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USS Sarsfield (DD 837) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Sarsfield (DD 837). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 87 crew members registered for the USS Sarsfield (DD 837).

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Roberts, JackTM 3C1945 – Dec 1945Plank Owner
Bright, Richard (Dick)TM3/CMar 1945 – May 18, 1946Plank Owner
Roberts, JackTM3CJul 31, 1945 – Dec 17, 1945TorpedoPlank Owner
Roszak, Charles W.; Cee-W; Roszy; FlagsSM3CJan 12, 1948 – Sep 1, 1948DesRon60FlagAboard at inception of DesRon60/ASW development ship at OpDevSta,Key West. Visits Havana bi-wkly- Batista Era; UnderSecNav on board for ASW demo;Lt. Amidon Eng.D/C ofcr; Lt.Russell, Chief of Staff, ComDesRon60;Truman/SouthernWH
Hoge, HowardSONARMAN 1STFeb 15, 1949 – Oct 20, 1952OperationsHad plenty of good times and some bad. Glad that we participated in the launc of Bumper 8 in July 1950.
Stroman, JohnBT31953 – 1957B
Cline, Marc D.RD2Jul 11, 1954 – Dec 12, 1957OpsPresident USS SARSFIELD Association
Spirko, EmeryET31955 – Aug 1957
Vanzant, Amos3rd Class PO Boiler Tender1955 – 1959Engineering
Guerra, Ruben (Chico)BT1Jan 2, 1957 – Jul 1, 1961Bcame aboard in Jan , 1957 as the ship was getting underway to "Gitmo" as a BTFA, Left the ship in July 1961 as the ship left for a visit to Brownsville,TX. My last billet on the Sarsfield was BT1, in charge #2 fire room.
Buckley, CharlesFN--MM2Jan 1959 – Feb 1962MI was the water tender in the forward engine room. After re-enlisting I left the Sarsfield to go to AC&R school in Norfolk. Then on to San Diego and the Skagit AKA105.
Sullivan, JackRM2Oct 15, 1960 – Sep 9, 1962Operations
Ifkovitch, JosephSN. BMJan 1962 – Oct 1962BMWent on board January 1962 and we went off coast of Africa and Canary Islands to get John Glenn if his shuttle was brought down. He went into orbit and we came back.
Kossar, MikeBoatson Mate1963 – 1964DeckLooking for Tesmer (might not be spelled right) and Rose to catch up and see what's happening today.
Broyhill, MikeMM3Mar 1963 – Sep 1964M-Div, Eng. Rm 2Many good times on Duval Street
Cathey, CarlLTAug 1, 1963 – May 1966EngineerChief Snip. Agles was CO, MCPO Post was my mentor. Fine fishing out of Key West. Gemini recovery ops, torp and sonar evals for Optevfor. On board and underway when JFK assasinated
Tritchler, AlfredE41964 – 1968m
Nichols, Ronald (Ron)YN3Jul 6, 1964 – Sep 1965OperationsServed for 15 months in the ship's office before being transferred to Norfolk ASWFORLANT. Others in the office when I was there were Augusta L. Davis, Chief Hinojosa, Andrew L. Freeman.
Jones, Raymond (Ray)MMFN1965 – 1966M Home Port Key West, Fl. Spent time in ST Croix region doing exercises. Operated with the Simone Bolivare Followed by trip To Pureto Rico.
Hauser, RichardMM3Mar 10, 1965 – Feb 3, 1967MServed in after engineroom under "Wild" Bill Taylor. Had many good times and did a lot of sweating.looking for fellow shipmates.
Tabor, Thomas1966 – 1969
Kemp, JamesE-5 Radarman1966 – 1969OII've been off the Sarsfield for over 50 years and it just now dawned on me to look up this site. I don't see anybody registered from my time and I guess the only question I have is, is there anybody left?
Gouveia, JohnSTG2Apr 1966 – 1970foxremember surfacing Soviet sub in Med.?
Tabor, ThomasMM-3May 1966 – Apr 1969 Life at sea was great, but I retired out of the seabees.
Bronnert, Sa Fred profile iconETR2Jun 13, 1966 – Dec 17, 1969ElectronicsWas a young 21 when came aboard, in 1966, Left as a seasoned Royal Golden Shellback. I am very proud to have served and thankful for many worlwide life learned experiences
Johnson, Richard profile iconYN3Dec 1966 – Feb 1970Deck Force & Engineering Yeoman
Tyksinski, DennisSTG-2Jan 5, 1967 – Jan 1969foxServed on Sarsfield and Joseph P. Kennedy
Gunderman, FrankBT-3Feb 1967 – Feb 28, 1971Boiler room #1Ship was stationed in Key West when I first boarded her. Moved to Mayport 4-6 mo later 2 UNITAS cruises to middle east and to S America, 26 countries. Joined the Navy & saw the world. Great crew!
Diehl, DaveMR2Jul 1967 – Feb 1970AgangMed Cruise! Mideast Cruise and Unitas around South America
Ridge, Ropugh And Ready Rocky Rickey RidgeDC-21968 – 1969
Carserino, William profile iconSFP 3Apr 1968 – May 1969R-DivReported on board in Key West, moved to Mayport, Red Sea cruise ,shipyard Charleston SC. Retired CPO 22 years.
Williams, JosephwilliamsBT3May 1968 – Feb 9, 1972B Devisionreally liked the time I served and the people I met, good bunch of people
Williams, Joseph (Willie)BT 3Jun 14, 1968 – Feb 9, 1972B
Holliday, Marc (Doc) profile iconRD2Dec 1968 – Dec 1971OI
Honea, RobertMM31969 – 1969MJoined Sarsfield in Mayport, FL in 1969 just in time for Gitmo Training. Advanced to MM2 and was transfered 5 months later to DE 1022 for new home port of Naples Italy.
Anderson, Robert1969 – 1972OPSI came to the Sarfield from the USS Ault DD-698 in late 69. I was called 'Andy' and made several cruises on this ship. I cherish my time on the Sarsfield and would like to connect with some of my old friends.
Clayton, StephenMMFN1969 – 1971M Division After Engine RoomWorked Aft Eng Rm with Thayer, Hobbs, Kurinsky, Kren, Sturgeon, Lee, Vanbrocklin... Guantanamo trip after 6 months in Charleston, SC shipyard... did Red sea Cruise in 71...
Drake, Richard/rickfn1969 – Dec 2, 1971mmHad great time aboard the Sarsfield. Great time in the red sea. Great guys to work with, hope I get some feed back from some of my shipmates.
Hubbard, Alfred G ( Butch)FNFeb 24, 1969 – May 17, 1970R- RepairI remember playing on the ship's softball team. I enjoyed the shipmates aboard as well. most of all crossing the eqautor & the south American cruse
Pearson, David BT 2Mar 1969 – Aug 10, 1972B
Hubbard, Alfred (Al, Butch)shipfitterApr 10, 1969 – Jun 26, 1970RepairI came on board in Mayport made the South American cruise and was discharged before the ship was to go to gitmo, I was in repair divison with Grelerwtez, Finger, Cooke, Ryan
Gabhart, Orman (Ray)BM 2Dec 1969 – May 27, 1973DeckCame aboard a seaman and left the ship a BM2. Made the Red Sea and Vietnam cruses along with many short deployments and TAD's ( temporary assigned duties). Was in charge of the forward gun mount and ship to ship transfer
Van Dalen, BillDec 10, 1969 – Mar 15, 1972deck force, and then Ships Office`

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