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USS Nimitz (CVN 68) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Nimitz (CVN 68). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1965 crew members registered for the USS Nimitz (CVN 68).

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Howell, WilliamE1 HT1976 – Jul 1976repair 1
Prewitt, RickEM21976 – Jul 28, 1979Electrical
Thom, RichardSEAMAN1976 – 19773rd
Cloud, Jr, James E. "ed"1976 – 1979Just looking for some buddies--Thomas Egan, Curtis Fields, Danny Nelson and others!!
Prewitt, RickEM21976 – 1979E-2A&O shop
Mullis, FrederickAO21976 – 1976VA-82 Marauders "Streetcar"Aboard Nimitz during the '76 Med Cruise. During that time we won the Atlantic Fleet Battle E, and the McClusky Award for the best Attack Outfit in the NAVY.
Cottrell, Walter (Gator)QM21976 – 1979NavigationLooking to reunite with old buddies from Navigation.
Holzapfel, HenryAT11976 – 1979IM3Started in 610 finished in VAST
Jones, KennethSN1976 – 1978G-2
Bolander, GeorgeABH21976 – 1980V1fly1 blue shirt fly1 yellow shit tractor king/ yellow shirt I agree a geat time in my life just did not realize it.
Mott, JamesE51976 – 1979AIMDPeace time deployment, had a good time...
Williams, Phillip profile iconAD1976 – 1976V1
Lamb Ae-2, Kevin M. AE-21976 –AvionicsMy Dad was Kevin Michael Lamb, Avionics shop. I am asking for emails from his buddies to learn more about him. He was on the Maiden voyage. Have a picture of him/Mike Groat on flight deck in '76. He passed in '13. Thanks
Baechle, Paul ScottABH31976 – 1979V1
Brandfas, RickBM3Jan 1976 – Sep 10, 19792ndMany great memories with sailors of all 6 Divisions of the Deck Department. Would like to reconnect with Mike Knopf, Charlie Gaughan, Mario McDaniel and Dan Kisich. I'm currently an E-7 serving active duty in the Army National Guard with JFHQ in N
Kimble, RickS-3Jan 1, 1976 – Oct 30, 1978Navigationlooking for anyone in the Navigation Dept. Talked with JP Wilson a while back. Lost contact
Catalano, PhilAE3Jan 1, 1976 – Jan 11, 1977va82just to say it was fun hope everyones doing find iam still a electrician what i was in the navy .
Peace, BruceOS3Jan 25, 1976 – Oct 30, 1977OI
Spigner, Joe profile iconSH3Feb 5, 1976 – Sep 19, 1979S-3A truly interesting experience working with a great group of people such as Kenny Sherman, Silvio Dimarco, Randall Hughes, Fred Ellis, Gary Chenault and Fred Leib. Two Med cruises, GITMO, The Final Countdown, BOHICA...
Wilder, JohnHM2Feb 6, 1976 – Aug 6, 1979MedicalSpent my whole enlistment on board, learned a lot, grew up a bit, and am now member of the USS Nimitz Association. Would do it again with what I know now!!!!
Wilder, JohnHM2Feb 6, 1976 – Aug 6, 1979Medical/HGreat memories and a few "bad" ones. Active member of the USS Nimitz Association, (keeping the memory of Nimitz alive now and when it finally is decommissioned.)
Barone, JosephSK3Feb 17, 1976 – Aug 6, 1979S-1
Lance, RickMM3Mar 1976 – Nov 1978MHad alot of great times and would like to get in contact with some of my buddies
\scott, MichaelSN/YN3Mar 17, 1976 – Apr 9, 1979X-5/Legal/XO's AdminNIMITZ was my first ship. Made her first 2 Med Deployments
Kitzhoffer, DavidABH3Apr 1976 – Feb 1980V1Good friends and good times.
Haarman, MikeMR3Apr 1976 – Apr 1978"A"Machine Shop. Awesome time with a Great group of guys. 2 Med cruises.
Speed, RodneyEM3Apr 1976 – Apr 1980RE
Groh, RandyIC3Apr 30, 1976 – Apr 1, 1980E2Did three Med Cruises between 1976 and 1980. I was an "IC3" Interior Communications and worked out of Aft IC. Made many friends that I still think about to this day and see the names of a few people I remember like it was yesterday.PO Gro
Snyder, JamesMMFNApr 30, 1976 – Nov 27, 1979M-DivisionFirst 3 Med Cruises, a few Caribbean's, North Atlantic, 2 Gitmo's, 2 ORSE's, Evacuated Lebanon, Met Lynda Carter & Queen Sophia, The Final Countdown Movie, Picked up the Guitar, Great Shipmates
Stansel, ChuckEM2May 1976 – Aug 11, 1977E2 / Rewind ShopMed-Cruise 1976-1977
Klingensmith, RonaldABF-2May 1976 – Jun 18, 1979V-4Made more friends than I care to count. Made two Med. cruises and enjoyed almost every moment. Always hoping to hear from my old shipmates. My kids love hearing about my "adventures"
Klingensmith, RonaldABF2May 1976 – Jun 19, 1979V-4
Rooney, MichaelHT 2May 1, 1976 – Aug 5, 1979RepairWondering if anyone from repair division who was onboard from May1976 thru July 1979 is on this sight that may remember me or Tom Brown. Just trying to let some of you know that Tom passed away this spring (2013)
Crane, RobbieAXANMay 15, 1976 – Oct 9, 1978OE
Caudullo, AlAMH-3May 27, 1976 – Apr 26, 1980VF-84i was attached to VF-84 and made 3 med cruises on nimitz. i was an amh-3 and worked on hydraulics on the jolly rogers tomcat. i had alot of buddies in who were ad's ae's and ams's. someone sees this, please contact me.
Caudullo, Ale-3May 27, 1976 – Apr 1980v-2 divilooking for any shipmates that was there during my time. please contact me at 772-370-9242 or
Diehl, RoyMMFNJun 1976 – Jun 1977#1 mmrbohica
Quarles, ScottABF-3/E-4Jun 1976 – Feb 1979Fuels / V-4Just missed plankowner.Still feel like one. Made 1st and 2nd med. cruise. Three of the longest years of my life spent on this ship, but glad I did it! I still boast about going halfway around the world going East.(Hifa). Favorite port was Portsmith.
Goerlitzer, FredABF3Jun 1976 – Sep 1979V-41st ship - best ship! Good times and good friends. The Good Ole Days!
Irps, DavidE3Jun 1976 – Jan 1, 1980V1not really a model sailor
Bassett, Mike profile iconLTjgJun 2, 1976 – Oct 1, 1979OI / OLWas OOD Underway. Earned my SWO designation. Was filmed as part of the FINAL COUNTDOWN. Suggested a line to Kirk Douglas and it is in the movie. Great ship, shipmates and experience.
Stump, BruceADJ-3Jun 6, 1976 – Sep 27, 1976VF-74 LinePlane Captain and Power Plants Trobleshooter.
Huether, LouE-4Jun 6, 1976 – Dec 28, 1978S-6
Crabtree, Steve/crabbyPN3Jun 8, 1976 – Nov 23, 1979ESOHad some real good times with all the great friends I made there. would not have missed it for the world. Came on board just in time for the first Med Cruise. Yo HOOD, where the heck are ya?
Moore, DonBM1Jun 17, 1976 – May 24, 1980MAAEnjoyed my time aboard the Nimitz. I am retired from the Navy and am living in Yulee, FL.
Wolfe, TimothyHM3Jun 30, 1976 – Oct 15, 1979H-Div. Medical Dept.This was the best years of my life, doing LOTS of worthwhile responsibilities: The Toughest Job I Ever Loved! I still miss the Patriotic Mission and my shipmates. NO civilian job compares.First carrier to visit ISRAEL!
Grace, JerryIS2Jul 1976 – Jul 1979OZLooking to find those from the land of OZ, and "The Boys"....if you remember anything from the chart room contact me
Bethke, William/(Gus)AO3Jul 1976 – Sep 1979G1Bomb Assembly crew
Silveira, ChristopherASE3Jul 1, 1976 – Jul 1, 1980AIMD/GSEI had a Great time and was proud to serve in the Navy and on this Great Ship. I enjoyed the Med cruises and all the different countries and people I met along the way at a young age.
Keenan, HarryAMS2Jul 4, 1976 – Aug 1979VA-82/IM-2Made Med cruise in '76, and again in '78...and all the little dets in between.
Evans, Green Weenie, KenE-3/CPLJul 9, 1976 – Feb 5, 1977IM-4Best time I had while serving in the Marine Corps. Won seat on COD to return to USA. One of the guys that started the Sea Bat.
Strauss, JohnANJul 10, 1976 – Sep 10, 1977V-1 Roof Rats - Fly 3Arrived days before the 1st Med Cruz, and was assigned to V1. Fly 3 crew was the best, learned a lot, and had a blast for my first ship. Crashed ski-ing @ Rocarosa, spent the Naples New Year in sick-bay. Give me a shout
Owens, BarrettE3Jul 23, 1976 – Oct 15, 1977HSThe Navy was a tremendous experience for me & I truly enjoyed it but I'm most grateful for meeting HM3 Elizabeth Almeida @ NRMC Phila. She is my beloved wife of 40 years and mother of my two children. I am truly blessed
Blair, DavidE-5Aug 1976 – Feb 1978V-1
Glassley, MarkABE3Aug 1, 1976 – Sep 2, 1978V2 Bow Cat 2Water brakes last 9 months, loved it. I should have stayed in.
Lay, ErnestHT2Sep 1976 – Apr 1979RepairHi All, Hope everyone is doing well. Lots of great times remembered. Went from Nimtz to Shenandoah to Lexington to Fulton. Met lots of friends along the way. Made it to Chief. Everybody remember BOHICA. Drop a line
Firmin, BruceRM3Sep 1976 – Jun 20, 1979Communications
Bethke, William "Gus"AO3Sep 1976 – Jul 1979G1Bomb Assembly Crew
Barnhill, PrestonSKSNSep 1976 – May 1980SupplyFond memories of all the people I served with on USS Nimitz.
Gall, GeorgeDATA SYSTEMS TECHNICIAN 2ND CLASSSep 1, 1976 – Sep 1, 1980OE
Dessecker, RandyMM2Sep 12, 1976 – Feb 28, 1980MI served aboard the Nimitz for 31/2 years, did 3 Med. cruises and became a Shell Back in Jan. 80. I have great memories of my time on board. I arrived on board in the COD aircraft, and left on a Hello. What a thrill!
Beck, CharlieLTOct 1976 – Jun 1979E-1, E-2My first ship. Div. Off. for E-1 and E-2 divisions. Learned a great deal that I still use in my professional career as an electrical engineer and designer of facility power systems. Retired as CDR, USNR.
Gulyas, PeteMM2Oct 13, 1976 – Mar 23, 1980M div.Alot of great places and alot of hard work.The Navy set me in the right direction.3yrs in EMO2 M div. Then the last 6 months in "A" gang.O2N2 shop Supervisor.
Harris, Jack / HarryABF-ANOct 20, 1976 – Aug 25, 1980V-4
Bates, RayABHAN, AKAN, AK3Oct 26, 1976 – Jul 14, 1979V1 and S6Where are you V1 deck Dogs, and S-6 Supply Box Kickers. Damn those were some great times. Living in Jacksonville Fl. email anybody still got their watches from "Hey Joe" , I do and my pleather coat
Buy, FletcherOS2Nov 1976 – Jul 1980OII was an Operations Specialist, and served aboard Nimitz during the filming of THE FINAL COUNTDOWN.I was there for the rescue attempt of the hostages in Iran. I became a Shellback on 9 January, 1980.
Inman, JohnMM2Nov 1976 – Aug 1980RL
Manion, RodE4 AK3Nov 1976 – Jul 1979S6It was an excellent start that went from the Nimitz, to an infantry unit in Desert storm with the army, and a welcomed retirement on 9/9/2001
Stripling, Jack (Larry)MS3Nov 1976 – Mar 1979S2
Davis, PaulABE2Dec 1976 – Aug 1980V-2Had a great time. Was safety observer for waist & bow cats. I welded in V-2 so I put my initials on cat 4 water-brake cover. I wonder if they are still there. PED
Johnson, RodneyAO2Dec 1976 – May 24, 1980VA 35I think a lot about those days. I don't want to relive them. I just want to see some of my old shipmates again.
Williams, Phillip profile iconArDec 1976 – Aug 1977V-1
Garcia, AnthonyAVIATION ORDINANCE 3RD CLASSDec 10, 1976 – Aug 21, 1979G-1Safe voyages and Sweet returns to the current crew. Tont Curtis and Cisco Mendez Drop me a Line. Miss you guys.
Colon, Ivan (Chico)SM2Dec 11, 1976 – Jun 8, 1980CSEnjoyed My Time with My Shipmates onboard "Old Salt"
Barro, Jose / PepeE3 AirmanDec 27, 1976 – Mar 1978V2 DivisionWould like to say Hello to all members of V2 division that served during my time on the Nimitz 1976-1978

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