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USS Nimitz (CVN 68) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Nimitz (CVN 68). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1975 crew members registered for the USS Nimitz (CVN 68).

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Johnson, GaryHT31985 – Dec 16, 1988RMade some great friends and seen a lot of places that helped me respect living in the United States
Harvell, JerryBT1 RETIRED GSMC (SW)1985 – 1990MPWe worked or assess offf for some ungrateful people E7's -E9 not chiefs except MMCM SW L.P. Cotten. I miss all of you and loved the ship!
Parker, SteveMM21985 – 1989RMChief Reactor Watch. Worked in the number 1 plant. Got there for MED cruises and ended up with Westpacs after the world cruise. When I left we were station in Bremerton, WA.
Westbrook, BryanAMS31985 –s2 s3 vf-41sucked but was fun
Rigdon, RobertEMC(SS)1985 – 1986RE
Wood, ( Woody)MS1985 – 1988SupplyI miss you guys!! Goldberg, Charlie, Banizak, Gap, Dennis we should had a lot of fun !!
Reardon, Jerryae21985 – 1989SAR
Bulow, ChrisMS31985 – 1989S2Great time. A good bunch of men, was honored to serve with them.
Peterson, DavidSK31985 – 1989S-9 / S-8Met alot of great guys onboard the Nimitz. Times I will not forget. I regret getting out. Want to mention Dan Blake who passed away while serving onboard the Nimitz.
Ackley, JodyBMSN/E-31985 – Nov 26, 1989Deck deptAm lookin for my buddy john smith got out in 88 an stayed in bel fair Washington with Roxanne gross get ahold of me man
Stuecken, MichaelE4/DS Tech1985 –NIPS
Boesiger, DonEMC(SW)1985 – 1989RT/REGood crew. Cap't Johnson was great, had him as CO on the CGN36. Desert Storm was a Coke n Smoke since the A/C worked. Great guys in RT qualifying the NUBS. Bennett and Nathman where great! MIss the guys, Roth, Farmer,etc
Bento, BrianATAN1985 – 1986610Hey, anyone from Nimitz aimd 610 give me a shout out, maybe we can hook up on FaceBook.
Lee, MichaelIS11985 – 1987OperationsIt was all fun and amazing until Michael Walker got busted while in Haifa. After that, operations department and CVIC became the department of back stabbing liars and paranoid officers.
Rosch, RonaldDS21985 – 1987OE/MAAAssigned to MAA FORCE. Served with MAC JONE, MAC STEELE (SS), MAC HAWKINS.
Higgs, DougABH3Jan 1, 1985 – Jul 24, 1987V1 Crash & SalvageHad some really great times and Some really bad times...Whale Crash Jan 25th 1987 will never forget 7 Brothers lost...Crash Crane Operator That Night!
Mumy, GrahamAE2Jan 1, 1985 – Apr 20, 1988AIMD/IM2- 450 TestCellGreat Time, Great Memories.. working with mech's (AD's) maintaining/ testing jet engines. Became a ShellBack on my birthday- what a party !!
Harvey, GaryDT2/DT1Jan 5, 1985 – Nov 21, 1987DentalWas capped to E-6 on Nimitz. Currently have daughter serving on Nimitz at this time.
Patron, ScottMM3Jan 6, 1985 – Jun 13, 1988A Catapult steam snipeBeing on the Nimitz has helped me, for the better, for the rest of my life I will never forget
Morrell, WilliamE-5Jan 7, 1985 – Apr 15, 1988V-2assinged to Cat-2 with Herky Burns and Milkman. Departed ship in Bremerton.
McLaren, William MacHT3Mar 1985 – Aug 1987R
Roth, ScottE-5/ET2Mar 1985 – Aug 1988RC
Hampton, Marcellus Aka HampE3Mar 1, 1985 – Jan 8, 1988Engineering/E2Wow!!!!...It has been 30 years!!...seems like it was just yesterday!! would be wonderful! To hear from my old shipmates!...hoping you all are doing well!
Honablue, BlueYNMar 5, 1985 – Nov 5, 1989Safety and The Captain's OfficeHad some pretty good times with a bunch of good guys
Walls, TerryAMS4Mar 8, 1985 – Oct 4, 1985VAW-124
Hagood, JohnMM1Mar 10, 1985 – Mar 10, 1988RLFun times for the most part. Met a lot of great people.
Goldberg, EricMS 3Mar 12, 1985 – Nov 15, 1987S-2The shortest re-enlistment interview ever..."Petty Officer Goldberg, you don't plan on re-enlisting do you?" I had WAY too much fun!!!
Douglas, JerryAK1Apr 16, 1985 – 1986S-8My first Med cruise. Good times. Old shipmates, I'm on facebook, Chateaugay,NY
Hancock, ScottEW1May 1, 1985 – Oct 10, 1987OPS
Kivler, KenET2May 1, 1985 – Oct 24, 1988Reactor Controls (RC)
Daly, WilliamAK3May 1, 1985 – Apr 28, 1988S-9I was onboard for CWO Lloyd, LT. Delmundo, and CWO Gilbert. Any Supply S-9 guys drop me a line. Made some good friends and met some real interesting characters.
Burns, HerkeyABE2Jun 1985 – Jan 1989v-2cat 2 top side po. sal salavor sal i rember you i left the ship with correcto an milman in singapore had agreat time for what we had to put up with.
Rutherford Sr., Kerry "lumpy"ABF-4Jun 1985 – Nov 19, 1988v-4hard times, grew up, had fun. even when i got my blue nose and shellback.made alot of buddies mike foltz or reynolds if you see this look me up id like to hear from some of the guys. i had great fun and worked my butt off. and well worth it
Parker, Dean ParkerAQ2Jun 27, 1985 – Jul 7, 1987AIMD 65DI've worked with Vito Lomedico,and Tom Bowman from VA35 at Loral Aerospace, and I'v also ran into some guys from Oceana AIMD
Bechtel, JohnEMCJul 1985 – Jul 1987E-1Great group of people.
De La Torre, Francisco "cisco"E3Aug 1985 – Oct 1987A HydraulicsMissing all you guys, great shipmates. Specially Tommy Cummings, David Barnes, Steve Long And many others. Living in Puerto Rico, locksmith shop manager, active sailor, close to attaining a 200 ton captains liscense 787-241-3982
Kamber, Dollar DaveABF AIRMANAug 1985 – Jan 1989V-4Hey whats up? Just found this site, Hope to find some old friends. Like DJ Williams . Ron Reeder of V-3. Greg woods of V-4. Hughes . ect. I'm on FB as well. and have found some friends their too.
McCourt, John/(Jack)O-3 LieutenantAug 2, 1985 – Aug 1, 1987OIM. Walker fiasco. Hurricane Gloria.Tomcat parts arresting gear. Pilot ejects.Northern Wedding. Inbound Badgers. Blue Nose. Soviet Yankee sinks off Bermuda.TAO. VQ-2 A-3 crash 012587.Rio. Shellback. Long hours. El Diablo.
Spath, MichaelLNCAug 16, 1985 – Jul 31, 1986XI was the Ship's Discipline Officer. I processed report chits for Captain's Mast and worked closely with the XO, CAPT Nutwell. After retiring from the Navy, I worked for the Cty Atty of Allegany Cty, NY. Retired 5/2014.
Wells, Jamese-3Aug 18, 1985 – Aug 18, 19892nd division-decki was aboard this ship..awesome now a disabled veteran with a hearing loss and other issues being treated at richmond va hospital..but id do it again...awesome ship
Welch, Douglas Bullet CatcherMM3Oct 1985 – Jun 1990IWAS SHOT IN RIO, JUNE OF 1986
Alexander, JoeE-5 EM2Oct 1985 – Oct 1987E-1I di the coast change with the ship, shellback was fun.
Anderson, James/ AndyAAOct 1985 – Feb 1988X-1Looking to contact shipmates who did the Norfolk,Va to Bremerton,Wa World Cruise back in the 80's. Looking forward to hearing from somebody who was a fellow shipmate and wallwalker <tip of south america remember??> back then.
Hinton, ChrisIC3Oct 1985 – Nov 1988E2
Horton, Jimmy (Horty)ABHCS (NOW) ABH3 (THEN)Oct 1, 1985 – Mar 1, 1989V-1Had a blast on Nimitz.
Soukup, KenEM2Oct 4, 1985 – Apr 10, 1990V-2 Catapult Electrician's MateSome of my best time in the Navy was on the Nimitz. Doing a MED/World cruise and a Westpac cruise in one tour was fantastic! I would love to sail on her one more time!
Roles, Chris "Orca"ABE3Oct 5, 1985 – May 5, 1989V2worked A/G on a great crew; "Sal" Salazar-I remember you; great to see a name from the past; Ricardo Jurado-Burke was a great chief, we were lucky to know him I'm glad you guys signed on here, most ABE's I know just sort of faded aw
Caler, MichaelABH3Nov 1985 – Jun 1987V-1started as a blue shirt in fly-1, ended as a yellow shirt in fly-3....was on the flight deck and witnessed the Whale crash in person. It sucked watching them die like that
Pisani, RonAO 3Nov 5, 1985 – Mar 14, 1989G1 flt deckGot out in 1989 started my new career as a firefighter
Freeman, JeffLTjgNov 15, 1985 – Nov 30, 1987OEC
Johnson "barnard", StevenCVN 68Nov 28, 1985 – Jun 1, 1987M (Medical)Nimitz was a great experience, which led to a successful military career. Thanks to Dr. John Foster and CWO Colon, PA-C. I retired as an Independent Duty Corpsman - Submarines. Thanks to all. Fairwell and following seas. - HM1(SS) USN-RET
Beebe, SeanAC2(AW)Nov 30, 1985 – Dec 3, 1988OC
Crabtree, TimMM3Dec 1985 – Jun 1989A GangIts not just a job...its an adventure. N.A.V.Y. = Never Again Volunteer Yourself Wouldn't trade the memories for anything
McGhee, DonMM3Dec 10, 1985 – Dec 9, 1989A gang hello to all my x ship mates

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