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USS Nimitz (CVN 68) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Nimitz (CVN 68). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1961 crew members registered for the USS Nimitz (CVN 68).

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Lindemann, ChiefETC1981 – 1997RC MostlyI really miss that guy RUSS Cirelli...the one I assisted in getting on this fine vessel to do resin changeouts! Lotta great people...lotta headaches though.
Counihan, TimABE 21981 – 1984V-2
Young, DennisMM31981 – Sep 1984AWorked in the Catapult Steam shop. Would like to hear from my friends.
Carney, Renick (Nick)AZ31981 – 1982VF-41 Maint. ControlWas onboard during the big crash. What a night. Thanks to all you guys who served and fought for each other that night. Also onboard when the score was U.S. 2, Libya 0. Also onboard when we did the North Atlantic. Lots of fun.
Albright, James profile iconLT1981 – 1982OEBest tour of sea duty
Kelsey, TimothyMS31981 – 1984S2
Fanning, DavidFTM1981 – 1984SAM
Brown, Ben C profile iconMM2/MM1(SW)1981 – 1983A GANGWorked EA01(steamheat)EA05 AC/R and was TAD to MAA force.We were on a med cruise and also in dry docks in Newportnews Va. To walk under the ship was awesome. My em On fb also
Proper, ProAR-31981 – 1985V-3Would never do it again but one hell of an experience! Just missed the crash so thank God for that .
Anderson, ChrisABH3Jan 1981 – Oct 1985v3Amazing time
McCullough, Robin "MAC"ABHJan 1981 – Feb 1983V-3
Karnbach, KarlOS1Jan 1, 1981 – Aug 16, 1987OINever though Id Miss the old days ,,,,almost twenty years boy I feel old Miss the Boat and the guys of OI
Reese, CharlesCAPT (Ret)Jan 1, 1981 – Dec 31, 1982Medicaltreated many shipmates during May 1981 flight deck accident mass casualties. one however stays with me every day. would like to locate/communicate with Petty Officer ____COSTELLO, would really like to hear from him!!
Hayes, JeffDP3Jan 1, 1981 – Apr 1, 1983S-7
Lykens, SteveQM-2Jan 5, 1981 – Aug 18, 1984navigation
Cantrell, Bill Aka BcE-5Jan 6, 1981 – Nov 11, 1984VF-41To: Rebel, Tommy, Hondo, Pruit, and all you boys. We had some hell of times good and bad. Those that were there you know what I mean. Those of you that were'nt there you would'nt understand any way. I Love you guys. RIP Hank.
Lykens, SteveQM2Jan 6, 1981 – Oct 17, 1985Navigationhad a great time serving loved working on the bridge and visiting countries
Law, Joseph "Injun Joe"CTTJan 15, 1981 – May 10, 1983EWGreat experience. Learned how to deal with all types of people.
Terpenning, Thomas (Terp) profile iconABFC (AW)Jan 18, 1981 – Aug 1984V-4This was by far the best tour of duty I served anywhere during my 23 years of service. I retired in August 1993 and since have been employed as the operations manager for a Petroleum distribution company based in WI.
Carlson, FrankAQ2 (SW/AW)Feb 1981 – Jun 1986AIMD (VAST)Wished I stayed the long haul. I never regret my time served.
Lenhart, JeffAT2Feb 1981 – May 1985IM3APS-120 / 125 E-2C Radar HATS S-3 MA2 Generator Test Stand
Jones, JohnMs3Feb 1, 1981 – Aug 1, 1983S-5 and S-2Hello to all-S-5 Wardroom here.
Heckerman, BruceE3Feb 6, 1981 – Jan 31, 1983Admin- Print ShopI worked in the Print Shop and would like to talk to all my ship-mates and other friends I made while there.
Elrod, RonLTJGFeb 8, 1981 – Mar 15, 1982VF-84
Hoard, ScottEM2(SW)Feb 14, 1981 – Dec 1983E-2My first ship. My greatest ship. I learned to be a Sailor here. Made some of the best friends I've ever had in my life on this ship. Many great sea stories. Many AMAZING memories.
Calloway, MikeAD1Mar 1981 – Sep 1981VF-41Served in VF-41 during the Libyan incident. One of the most exciting times I've experienced.
Newman, EricAQ3Mar 1981 – Mar 1985CVW 8; VA 86; IWT AIMDEmbarked on United States Ship Nimitz (CVN 68), VA 86 participated with the Multi-National PeaceKeeping Force of Beirut, Lebanon
Cichowski (Ski), StanleyAM2Mar 1, 1981 – Mar 22, 1984VS-24 HEY GUYS HAD THE TIME OF MY LIFE DURING THIS TIME. I SURE DO MISS IT.
Brown, JamesABF2Mar 1, 1981 – Jul 1, 1983V-4QA Fuels Supervisor / Educational Petty Officer
Gantt, IbenSNMar 17, 1981 – Dec 21, 1981DeckWas TAD from the USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70). Here is a list of memorable events that took place during my tour: *Plane crash off the coast of Florida. *Shooting down of the 2 MIG's from Libya.
Cogliano, Stephen profile iconMS 2Mar 18, 1981 – May 10, 1985S5Recently found out about this link. Left the Military and re-signed 3 more times. (Really?) Just want to see how many shipmates are still around. Would like to catch up. -sc
Johnson, CharlesE5 AO2Mar 25, 1981 –VF41 Served with Vf 41 during the fire and the shooting down of those 2 planes. That day VF 41 AO's were the Bomb. All and any Black Aces drop me a line. It would be good to hear from you all.
Gee, JoseE4Apr 5, 1981 –Electric
Campbell, Robert (Mad Dog)e-5Apr 11, 1981 – Mar 15, 1984v-1this is Mad dog Campbell. I thought i was already signed up but i guess i wasn't. anyway here i am so all of you ABH's get in touch.
Damato, JosephBM1May 1981 – Apr 19831St DeckDeck was the division who knew their stuff, especially when a Reserve had to show the regulars how to tow 6 boats for repairs. The BMCS was an excellent leader and knew his stuff.
Wolfe, JoeTMT3May 1981 – Jun 1982DECK 3RD, AND WEAPONS G2TRYING TO FIND THE GUY THAT WAS WORKING with me on an onload detail pier 12,onloading flagg gear aboard, I got a big trunk dropped on me from upper deck, and came to with you asking me if I was ok, 8324065312, NOV?82
Chaney, AlbertSNMay 1981 – Jul 22, 19851STCame on board the Nimitz after leaving the Uss Saratoga and went on two Med cruises, and met some great ship mates some I am still in contact with.
Whitesell, David profile iconEM3May 1, 1981 – Jun 6, 1983E2/Habitability
Whitehead, RickBM-3May 2, 1981 – Jan 7, 19852nd Div DeckWas in 2nd div. deck Boatswains mate 3rd,served with some Great guys and would love to hear from anyone from that time,whether they were from deck,navigation or any others who were aboard during the Crash.
Ritchie, DarwinOS2May 5, 1981 – Nov 11, 1985OIIt was an honor to serve on the Nimitz, looking for OI Division members to talk to.
Wise, WilliamAO2May 15, 1981 – Aug 26, 1984G1Really learned alot when I was aboard especially from AO2 Wayne E. Hilliard. That ship really made a man out of me.
Steinmetz, Chris/stimeyFAMay 15, 1981 – Oct 20, 1983repairI was around pretty intelligent people when I was aboard this great ship.
Brents, RodneyHM2Jun 1981 – Nov 1982MedicalBest crew I ever served with.
Wilmot, Warren profile iconAB3Jun 1981 – 1982AB
Thompson, DariusAZ2Jun 17, 1981 – Nov 22, 1984AIMD IM-1Goad. Berube. Labadia. Ranaletto. Dozier.Rick Lewis. Joe Ramos. Its time for a cold one boys.
Young, DennisMM3Jul 1981 – Sep 1984A-GangWorked in Cat Steam.
Mead, MikeLTJGJul 1981 – Jul 1984OEGreat Ship, fine crew. My first command as a Limited Duty Officer. Learned a lot from George Morton and George Whitted. Worked with great Chiefs and the Data Systems techs were the best!
Meyers, JohnAw2Jul 24, 1981 – Jan 18, 1983Aswoc
Johnson, RickAT2Aug 1981 – Aug 1984VS-24Grew up alot on the Med cruises. Wouldn't swap a day of it for anything
Crouse, CorbinMS3 LATER BACKDATED TO MS2Aug 1981 – Mar 1985S-5Greatest time onboard, Greatest Freinds made while there. Miss being in the Navy, but my stories and experiences led my Daughter to join. She is currently assigned to a squadron aboard Nimitz right now. Hey check out the association page.
Stehlik, TerryAQAug 1981 – Feb 1985VF41/IM3/WC630AWG9 Radar shop.
Swift, DavidAT2Aug 1981 – May 1983AIMD (VAST) VAW-124To Butch, Tim, Doc, and all the rest of the VAST gang I sure had a great time working hard and playing hard with you guys. What a great time! I'll never forget it!
Russell, John "Gator"LCDRAug 1, 1981 – Oct 4, 1985VA-86
Thompson, CharlesAE3Sep 1981 – Oct 1985aimd/im3made sea trials, and 2 med cruises. work for duke energy catawba nuclear station since 1986.
Jones, AndrewCVN-68Sep 1981 – Jul 1984deckserved in div 4 as a deck hand.
Segars, John Aka RebelAT3Oct 1981 – Oct 1984VF-41 BC, Tommy, All you Black Acers ... My life was changed forever by serving with you guys. Been there .. Done that if ya know wha ti mean. RIP "Tank"
Murphy, ShaunsnOct 1981 – Jun 19852nd Division DeckHope to hear from you guys
Howard, JimmyLTOct 2, 1981 – Feb 28, 1984SupplyShip's Store, Barber Shop & Laundry
Samuelson, MarshallIC1Oct 10, 1981 – Aug 12, 1986OE
Rogers, ScottAMEANNov 1981 – Mar 1983VAW-124Finest carrier in the fleet
Ford, DavidICFNNov 1981 – 1982Boat and IC DivisionLiving in Moscow, Russia
Harkins, MichaelMM2Nov 1981 – Aug 1984RM
Carangelo, PaulNov 8, 1981 – Jul 4, 1984V-4
Jackson, KelvinE.3Nov 11, 1981 – Jun 26, 1982OpsServed as official interpreter on Numerous occasions while in Italy
Harmon, KennethLCPL/CPLNov 22, 1981 – Jul 21, 1983Marine detachmentHey you damn lost jar heads lets get together! I miss all of my brothers...
Stauber, Alan profile iconDP2Dec 1, 1981 – May 1984S-7Hey former S7 DP's! We were a small motley crew but we worked hard & played hard & made some great memories! Contact me if U remember & I'll do the same. To any Nimitz crew: I have lots of 1981-84 pics, contact me....
Berube, GeorgeAZ2Dec 10, 1981 – Aug 10, 1984AIMD
Kimball, SteveJO2Dec 29, 1981 – May 15, 1985X-6 / PAONimitz (BOHICA) holds some of the best memories of my Navy career.

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