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USS George K. MacKenzie (DD 836) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS George K. MacKenzie (DD 836). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 114 crew members registered for the USS George K. MacKenzie (DD 836).

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Armstrong, PeteRD21964 – 1967Ops
Conklin, JimSTG31964 – 1965FoxPart of a crew swap program to enable people to return to states.swapped from USS Prichett. Left as STG2 to Sonar B school San Diego.
Corio, NickSK3May 9, 1964 – Dec 9, 1967SupplyLooking for paul marvin hansen, transfered to westmorlands staff, was a yoeman...
Thomas, MichelsonE4Jun 21, 1964 – Jul 16, 1966deckI was a trouble maker but now a minister just trying to find josh Bidwell
Blakely, JimE4Aug 1964 – Dec 15, 1967SUPPLYI would like Paul Hansen and Corio Nicholas to email me,Had a great time aboard the Mack !
Estoch, James (Jim) profile iconBM31965 – 1968WD divisionRemembering the Forrestal Fire. Are any of my old shipmates fighting Parkinsons disease? Feel free to contact me.
Hansen, PaulYN2Jan 20, 1965 – Apr 29, 1967Ship's OfficeSaw my old friend Nick Corio's comment on here and would love to here from him also.
Gorman, Gary CQM3Apr 1965 – Dec 1967Navigation
Carpenter, ClaudeQM3Jul 1965 – Dec 10, 1967oc
Martinez, Ron (Marty)STG3Oct 15, 1965 – Jun 15, 1969W.AI served aboard the mac for my entire naval enlistment. Seen a lot and went everywhere. That was a long time ago If anybody was aborard when I was e-mail me I sur would like to here from you.
Brunetta, Paulsn / rm3Dec 29, 1965 – Dec 8, 1967radio roomlooking for info if anyone has info on agent orange . Or any info on when we went to Danang for supplies.
Kilbourne, William/"Killer X-ray"RD3Apr 1966 – Apr 1968opsTremendous experience with a crew I will never forget!
Hendrick, William "bill"QM3Dec 6, 1966 – Aug 3, 1968QuartermasterEnjoyed a couple of good years on this ship and have often wondered what happened to some of the guys.
Gilleland, DonaldGMG2Dec 8, 1966 – Jul 13, 1968gunnery
Burke, RolandLTDec 1967 – Apr 1969Navigator
Ganus, James [jim]bt31968 – 1969Bhad allot of fun in long beach then to wea pac to releif the uss blue on station remember allot of rearming and verd reps all hands handdling partys hope there is some of us hole snipes left i worked in aft fireoom
Bernier, Rich/bernieEM21968 – 1971RWould like to hear from any snipes that served with me.
Hoopes, JessSFP3Mar 1968 – Nov 1970R Divison
Garcia, BenitoDD836Apr 30, 1968 – Jun 30, 1970looking for hole snipes between 1968-1970
Barnes, GarySKSNJun 1968 – Aug 1969Supply-storekeeperLooking for anyone with Agent Orange diseases, I.e. Prostrate cancer, type 2 diabetes. ! Looking for Gary Sears. Or NY shipmates too! Log for ship docking or going inland water.
Kline, DonRM1Jun 6, 1968 – Mar 1970CR
Krathaus Jr., AlbertETR2Jun 17, 1968 – May 1, 1970OEGood Duty! Lots of good memories.
Bean, ThomasRDSNAug 1968 – Feb 1969OIChief Kemp, Lambert, Masters, Ski, Wuthrich, Joe Pelitier, T.O. Hill, Killer, Greer and of course Tom and James Barclay.....sure hope you're all well.
Brundage, DuwainRM3Mar 1969 – Apr 1970
Hall, Joseph B STG2Apr 25, 1969 – May 10, 1972WAServed as Sonar Tech, ASROC Handling Team member, ASROC Sentry and Weapons Department Yeoman. Returned to the Navy after college and served 20 years as Civil Engineer Corps officer. Live in Manchester WA.
Chadwell, RobertFTG-2May 15, 1969 – Aug 25, 1970WG
Robinson, PaulRM3Jun 1969 – Aug 1972Communications
Lind, John (Jc)PC3Oct 28, 1969 – May 23, 1973OCLooking for some of my old shipmates from these years
Nunn, Allen/alSM2Dec 1969 – Jul 1973OCA time not to be forgotten
Thierry, EdwardE9Dec 25, 1969 – Sep 16, 1972
Herrero, RichardSH 3Jan 10, 1970 – Oct 15, 1971Ship ServiceShips barber
Neal, IraBT1Oct 1, 1970 – 1976BravoHello to all. The Big mac had a great crew. Capt. Buck was awsome.
Slater, Michaelmm31971 – May 29, 1973machinest mateTo anybody that remembers the noisy generator, in main control, during her(mighty mac's) last two deployements.
Schramel, Tom (Boo Boo)FTG21971 – 1973GBest ship I ever served on, best crew I ever served with, best captain (Anderson) I ever served under.
Goff, LarryDC -21971 – 1972RGREAT SHIP . BEST DIVISION ( R )
Leque Jr, BillSN1971 – 1973deck/gunnerThis was an experience of a life time. Nam was hell but the crew and Captain where the greatest. A favorite crew member was Boo Boo when crossing the equator. Miss you all! hope all is well with my ship mates.
Williams, GaryGMG3Jan 2, 1971 – Jun 20, 1972Weapons
Baggett, Stan / BagsGMG2/CWO 4 RET.Jan 15, 1971 – Apr 15, 1973WGBest ship I served on in war. We almost won it by ourselves but congress and the president got in our way.
Biesiadecki, LeonETR2Mar 1971 – Jul 1971Was onboard right when it returned from WesPac and went into the yards in Long Beach
McKee, BruceSNApr 15, 1971 – Aug 15, 1972WDIt is often said the first ship is the best ship. The Mighty Mac definitely fits the bill. Gunline Vietnam 1971 was an awesome yet terrible experience in which the crew performed incredibly well and we all lived to tale
Ontiveros, ErnieRM3May 1971 – Jun 1974OCProud to have served on the Mighty Mac!! Great crew!
Ontiveros, ErnieRM3May 16, 1971 – May 24, 1974OC
Vockroth, Randall (Doc)HM2Sep 1971 – Feb 1973
Briggs, JohnIC3Sep 1971 – Jun 1974R DivisionThree deployments and three skippers. Best and fastest can in the Navy. First to earn the coveted Gold combat E since old Ironsides. She'll always be a part of me, along with the greatest crew to man her.
Sexton, TimothyMM3Sep 7, 1971 – Feb 8, 1975M Come on shipmates Email me for Reunion 2006 information.
Dera, JerryBTFNSep 15, 1971 – Jul 15, 1973Bloved serving on the big mac. to bad they sank her.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1963 | 1964 – 1971 | 1972 – now

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