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USS Nimitz (CVN 68) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Nimitz (CVN 68). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1975 crew members registered for the USS Nimitz (CVN 68).

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Reazin, Phil (Big Boy)AMS 31980 – Oct 1985LineI was the best dam* plane captain on the Nimitz and you can all kiss my Texas a$$. Write if ya want.
Combs, Norris RobbieE21980 – 1983VF 41If you served during this time email me. I am trying to find pictures of the crash May 26, 1981 on the flight deck. My nick name was Curly. I was a plane captain (line rat).
Powless, ChrisABH_31980 – 1986V_1Yellow shirt in fly 3.Some of the best times of my life.Everyone should serve,it might just teach them something...
Sean, GramzHT21980 – 1983repairafff shop sup/co2 shop sup/NFP Only if i could do it again
Herron, KevinAC21980 – May 1983OCGreat time, hated the friends I lost in the EA6B Crash. Was on duty in CATCC when the first Libyan MIG was shot down.
Brittingham, James/jayAQ21980 – 1983VA86/AIMDalways in AIMD worked on the heads up display
Gilbert, DavidAQ21980 – 1981VF-84
Snyder, Donovan "bono"AT-21980 –VAW-112 IM-3Hey DOG ever hear from Buck? Lots of fun in 610
Merring, EricAO1980 – 1983G-1
Burns, Joe (Red, Burnsie) profile iconsk31980 – 1982supply office, s-9anyone remember the mini-crane being flipped off the hanger bay?
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Reed, RichardMM11980 – 1983RM1
Jones, KennethGMG31980 – 1984G-2
Barnard, RobertABH31980 – 1984V1
Utter, EdE41980 – 1983OZ
Hayes, TimothyAirman Apprentis1980 – 1982V-1We remember May 26 1981! Even though I hated the navy, I still loved the flight deck! Fly 3 nights ruled! 34 years later, its still like it was yesterday.
Carter, EricE21980 – 1981Tbi
Coleman, GeraldAMS31980 – 1983VAW124Lifetime memories. Shooting down of Libyan planes. The horrible crash. Venice port cut short because of Sadat assassination.(I didn't even touch foot on ground in Venice) Good times with my buddy Donnie Campbell(VS-24)
Dorsey, TimE3-HT1980 – 1983RepairJoined the Navy to learn a skilled trade, was fortunate enough learn basic welding skills which landed me a job that I excelled in was able to retire as a certified welder.
Steinbach, Charles "Stimey"AMS-3Jan 1980 – Jul 5, 1982AIMD IM 2AP Moore & WE Ogden, R Lane You out there? I kind of regret getting out. Tried to get back in as a Corpman, but the detailer messed up. I scan through these pages and the pages of the RAnger, my first BOAT and I reminese.
Barber, RickeyJan 1980 – Sep 1982HS-9
Resiak, ZigGMG2Jan 1980 – Oct 1983G3 Weapons ElevatorsGreat years in my life...Went on to another tour and then sent home disabled. Where's "Boydex", meiler, and "Cool Papa Ed" from jersey?
Tichenor, KennyANABHJan 1980 – Nov 1982V1Worked crash and salvage, some of the best years of my life.
Barker, Donnie (Fireman Bob) profile iconHT2Jan 1980 – Oct 1983RepairI was in the Sheet Metal Shop, Pipe Shop, C02 Shop and DC-19.
Nafziger, MikeE2Jan 3, 1980 – May 10, 1980Loved working in the Cal lab. Anyone know Time Kimes?
Potter, DaveMM3 THROUGH MM1Jan 4, 1980 – Mar 12, 1984RMWe sure stayed gone a lot. Got shellback and bluenose same year. I remember the rescue attempt and the Libya shoot down the most.
Timoteo, JohnOSSNJan 4, 1980 – Mar 15, 1982OI DivTo all my buddies that I served with, Troy, Ballistic Bill, and all those not mentioned...BOHICA
Lewis, LewieAEFeb 8, 1980 –AIMD IM3Worked in WC 620 as a Aviation Electrician/ anchor tube ran thru the shop
Cook, RaymondE-4 AKFeb 28, 1980 – Sep 24, 1984S-6Served onboard the best ship in the fleet
St.clair, DanielAO2/E5Mar 1980 – Dec 1983G2You can take the man out of the navy,but you cant take the navy out of the man
Sobeck, JoeBM3Mar 1980 – Aug 1982Deck
Bivins, PhilHM2Mar 1980 – Nov 1980Medical
Baird, DouglasET2Mar 1980 – Apr 1983OESPN-42 tech
John O'quinn, Johnny OABE3Mar 1980 – Jul 1983V4Flight Deck Fuels division
Wagner, DonaldFN cat steamMar 1980 – May 1984A DivisionHey Bo, Ken, Jim, Chewey, anyone from Snipes Castle get a hold of me, itwould be great to hear from you. Donald Wagner po box 718 Pahrump NV 89048
Alapeck, Thomas /zackPN2Mar 3, 1980 – 1983X-2God Rest Sm3 Frank Swider and his fender telecaster, miss the liberty in the ship yards
Butler, EdwardE-4Mar 10, 1980 – Sep 28, 1984VS-24 ScoutsI'll never forget my time there. Very colorful career.
Rademacher, MichaelAE2Mar 17, 1980 – Sep 3, 1983AIMDwORKED IN wc 691 At NAS Oceana as Night Shift Supevisor.
Love Sr., Robert "Doc"ABH3Mar 18, 1980 – May 6, 1981V-3The Crew of the Nimitz represented the finest Sailors the Navy ever put to sea. I can never repay the Navy for the opportunities afforded me during the time aboard.
Smith, FrankLCPLApr 1980 – Feb 1982Mardet
Regular, Robert K RegularENSApr 1980 – Aug 1982oc
Ray, RonieAO1Apr 1980 – Sep 1984VF-41 AO ShopHad to be on the finest squardrons I have ever served in. Was also when we splashed 2, If I remember Right CJ and I were the ones that loaded at least one of the SW. RIP AO3 Wiggles
Castle, JimET1Apr 1980 – Aug 1982OE
Lacny, John C., QuincyCORPORALApr 1, 1980 – Jun 7, 1982MARDET
Simmons, JimUSS NIMITZ CVN 68Apr 20, 1980 – Apr 20, 1982HSTRICKER FROM M DIV.
Cacciotti, Davidbm3Apr 20, 1980 – Nov 21, 19832nd
Rosenow, Dave "Rosy"May 1980 – Jun I'd love to hear from people that new my dad. He passed away 1/26/03.
Morse, Brian (The Rainbow)OS2May 1980 – Jun 1983OIMiss those steel beach picnics.... NOT!
Banks, RoderickANMay 1980 – Jun 1982Flight DeckFought fire during the EA-6B Prowler crash in May `81. Looking for dates and crossing points to replace my Bluenose and Shellback certificates between May 1980 and June 1982. Please email me if you've got this info.
Wilcox, DuaneYN3May 1980 – Aug 1983Supply OfficeI started off in the Data Processing Department as a non designated striker, but ended up as the Supply Officers Yeoman as I decided to strike for Yeoman.
Henley, NathanE1/AOMay 1980 – Feb 6, 1981G-1Made first Humpback cruse, First Arctic Circle Crossing, Participated in shoot down of Lebanese War Plane Attacks, On board during shake-down cruse before dry-dock.
De Leon, Jerry/lionBM3May 1980 – Mar 19842nd/deckHad some good times and meet some great guys. This Acme mountain man would love here from you guys .
Jeans, BryanABF3May 1980 – Dec 1983V-4Good times I got a free helo ride and a 2 mo vacation after the crash
Morton, JimAZ3May 1, 1980 – May 30, 1986AIMD IM-1 / IM-3
Kelly, ErnestSK3May 1, 1980 – Feb 28, 1984S-1I had no idea this exist !!! Hope to chat with you guys and talk about old times.
Lakes, RonnyAD2May 7, 1980 – Apr 2, 1982AIMDMet some great guys in the Jet Engine shop.
Wingo, TerryLTMay 13, 1980 – Dec 12, 19821stServed with a super crew during that period - many memorable experiences. Retired (Cdr) and residing on the sunny (windy) Gulf Coast of Mississippi.
Ewing, James (Jr)AC1May 15, 1980 – Jun 10, 1983OCAir Transfer Office
Feeney, Mike/ SnakeIC3May 20, 1980 – Dec 6, 1983E2YO GUYS THIS IS SNAKE GIVE ME A HOLLER,I WANT TO TALK TO YOU.
Manion, JohnQM1May 29, 1980 – Apr 1, 1984NavigationHad an awesome time with QM1 Pat Distaso QM2 and the gang of Nav Division!!!
Morton, JimAZ3May 30, 1980 – May 30, 1983AIMD / IM-1 / IM-4 GSE
Alers, EdwinET-3Jun 1980 – Jun 1984OELooking for all the boriquas who serve during this time
Vasquez, RobertAE3Jun 1980 – Jun 1984AEi was on the nimitz and at nas cecil feild then i want to beeville tx then back to florida now i'm a trk driver
Pauley, MichaelE-4 ABH-3Jun 18, 1980 – Dec 20, 1983Air Dept. V-3Hi to all shipmates I served with. Thank you for all your dedication. We will never forget our fallen shipmates. God Bless them and their families. I am looking forward to any contact with fellow shipmates.
Jones, GerryABF3Jun 28, 1980 – Nov 28, 1983V-4Just wanna say hi to those I served with,especially those in V-4 division and V-2.Also wanna say rest in peace to those whom perished in the May 26,1981 crash.These were truly the times of my life!
Rhoades, DavidLI3/LIC(RET)Jul 1980 – Jul 1982X-1 Print ShopI fought the fire on the flightdeck the night of the crash. My GQ sta. was in the passage to the fltdk by the library which led to port angle catwalk. It was not a good night. What really got to me was all the bad media that came after.
Kasper, JamesAAJul 1980 – May 26, 1981V2Honored to serve under Captain Batzler. Long live Joe Sharp!
Landon, Tim profile iconOS3Jul 1980 – Dec 1983OI
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Kasper, Jima2Jul 1980 – May 26, 1981v-2left the boat on a helo after the crash, i'll never forget that night...
Delutis, Jim HM1Jul 1980 – Oct 1984MedicalThe best Medical Dept in the Fleet! "Blue M" And to all the great memories both afoat and ashore. Thanks "Slap" for the St Thomas memory. Saw some great ports and met lots of great people. Let's get in touch. JD
Karitis, BillDT2 (retired as CAPT)Jul 1, 1980 – Aug 5, 1981Dental
Vilanova, Heribertoem3Jul 13, 1980 – Sep 21, 1983E-2HI THERE SHIPMATES 28 years later alive and kicking nothing puts this old spark out
Hughes, DanielMM1Jul 13, 1980 – Sep 6, 1984A divisionRan the lox plant. Division LPO.
Taylor, TimAA to E-5Jul 30, 1980 – Apr 23, 1984V-2Made it 21 years, had a blast but man did the NAVY change over the years.
Clevenger, RonABE3Aug 1980 – Apr 1982V-2
Loiselle, SteveAMS-3Aug 25, 1980 – Nov 23, 1984VA-82served proudly 1 north atlantic &2 med cruises.i also served at a battle staition as stretcher bearer and firefighter.the tragedy in may of 1981 deserves more than a trivial blog!! good brave men died that night and should be remembered
Hahne, RandyBMSNSep 1980 – Jul 1982DeckIt was some interesting times back then. Wonderful ship though :)
McGarr, WilliamMM3 - MM2Sep 1980 – Sep 1984RLFirst ship, met lots of great guys
Gibson, Jeff profile iconHM2Sep 1980 – Aug 1981Medical Dept.I had the best guys in my medical section. Jim Delutis hope the uniforms I left for you served you well.
Taff, PaulMM1Sep 1980 – Aug 18, 1984RMHad a great time back then...... never forget the dopey logs in #1 Plant!
Guertin, SteveAO3Sep 1980 – May 1983G-3 Weapons Elevators
Vieth, KurtisPR3Sep 1, 1980 – Aug 8, 1983plane captain antisubmarine squadron nine HS-9 se griffinsletter of commendation from rear admiral fuller for actions on the 1981 ea6b crash
Phillips, Shermanabe2Sep 4, 1980 – Apr 15, 1984V-2Dont miss that slave barge , met a lot of good people,would be interesting to know how everyones doing. its been a long time.....
Curtis, William (Bill)AD3Sep 7, 1980 – Feb 25, 1983VF-41I served aboard the Nimitz when my Squadron VF-41 shot down the first 2 libyian migs. That was sch a great day that I will never forget as long as I live.
Carithers, Paul / CritterPN3Sep 7, 1980 – Sep 7, 1984VA-82Served in the Personnel Office
Miller, Bob/hurricaneATOct 1980 – Jul 20, 1982HS-9
Doherty, Tombm2Oct 1980 – Aug 19842nd/1stwould do it all over again met some good people
Slone, RobinMM2Oct 1980 – Jun 1984M-Div
Bandy, JerryEM3Oct 1980 – Sep 1984E-1It always seemed like we were the ship of choice back then when a "show of force" was called on. It sure made for interesting cruises.
Morton, JimAZ3Oct 1, 1980 – May 30, 1983IM-1 and IM-4I was pleased to serve on Nimitz. Started out with AZCS Schindler in IM-1 Production Control and then moved to IM-4 and worked with the great guys in GSE. ASCM Bowers has preceded us to heaven now but you're always remembered.
Smith, Herb (Smitty)SMSNOct 1, 1980 – Aug 1, 1984CS - Signal BridgeGreat guys, bad command. Don Sosebee, Mike Hennessey, Ray Cox, Tim Knowles, Rich Smith, Eugene Dempsey, SMCS Shrader all good guys. Will always miss the times we had, good or bad. SM1 Arnold, jerk of the century.
Inman, EddieABF3Oct 1, 1980 – Sep 21, 1982v4I was there fighting fire during the infamous crash off the coast of Florida,bad night ,610 where did you come from? Also there for the airshow we put on for Omar K. during med cruise 81.Bet his air force re members VF84. Had a great time
Grady, JeffreyAO3Oct 10, 1980 – May 15, 1984VF-41it was the best time i had in the navy,the frist time out to sea,i was one of the injured on may 26 1981,EA-6B crash,i was on two other carriers,the Nimitz was the best carrier i had ever been on,
Clements, OrlandoDT2Oct 15, 1980 – Oct 2016dental
Kallash, Pete/chewyET2Oct 17, 1980 – Dec 5, 1983OEBest time of my life. Should have stayed in for 30.
Smith, Herbert (Smitty)SMSNOct 20, 1980 – Aug 31, 1984CSMet a bunch of good guys and did 2 Med. Cruises. Did not like the B.S. that accompanied this ship. Too many power mad junior officers and senior Petty Officers. Other than that, good times to remember.
Shaw, William E.AO1(AW)Oct 25, 1980 – Oct 20, 1983G-1, IM-3, IM-1Looking for former shpmate AO2 Dave Smith, IM-3 Div (720 Ord.)
Gibbons, Randall (Randy)IS2Nov 1980 – Nov 1984OZThis was my first Navy assignment and I progressed in rank from an undesignated Airman (E-2) to IS2 while onboard. This ship will always hold a special place in my life and I would do it again.
Taylor, DougE-3Nov 1980 – May 1985Aimd IM-3 WS 630 and V-1Have many memories aboard and did 2 Med cruises plus work ups ! Made some great friends!
Cook, ScottABF2Nov 4, 1980 – Jan 21, 1984V-4Nov 1980 Flight Deck Fueling, Early Spring 1981 QA Lab, October 1982 TAD Brig Duty, July 1983 Flight Deck Fueling. My email is
Marshall, ronaldE-4Nov 5, 1980 – Nov 30, 1982V-2Wish I would have stayed. 20 years later I realize how cool shipboard life was. My son was aboard the IKE few years ago, It's just not the same these days. Man it was a blast back in the day.. Oh well , Only if..........................
Snedeker, Jeffrey SnedekerEM2Nov 11, 1980 – Aug 1, 1984REReactor Electrican
Gray, BryantMS2Nov 30, 1980 – Nov 30, 1984VF41 Galley Fwd and AftI was TAD most of my tour - either at NAS Oceana or aboard Nimitz with a lot of Underway Time.
Bolton, DonABE2Dec 1980 – Jul 1984Any one that served with me shoot me a line,the only people i have talked to since 84 is Carswell and Devita
Carter, EricE-2Dec 1, 1980 – Aug 8, 1981The time served was really an adventure. ;| Learned alot. Met good people. Just finished watch detail and was sleep when crash occurred. The next 24 hours seemed like a nightmare. Lost my dad's ring in the freezer on a detail. ring initials M
Neuhofel, WayneET3 - ETCDec 12, 1980 – Feb 22, 1987Reactor/RCDid two tours. Second was from Jan-91 to May-95.
Foraker, CarlEN2Dec 16, 1980 – May 1, 1984AuxiliariesBest in her class Nimitz was my first ship. I learned every tweak to get an 8 second start out of those emergency diesels. Hope to hear from a shipmate from Bentonia, MS or Eustis, TX soon.
Lima, ScottMSSRDec 26, 1980 – May 1982S-5

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