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USS Nimitz (CVN 68) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Nimitz (CVN 68). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1975 crew members registered for the USS Nimitz (CVN 68).

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Leutzinger, RichardAE31979 – 1979VA-86Assigned to VA-86 while part of an ACLS certification team from STRIKE (now VX-23) located at Pax River. Served as an A-7E plane captain.
Deleon, Brett (Ponce)AT3 PLANECAPTAIN1979 – 1981HS-9MADE A MAN OUTTA ME''
Fourquet, HectorAO31979 – 1981Gonzo Station
Clevenger, RonABE=31979 – 1981V-2 Cat 3
Hogan, Mark / PeanutE-41979 – Sep 18, 1981VF-41Trying to find the names of the 3 killed from my squad. in the 81 EA-6B CRASH
Hogan, Mark / PeanutE-41979 – 1981VF-41
Hogan, Mark / PeanutE-41979 – 1981Line
Turner, James (Jim)AD-11979 – 1981IM-2Was the best two years of my career would do it again in a heart beat. Thanks to all the folks in aimd power plants who helped me to be the best damn oil lab tech the Nimitz has ever had!
Popwell, MikeABEC1979 – May 1980V-2
Evans, MitchE51979 – 1980RM
Healy, TomRM 21979 – 1983crHad some great memmories, left in 1983 went two years duty at NAVCAMSLANT still in touch with Dave Allen, Lee Motley passed away
Shives, Young ShivesE-5/AW21979 – 1981TSC (ASWM)Flew with HS-9 & VS-24 (Aircrew).
Baker, Robertcorpman1979 –Four
King, TimothyMM-21979 – Aug 26, 1983RM
Walker, Peter WalkerJan 1979 – Jun 1984Photo Lab
Mowrer, TommieE6....ABE1Jan 1979 – May 1982V2
Scherz, SpencerABF2Jan 1979 – Feb 1982V-4My time aboard the Nimitz was my first duty station.I went on to other things,and retired in 1994.To all of you serving on the Nimitz now ,I say Godspeed,and Thank You for your service!
Van Duren, Robert/cookie profile iconMS2Jan 1979 – Oct 1980AdministrationI, Bob Cookie VanDuren, enjoyed my position as the Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor aboard the Nimitz, only bc of my fellow shipmates' trust in me. And I always did my best to achieve their trust In that I thank them.
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Walker, PeterPH3Jan 2, 1979 – Jun 15, 1984OPI look back on my time with my Photo Lab shipmates with great fondness. I think of them often.
Ellison, TerryABE2Jan 3, 1979 – Aug 14, 1982V-2I was the Office Supervisor of the V-2 office and was also the Career Counselor for my division. Worked with the Air Department a lot as well. I am now a full time Pastor. Check us out on
Aquino, CarmineAK2Jan 5, 1979 – Aug 21, 1981S6Lots of great memories had a great time! Hope anyone else going on will have some too. Anyone remember from 1979-1981?
Tocci Jr., VincentAK-3Jan 6, 1979 – Aug 26, 1982S-6Was something i never dreamed off. Good an bad. If anyone from S-6 sees this send me a mail(
Stokes, ChristopherMS3Jan 9, 1979 – Jun 17, 1981SupplyI was on the nimitz when the plane crashed in may of 81, and I will never forget the frineds I lost that day. May God rest your souls.
Chesser, GregPR-2Jan 11, 1979 – Oct 3, 1985VS-24 ParaloftThe Navy was very good to me, I seen alot of places that most people only read about. I consider myself very lucky to have met the people that I have and would not trade the experience for anything.
Kimble, Kennethbm3Jan 15, 1979 – Sep 15, 19812nd deckFirst ship in my 20 year career, Love my time on her, 2nd division bridge crew was the best.
Tocci Jr., VincentE-4Feb 1979 – Aug 1982S-6Was something i never expected. Shipmates were my brothers.Shellback .Iran hostages. 2 med cruises.
Crowe, BobEM3Mar 1979 – May 11, 1982E-2Any body from the division send an E-Mail
Chrisley, RobertE5Mar 1979 – Jun 29, 1982AIMDLooking to reconnect with several shipmates when I was stationed aboard the USS NImitz.
Waller, JoeHM1Mar 1, 1979 – Jun 1, 1983Medical DepartmentWhat a crew... From our sea daddy Bruce Lamb to the crazy LT bing-bing-bing ricochet rabbit.... We are getting old...and it seems like yesterday. I am sitting in a pub in Portsmouth, UK that I sat in 32yrs ago..darn!
Hartley, HowardAOMar 8, 1979 – Jan 14, 1981G-2 weaponswife trashed all my navy picks and stuff need some copys on anything shoot down libs-iran hos cry'
Reddick, StevenCIVILIANApr 1979 – May 1980AIMDTech Rep for Sanders Ass. Worked EW AIMD. Best memory: being kicked out of officers mess, By ships XO, because I wore blue jeans so I bought Kakies and had crabs sewn onto the shirts collers for my rank ensignia. Also Former Marine 70-78.
Kowalsky, Mike /skiE-2Apr 1979 – Aug 1981AIMD IM-3BATTERY LOCKER 62A 144 days
Lopez, WilsonE-4Apr 1979 – Apr 2, 1982VF-84
Scarborough, KarlPHApr 1979 – Apr 1982OP Photo LabGreat times, great friendships. PBS show Carrier sure brought back memories. I would like to hear from other PH's from the Nimitz, past or current.
West, AlvinEW1Apr 1979 – Jul 1983OIA big shout out to all my shipmates! Thinking about the good times aboard the Nimitz playing bass in the ship's band "Exciter", partying in Napoli, becoming a shellback. Peace my brothers.
Ulmer, Jim (Benji)AG2Apr 1, 1979 – Aug 1, 1981OANever regret the time I spent on the Nimitz. I look back with fond memories of good times.
Luna, Hector (Beaner)AO3Apr 12, 1979 – Apr 22, 1981G3 Weapons ElevatorsI enjoyed my time in the service and with the people that I served with. Looking for people that I served with.
Vincent, Alvin "Vince"TD/E4Apr 19, 1979 – Mar 29, 1981G3The USS Nimitz(CVN68) is a great ship, I am honored to have had the pleasure to serve on such a great ship with the guys I had the honor of serving wtih.
MacEra, JimABF3May 1979 – Jun 1982V-4
Walker, Gregory (Greg)AN-AO2May 1979 – Jun 1982G-1/G-3-AWMCS
Hanfelt, MatthewMM1May 1979 – May 1984RMRemeber orginal nickname/motto? USS BOHICA -"our screws never stop". Goes to show what a great team can do. I am glad I served there, the crew was great
Ferguson, John profile iconAT3May 1979 – Apr 1980VFP63Arrived early 1979 with VFP-63 & deployed 09/10/79: Celebrated 100 Days at sea, but hit 172 days after April1980 cross-decked to the CV-43 USS Coral Sea during the US Embassy/Iranian Hostage Rescue Attempt. Arrived back San Diego June80
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Morrison, MattOS2May 1979 – Oct 1982OII remember the 2 beers they gave us on our 100th day out during the Iranian Hostage Cruise - WARM!
Bianco, ButchRM - E5May 1, 1979 – Jun 3, 1981Radio Communication"Flash on the dusty" ... I remember learning this phrase in A school in San Diego. Wonder where all the RM's of this period are today.
Ostroot, JohnQM2May 1, 1979 – Jun 4, 1980Navigation
Rodman, AlexanderHM2May 10, 1979 – Feb 13, 1981MedicalGreat times and friends, memories. Would love to hear from anyone who I had the pleasure of serving with.
Nichols, John (Nic)EM3May 19, 1979 – Oct 14, 1981E-2 / HabitabilityOn Board for the Iranian hostage rescue attempt,filming "The Final Countdown",Splashing the 2 Lybian jets, The plane wreck & fire on the flight deck, the reactor coolant leak,remember "The 1/4 mile Island".Great times...
Donovan, MichaelAMH3Jun 1979 – Nov 1981VA86I grew up aboard the Nimitz. Had the best of times and the worst of times aboard ship.Got out and served in Army in Ops Desert Shield and Desert Storm.
O'Brien, KevinET3Jun 1979 – May 29, 1981OE
Williams, ScottCPLJun 1979 – Jun 1981MARDET
Goodwin, John (Doc)E-3 mostlyJun 1979 – Feb 12, 1982V-4Crew leader station 4/6 ( backfield for arresting gear),many awesome memories of failed landings.Led fireteam that was blown foward by blast lost some men/went back in with saltwater hose to cool PHOENIX in fire melting.
Kowalsky, Michael SkiANJun 1979 – Aug 3, 1981IM3Shop 62A Battery locker
Miller, Michael DavidBM3Jun 1, 1979 – Jun 1, 1983deckDavid Miller Facebook
Hunter, EdwardcplJun 13, 1979 – Jul 24, 1981MARINE DETACHMENT
King, Michael profile iconAK2Jun 14, 1979 – Feb 12, 1982AIMD/IM-1good times and bad gonzo station 100 days at sea shellback blue nose and who can forget NAPLES STILL PROUD to have been apart of the best crew in the navy
Swanson, Paul A. J.Jul 1979 – Mar 1982V-2
Jumbelick Jr., JamesMM2Jul 1, 1979 – Jun 30, 1981WCS EA03-(steam heat shop)Remember STEEL BEACH picnics, Captain's Cup competition, beer at sea, standing in pay lines, casino nights, MCNimitz fwd galley, homemade wine in machine shop, Parmalat milk boxes at breakfast.
Althoff, BillMSSNJul 1, 1979 – Apr 1981S-5
Breher, RodneyASCS {AW/SW}Jul 18, 1979 – Jun 12, 1983AIMD/IM-4BOHICA..!! 2nd Carrier I served on. While aboard, Nimitz always made winter cruises to the Med. I served with Best Officers & Enlisted Crew. Team Work, The Tradition. USS Nimitz always welcomed a Challenge or Threat.
Silva, LouRM2Aug 1979 – Jun 1981CRI remember being on the ship when we were out for over 144 days at sea (most of it in the IO) and getting two free beers on our 100th straight day at sea, and going through shellback initiation. Where are all the RMs that served during this time?
Hussey, James-jimboe-3Aug 1979 – Jun 19836division deck deptiamlookingforjosephsharpeofhustontexas
Seider, DavidAQAA - AQ2Aug 1979 – Feb 1982VA-82 AIMD IM-3TAD from VA-82 to AIMD IM-3 W/C 620; made some really good friends I didn't so much grow up when I was in the Navy (four years), rather, the Navy grew me up.
Ekstrom, DarrellAT3Aug 1979 – Jul 12, 1982AIMDCOM-NAV-IFF SHOP Then COD CREW GO NAVY
Turner, LarryHM2Aug 1, 1979 – Jun 29, 1980
England, BruceABE3Aug 18, 1979 – Sep 18, 1982V2had a lot of fun and worked to death arresting gear div. worked 24/7 ran the # 3 engine and lso platform.
Davis, Jerome "keith"AO2Sep 1979 – Sep 1981Attack Squadron 86Attached with VA86 for two Med. cruises. Involved in Crash of May 1981. Anyone care to comment?
Koenig, David "dog"AT2Sep 1979 – May 26, 1980AIMD/ WC610/VF84I miss all the guys that were my family on that cruise! Work got done and fun was right around the corner. It was a long cruise but well worth it! GONZO STATION BUCK! The "DOG"
Goedde, Gary profile iconABH2Sep 1979 – Jun 1985V-3 Hangar DeckGood Times and Bad times
Ogden, William Ogdog profile iconams3Sep 1979 – Jan 1983aimd im2 airframeslike to hear from some old buddies
Dyche, Charles (Charlie)dp3Sep 1979 – Jun 1982s-7
Arnold, DavidPR 3Sep 1979 – May 1980VS24VS24 Diego Bandit, detachment sent to Diego Garcia while the ship was at Gonzo Station. Great time in the Med also.Best sea duty I had in my 11years in the Navy. Riggers rule!
Sittinger, KevinHMSep 8, 1979 – Jul 2, 1981Medical LabFond memories of the Nimitz and the crew in the Medical Dept. From the Cruises to the Rescue Mission to the fateful plane crash.
Elliott, JoeFTM2Sep 9, 1979 – Aug 20, 1981OE144 at sea I will never forget Gonzo Station
Robertson, David (Robbie)AX3Sep 10, 1979 – Aug 9, 1982HS-9, AV/ARM-AircrewFlightline Avionics Troubleshooter & Combat SAR Wet Aircrewman; Equator crossing 1/9/1980, Operation Evening Light, 144 days at sea; SecNav Commendation for EA-6B jet crash fire fighting participation; Gulf of Sidra incident.
Scott, PdE-3Sep 10, 1979 – May 20, 1980VAQ-134
Neeley Jr., DanE3Sep 12, 1979 – Aug 3, 1981Marine detatchmentSimplify to all the marines that was on the USS Nimitz from 1979-1981
Wendorf, JoeAMH3Sep 15, 1979 – May 25, 1980VS-24
Beland, JimL/CPLSep 24, 1979 – Jun 18, 1980MARDETFormer marine in MARDET. I still remember filming "The Final Countdown" and the Gunny arresting the stuntman.
Irwin, MartyEM1Sep 24, 1979 – Mar 28, 1982REJimmy Carter was President. Participated in Operation Eagle Claw
Berg, FlownderASE2Sep 28, 1979 – Feb 12, 1983AIMD/IM4Work GSE with some great guys.
McHugh, SeanHM3Oct 1979 – May 1980MEDICAL5 countries 4 equator crossings 3 squares 2 beers 1 president 0 women the 144 were tough yo Mikey Vale, Alex Rodman Trapper et al
Atkins, GaryIC3Oct 1979 – Jul 1982OE
Carter, Laurence L. C.NC1Oct 1979 – Dec 1982Command Career CounselorI came aboard as AZ2 but was coded HRM Spec. took NC1 and became a counselor
Atkins, GaryIC3Oct 1979 – Jul 1982OE
Smith, LeoAT2Oct 1, 1979 – Oct 1, 1982VA-86 Flight Deck and AIMDComplete two Med Cruises first one included Gonzo Station during the Iran Hostage Crisis and one work-up to the U.S. Virgin Islands.
Harrell, RickE-5Oct 2, 1979 – Oct 2, 1983VA-35 AME TROUBLESHOOTERWorse night of my life, but I thank God that i was with the best possible men there ever could have been on that deck that night, true hero's that night and am proud to have served with all of you! black panthers forever
McDonald, RodAO-1/AOCNov 1979 – Mar 1985G-1
Agnew, CurtAC1Nov 4, 1979 – Mar 12, 1982What a ride
Kling, Jim (Klinger)MM2Nov 5, 1979 – Dec 14, 1981RMFond memories now, but we had some challenges then!
Petrocelli, Dino PetrocelliE-1Nov 22, 1979 – Jun 24, 1981VF-41Would love to contact any guys that served with VF-41 in 79-81
Brodnax, LloydCPL/E4Dec 17, 1979 – Feb 5, 1982Marine Detachment
Ciafardini, Edward / ChafAE-2Dec 28, 1979 – Dec 28, 1983VA-86 AIMD
Adrian, ScottCTO1/LPODec 29, 1979 – Nov 10, 1982OS/OPSNaval Security Group Division; Time out, sports fans; from the Gulf of Sidra, where the final score is US 2 Libya 0!!!!!

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