASM-2Sep 1976 – Oct 1980A.I.M.D. IM-4 DivsionI am looking for Mr Paul Sentner, Robert Poirier of Massachuttes, Kevin Dean of Pensylvania, Ronold Carrigan of Massachuttes
Pennington, GeorgeMS E4Sep 7, 1976 – Sep 7, 1980Plankowner.
Owen, MichaelAD2Oct 1976 – Sep 1980AIMD/IM2This was the best sea duty of all. Pre-com crew and plank owner!!!
Lowe, RickRM2Oct 1976 – Aug 11, 1981CRWould be nice to hear from some of you. I have some very fond memories of the great times!
Tarpley, Robert "Tarp"AO2Oct 1976 – Jul 1979G-2Just looking for a few old friends. Plank Owner
Bruno, Nelson (Pineapple)AO2Oct 1976 – Jul 1979G2PLANKOWNER- Boy did I miss all my G2 gang when I left to go to the west coast. If anybody remember the Pineapple from G2 division, that was me. You can wave a hand to me at Aloha from the Pineapple.
Cromartie, GregAO3Oct 1976 – Jun 1981G3Plank owner, Med cruise from Naples, Athens, Barcelona,Lisbon,and Levarno.
Fredricksen, FredRM2 > RM1Oct 1976 – Dec 1980CommunicationsPrecomm crew and earned the Battle E, Med cruise, Newport News, Norfolk, Portsmouth.. We made a lot of good friends, I left about the time Khomeni seized our Embassy Hostages. Spent a year in Antarctica after that...
Lucas, DonaldAO2Oct 1976 – Jul 1979G-2Served in Med cruise touring Naples, Barcelona, Athens, Israel, Lisbon, Virgin Islands,etc. Known as 'Luke'. Looking to connect up with fellow mates. Just found website. Plank Owner
Gossett, BillAO2Oct 1976 – Apr 1980G1Had a great experience on the flight deck with some good friends. Would love to hear from anyone in weapons that remembers me call or text me @ 901-485-9700. Plankowner
Wilson, J. R.RM1Oct 1, 1976 – Nov 1, 1978CRAssigned to Tech Control under RMC Jim Treme. Antenna crew LPO. Great tour on a great ship
Racheff, NickACCOct 4, 1976 – Jul 11, 1978OCPRE COM Crew. OC Division CPO< Damage Control Team Leader Unit 75, Piped over the side & retired in July 1978. Great Ship and a great crew with the IKE Spirit.
Hernandez, JoeAk3Oct 15, 1976 – Oct 15, 1979S 6
Carr, DannyEN-FNNov 1976 – Oct 1977a gang
Lowe, Kenneth / KennyE-5 AT2Nov 1, 1976 – Aug 1, 1984A I M D
Taylor, Bobby (Tennessee)ABH2Nov 11, 1976 – Nov 2, 1978V1 ad V0Nucleolus crew and Plank owner. Elevator operator/spotter. Served as fly 3 PO and Div career counselor, played Bass in Ships Band.
MacFarlane, LanceAOANNov 21, 1976 – Sep 3, 1979G-2Alot of good times on the IKE, I still have my PLANKOWNER plaque and First Cruisebook, oh yah and my ike zippo. Send me an Email if you wish.
Boehmer, TomAO2Nov 21, 1976 – Apr 20, 1980G-3Finding this website brings back so many memories. If anyone remembers me and would like to contact me. My e-mail address is
Gill, MarkE3Dec 1976 – Dec 1980aviation ordanceI would like to talk with people who were on board between 76 and 80. email:

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