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USS Nimitz (CVN 68) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Nimitz (CVN 68). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1975 crew members registered for the USS Nimitz (CVN 68).

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O'Hare, Grover M. K. O'HareMMC1977 – 1979A
Surkosky, Mark (Ski)AD31977 – 1981VA-35I'ld do it all over again, if the pays was right? 2-week cruises only though!Great times, great people. BOHICA. The screws never stop, even as a civilian.
Santos, AndySH21977 – 1979S3Where's my best friend admiral fuller???
Garcia, AnthonyAO31977 – 1981G-1
Potter, BruceE-5/ET21977 –OPS/OEPicnics on "Steel Beach", Shaking President Carter's hand on the flightdeck. My first few days being obsessed with watching flight ops from the Island. Camaraderie. Colorful characters 2 beers after 100 days at sea!
Kite, James Hm1HM11977 – 1980H divisionlooking for a shipmate we spent a lot of time on liberty: MS James T Crockett....I think he was from Boston?
Page, Loudon (Tony)EM21977 – 1979E1
Johnsen, RobertABH2Jan 1977 – Aug 1981V-1
Shore, RobertAK3Jan 1977 – Jul 1979S-6,IM-1
Wilkinson, Robert "Bob"BM1(SW) USN(RET)Jan 1977 – Nov 19805th,6th,4thSpent two tours on Nimitz. Drove the Captains Gig for Capt Ilg and a couple of times for Capt. Batzler. Did it all in Deck Dept. And had a great time doing it! I wonder if BM3 "Coffee shakes" Walker or BM2 "Helter Skelter" Shelton
Lynker, JohnE3/DSJan 1977 – Sep 1977OEProud to have had the opportunity to serve on such a Magnificent Ship. Welcome to Everett USS Nimitz!
Conover, RussBM3Jan 1977 – Aug 19801st Division / DeckSpent most of my time serving as both Boatswain's Mate of the Watch and Honor's Boatswain Mate of the Watch at both port and sea.
Clabaugh, BruceEM-3Jan 10, 1977 – May 5, 1979E-2I worked in battery shop/boat crew onboard the Nimitz
Ditullio, Charles profile icone2Jan 11, 1977 – Jan 27, 1977oc
Clabaugh, BruceE-3 ELECTRICIANJan 16, 1977 – May 5, 1979I was on Nimitz in the Battery shop. Met some good pepole and some fun times. I've seen alot of names that bring back memories.
Clabaugh, BruceEM-3Jan 20, 1977 – May 5, 1979E-2 Battery shop
Shoemaker, LloydAT2Feb 1977 – Aug 1981VF-84Didn't know it then but some good times were spent on that big ol' boat.
Little, JeffreyEM2Feb 1977 – May 1981RE/RT2 Med cruises Gonzo Station, Shellback and Bluenose in the same year. Best friends Jeff Beck, Tom Mosser, Tom Witt. Trying to get in contact with anyone from RX department from this time
Thayer, RichardAGCFeb 1977 – Apr 1980OABest division ever!
Flesher, WaynePH3Feb 1, 1977 – Aug 1, 1979OII was one of the last "Bacon's Bandits". I spent my last 3 months on the set of "The Final Countdown" while it was being shot onboard. What a way cool experience!!! What a very cool ship and the shipmates were awesome!!!
Mosser, TomEM2Feb 7, 1977 – Feb 11, 1980REStill don't miss the BS, but I still miss the people.Hi Jeff Little.
Losinski, TimEM2Feb 7, 1977 – Jun 16, 1980Reactor Electricalgreat ship,lots of time under way.100+days at sea 1980. to all reactor department ,we kept the lights and the screws turning.
Adams, CliffordDK3Feb 7, 1977 – Aug 15, 1980S4Awesome times playing on the 77 ship fast pitch softball team with my brother Earl, Rodney Hall, Jones, Scottie, and company. Also the ship basketball team from 78-79 with Silk, Clyde, Rick King, Page, and Earl Fuller.
McNabb, DuncanAK3Feb 9, 1977 – Dec 18, 1980S-6Worked hard, played hard. Had some great times onboard and off the ship with a lot of great people. Proud I got a chance to serve on the great ship NIMITZ
Rinehardt, Keith ( Snake )E-4 ADMar 1977 – Oct 1980VA-82 / AIMD Jet engine shopEnjoyed the time on board, the 2 med cruses and the deployment to the Indian Ocean, as well as all the workups and quals in between, are times that I will never forget. Would love to get in contact with some guys from VA-82 mostly Eddie
Ostrowski, WallyL/CPLMar 1977 – Mar 1979MAR--DET Good Times Williams , Wigen Macarty, Owens We made the best of our time on board!! We played hard an eworked hard!! The guys in W--DIV were great! Leroy where are you?? Larry Brown Some of the best !!!
McCarthy, ThomasE3 LancecorpralMar 10, 1977 – Apr 24, 1979MAR-DET USMCI had the best time of my life while stationed here. The crew was the best trained and a great crew. We had great liberty ports in the Med. I was happy to be welcomed in Israel as the first US war ship to go there.
Rick, EtheredgeYN2Mar 17, 1977 – Feb 28, 1980AdminFirst ship. Great ship, great crew. Grew up on board. Remember the 144 days in the IO. Completed ship's 2nd and 3rd med cruise.
Mikutaitis, MichaelCTO3Apr 1977 – Jul 1979OPS / OS
Adamson, Charlese3Apr 1977 – Apr 1981Navigation
Klein, Karl profile iconETR2Apr 1, 1977 – May 1, 1981OE DivisionEric Miller is planning an OE Division Reunion in Colorado in the Summer of 2023. Anyone interested in attending, please contact me or Eric. He's on FB and so am I.
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Gunter, EricQM3Apr 9, 1977 – Dec 14, 1980NavOn Board for Hostage retrieval attempt in Iran, First equator crossing and first artic circle crossing. Had Small part in the Movie "The Final Countdown"
Santiago, LouisABEAN-ABE1Apr 23, 1977 – May 1989V-2Completed 2 tours on her. What an experience after two other branches. enjoyed every minute. Bow Cats, Waist Cats, Maintenance Chief for Bos'n Pitt
Dunning, DrewABH2Apr 26, 1977 – Nov 21, 1980V-1Worked Crash&salvage with Bob Iser. I drove the MB5. I own it now. hard to believe. would like to get a reunion going if any interest? check out: www.// WE REMEMBERU
Flammini, FrankMM1Apr 30, 1977 – Jan 23, 1981RMRetired after 37 years in the Operating Department at Zion Nuclear power Plant
Wilder, RogerICCMay 1977 – Feb 1979E-2Good ship
Cargen, Tom (Topcat)EM3May 8, 1977 – Sep 9, 1979BatteryEnjoyed my time on the Nimitz. My family still talks about the dependents day cruise that I took them on. A great time was had by all.
Bruner, TerryL/Cpl USMCMay 11, 1977 – Jun 19, 1979marine detachmentenjoyed time spend on Nimitz. Had some fun time in med.
Fabian, Andrew FabzANMay 11, 1977 – Mar 1980V4 Fuels / Training : fam and Indoc assistantI am the one who caused the major fuel spill on pier 12 I qualified on the aft fuel pump room as an E3 and ended up helping to run the Fam and Indoc class in the training dept later became an EM2 Retired in 1998
Moore, TommyEM2May 12, 1977 – Apr 26, 1980RE (Reactor Electrical)I was on the ship while out of the Mediterranean, seemed to spend more time there than the home port of Norfolk. Was transferred from the ship the day after Operation Evening Light.
Bowen, ArtDK1May 14, 1977 – Sep 1978S4 Disbursing1978 changed my rating from Disbursing Clerk to Air Traffic Control via the SCORE program. Retired from the Navy in 1990 and joined the San Diego Police Dept. Retired from there after 20 years. Life's good!
Huntington, MikeMay 28, 1977 – May 13, 1981 Lookout 1977 until Closed then to 2nd I hope some of my old friends get in touch with me. I had a wonderful time on the ship. My first ship out of three. Got out in 1989 as a BM2
Huntington, MichaelLookout/BMMay 28, 1977 – May 13, 1981Lookout until dismaned then 2ndWould like to talk to any of my old friends from that time.
Saunders, RandyAOCS (RET) THEN AO1Jun 1977 – Jan 1981Weapons AdminI was Weapons LPO and Department 3-M Co-ordinator (a job I was to repeat on the USS Independence in the late 1980's). I would love to hear from any Weapons Department personnel that I served with. I still play my Fender Bass too. Retired Jan 1990.
Turner, Tracy "Truck"OS3Jul 1977 – Nov 1978OIFlew aboard in a COD and made 1978 Med and North Atlantic cruise. Operated air/surface surveillance radars. We had "wireless internet" in 1977. It was called NTDS.
Phillips, WayneAMS-1Jul 1977 – Jan 1978AIR WING HOOT OWLS RVAH-9
Obuchowski, John obi wanOS4Jul 1977 – Sep 1980OIAlthough I didnt think so at the time, I dont regret a minute of it. It was a great experience being on her.
Stein, JohnMM3Jul 1977 – Feb 1980M-Division
Norman, James profile iconABH2Jul 6, 1977 – Feb 16, 1981V-3Had some good times on the Nimitz! Would love to chat with some old friends....
Wagner, WoodyRM3Jul 6, 1977 – Jul 20, 1980CR
Smith, James "SmittyMM3Jul 7, 1977 – Jan 4, 1981AuxilariesMade Med Cruise "77-78, 79-80, 82-83
Smith, James (Smitty)MM3Jul 7, 1977 – Jul 1983A DivisionLooking for John F. Negley Jr. Who discharged around October 1977
Dudley, LarryABH2Jul 15, 1977 – Jul 17, 1979V3
Darbro, Justin 'JD'E-5 / MM2Aug 1977 – Mar 14, 1980RM02 - Turbine Test - Aft AC & RNumber Two Reactor Room, Stood Ship Generator watches in Number One Main Machinery Room, Worked Turbine Test, Aft AC & R, Shellback 1977 Gitmo, 1978 Med / North Atlantic, 1979 Gitmo, 1979 Med / Persian Gulf (Gonzo Station)
Philman, William/billLance CorporalAug 1977 – Aug 1979MarDetHad a lot of good times, met some good people, Marines and Navy, partied with the Final Countdown special effects crew and showed Kirk Doulglas how to get off the ship when he was lost :)
Vitiello, HenryABF3Aug 1, 1977 – Sep 4, 1978V-4Would like to hear from my shipmates in V4. We had some great times.
Reeves, NormRMCSAug 10, 1977 – Dec 3, 1978COMMI served as the Communication Division Officer during my tour aboard Nimitz.....
Anderson, RogerSH3Aug 15, 1977 – Apr 13, 1979S-3
Ruland Jr, WilliamBOATSWAIN MATE 3RD CLASSSep 1977 – Feb 1979Fourth
Morris, John CADJ-4Sep 1977 – Aug 1979HS-9 Remarkable experience I still talk about to this day
Morris, John CADJ-4Sep 1977 – Aug 1979Air wingWhat a time!!!
Brandenburg, BrianANSep 1977 – Apr 1978VS-24 lineRemember riding brakes and looking at the AB smiling as I thought that he was going to shove my S3 overboard. Shout out to Joseph James Wendorf .What happened to Jose ?
Philman, William/billL/cplSep 1, 1977 – Aug 31, 1977Marine DetachmentVery cool to be on 1st Med cruise of Nimitz. Sure would like to find out how some of my old buddies are doing! Jeff King is one in particular.
McEwen, James DonEM2Sep 7, 1977 – Feb 20, 1981V2Catapult Electrician
Bennett, CurtisMS2Sep 9, 1977 – Oct 17, 1980S-2 and OZServed as a Mess Specialist in S2 Division and as an IS (Intelligence Specialist) in OZ Division. Enjoyed world traveling. Came back with VS-24 on a 1985 cruise.
King, RudyGMG2Sep 10, 1977 – Jan 13, 1981samthere for 2 meds and gonzo station.2 christmas's in naples.iran hostage rescue attempt.the guys in SAM DIV. were the best took alot of shit but got job done we surprised them when all 3 BPSMDS WORKED IN 1 DAY LOL SALUTE SAM DIV 1977-1981
King, RudyGMG3Sep 20, 1977 – Dec 16, 1981samlooking for anyone from sam div.
Koval, Steve "jack"SM3Oct 1977 – May 27, 1979CommunicationsEnjoyed the brief time spent on the Nimitz. Met a lot of good sailors from Massachusetts, Ohio, Utah, and other places.
Csapo, FrankE-4Oct 9, 1977 – Oct 11, 1980Fighter Squadron 41 "Black Aces"Looking for contacts who served with Fighter Squadron 41 "Black Aces".
Luper, DanET2Oct 10, 1977 – Dec 10, 1980OPS OE-14Tacan Technician assigned to the SINS gang
Luper, DanET1Oct 15, 1977 – Dec 9, 1980OPS OE-14Tech. Rep. Mouser Electronics TX
Goldman, Stephen/flashAO2Oct 20, 1977 – Mar 28, 1981AIMD IM3100 Days at Sea. I was onboard during the Iranian Hostage crisis & Filming of The Final Countdown. Met some good people, had some good times, have good memories! Med, IO, Southern & Northern Atlantic cruises.
Castro, RobertGMT 2Oct 26, 1977 – May 1, 1981wJoin the Navy Memorial support the troops I have many numerous memories of NIMITZ enjoyed the traveling "W" DIVISION YOU FLY EM WE"LL FRY EM AFT and FORWARD SASS we deliver. You do not want to be on the receiving end of the that package
Uhl, DouglasHTOct 31, 1977 – May 29, 1978r 1
Larsen, EricABH3Nov 1977 – Jun 1980V-1I wouldn't give up the experience for $1,000,000. But I wouldn't pay a nickle to do it again. I was gone for the crash, but I lost a good friend, Bob Iser, that day.
Torres, Curtis EvansHT2Nov 1977 – Aug 1981Sheetmetal/Carpenter shops"Final Countdown-the plane crash-Iran rescue attempt-shellback-"1/4 mile island"-all the port of calls I've made will be the best I'll remember
Pryde, ChrisAD3Nov 1977 – Jul 1978VS 24 Line/PPRemembering my time in the Navy, now that my son is in. I miss the old days, I wold do it all again.
Garcia, RichACANNov 1977 – Jan 1979AirI worked up in Pri-Fly. I remember all the good things about being on Nimitz and try to forget the bad like the lines! It seemed like there was a line for everything, chow, liberty, mail, etc. I was on the 2nd Med Cruise, good times.
McIntyre, Bretabh-1Nov 1977 – May 1981v-1crash crew all four year aboard ship. retired usnrr
Gervase, MichaelAKAN/AK3/AK2Nov 1977 – Feb 1980S-6Fond memories of the finest ship and crew in the fleet. Final Countdown/Shellback Ceremony
Buongiorno, Perry (Bones, Frank)ABE2Nov 10, 1977 – Jun 1981V-2Will always look back on my days in V-2 Division Catapult 3 crew with fondness and pride. I don't regret one second of every memory I have of those days (good and bad)
Langton, HarryAG2Nov 17, 1977 – Feb 6, 1981OAgood times with all the animals of OA div Years go by but the memories are clear
Gardiner, TimothyABH2Nov 23, 1977 – Nov 20, 1980V-1 & V-3I enjoyed my time in the Navy and like to hear from old shipmates.
Brown, Jm (Mike)FA-HT3Nov 29, 1977 – Apr 26, 1980R/HABI was on there for the second Med Cruise,1/4 Mile Island, Final Count Down, the Med, The crossing, IO, and the rescue mission. I then transferred to the USS Coral Sea; CV43. We then went to the Phillipines.
Chadwell, David profile iconMM3Dec 1977 – Mar 1980G3 Weapons ElevatorsI started in the Bomb crew then went to the missle crew and finally wound up in weapons elevators the best crew I ever worked with. I would like to get in touch with the guys I worked with on board.
Horvath, StevenIS2/E5Dec 1977 – Jun 1981OPS/OZEnjoyed the camaraderie with fellow sailors and countries visited. Possess many memories from my experiences. Would be interested to connect with past or current OPs/OZ personnel. Proud for having served on this ship.
Denny, Don "dirt"ADJ2Dec 1, 1977 – Jul 1978VF-84I served aboard this great ship with the Jolly Rogers it was a great cruise at the time we were aboard we did the most flight hours for Tomcat Squadrons.
Marlow, JerrySADec 10, 1977 – Feb 2, 1978Deck division 4What a great ship, Nimitz is. I'll never forget her. It was an honor to sail aboard her as crew. And boy do I miss the crew.
Thiffault, KevinBM-3Dec 24, 1977 – Aug 28, 19804th divisionI didn't realize how much i liked it, until I left. I spent about 3 years in compartment 3-54-0-L
Sutton, Jack profile iconPO3 Aviation OrdnancemanDec 24, 1977 – Oct 19, 1981G-1

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